Surnames Mg-Mz
being researched by the Burgenland Bunch

Surname Researcher Village - Parish Other Details
Michelbacher Doreen Cooney    
Michel Jacob Michel    
Michlits Dale Knebel Wallern (Valla)  
Michlits Norm Pihale Wallern (Valla) Mostly settled in St. Paul, Ramsey County and Stearns County, MN.
Michlits Gary R Fink Wallern (Valla)  
Michlits Johannes Graf Wallern (Valla) To St. Paul, MN, and South Bend, IN, 1880-1920 and Chicago, IL, 1930-50.
Michlits Bette Oliver Wallern (Valla) Settled in Minnesota about 1880 then Tacoma, WA. Has tree on Ancestry called the "Bette Oliver Family Tree."
Michlits (Michlitsch) JoAnn Moser Wallern (Valla) Joannes (John) Michlits (Michlitsch), born 10 Apr 1885, emigrated  to St. Paul, MN, in 1905, died 22 Mar 1925, son of Paulus Michlits (1851-1918). Sisters Pauline, b 1889, and Rosa, b 1883, also emigrated to St. Paul.
Michlitsch Cheri Jacobson Enns Austria and Burgenland  
Michlitsch CeCe Womack   Settled in South Dakota.
Michlitsch Julie   Settled in St. Paul, MN.
Michtich Amy Michtich Wolfau (Farkasfalva) Settled in Steelton (Harrisburg), PA c.1900-5.
Michtich Diane Feldman Dintaman Kópháza (Kohlnhof), Hungary Agnes MICHTICH Feldman, Kópháza, settled in Harrisburg, PA, 1913; Maria MICHTICH, Kópháza.
Miedler Wolfgang Lendl    
Miehl Eileen Bogdanoff Jabing (Jobbágyi);
Sankt Margarethen (Szent-Margita)
Brothers John Frank (dob 1903, immig 1924), Joseph (dob 1905, immig 1922), Gustav (dob 1909, entered USA via Canada about 1930) and Frank (immig after WW2), all settled in the 91st St area of New York City. Father Franz Miehl ran a grocery store in Jabing. A Georg Miehl ran a store in St. Margarethen.
Miel Ann Leitgeb Green Jabing (Jobbágyi) Elizabeth Miel, born 14 Sep 1828; married Franciscus Luipersbeck.
Migsich Linda M Bauer Trausdorf an der Wulka (Darázsfalu) Johanes Hollenthoner and childen Stephan (1909 to NYC), Frank and Hermine (1905 to NYC) emigrated to the USA. Wife/mother was Maria Ladisich, born to Stephan Ladisich and Anna Migsich.
Mihok T. Brown Andau (Moson-Tarcsa) Settled in Nebraska.
Miholic Micki Mersich Webb Grossmutschen (Sopron-Udvard);
Grosswarasdorf (Szabadbáránd)
Mary Miholic of Grossmutchen married John Mersich of Grosswarasdorf and settled in South Bend, IN.
Miholich Elsie Billisitz Grosswarasdorf (Szabadbáránd) Anna Unger Miholich came to South Bend, IN in 1906; Paula Miholich Billisitz came in 1936.
Mikats Viktor & Regina Hladky Oslip (Oszlop);
Siegendorf (Cinfalva)
Mikikits Joseph O'Neil Strem (Strém) Mother settled in New York City, 1931; other relatives in Allentown, PA, ~1930.
Mikikits Jill Spirito Steinfurt (Lipóc) Agnes, daughter of Alois Mikikits, settled in St. Louis, MO, and married Edward Windisch.
Mikitch Kathy Ann Minnich Steinfurt (Lipóc)  
Mikitsh John Walter Mikitsh Steinfurt (Lipóc) Alois Mikitsh settled in St. Louis, MO, in 1921 then New York; married Rose Nemeth in 1924.
Mikitsh (Mikikics) Linda Bell Steinfurt (Lipóc) Michael Domitrovitz (Domitrovits) married Theresa Mikitsh (Mikikics) in 1921 in Steinfurt and emigrated to Passaic, NJ, in 1921 and later to New York, NY. Theresa joined him in 1923.
Miklos Erna Miklos Poppendorf (Patafalva) Settled in Allentown, PA.
