Surnames M-Mf
being researched by the Burgenland Bunch

Surname Researcher Village - Parish Other Details
Macher Robert Zecker Zurndorf (Zurány) To Pusztavám (Ondod, Fejér Vármegye, Hungary).
Macher Béla Turcsányi Zurndorf (Zurány);
Pusztavám (Ondód), Hungary;
Lajoskomárom, Hungary
Macher Susan O'Meara Gaas (Pinka-Kertes)  
Mader Donna Steiger Sopron (Ödenburg), Hungary To Canada in 1954 via Frankfurt on Main, Germany.
Maditez Maryann Hanley Eisenberg an der Pinka (Csejke)?  
Madl Arthur Schaffer Markt Allhau (Alhó) Settled in Chicago, IL.
Madl Carol Helm Wolfau (Farkasfalva)  
Mädl (Medl) Joseph E Medl Poppendorf (Patafalva) Settled in Allentown, PA area, early 1900s.
Mädl (Medl) Ronald A Madle Poppendorf (Patafalva) Emigrated to Allentown, PA area, early 1900s.
Maerzer Martin Friedrich Heiligenkreuz (Rába-Keresztúr);
Sankt Martin (Rába-Szent-Márton);
Jennersdorf (Gyannafalva) areas
Magdits Frank Paukowits Punitz (Punicz) Settled in the New Jersey area in the 1920s.
Magdits Dan Bakley Punitz (Punicz) Settled in Northampton, PA and New York City.
Magdits Steve Schmall Moschendorf (Német-Sároslak);
Deutsch Ehrensdorf (Német-Hásos)
To Passaic, NJ, then Allentown, PA, and settled in Mason City, IA.
Magdits Frank Magdits Punitz (Punicz) Franz Josef Magdits, son Frank.
Magdits Jeffrey Hittinger Punitz (Punicz) Settled in White Haven, PA.
Magdits (Magditch) Bernard Takacs Kroatisch Ehrensdorf (Horvát-Hásos) Theresa Magdits (1891-1973), daughter of Georg and Catharina (Geosits) Magdits of Kroatisch Ehrensdorf, married Joseph Winkelbauer (1891-1954), son of Josef and Agnes (Unger) V/Winkelbauer of Eberau, and settled in Northampton, PA. Frank Magdits, brother of Theresa, settled in Northampton but later moved to Lincoln Park, Wayne Co, Michigan, where he died.
Magdits (Magditsch) Robert Geshel Punitz (Punicz) Settled in Northampton, PA, 1902.
Magdits (Magditz) Linda Finley Punitz (Punicz) Settled in ?.
Magditsch Linda Pehr   Grandparents Pehr & Schmalzel emigrated 1910 or after to St. Louis, MO... died in 1918 flu epidemic. Magditsch and Wiesler may be cousins.
Magel Marie-Thérèse Wéra Sopron (Ödenburg), Hungary Joseph Raidl emigrated to Paris and Pauline Magel joined him there in 1881. They married 27 feb 1881 and had a son Joseph (1881-1943) in Paris. Both the father and the son are buried in Paris. Granddaughter Jacqueline Raidl, 1918-2007, migrated to Canada in 1954, and died in Quebec City.
Magyar Robert J Magyar   Settled in Chicago, IL.
Magyarics Margaret Kaiser Felsörönök (Oberradling), Hungary  
Mahr Lea Simitz Buzby Poppendorf (Patafalva) area Settled mostly in Allentown and Pittsburgh areas of PA.
Mahr Erna Miklos Poppendorf (Patafalva) Settled in Allentown, PA.
Mahr Eric Bauman Poppendorf (Patafalva) Settled in PA, Allentown and Pittsburgh areas.
Mahr Frank Messina Deutsch Tschantschendorf (Német-Csencs) #118 Settled in New York City, then Hudson City, NJ.
Mahr Joe Liebezeit Pornóapáti (Pernau), Hungary;
Gaas (Pinka-Kertes)
Settled in Pittsburgh, PA.
