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Our 18th Year. The Burgenland Bunch Newsletter is issued monthly online. It was founded by Gerald Berghold (who retired Summer 2008 and died in August 2008).

Current Status Of The BB:
* Members: 2300 * Surname Entries: 7534 * Query Board Entries: 5397 * Staff Members: 17

This newsletter concerns:






1) THE PRESIDENT'S CORNER (by Tom Steichen)

A Happy 2015 To You!

This newsletter is our annual abbreviated year-end review and summary report about the BB organization and its newsletter. Our regular essays and features return next month. However, our sections reporting Ethnic Events and Burgenland Emigrant Obituaries are included.

As always, we thank you, our members and readers, for your interest in the history and genealogy of the Burgenland and wish you great joy during this holiday season and many successes in the new year.

To the BB Staff, I extend my personal thanks for all you do, as well as thanks from the membership. You are always helpful and knowledgeable! I'm wishing you well in this holiday season and in the new year to come!


Edition No. 250 — Who'da Thunk It?

It was 1993 when Gerry Berghold stopped in at the Burgenländische Gemeinschaft in Güssing and first discussed his idea about the formation of what became The Burgenland Bunch. During the same trip, he also shared his plans for an 'internet group' with the Governor of Burgenland, Karl Stix, and the Head of the State Parliament, Wolfgang Dax... but it would not be until 1997 that a formal organization came into being.

From an initial mailing in January 1997 to just 12 correspondents (followed quickly by a website to provide a depository for the shared information), our monthly English-language BB newsletter now reaches 2300 members residing in every US state and in many countries of the world. From 1997 through 2005, the newsletter was formatted as text-only and distributed as e-mail, with the first 88 editions being issued bi-weekly.

From 2006 into 2008, it was simultaneously formatted and distributed both as an e-mail and as an online version; the online configuration adding graphics, color and better formatting. Since then, it is distributed solely as an online publication, with only an e-mail notice sent to members to announce its availability.

Gerry Berghold edited and published the initial 176 editions, introducing the first by saying: "I've just faced up to the fact that we really are a Burgenland genealogical group. I've therefore decided that I might as well issue an occasional informal newsletter as opposed to occasionally forwarding correspondence to others while trying to remember what I sent to whom." Topics in that first edition were: Some comments re: two Burgenland books; Burgenland Flag (Fahne); Dictionaries & Language Aids; and Computer Translators; all covered in just 1090 words (a typical newsletter now runs to around 10,000 words, which is actually somewhat smaller than a few years ago).

Hannes Graf became Editor in September 2008, publishing 24 editions and introducing the practice of including photographs and images to support articles within the newsletter. I took on the roll of Editor in August 2010, with this now being my 50th edition.

One of the goals established at the founding of The Burgenland Bunch was to develop an archive of English-language articles about Burgenland history and culture. The newsletter (and its archives) was the medium by which this goal was to be accomplished. I think I can safely say that the BB website is now the largest source for such English-language information about Burgenland and that the goal is being accomplished!

A last word: As you may know, a joint US and Austrian staff of 17 volunteers currently supports the organization and provides input to the newsletter. However, only one of those staff members, Fritz Königshofer, was on Gerry’s initial staff of 11. In between, we have had staff members arrive and depart, so the total number of staffers well exceeds 30 over the years since our founding. I know that current staff members will retire as their interest or capabilities change; given that, I ask you to consider whether you can be one to continue the volunteer tradition that will sustain this organization into its 19th and further years.

Ed: I asked Hannes Graf, our previous Newsletter Editor and current Members Editor, to also say a few words in recognition of this milestone 250th edition. Here are his comments:

These Boots Were Much Too Big

The very first action that I had to do when I took the Newsletter Editor position in 2008 was a Memorial Special about my predecessor, founder and longtime editor, Gerry Berghold. So my very first article in NL 178 was only a note... but it describes my situation quite well:


When I took the job as Editor of the Burgenland Bunch [BB] Newsletter after Gerry's retirement on August 9th, I thought that I would have time to ask Gerry some questions about how to handle things in the Newsletter. I never thought that the first work I would do would be about his death. But now it is true, and so I will try to do my best.