Miklos Stephen T Schmidt Mischendorf (Pinkamiske), Grossmürbisch (Nagy-Medves)  
Miklos Joan Meyers Willersdorf (Villámos) Settled in south side of Chicago, IL.
Miklos Gena Miklos Oberwart (Felsö-Ör) Settled in Chicago, IL.
Miklos Karen Janke Oberwart (Felsö-Ör) Settled in Selby and Java, SD.
Mikovics Frank Billowitz Steingraben (Bányá) Settled in Egypt, PA and NYC.
Mikovits John L Mikovits, Jr. Hasendorf (Vas-Nyulfalu) John Mikovits, son of Johann and Maria (Horvath) Mikovits settled in Allentown, PA, in 1921. His sister, Maria, immigrated to Bath, PA. Other siblings were Charles, Ignaz, and Joseph. Other Mikovits relatives settled in Bronx, NY.
Mikovitz Edward Tantsits

Frank A Tantsits (deceased)
Güssing-Rosenberg (Rosahegy) Tantsits and Potzmann settled in Coplay, PA.
Miksits Mary Schatz    
Miksits Fritz Tarnok Sulz (Sóskútfalu);
Gerersdorf (Német-Szent-Grót)
To NYC and Allentown, PA.
Miksits Angela Tarnok Gerersdorf (Német-Szent-Grót)  
Miksits John P Miksits Rehgraben (Özgödör) Settled in Allentown, PA.
Miksits Steven C Schepis Güssing (Német-Ujvár) Settled in the Bronx, NY, and Passaic, NJ, around 1930.
Miksits Karin Miksits-Hagen Gerersdorf (Német-Szent-Grót) Miss Bruederschaft der Burgenlaender, 1977; joined Bruederschaft der Burgenlaender Club, 1986.
Miktic Amy Michtich Kophaza (Koljnhof), Hungary Janos and Matyas Miktic emigrated to Steelton (Harrisburg), PA.
Mikula Tony Wappel Neustift an der Lafnitz (Lapincs-Ujtelek) My great grandmother was Rosalia Mikula (1857-1917). She married Janos (Johann) Wappel (1859-1934). They had Frank Wappel who came to the US about 1902. I am trying to discover more about Johann Wappel and Rosalia Mikula, especially Rosalia's birthplace and parents. I believe she was married to a Gross/Grass before marrying Johann Wappel.
Milasits Elizabeth Archer Grosswarasdorf (Szabadbáránd) Agnes Milasits settled in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Mileder Lorenz Mileder, Jr. Kleinmutschen (Pervány)  
Miletich Neal and Laura Mogk Grosswarasdorf (Szabadbáránd) Settled in Chicago in 1922.
Milisits John Lavendoski Güssing (Német-Ujvár) area  
Milisits Elizabeth Yurasits Szent Péterfa (Prostrum), Hungary Settled in New York City, Northampton and Stockertown, PA.
Milisits Steve Geosits Szent Péterfa (Prostrum), Hungary  
Milisits Robert Milisits Unterbildein (Alsó-Beled) Anton Milisits settled in Northampton, PA, 1920.
Milisits Henry G Abel III Harmisch (Hovárdos) Settled in Pennsylvania.
Milisits Theresa Farrell Schandorf (Csém)  
Milisits Ann Leitgeb Green Szent Péterfa (Prostrum), Hungary Anna Milisits, born before 1762; married Johannes Philipovics 22 Feb 1778 in Szentpeterfa.
Milisits Brian Kingdon Unterbildein (Alsó-Beled) Martin Schopf (b. 9 Nov 1878 in Podersdorf) and Maria Millisits (b. 18 Mar 1878) settled in Kemmerer, Wyoming, in 1905.
Milkovitz (Milkovits, Milkovitsch) Edward A Kopinitz Hornstein (Szarvkö)  
Millerschitz Sue Carver Kittsee (Köpcsény) To St. Louis, MO.
Millner (Muellner) Nancy Schukat Wolfau (Farkasfalva) Came to America ~1924, settled in Forest Park, IL.
Millner (Mullner) John Millner Wolfau (Farkasfalva) Settled in Pittsburg, PA, and Forest Park, IL.
Millner (Mulner, Mullner, Müllner) Cheryl Richardson Illmitz (Illmic) Elizabeth Millner, daughter of Josef Müllner and Theresia Kroiss, settled in Mandan, ND, in 1887.
Milosits Fred J Busch Podler (Polanicz) Settled in Chicago.