Mahr Maria Ramspott Neustift (?)  
Mahr Barbara Larson Heiligenkreuz (Rába-Keresztúr) Joseph and Carolina (Nikischer) Mahr immigrated in 1922 and settled in Corapolis, PA.
Mahr Candace Schildknecht Neustift bei Güssing (Újtelep)  
Maidlinger Robert Zecker Ragendorf (Rajka);
Deutsch Jahrndorf (Német-Járfalu)
To Pusztavám (Ondod, Fejér Vármegye, Hungary).
Maier Susan LaFollette Deutsch Minihof (Német-Lak)  
Maier Denny Mayer Mogersdorf (Nagyfalva) area Settled in Allentown, PA.
Maier Al Kennedy Poppendorf (Patafalva);
Szent Gotthárd (Sankt Gotthard), Hungary
Settled in Milwaukee, WI.
Maier Robert Maier Wallendorf (Lapincs-Olaszi) Robert Maier, b.1920, son of Whilemina and Stephen, to US. Wishes to know if Maier relatives still in Wallendorf.
Maier (Mayer) Trinka J Zweig Neustift bei Güssing (Újtelep) Maria (Flemish) Mayer and twin brother John were born Jan 29, 1905. Mother Cecilia Groeller died a few days later and the children (there were 3 or 4 older sisters) were separated to live with different families, except the twins. Maria came to the USA when she was 18, sponsored by her sister. She married Frank Mayer (Maier) and had children, Frances, Della, Johnny, and Howard.
Maikis(ch) Robert J Maikis, Jr. Rauchwart (Rábort) Settled in New Jersey and New York.
Maikisch Gustav Maikish Deutsch Tschantschendorf (Német-Csencs);
Punitz (Punicz)
Settled in New York in 1930.
Maikisch John & Helen (Kannapes) Hanzl Sankt Michael (Puszta-Szent-Mihály) Frank Maikisch & Maria Jokisch to Catasauqua, PA in 1903; returned to St. Michael, AU in 1910.
Maikisch Tammy Ellison-West Deutsch Tschantschendorf (Német-Csencs) Christophe Maikisch to NYC in 1908.
Maikisch William Maikisch Deutsch Tschantschendorf (Német-Csencs) Gustave Maikisch to NY around 1910.
Maikisch Reinhard Strobl Kleinmürbisch (Kis Medves);
Grossmürbisch (Felso Medves)
Settled in Pennsylvania (Lehigh Valley: Allentown, Coplay, Stiles, Nazareth, Egypt, Coraopolis), some in New York (Troy, Hoboken).
Maikisch Anne Chipman Deutsch Tschantschendorf (Német-Csencs) Settled in New York, NY.
Maikisch Michael Jautz Deutsch Tschantschendorf (Német-Csencs) Julia Maikisch, b 6/29/1885, and Michael Jautz, b 5/19/1884 in Tobaj, emigrated to New York City. Parents were Michael & Catherina Jautz and Paul & Barbara Maikisch.
Maikisch Edgar Maikisch Deutsch Schützen (Német-Lövö) Settled in New York and New Jersey, 1959.
Maikisch Maryellen Szvetitz Eichelbaum Deutsch Tschantschendorf (Német-Csencs)  
Maikisch Stephen Maikisch Sankt Michael (Puszta-Szent-Mihály)  
Maikits Maryellen Szvetitz Eichelbaum Grossmürbisch (Nagy-Medves) To Allentown, PA around 1900.
Maitz Wayne Albert Ernst Kukmirn (Kukmér) Settled in Allentown, PA, around 1906.
Majer Michael Aumüller Deutschkreutz (Német-Keresztúr)  
Majerhofer Johann Hammer Forchtenau (Fraknó)  
Majkiss (Maikiss) Susan Knight Deutsch Tschantschendorf (Német-Csencs)  
Makray Dan Steger Györ, Hungary Settled in St. Louis, MO, in 1909.