When I recall that day and the following years, I always think that it had to come as it came. The boots that Gerry had left to me had been much too big for me.

Hannes Graf

Ed: After reading Hannes' comments, my first reaction was to disagree! Hannes did a fine job as Editor, especially given that he was writing in a language that was, at best, secondary for him. However, on reflection I also agree with him, as I too have felt the burden of filling Gerry's boots. Let us, instead, say we once tried to walk in his footsteps... and then wandered off in directions best suited for each of us. Perhaps we did not go where Gerry might have walked but I was pleased with the course Hannes trod and I hope my travels as Editor have not drifted too far from Gerry's aspirations. Regardless, I suspect we all have gained a bit more breadth by the takings of these differing paths.


Speaking of Milestones: Hannes also reports that he reached his target 1000 km/year walking mark on December 26th "beside the biggest 'Black Locust' (Robinia pseudoacacia) of Austria" (see right).

As you may recall, Hannes went on a campaign to improve his heart health after a number of serious issues a few years ago. This is the second year in a row that he attained this impressive target.

To put it into terms Americans understand better, 1000 km is 621.4 miles, meaning Hannes averaged 1.73 miles/day over the first 360 days of 2014. I congratulate Hannes on his effort, with the full knowledge that his effort will help my wish—of continued good health for him in 2015—come true! May we all contribute so well to our continued well-being.


The BB, as an organization, is alive and well, still attracting members, surnames, questions and even new staff members! The statistics below document the changes in each of these areas:

2014 Beginning Status of the BB:
2208 Members, 7325 Surname Entries, 5244 Query Board Entries, 18 Staff Members

2014 Ending Status Of The BB:
2300 Members, 7534 Surname Entries, 5397 Query Board Entries, 17 Staff Members

2014 Growth:
   92 Members,   209 Surname Entries,   153 Query Board Entries,   -1 Staff Members

As for a Year-end Count of BH&R Honorees documented on the BH&R sub-site, the count last year at this time, was 14,569. As of December 29, 2014, the count had increased by 3,198 to 17,766, which is easily the largest one-year increase over the six years that BH&R has been affiliated with the BB. My congrats to project leader Frank Paukowits and teammates Bob Strauch and Margaret Kaiser. In addition, as expected at this time last year, a separate Canada module was created, moving those names from the "Other Areas" categorization. The count of Canadian honorees has already reached 382.

As for Access to the BB website, below are various monthly statistics for 2014 (substituting December of 2013 so I can present a complete 12 months).

 2014 Visits Browser of Visitor Operating System of Visitor
Month Visitors Visits/Visitor MS/IE Firefox Safari Chrome Other Windows Macintosh Linux Unknown
Dec 2013 6,470 1.85 25% 22% 19% 16% 18% 67% 19% 7% 7%
January 7,194 1.83 25% 22% 18% 14% 21% 64% 16% 10% 10%
February 6,611 1.82 24% 24% 17% 17% 18% 71% 17% 9% 3%
March 7,782 1.87 23% 21% 18% 21% 17% 70% 19% 8% 3%
April 8,173 1.92 23% 20% 17% 19% 21% 74% 18% 8% 0%
May 7,543 1.87 19% 23% 16% 23% 19% 77% 17% 6% 0%
June 7,558 1.89 17% 23% 20% 24% 16% 73% 20% 6% 1%
July 7,981 1.98 15% 20% 17% 27% 21% 74% 18% 7% 1%
August 8,844 1.89 17% 24% 17% 22% 20% 72% 17% 8% 3%
September 8,899 1.89 15% 27% 19% 23% 16% 72% 21% 7% 0%
October 9,688 1.96 16% 24% 15% 27% 18% 73% 18% 7% 2%
November 9,109 1.86 12% 27% 20% 26% 15% 70% 21% 7% 2%
Average 7,988 1.89 19% 23% 18% 22% 18% 71% 18% 8% 3%

As you can see, we averaged nearly 8,000 unique Visitors a month over the year and those visitors average 1.89 visits/person each month. This is a relatively large increase of about 1,200 visitors/month over the 2013 average (a 17.5% rise) and those visitors averaged 0.2 more visits (leading to a 30% rise in total visits). Such a level of increase was a pleasant surprise to me! Even more surprising is that the most recent four months averaged even higher, exceeding 9,000 visitors per month.

