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Genealogists researching the multi-ethnic heritage of the Burgenland of Austria and adjoining areas of former West Hungary.


The Province of Burgenland, located in the southeast of Austria, was formed from parts of the Hungarian counties (Megye) of Vas, Sopron and Moson following WW-I (see map). While it is Austria's youngest province, it can claim to be one of the oldest also, as it has a fascinating history worthy of being studied in detail. The population is comprised mainly of people of Germanic, Croatian and Hungarian descent. From the 1850's through the 1950's, many inhabitants emigrated to the United States, Canada, South America and elsewhere. Our primary purpose is to develop genealogical data concerning those emigrants. We can help locate Burgenland villages through their Hungarian, German, and Croatian names, identify parishes and locations of municipal offices, and identify available church and civil records. In our monthly newsletter, we publish family names and data appearing in old records plus items and articles of Burgenland historical and cultural interest. We link researchers through an e-mail network. We engage actively in uncovering records available for genealogical research. Through the Burgenland Bunch Homepage, you can hyperlink to many other related sites. If your interest is the Burgenland, we can help you.


2015: Our 19th year!

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History of the Group:
Formed and organized by Gerry Berghold when he established e-mail connections with other Burgenland researchers on AOL (Summer of 1996). First newsletter, "THE BURGENLAND BUNCH NEWS," e-mailed to members on January 11, 1997. This web page was first posted on January 25, 1997. Read more here.

Geschichte des Vereins:
Im Sommer 1996 von Gerry Berghold auf der Basis von e-mail-Kontakten zu anderen Burgenland-Amerikanern gegründet. Erster e-mail-newsletter "THE BURGENLAND BUNCH NEWS" am 11. Jänner 1997 an die Mitglieder versandt. Diese Homepage besteht seit 25. Jänner 1997. Für weitere Informationen in deutscher Sprache senden Sie bitte ein e-mail an Klaus Gerger.

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Dem "Burgenland Bunch" beitreten:
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NOTICE (Terms and Conditions): The Burgenland Bunch (BB) was formed and exists to assist Burgenland descendants in their research into their heritage and, toward that end, reserves the right to use any communication you have with us (email, letter, phone conversation, etc.) as part of our information exchange and educational research efforts.
    ● If you do not want your communication to be used for this purpose, indicate that it is "confidential" and we will abide by that request.
    ● Correspondents who communicate with the BB without requesting confidentiality retain their copyright but give a non-exclusive license to the BB allowing us to forward to BB members, publish in our monthly newsletter or on our website, and/or subsequently and permanently archive all or parts of such communications.
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Burgenland Bunch Main Index:


Burgenland Bunch (BB) INVITATION LETTER: Read, download and follow instructions if you wish to join the Burgenland Bunch. Read to see what the BB can do for you. Also contains a list of our editorial staff who can be contacted for questions.

Burgenland Bunch Members: Names, e-mail addresses and interests of over 2000 Members, plus limited Burgenland Map. Some email addresses are inactive.

Burgenland Bunch Surnames: Nearly 7000 surname entries being researched by members. New ones added frequently.

Burgenland Bunch Villages: Hundreds of villages being researched by members as well as thumb-nail village histories.

Burgenland Bunch Houselists: Names of home owners (from abt. 1857) and house numbers and a search engine to find where your family name appeared in 1857 and where it now appears in our historic Burgenland records.


Albert's Burgenland Village Data: Bezirks (districts), parishes, German and Hungarian names for all villages. Find where church (parish) and civil records are located for your family village of origin.

Berghold Award: Photos from presentation of Burgenland award to BB founder, Gerry Berghold.

Burgenland Bunch Rootsweb (BB) Archives: This is an obsolete archives, having been replaced by one on the BB website located (here). However, the old archive still contains the earliest 194 newsletters.

Burgenland Bunch Dedication Page: Dedication page honoring our founder, Gerry Berghold.

Burgenland Bunch Events: Provides pictues and text about past and pending Burgenland-related events.

Burgenland Bunch FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions by Burgenland Bunch members.

Burgenland Bunch Internet Links: Hundreds of our favorite internet links, frequently reviewed. Hyperlinks to other websites which may help you.

Burgenland Bunch Map Site: Maps of all Burgenland districts and their neighboring regions including all the villages with their Austrian, Hungarian and Croatian names.

Burgenland Bunch Query Board: View and post Burgenland queries and get answers -- courtesy of Austrian GenWeb. Over 3500 questions and answers.