Milosits Carol R Blakesley Szent Péterfa (Prostrum), Hungary Settled in New York, NY and Northampton, PA.
Milosits Joy Ostovitz Minns Allersgraben (Sirokany) Ferencz (Franz) Osztovics came to Baltimore in 1909. He joined the Pal Osztovics family in Baltimore who came from Weiden. Ferencnz' parents were Karl and Anna Milosits Osztovics. Anna's sister, Julianna Milosits, married Stefan Osztovics. She came to America and settled in Chicago.
Milositz Mark Traupman Wallendorf (Lapincs-Olaszi) Rose (Milositz) Hochwarter (1882-1924) and Raymond Hochwarter (b. 1870 in Olbendorf, d. 1930) emigrated to Egypt, PA, and then Bethlehem, PA.
Mimlitsch Charles Worman Parndorf (Pándorfalu);
Deutsch Kaltenbrunn (Német-Hidegkút)
Settled in Allentown, PA, in 1892.
Milositz Margaret Kaiser Felsörönök (Oberradling), Hungary  
Minilics Charles Worman Parndorf (Pándorfalu) Settled in Allentown, PA, in 1892.
Mirakovits Frank Teklits Moschendorf (Német-Sároslak)  
Mirakovits Fred J Busch Neumarkt (?) Pennsylvania
Mirakovits Veronica Hertzog Moschendorf (Német-Sároslak) Settled in Northampton, PA.
Mirth John R Cox Eltendorf (Ókörtvélyes / Körtvélyes)  
Mirth Gary L Portsche (deceased) Gols (Gálos)  
Mirth Bob Unger Rudersdorf (Radafalva);
Eltendorf (Ókörtvélyes / Körtvélyes)
Mirth Betsy Beech   St. Louis, MO area. 
Mirth Melissa Smith Eltendorf (Ókörtvélyes / Körtvélyes) area  
Mirth Judy Chuhran Eltendorf (Ókörtvélyes / Körtvélyes);
Felsörönök (Oberradling), Hungary
Johann Mirth b. 1800? sired Michael Mirth who married Julia Marx and  sired Theresa, Frank, Josef, Janos, Julia, and Karl. Julia m. Andras Augustin(e), son of Andras Augustin(e) and Julia Toth. Julia/Andras, Frank Josef, and Karl came to USA 1890's and settled in Ambridge and other Pittsburgh, PA areas.
Mirth Hilda Mayer Kelly Poppendorf (Patafalva) Anna Mirth, b 7/26/1909, settled 1929 in Philadelphia, PA. Her mother Theresa Fielder Mirth died giving her birth and father Franz died 9 months later. Franz Mirth's first wife also died; he had 3 children each wife. Five came to Philadelphia, Julia stayed in Austria.
Mirth William Grab Eltendorf (Ókörtvélyes / Körtvélyes) Hermann Armin Gilly, born 1887, settled in Northampton, PA then St Louis, MO. He married Giselda Mirth. Daughters were Helen Judith and Giselda.
Mirth Valerie Smith Poppendorf (Patafalva) Settled 1920s in Philadelphia, PA.
Mirth Michael Bachman Eltendorf (Ókörtvélyes / Körtvélyes);
Poppendorf (Patafalva)
Settled in Allentown, PA.
Mirth (Merth, Moerth) Betty Venturini Jennersdorf (Gyannafalva)  
Mirtl Paul Shubert Sankt Martin in der Wart (Öri-Szent-Márton) Settled in Chicago, IL in 1907.
Misbuechler Joseph E Medl Königsdorf (Királyfalva) Settled in Allentown, PA area, early 1900s.
Misbuechler Ronald A Madle Königsdorf (Királyfalva) Emigrated to Allentown, PA area, early 1900s.
Mischinger Nancy Wood Grieselstein (Köröstyén);
Jennersdorf (Gyannafalva)
Josephine Hirczy, born February 1901 to Maria Sommer and Johann Hirczy, settled in NYC and married Anton Mischinger, born July 1896, in 1924.
Mittel John Toth Moschendorf (Német-Sároslak) Settled in Passaic, NJ.
Mittermann Michael Mittermann Bernstein (Borostyánkö) Settled in Chicago, IL about 1905.