Like last year, usage of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) Browser slipped, down to only 19% from 41% last year (and from over 50% in prior years). Firefox matched is usage proportion from last year, Safari rose 2% and Google Chrome 9%, but the big growth has been in the "Other" browser category, going from 7 to 18%. I can only assume that these represent smart phone browsers (which may mean we will need to consider how to make the BB website more accessible on small screens).

As for Computer Operating Systems, our visitors continue to predominantly use Windows-based computers (71% on average), with the Mac and Linux (Unix) operating systems trailing quite distantly. Interestingly, the "Unknown" operating system percentage went down from 4 to 3%. Given the large increase in "Other" browsers, I expected a corresponding rise in unknown (presumably smart phone) operating systems... but that did not occur. Anyone have some thoughts on this?

BB Staff: As I noted when writing about the 250th edition of the newsletter above, the BB staff is a fluid collection of individuals who, over varying tenures, give back to our community a bit of what they have learned while on their personal journey of family-history discovery. This year was no different in that we both lost and gained staff members. Retiring during 2014 were Bob Unger, Maureen Tighe-Brown and Ron Markland. New to the staff are Wilhelm Schmidt and Terry (Theresa) McWilliams. I thank our retirees for the years of service they gave to the BB community (both Bob and Maureen were in the earliest lists of staff members). I welcome, one more time, our newest contributors, Willi and Terry.

We also lost a good friend of the BB this year, Frank Tantsits, who, along with his brother Ed, provided (among other things) the base materials that became the LDS section of the BB website. Frank was never a staff member... but he was the closest thing to being one without actually doing so!

The BB would not exist without such giving, knowledgeable people as these!

BB Website: From a website perspective, I'm pleased to recognize a number of additions to our ever-growing collection of Burgenland-related information. BH&R celebrated their 15,000th honoree... then quickly blew past that count to over 17,500 now. Along the way, a Canadian module was added and the Illinois section was broken out into alphabetical sub-sections to accommodate the growth in both areas.

We also added a new BB DNA section, which is slowly growing as the team determines what information is worth preserving.

Beyond those, we added to our Hungarian Maps section, posted our English translation of Dr. Robert Hajszan's Neuberg history book "Zur Geschichte von Neuberg im Burgenland", updated the "Where Are We?" pages, changed our BB Search tool, and noted the release of the Catholic "Matricula Images with Indexes" for the Graz-Seckau diocese (Styria)... we are still awaiting the completion and release of the digitized Burgenland records. When they become available, we will, of course, announce them with great fanfare and a link, however, the Eisenstadt diocese has not yet committed to an availability date.

In addition, Associated Organizational Events worth noting again are summarized below:

The English issue of the 3rd Edition of Dr. Walter Dujmovits book, "Die Amerika-Wanderung der Burgenländer" was published early last year... and sales were excellent.

Titled "The Burgenländer Emigration to America," the English issue, 306 pages in length (compared to 299 pages in the German issue), is published in International A5 format (~8.27 x 5.83) with a "perfect-bound" paperback binding using "print-on-demand" online publisher,

As you may recall, Dr. Dujmovits generously granted all publication rights and royalties (profits) for this issue to the Burgenland Bunch. After careful consideration, the BB's decision was to sell the book at its wholesale production cost of $10.45 (plus any tax & shipping), thus passing the "profit" to our membership through a much lower price (the standard undiscounted retail price is double the sum of production cost plus any royalty). Later in the year, Lulu dropped its wholesale production cost for the book to $7.41; we followed by reducing the purchase price to correspond.

The BB website homepage provides information on where to purchase the book, its sales count (761 copies as of December 28th), and any discounts provided by Lulu itself (and there is almost always some form of discount available through limited-time checkout codes, be it free shipping or price reductions of 10 to 35%).

As of November 21, the book had a "Lulu Sales Rank" of 422, making it a very successful book by Lulu's self-publishing standard (only 421 active books had sold more). However, its ranking has risen to 427 in recent days as other well-selling books are slightly out-pacing it over the Christmas season.