Burgenland Bunch "Songbook": Web page of Burgenland ethnic songs and more. Read the words to that haunting melody (the Amerika Lied) you hear when you visit our site with your speakers turned on. Find a lullaby your grandmother may have sung.

Burgenland Bunch Staff: A Photomontage of all Staff Members.

Burgenländers Honored and Remembered: Burial locations and tombstone information of 8,000+ Burgenland immigrants from Lehigh Valley (Pennsylvania), New Jersey, New York, Kansas, Nebraska, South Bend, Indiana and other regions are included. BB members are encouraged to provide information and pictures of their deceased ancestors for inclusion on the site.

Burgenländische Gemeinschaft: Webpage of the association established in 1956 with the objective to build a global community of Burgenländers, notably of Burgenländers who emigrated to other European countries, to the U.S.A. or other overseas countries, and to foster their attachment to their homeland.

Burgenländische Gemeinschaft Newsletter Archive: PDF Archive of the BG Newsletters from 1956-2009, presented by permission of the BG.

Emigration & Deportation: Emigration & Deportation Lists from villages.

Genealogical Research - Helpful Hints: How to use Diocesan Archives - Diocesan Library - Diocesan Museum in Eisenstadt (capital of Burgenland) when visiting Austria. Library contains fragments of the oldest church records extant.

German Script Letters: Examples of the various German script handwriting.

Gerry Berghold's Burgenland Library - Catalog: Gerry Berhold's collection of Burgenland and genealogical books were placed at the Allentown Family History Center, 1881 Van Buren Dr, Whitehall, PA, and are available there for public use. This link provides the catalog of available books.

How To Use The BB Website: A primer about how to develop a Burgenland Genealogy.

Hungarian Maps: Maps of Hungary and/or the portions of pre-1921 West Hungary that relate to Burgenland.

Just A Little Interest In Genealogy?: The simplest, but least rewarding, approach to Burgenland family history.

LDS films for Burgenland: Microfilms for many Burgenland villages.

Midwest Burgenland Bunch: An affiliate of the BB based in St. Paul, MN (has a local BH&R also).

Notice to Users: Whether a new contact or long time Burgenland Bunch member - PLEASE Read.

People on the Border: Johann Dobrovich's book about the History of the Burgenland Croats, as translated by Frank Teklits.

Select Krobotek Church Records: BB Member Ed Malesky's extracts of 260 birth records, 53 marriage records and 103 death records.

Spirit of Gradišće - Őrvidék Group: Hannes Graf has closed this website. Much of its material was contributed to the BB and is now available on our website. Until more integration is completed, we provide links below to each collection of material:

  - Father Graisy Book: Hannes' version (provides additional translations of "special pages")
  - Burgenland Buildings: Articles about castles, churches, parks, etc. in Burgenland
  - Burgenland Villages: Articles about villages in greater Burgenland
  - Croatian History in Austria/Hungary: A translation of Burgenland-Croatian history material
  - Burgenland Articles: Burgenland-related articles that do not fit elsewhere above

The History of Neuberg im Burgenland: English translation of Dr. Robert Hajszan's Neuberg history book "Zur Geschichte von Neuberg im Burgenland / Ranija Povijest Nove Gore."

Village, Church and Regional History Books (Chroniks) List: A listing of known Burgenland Village, Church and Regional history books (Chroniks).

Village Thumbnail Histories: "Thumbnail" histories of most Burgenland Villages.

Wallern in der Geschichte seiner Häuser: Father Graisy's book about the history of the houses of Wallern.

Where We Are: State and country where BB residents reside.

OTHER IMPORTANT RECORDS: (not on our website)

► Early Urbaria (Property Tax Records):
- 1715 Urbariam:
- 1720 Urbariam:
 - the above websites are presented in the Hungarian language.
 - there is a design flaw that causes the selection menu to extend beyond the bottom of the page; change your browser Zoom to 75% to see the whole menu.
 - for Burgenland, use counties (megye) Moson, Sopron or Vas. However, Vas is not included in the 1715 census.
 - estates and villages are usually listed by their Hungarian names, though a few German names are used (spelling is 'freeform' regardless of language)

► Church Books Online:
- Matricula Images with Indexes for St. Pölten and Wien dioceses:
- Matricula Images with Indexes for Graz-Seckau diocese (Styria):
- Matricula and Other Indexes: (free but requires registration to use)

► Burgenland property GIS (Geographical Information System):
- (free but requires pre-registering to use)

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