Mittermann Bernhard Mittermann Schmiedrait (Határfö)  
Mittermann Josef Mittermann Stuben (Edeháza);
Dreihütten (Háromsátor)
Mittermann Lisa Mitterman-Sandford Schmiedrait (Határfö) Ferdinand Mitterman, born 29 Apr 1910 to Theresia (Kirnbauer, born 1870) and Johann Mittermann (born 26 Sep 1867), immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1928.
Mittl Kathy O'Mara Eberau (Monyorókerék);
Bildein (Beled)
Settled in McKees Rocks, PA, Long Island and Watervleit, NY, and Maplewood, NJ.
Mittl Joyce Stroble-Stuper Eberau (Monyorókerék)  
Mittl Lillian Mittl Unterbildein (Alsó-Beled) John F Mittl, b.1903, emigrated 1922 and settled in Northampton, PA then moved to the Bronx, NY.
Mittmüller Orvill S Paller Drassmarkt (Derecske)  
Mladonits Les Kery Kimle (Kimling), Hungary Settled in Kingston, NY, and South Bend, IA, about 1905.
Moar Lea Simitz Buzby Poppendorf (Patafalva) area Settled mostly in Allentown and Pittsburgh areas of PA.
Mohr Michael Lehner Schachendorf (Csajta);
Rechnitz (Rohonc);
Dürnbach (Inczéd);
Schandorf (Csém)
Emigrated to Winnipeg about 1957.
Moick Michael Aumüller Sopron (Ödenburg), Hungary  
Mollnar Johannes Graf Tadten (Mosontétény) To St. Paul, MN, and South Bend, IN, 1880-1920 and Chicago, IL, 1930-50.
Mollner Norm Pihale Wallern (Valla) Mostly settled in St. Paul, Ramsey County and Stearns County, MN.
Mollner Frederick Mollner Jánossomorja (Sankt Peter / Sankt Johann / Wüst-Sommerein), Hungary Andrew Mollner to US in 1901; settled in Minneapolis, MN. Other brothers emigrated with some ending up in Oregon.
Mollner Ingrid Lichtenberger Jánossomorja (Sankt Peter / Sankt Johann / Wüst-Sommerein), Hungary Janos Mollner, born 30 Aug 1875, emigrated in 1901 to Cincinnati. Wife Elisabeth nee Kummer, born 7 Mar 1877, and children Elisabeth, 13 Nov 1899, and Julianna, 12 May 1905, followed in 1902.
Mollner Heather Shepard Jánossomorja (Sankt Peter / Sankt Johann / Wüst-Sommerein), Hungary Settled in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN in the late 1800's.
Mollner Terry Murray Jánossomorja (Sankt Peter / Sankt Johann / Wüst-Sommerein), Hungary Settled in Minneapolis, MN.
Mollner Jackie Blanchard    
Mollner Kristina Rylander Wallern (Valla) Andrew Mollner (b. 1839) and wife Anna Unger (b. 1842), of house 17, emigrated with children Josef (b. 1871), Katarina (b. 1873) and Leopoldine (b. 1876) in 1876 to Pierz, Morrison Co, MN.
Mollner Bette Oliver Wallern (Valla) Settled in Minnesota about 1885 then Tacoma, WA about 1900. Has tree on Ancestry called the "Bette Oliver Family Tree."
Mollner (Mullner) Cheri Jacobson Enns Austria and Burgenland  
Mollner (Müllner) Louise Fellman Wallern (Valla) Settled in Breckinridge, MN.
Molnar Carl John Marosits Hungary  
Molnar Stephen Kovacs Raba Gyarmat, Hungary  
Molnar Donald Paulson Grodnau (Grodnó);
Oberschützen (Felsö-Lövö);
Mariasdorf (Máriafalva)
Franz Joseph Molnar and wife Rosina Teresa Weber had eleven sons and one daughter, Karolina. Franz taught in Mariasdorf in the 1890s but lived in Oberschutzen in 1922 and died there. Karolina was born in Grodnau and emigrated to Chicago in 1902.
Moltenperger Paul Sandhofer    
Mondovics (Mandevics) János Mondovics Grosswarasdorf (Szabadbáránd)  
Mondschein Ed & Pat Mondschein Grossmürbisch (Nagy-Medves) Alois Mondschein.
Mondschein Susan Stahley Urbersdorf (Orbánfalu) Johanna Monschein & Michael Groller emigrated 1901 and lived in Northampton and Moore Twp, Northampton Co, PA.