The book is the definitive history of the emigration of Burgenländers to the Americas, written by the leading authority on the subject. The BB is pleased to have been instrumental in bringing this material to English-reading audiences and we recommend that you treat yourself to a copy!


Another Burgenland book, Edlitz: Dorf und Leute im Wandel der Zeit [Edlitz: Village and Its People Through the Ages], was also published this year on (see link Edlitz Book) by BB member Rudy Wolf.

This is a German-language book, published in the next-larger International format (A4; ~11.66 x 8.27), also with a "perfect-bound" paperback binding, consisting of 312 pages, which is available for a purchase price of $18.09.

Rudy's primary purposes with this edition were to reduce cost (the initial edition was published in Austria at €39.50 = $53 per copy) and to have the book printed and disseminated in the US, as he already had a few US and Canadian requests for the book. The BB provided assistance in getting this done and Lulu's price structure and distribution system helped him succeed with both goals.

As I noted when the book was first published, I found the text in the first half to be a comprehensive description of historical Burgenland life. Although written specifically about Edlitz, most of it applies equally well to every other Burgenland village. Hopefully, Rudi will consider an English translation and extend the legacy he has created!

As of December 10, the book had a "Lulu Sales Rank" of 35,106, having moved from rank 41,692 in mid-November.


The newsletter had yet another productive year but, again, I am most proud of the many contributions from BB members and staff.

Members Connie Schield (and father Dr. Mahlon H. Hellerich), Richard Potetz, Fred (and Peter) Schneidinger, Anna Kresh, Andrew Burghardt, Ilse Nusbaum, Robert A. Chapman, Bob Fahringer, and Raymond Bubick all provided one or more interesting articles, and staff members Wilhelm Schmidt, Ron Markland, and Frank Paukowits did the same.

As always, BB staff members provided ideas for articles or have had parts of their communications with members turned into reports or news items that I wrote. Margaret Kaiser continues to be an exceptional source for article ideas and news items (thanks again Margaret!) and staff members Fritz Königshofer and Frank Paukowits were often involved in communications with members that ultimately turned into "member assistance" articles.

When totaled up, there were 44 formal articles (of which, 19 were provided by BB members), 15 Historical BB Newsletter Articles, 71 news items and 10 "humor" items (in my President's Corner section), 3 Burgenländische Recipes, 41 Emigrant Obituaries, and some 75 Ethnic Events over the 10 regular editions published this year (not counting this one).

As Editor of this newsletter, I know that providing a year's worth of articles would not have been possible without all the contributions of those I mention above. I am indebted to them and hope you have been entertained and enlightened by their efforts. Again, I say thanks to each and every one of them!

The list below shows the breath and magnitude of a year of the BB Newsletter. If you wish to review any of them, click on the "(Month:Number)" link to go to the appropriate newsletter.

Research Articles
(Feb:240) - Großgemeinde Unterkohlstätten
(Mar:241) - C.A. Macartney's 1937 Burgenland (part 1)
(Apr:242) - C.A. Macartney's 1937 Burgenland (part 2)
(Apr:242) - Allentown Turner Liederkranz (1872–1988)
(May:243) - Translation of a Neuberg History Book
(May:243) - The Lost Places of the Heideboden in Burgenland
(Jun:244) - Holden, Söllner and Bauer: Peasant Classes
(Aug:246) - Burgenland's Stonehenge?
(Sep:247) - Day Of The Siege: September Eleven 1683
(Oct:248) - Historisches Ortslexikon / Historical Gazetteer
(Nov:249) - Cis- Versus Trans- Leitha
(Nov:249) - Burgenland Population Data

Basic Information
(Feb:240) - How to Search Parish and Civil Records
(Apr:242) - BB Staff Changes
(Jul:245) - 1975 Letter from the Burgenländische Gemeinschaft
(Sep:247) - Re-Launch of the Ellis Island Website
(Oct:248) - 1989 Burgenland Bank Advertisement
(Nov:249) - Welcome to New Member

