From left to right: Mary Reilly (retired), Steve Geosits (retired), Frank Paukowits, Margaret Kaiser, Bob Strauch, Tom Glatz (deceased), Ron Markland (emeritus), Emmerich Koller, Bob Unger (emeritus), Gerry Berghold (founder, deceased), Klaus Gerger, Fritz Königshofer, Maureen Tighe-Brown (emeritus), Tom Steichen, Alan Varga, John Lavendoski, Hannes Graf (emeritus).

The BB staff are all volunteers, donating their time and expertise in the interests of world-wide Burgenland family history. You repay us by sharing your family data and cooperating in our venture.

    Tom Steichen
, Greencastle, PA, tj.steichen(a)comcast.net
Vice President
    Klaus Gerger, Wien, Austria, klaus.gerger(a)usa.net
    Gerald J. Berghold (deceased)

Managing Editors:
    Home Page & Newsletter Editor, Tom Steichen, Greencastle, PA, tj.steichen(a)comcast.net
    Membership Editor, Gerald Antal Gamauf, Mödling, Austria, ggamauf(a)gmail.com
    Surname & Villages Editor, Rachel Rein, Silicon Valley, CA, surnames(a)the-burgenland-bunch.org
    Links/URL and Recipes Editor, Alan Varga, Bloomingdale, IL, aevarga(a)mc.net
    Houselists and Maps Editor, Klaus Gerger, Wien, Austria, klaus.gerger(a)usa.net 
    BH&R, Frank Paukowits, Flushing, NY, paukowits1(a)aol.com
    E-mail List Manager, Vanessa Sandu, Orefield, PA, hooftyrn(a)msn.com
Contributing Editors:
    Austro/Hungarian Research, Fritz Königshofer, Bethesda, MD, fritzkoe(a)comcast.net
    Burgenland, Klaus Gerger, Wien, Austria, klaus.gerger(a)usa.net 
    Croatian Burgenland, John Lavendoski, Austin, TX, john(at)prodicus.com
    DNA, Frank Paukowits, Flushing, NY, paukowits1(a)aol.com
    Lehigh Valley Enclave, Robert Strauch, Allentown, PA, hianz64(a)gmail.com
    Szt. Gotthard & Jennersdorf; LDS, Margaret Kaiser, Northvale, NJ, Burgenlaenderin(a)aol.com
    Hungarian Research, Emmerich Koller, Winnetka, IL, emmerich3(a)comcast.net
    Research, Willi Schmidt, Allentown, PA, willischmidt(a)verizon.net
    St. Louis Research, Terry McWilliams, Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO, tmacwms(a)sbcglobal.net
    Facebook Liaison, Johnny Santana, Brentwood, NY, johnny.santana(a)the-burgenland-bunch.org
    New Member Outreach, Patrick Kovacs, Wien, Austria, patrick.kovacs(a)the-burgenland-bunch.org