Mondschein Rocky Bayer Heiligenkreuz (Rába-Keresztúr) Andrew Mondschein and Cecilia Drauch came to Bethlehem, PA, around 1904.
Mondschein Irene Musser Quirus Poppendorf (Patafalva) Stella Mondschein emigrated to Philadelphia, PA, around 1920; married John Musser from Markt Allhau (Alhó).
Mondschein Edward Herbst Poppendorf (Patafalva) Julius Herbst of Morgersdorf settled in Philadelphia, PA; married Anna Mondschein (sister of Stella, above) had son Julius Jr.
Monschein Bill Gross Strem (Strém) Settled in College Point, NY.
Moor Ernest Szeideman Olaszfalu, Hungary  
Moor Nancy Moor Unterwart (Alsó-Ör) Andrew Moor settled in St. Louis, MO, and married Emma Heidinger of Bergwerk. Siblings John, Joseph, Micheal and Steve Moor also emigrated.
Moór (Mór, Mohr, Muer, Müer, Müier, Mwer) Tibor Várkonyi Rechnitz (Rohonc);
Oberwart (Felsö-Ör);
Unterwart (Alsó-Ör)
To Tapolca, Hungary, 1720-40.
Morgenstern Denise Pfalzer Güssing (Német-Ujvár) Settled in Murska Sobota area of Slovenia.
Morgl Karen Marie Kelley Steingraben (Bányá) Settled in Northampton, PA in 1914.
Moritz Frank Tobitsch Burg (Óvár) Settled in Bronx, NYC.
Moritz Kathryn Bauer Zickel Horitschon (Haracsony);
Raiding (Doborján)
Morth Mary Peterson Schwendgraben Isador (Isitor) born 6 Feb 1884; John born 1 Jan 1887.
Morth MaryRose Winkler Balmes Schwendgraben  
Moser Glenda Moser Gols (Gálos)  
Moser Rich Kassanits Mischendorf (Pinkamiske) Emigrated to Chicago.
Moser Gary L Portsche (deceased) Gols (Gálos)  
Moser Alois Regner Sankt Andrä (Szent András) To U.S. in 1907.
Moser Tom Wirtz Glashütten bei Langeck (Hosszúszeg-huta);
Lockenhaus (Léka)
Settled in Watkins, MN.
Moser Patricia Roy Apetlon (Mosonbánfalva)  
Moser Pamela J. Singh (Roy) Apetlon (Mosonbánfalva) Joseph Moser settled in Saint Paul, MN, in 1920s.
Moser Ann Bundy Lockenhaus (Léka) Settled in Festina, IA, abt. 1866.
Mossbauer Frank Biribauer   Settled in New York, NY.
Motiska (Mohirka) Ray Prell Pecs, Baranya, Hungary;
Bergwerk (Öribánya)
Settled in Scranton, PA.
Motzer Barbara Sherman O'Laughlin Alsórönök (Unterradling), Hungary;
Felsörönök (Oberradling), Hungary
Settled in Jacobs Creek, McKees Rocks, Pittsburgh, PA.
Moudry Viktor & Regina Hladky Czech Republic  
Mozert Kathryn Brown Königsdorf (Királyfalva) Joseph Thomsen Mozert and wife Mary emigrated in 1855 and settled in Birdwood, South Australia in 1860.
Mraz Vanessa Ellicott Nikitsch (Füles);
Kroatisch Minihof (Malomháza)
Mücke Gerhard H & Martina Lang Hillersdorf (Holcovice Monastery), Silesia;
Oberschützen (Felsö Lövö);
Deutsch Kaltenbrunn (Némethidegkut)
Roane County, TN.
Muehl Rosemary Muehl Boyle Wolfau (Farkasfalva)  
Muehl Arthur Kunz Markt Allhau (Alhó)  
Muehl Beverly Quance Baugham Kemeten (Vas-Komját) Muehl / Stumpfel to Pittsburgh, PA in 1902.
Muehl Rosemary C Davies Inzenhof (Borosgödör) Settled in Northampton, PA.
Muehl Karin Sanders Markt Allhau (Alhó) Setled in Chicago in 1956.
Mueller Steve Mueller Unterwart (Alsó-Ör) Ludwig and Viktoria Mueller settled in Hamilton, Canada in 1954.