Member Contributed Articles
(Jan:239) - Autobiography: Wilhelm Schmidt
(Jan:239) - Book Review: The Burgenländer Emigration to America (by Ron Markland)
(Jan:239) - A Short But Meaningful Trip to Burgenland (by Connie Hellerich Schield)
(Feb:240) - Is This the Burgenland Navy? (by Richard Potetz)
(Feb:240) - Ancestry of the Burgenländer (by Wilhelm Schmidt)
(Mar:241) - Could History Have Differed? (by Fred and Peter Schneidinger)
(Mar:241) - The Burgenland Migration to the Lehigh Valley: Naturalization Records of Lehigh County
(Apr:242) - 2014 AACS Austrian Ball (by Anna Kresh)
(May:243) - The Carolingian Colonization of Lower Burgenland (by Wilhelm Schmidt)
(Jun:244) - Early Memories of Burgenland, 1956–1957 (by Andrew Burghardt)
(Jun:244) - My Quest for Justice - Conclusion (by Ilse Nusbaum)
(Jul:245) - A Burgenland Descendant’s Experience with Autosomal DNA Genetic Genealogy (by Richard Potetz)
(Jul:245) - The Endangered Burgenland Croatian Dialect (with Frank Paukowits)
(Jul:245) - Genealogy and Tour of Austria-Hungary (by Robert A Chapman)
(Aug:246) - German Language House Lists in Hungary are the Result of the Failed Hungarian Revolution of 1848/1849 (by Richard Potetz)
(Aug:246) - A Double Blast from the Past (by Bob Fahringer)
(Sep:247) - Slavic Migration from Germany (by Frank Paukowits)
(Oct:248) - Hianzisch—The ui-Dialect (by Wilhelm Schmidt)
(Nov:249) - Memoir of Raymond Bubick (Part 1)

Member Assistance
(Jan:239) - Can You Read It?
(Mar:241) - Croatian Follow-Up to "Can You Read It?"
(May:243) - Member Research - Thinking Outside Your Box
(Jun:244) - Loipersdorf (Or Not)?
(Aug:246) - An Austro-Hungarian Military Photo (from Claudia Bader)
(Sep:247) - An 1885 Family Document
(Oct:248) - Follow-Ups To: An 1885 Family Document

Historical BB Newsletter Articles
(Jan:239) - Village of Kroatisch Ehrensdorf
(Feb:240) - New Year's Expression "Guten Rutsch"
(Mar:241) - Bocskay Rebellion (1605) and Loss of Genealogical Records
(Mar:241) - Dates on Old Church Records
(Apr:242) - Some Little-known Burgenland Historical Terms
(May:243) - Karen Barnard Sends Us a List of the Inhabitants [of Mariasdorf]
(Jun:244) - Burgenland Military Genealogy (Joe Gilly and Gerry Berghold)
(Jul:245) - Amtlicher Ausweis (from Anna Kresh, Gerry Berghold & Albert Schuch)
(Jul:245) - Answers to Above Questions: (Gerry Berghold & Albert Schuch)
(Jul:245) - Birthplace & Belonging To—Two Important and Possibly Contradictory Terms for Genealogical Researchers (Fritz Königshofer)
(Aug:246) - Pamhagen - A WW-II Combat Story and Village Search (from Jim Hewitt, Margaret Kaiser, Bob Strauch)
- The Myth of German Almost Replacing English as US Language (by Bob Unger)
(Sep:247) - Ivan's Rain
(Oct:248) - Answer to Tax Questions (the "Dica") - from Albert Schuch
(Nov:249) - Breitenbrunn (from Albert Schuch)



Saturday, January 31: Schnitzelfest at the Reading Liederkranz. Info:

Saturday, January 31: Fasching Dance at the Lancaster Liederkranz. Music by the Continentals. Info:


Rose Seiler (née Tukovits)

Rose M. Seiler, 93 of Walnutport, Pennsylvania, passed away Thanksgiving Day November 27, 2014 at the Inpatient Hospice Unit of Lehigh Valley Hospital Center, Allentown.

She was the wife of the late Alfred V. Seiler. Born in Rábafüzes (Raabfidisch), Hungary, she was the daughter of the late Josef and Gisella (Deutsch) Tukovits.