Mueller Ron Bauer (Rower) Mattersburg (Nagy-Marton) Josef Bauer married Regina Mueller in Mattersburg area; children were born in Vienna.
Mueller Jan Goebel    
Mueller Trisha Clare Königsdorf (Királyfalva) Benedict Mueller, emigrated to Chicago in 1898 at age 16.
Muellner Bob Brandt Neumarkt im Tauchental (Felsö-Kethely) Settled in Chicago, IL, St. Paul, MN, and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Muellner Thomas Mitchell Pamhagen (Pomogy) Settled in St. Paul, MN, ~1880.
Muellner Charlotte Sholes Pamhagen (Pomogy) Emigrated to St. Paul, MN.
Muellner Jim Logsdon Pamhagen (Pomogy) Settled in St Paul, MN in 1880.
Muellner Laurie Millner Salameh Wolfau (Farkasfalva) Settled in Forest Park, IL.
Muellner Steve Mallory    
Muellner Pamela Timm Hilbun Pamhagen (Pomogy) Emigrated to St. Paul, MN.
Muellner Karen Haider Illmitz (Illmic)  
Muellner (Meullner) Joanne Schwartz Messenger Pamhagen (Pomogy)  
Muellner (Millner) Nancy Schukat Wolfau (Farkasfalva) Came to America ~1924, settled in Forest Park, IL.
Muhl (Muehl) Sheri Michaels Kemeten (Vaskomját)  
Mühl Helen Frey Oberdorf (Örállás)  
Mühl Michelle Pertl Wolfau (Farkasfalva) Settled in Forest Park, Cook Co, IL.
Mühl Jeffrey Hittinger Kleinmürbisch (Kis Medves) Settled in Oresfield, PA.
Mühl (Muehl) Theodore Mathias Muehl Oberwart (Felsö-Ör);
Pinkafeld (Pinkafö);
Wiesfleck (Újrétfalu);
Wolfau (Farkasfalva);
Markt Allhau (Alhó)
Settled in Pittsburgh, PA, Chicago, IL and Michigan areas.
Mühl (Muehl) Reinhard Strobl Kleinmürbisch (Kis Medves);
Grossmürbisch (Felso Medves)
Settled in Pennsylvania (Lehigh Valley: Allentown, Coplay, Stiles, Nazareth, Egypt, Coraopolis), some in New York (Troy, Hoboken).
Mühl (Muehl) Mary Shultz Wolfau (Farkasfalva) John Muehl, b.1873 to Johann Muehl, and Anna Sampel, b.1875, settled in Chicago, IL, ~1911. Children Anna Teresa & John (born in Austria), Maria (Mary), Joseph & Wilhelm (born in US).
Mühl (Muell) Gerry Berghold (deceased) Güssing-Rosenberg (Rosahegy);
Güssing (Német-Ujvár)
Settled in Allentown, PA.
Mühl (Muell) Peter L Berghold Güssing-Rosenberg (Rosahegy);
Güssing (Német-Ujvár)
Settled in Allentown, PA.
Muhr Frank Kurz, Jr. Zahling (Újkörtvélyes);
Kukmirn (Kukmér)
Muhr Bruce Klemens Schandorf (Csém);
Schachendorf (Csajta)
Settled in Passaic and Garfield, NJ and St. Louis, MO.
Muhr Linda Landau-McKay Königsdorf (Királyfalva) To Allentown, PA and NY.
Muhr Theron Rogers Heiligenkreuz (Rába-Keresztúr) To Hellertown, PA.
Muhr Barbara Guttmann Burg (Óvár)  
Muhr Michael St. Clair Burg (Óvár) Settled in Chicago, IL, c,1920.
Muhr William Muhr Zahling (Újkörtvélyes) Frank and Josephine (Astl) Muhr emigrated to Allentown, PA, c.1920. Offspring emigrated to St Louis, MO.
Muhr Karen Alonzo Burg (Óvár)  
Muhr Henry Landau Kukmirn (Kukmér) To New York, NY, in 1937.
Muhr Bill O'Driscoll Burg (Óvár) Settled in Chicago, IL, in 1923.
Muhr Margaret Teuschler Burg (Óvár) Settled in Chicago, IL.
Muhr (Muer) Kristina Mur Schandorf (Csém);
Nagy-Narda, Hungary
Settled in Ðakovo, Croatia in 1886.