She worked at the former Penn Keystone Knitting Mill of Walnutport and was also a former Co-Owner of Tri-Us Inn, Walnutport. Rose was a member of St. Nicholas Catholic Church, Berlinsville, where she participated with the Choir, and the Altar & Rosary Society.

Survivors: Sons, Alfred Seiler and wife Mikie of Berlinsville, Ronald Seiler and wife Pat of Slatington, Richard Seiler and wife Mary of Pittsburgh, Edward Seiler and wife Kathy of Cleveland, TN, daughters, Diane and husband Lynn Dautrich of Nazareth, Karen Krause of Walnutport, 20 Grandchildren, 24 Great Grandchildren , many nieces & nephews. Rose was pre-deceased by a son Glenn, grandson Christian Dautrich and brothers, Frank, Edward, and Joseph Tukovits.

Services: Mass of Christian Burial, 11:00 AM Wednesday December 3rd St. Nicholas Catholic Church (Berlinsville), Walnutport. Viewing Tuesday Evening December 2nd, 6 to 8 PM Harding Funeral Home 25-27 N. 2nd St. Slatington. Contributions: St Nicholas Catholic Church 52 Oak Rd Walnutport PA. 18088. Or American Cancer Society, 3893 Alder Place, Suite 170 Bethlehem, Pa 18017.

Published in Morning Call on Nov. 29, 2014

Juliana Csenar

Juliana Csenar, age 79 of Chicago, Illinois, passed away Sunday, November 30, 2014 at her home.

Born in Unterpullendorf, Austria, she was a daughter of the late Anton and Karolina (Pinter) Csenar.

Julia is survived by her niece Linda (Mark) Plewniak, and great nieces Kaitlyn and Nicole Plewniak, all of Munster. Also survived by loving family Rudy and Hely Tobler of Deerfield, IL; Reese, Tina and Elise Justus of Antioch, IL; Jamie, Monica, Aubrey and Eva Tomochek of Lincolnshire, IL; and Bob, Tanya, Collin, Trent and Robby Eckl of Mount Prospect, IL.

Julia was preceded in death by her dear sister Katherine (Paul) Berlakovich of Merrillville, IN; and brothers August, Franz and Stefan Csenar of Austria.

Julia was a member of St. Constance Parish in Chicago, IL and had many friends in the Chicago area. She was an excellent seamstress for Carson Pierre Scott in Chicago, IL and was known for the delicious pastries she made for all the family gatherings. Julia will forever be remembered for all the love and attention she gave her nieces and nephews of all ages.

Friends may visit with the family on Saturday, December 6, 2014 at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church from 9:00 to 10:00 AM. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held on Saturday, December 6, 2014 at St. Joan of Arc, 200 E. 78th Ave, Merrillville, IN 46410 at 10:00 AM with Fr. Jon Plavcan officiating. Interment will take place at Calumet Park Cemetery, Merrillville, IN. Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Geisen Funeral and Cremation Services in Merrillville, IN.

Gay Hazinski (née Lehner)

Gay Hazinski (née Lehner), 91, of South Bend, Indiana, passed away at her home at Saint Paul's Retirement Center on Novemebr 29, 2014.

She was married to Richard Hazinski who preceded her in death.

Born in Tadten, Austria [Ed: to Michael and Marie (Janisch) Lehner], Gay lived most of her life in South Bend.

Gay was a lifetime parishioner of Saint Matthew's Cathedral where she was very active with the Rosary Society. For many years she worked as a secretary at South Bend School Corporation. In her spare time she spent many happy hours playing cards.

She is survived by her sister, Anne Muszik of Texas; as well as three daughters, Marie Hazinski Dittrich (Larry) of South Bend, Nancy Hazinski (Alan) of Chesterfield, MO, and Patricia Hazinski of South Bend; and one son, Michael Hazinski (Anne) of Chapel Hill, NC. Also surviving are six grandchildren as follows: Dawn Pfefferle of Las Vegas, NV, Eric Dittrich (Maria) of South Bend, Jennifer Boettcher (Greg) of Rupert, ID, and Matthew Hazinski and Samuel Hazinski of Chapel Hill, NC, and Kira Cain. In addition, Gay leaves five great-grandchildren, Gunnar and Zsoka Dittrich, Melody, Claire and Philip Boettcher.

Mass will be held at Saint Matthew's Cathedral on December 9, 2014, at 10:30 AM, where friends and family can join to celebrate Gay's life. Memorial contributions may be made to Hospice Care of South Bend, 111 Sunnybrook Ct., South Bend, IN 46637.

Published in South Bend Tribune on Dec. 7, 2014

Otto Siderits

Otto Siderits, 82, of Symmes Township, Ohio, passed away Saturday, December 20, 2014.

Born in St. Michael im Burgenland, Austria, he was a son of the late Franz and Maria (Gerger) Siderits.

He is survived by his wife of 58 years, Anna (née Plank) Siderits; son, Ronald (Roseann); daughter, Caroline; son, James (Amy); son, Michael (Annie); grandchildren, Jeremy, Jonathan, Benjamin, Joshua, Katie, Emily and Rowan.

He was preceded in death by sisters Maria "Mitzi" Bolte and Elisabeth "Lisi" Jandrisits; brothers, Eduard "Eddie", Franz, and Richard.

Fond family remembrances will always include his antique car collection, childhood stories from Austria, his soccer playing days in Austria and Canada, coming to the United States, settling in Cincinnati, and starting the family business, Blue Ash Tool & Die Co., Inc. in Blue Ash 50 years ago.

Visitation will be held from 11 AM to 1 PM on Friday, December 26 at St. Gertrude Church, 7630 Shawnee Run Road, Cincinnati, OH 45243 with funeral service to follow at 1 PM. Memorials are suggested to Ohio Valley Region Model "A" Ford Club, P.O. Box 62303, Sharonville, OH 45241 or SPCA Cincinnati, 11900 Conrey Road, Cincinnati, OH 45249. Condolences may be expressed at:

Published in The Cincinnati Enquirer on Dec. 24, 2014

Mary Stachura (née Pillis)

Mary Rose Stachura, 91, of Bartlett, Illinois, died Saturday, December 20, 2014, at St. Alexius Medical Center in Hoffman Estates.

She was married to the late Max Stachura for 27 years.

Born on March 16, 1923 in Schachendorf, Burgenland, Austria, she was a daughter of the late Joseph and Rose (Petti) Pillis.

Survivors: loving son and daughter-in-law, John and Evelyn Stachura; loving granddaughters, Anna, Heather, and Kelly Stachura; dear sister-in-law, Mary Pillis; nieces, nephews, grand nieces, and grand nephews, cousins, and many friends. Besides her husband, she was also preceded in death by beloved son, Mark Stachura; dear sisters, Anna Petrokovitch, and Lillian Schlaffer; and dear brother, Steve Pillis.

Services: Visitation will be held from 9:30 a.m. until the mass at 10:30 a.m., Friday, December 26, 2014, at Sacred Heart Chapel at Clare Oaks, 801 Carillon Drive, Bartlett, IL 60103. Burial will be held at Saint Adalbert Catholic Cemetery, Niles following the mass. For information, please contact Davenport Family Funeral Home, 847-381-3411. For online condolences, please visit

Published in Chicago Tribune on Dec. 24, 2014

Josef Kosits

Josef Kosits, 87, of Emerson, New Jersey, passed away on Wednesday, December 24, 2014.

He was the beloved husband of the late Hertha (Willischitz) Kosits.

Born in Nazareth, Pennsylvania to Peter and Maria (Billovits) Kosits, he grew up in Steingraben, Burgenland, Austria and returned to the United States as a young man.

Survivors: children, Gary Kosits and his wife Marianne, Jean Kosits and Carol Macknin and her husband Alan; grandchildren, Kevin Kosits, Drew and Emma Sivertsen.

Services: The family will receive their relatives and friends at Becker Funeral Home, 219 Kinderkamack Road, Westwood, NJ on Sunday, December 28 from 1-5PM. The Funeral Mass celebrating Josef's life and faith will be held at R.C. Church of the Assumption, Emerson, NJ on Monday, December 29 at 10AM. Interment will follow at Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Hawthorne, NY. In lieu of flowers, memorial gifts may be made in Josef's name to the Alzheimer's Association.

Published in The Record/Herald News from Dec. 27 to Dec. 28, 2014


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