Muick (Muik) Albert Muick Inzenhof (Borosgödör);
Rábafüzes (Raabfidisch), Hungary;
Jennersdorf (Gyannafalva)
Settled in Coplay/Northampton, PA.
Muik Steve Klucharich Sulz (Sóskútfalu)  
Muik Jude Brearton Mulvey Güssing (Német-Ujvár);
Güssing-Rosenberg (Rosahegy)
Muik Deanne Hanzel Malloy Gerersdorf (Német-Szent-Grót)  
Muik Judith Gerger Brearton Güssing (Német-Ujvár);
Güssing-Rosenberg (Rosahegy)
Muik Annette Kapple Inzenhof (Borosgödör) Settled in Allentown, PA and Chicago, IL.
Muik Donna Muik Turcotte Inzenhof (Borosgödör) Settled in Bruce, Alberta, Canada about 1926.
Muik Janet Heintzel Olbendorf (Óbér) Elisabetha Muik, daughter of Janos and Josefa Muik, married Josef Heinzl in 1848 and had one son, Lucas, in 1853.
Muik Rosemary C Davies Inzenhof (Borosgödör) Settled in Egypt, PA.
Muik Joe Brogan Gerersdorf (Német-Szent-Grót) Settled in Allentown, PA.
Muik Ron Ernszt Kukmirn (Kukmér)  
Muik Gene Benninger Sulz (Sóskútfalu) Settled in Vienna, Austria.
Mukitcs Diana S Felsöszölnök (Oberzemming), Hungary;
Alsöszölnök (Unterzemming), Hungary;
Martinjie, Slovenia;
Magasfok, Slovenia
Settled in Pittsburgh/Allegheny, PA; St. Martin ad Raab; Montevideo, Uraguay; Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Mulczet Carol Johnson Tanczos Rauchwart (Rábort) Settled in NY.
Mulczet Rachael (White) Dobsovicova Kleinmürbisch (Kis-Medves);
Inzenhof (Borosgödör)
Mulczet Rosemary C Davies Inzenhof (Borosgödör) Settled in Stiles, PA.
Mulezet Edwin Malesky Güssing (Német-Ujvár);
Güssing-Rosenberg (Rosahegy)
Mulezet Robert Malesky Güssing (Német-Ujvár);
Güssing-Rosenberg (Rosahegy)
Mullendorfer Edith Kobak Gainfarn, Lower Austria;
Neudauberg (Magashegy)
Muller Patricia Weaver Rakican (Battyanfelva), Slovenia Jakob and Anna (Peterka) Muller lived in Apace, Slovenia in 1926, then came back to the US.
Müller Paul Sandhofer    
Mullner Paula Bolland Jennersdorf (Gyanafalva) Catholic. Settled in Kondorfa
Mullner Marlene Thuringer Bennett Wallern (Valla)  
Mullner Dale Knebel Wallern (Valla)  
Mullner Jeannette MacDonald Apetlon (Mosonbánfalva) Settled in St. Paul, MN.
Mullner Frieda (Mullner) Eberhardt Oberbildein (Felső-Beled) Felix and Lucia (Preisler) Mullner emigrated to Lehigh Valley, PA about 1922.
Mullner Mary Short    
Mullner Ginger Opitz McGurk Apetlon (Mosonbánfalva) Settled in Omaha, NE and Mandan, ND areas; some to Canada and St. Paul, MN.
Mullner Gary R Fink Wallern (Valla)  
Mullner Robert Strauch Sankt Kathrein (Szent-Katalin);
Punitz (Punicz)
Settled in Allentown & Nazareth between 1906 &1921.
Mullner Mark Pitzel Apetlon (Mosonbánfalva) Settled in Minnesota, Dakotas, Washington.
Mullner Sue Eddens Rust (Ruszt);
Unterbildein (Alsó-Beled);
Kroatisch Minihof (Malomháza);
Nikitsch (Füles)
Settled in St. Louis, MO, in 1906.
Mullner Susan Elizabeth Raich Oberwart (Felsö-Ör) Franceska Mullner and 4 children joined husband Alexander Zambo in Chicago, IL, ~1921.
Mullner Kathy Lorber Apetlon (Mosonbánfalva) John Mullner (1875-1934, son of Johannes and Maria [Loos] Mullner) and Eva Opitz (1876-1955, daughter of Michael and Katherina [Pilles] Opitz) settled in Waukegan, IL, with children Marie, Ludmilla and Pauline. John emigrated circa 1903, Eva and girls in 1907.
Mullner John Hancock Neuhaus am Klausenbach (Vasdobra) Settled in New Britain, CT, 1907.
Mullner Douglas Drake Apetlon (Mosonbánfalva) Settled in St Paul, MN.
Mullner (Millner) John Millner Wolfau (Farkasfalva) Settled in Pittsburg, PA, and Forest Park, IL.
Mullner (Mollner) Cheri Jacobson Enns Austria and Burgenland  
Müllner Dean Joseph Wagner Wallern (Valla)  
Müllner Carol Lauren-Schmidt Wallern (Valla)  
Müllner Kurt & Darlene Muellner Altschlaining (Ószalónak) Frank (Franz) Müllner, father of Kurt Muellner, emigrated to Chicago, IL, where he married Gerda Frahm.
Müllner Claudia Soeder Ágfalva (Agendorf), Hungary;
Bánfalva (Wandorf), Hungary
Müllner Richard Potetz Beistein bei Fehring, Styria  
Müllner Colleen Doran Wallern (Valla)  
Mulzet Jon P Mulzet Inzenhof (Borosgödör) Settled in Allentown, Coplay and Fogelsville, PA.
Mulzet Alfred Kenric Mulzet Inzenhof (Borosgödör) Settled in Allentown, PA about 1915.
Mulzet Stephanie J Geosits    
Mulzet Albert Muick Inzenhof (Borosgödör);
Rábafüzes (Raabfidisch), Hungary;
Jennersdorf (Gyannafalva)
Settled in Coplay, PA.
Mulzet Lori Harlan Kleinmürbisch (Kis Medves) Rosa Mulzet, born March 5, 1889, daughter of Joseph Mulzet and Caroline Poeltl, settled in Allentown, PA. She married Edmund Tust from Zdunska Wola, Poland, in 1916.
Mulzet (Molzet) Reinhard Strobl Kleinmürbisch (Kis Medves);
Grossmürbisch (Felso Medves)
Settled in Pennsylvania (Lehigh Valley: Allentown, Coplay, Stiles, Nazareth, Egypt, Coraopolis), some in New York (Troy, Hoboken).
Mundter (Munter) Paul Sandhofer    
Munzenrieder Giselle Murphy Apetlon (Mosonbánfalva) Settled in St. Paul, MN., ~1850.
Murlasits Wendy Ferranti Stegersbach (Szentelek);
Ollersdorf (Barátfalva)
Alois Wagner and wife Theresia Murlasits settled in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario. Other Wagners to NY and Murlasits to Milwaulkee, WI.
Murlasits Edward E Hanzl St. Michael (Pusztaszentmihály)  
Murlasits Sue Tarantino Stegersbach (Szentelek)  
Murlasits Lynne Amyx Stegersbach (Szentelek) Settled in Milwaukee, WI in early 1900’s; later went to Akron, OH.
Murlasits Bart Nikoletich Stegersbach (Szentelek) Settled in Milwaukee, WI, 1907-18; later went to Akron, OH.
Murlasits (Murlachitsh, Murlasitch) Jarrad Marles Austria Settled in Mansfield, OH, 1895-1910.
Murlasits (Murlasichs, Murlasics) Lisa Lyle Stegersbach (Szentelek) Great-grandmother? emigrated in 1910.
Musser Delores (Dee) Schuh Schjerven Markt Allhau (Alhó) Immigrated to the US and settled in the Chicago area.
Musser Al Musser Markt Allhau (Alhó) Settled in Alberta Canada, 1925.
Musser Irene Musser Quirus Markt Allhau (Alhó) John Musser migrated to Philadelphia, PA; married Stella Mondschein from Poppendorf.
Musser Gerald Gall Markt Allhau (Alhó) Settled in Forest Park, IL.
Musser Frank Musser Wolfau (Farkasfalva) Settled in New York.
Musser Mathias "Matt" Bischof Wolfau (Farkasfalva)  
Musser Carol Helm Wolfau (Farkasfalva)  
Musser (Müsser) Heidi Koehler    
Muth Gene Andert Pamhagen (Pomogy) South Bend, IN 1897.
Muth Pam Hudson Neumarkt im Tauchental (Felsö-Kethely)  
Muzika Viktor & Regina Hladky Czech Republic