Malic Stephen T Schmidt Grossmürbisch (Nagy-Medves)  
Malich Viktor & Regina Hladky Siegendorf (Cinfalva)  
Malich Laurie Decker   Settled in Pittsburgh, PA.
Malits Anna Tanczos Kresh Kroatisch Tschantschendorf (Horvát-Csencs)  
Malits Carol Johnson Tanczos Rauchwart (Rábort) Settled in NY.
Malits Joe Liebezeit Grossmürbisch (Nagy-Medves);
Reinersdorf (Zsámánd)
Settled in Pittsburgh, PA, early 1920s.
Malits Grace Malits Güssing (Német-Ujvár);
Reinersdorf (Zsámánd)
Frank Malits to Pittsburgh, PA in 1916.
Malits Mary Keglovits Mathieu   Settled in Northampton, PA.
Malits Carol Harmon Reinersdorf (Zsámánd) John Malits (b. 1907), wife Marie Derkits (b. 1905 in Grossmürbisch) and son Edmund (b. 1928), emigrated in 1928 and settled in Erie, PA.
Malits Maria Harrington Grossmürbisch (Nagy-Medves) Rose (Rosina) Jandrasits (b 16 Jan 1907) emigrated to Coplay, PA, in 1926 and married Michael Gleixner; they lived in Reading, PA. Parents Franz Jandrasits and Maria Malits were married in PA but returned to Grossmürbisch before Rose was born, where they remained.
Malitsch Virginia Bisted    
Mallitsch László Békési Ritzing (Récény)  
Mamria Lenore Tingerthal Halbturn (Féltorony)  
Man Norlene Tchida Illmitz (Illmic) Settled in Marshall County, SD.
Mandits Marisa Dawson Eisenstadt (Kis-Marton) Catholic. My grandmother was born Katharina Gabrisch, in the 1880's, as a child she was a goose girl and as an adult she owned a religious items stall by the Bergkirche in Eisenstadt, until she died there in the 1960's, where she is buried. During the Spanish flu of 1918 she lost her husband and 9 of her 10 children in one week, I do not know their surname. She then married Mr. Mandits, and their daughter, Maria "Mitzie" Mandits, born October 4, 1922, was my mother. My mother had 2 siblings, sister Minna and a brother with unknown first name. My sister, Leibgard Maria Tengel, was born in 1944 in Vienna, and my mother and sister emigrated to the Bronx, NY in the 1950's. Katharina had a brother, I think his first name was Karl, also a Gabrisch, who had a daughter, Anna Gabrisch, born July 21, 1913 in Antau bei Mattersburg. She married Johann Neppl, had a daughter Eva and sons Robert, Joseph and John. The boys moved to the Bronx with their parents in the 1950's, but I think Eva stills lives in Vienna, she married a man named Karl and had two daughters, Sabine and Belinda, who also still live in Vienna (I think). I'm trying to remember their last names. My mother and Tante Anna Neppl have both passed away, my sister Leibgard lives in the Bronx and I live in Florida. If anyone has any info on my family, I would greatly appreciate it. I attended gymnasium in Vienna for a year in the 1970's, we lived in the Boltsmangasse in a family apartment, and I would love to bring my 19 year old son to see his family homeland some day. I used to be fluent in German aber jetzt ist mein Deutsch sehr schlecht! Vielen Dank fur deine Hilfe!
Mandl Karla (Mandl) Moore Grieselstein (Köröstyén) Settled in New Britain, CT c.1910-12.
Mandl George Mandl Sankt Martin (Rába-Szent-Márton) To Pittsburgh, PA.
Mandl Joseph N Weber Sankt Martin (Rába-Szent-Márton);
Unterdrosen (Rába-Svent-Márton / Alsö Strázsa);
Neumarkt an der Raab (Farkasdifalva);
Jennersdorf (Gyannafalva)
Immigrated to the Pittsburgh, PA area.
Mandl Evelyn Seegraves Grieselstein (Köröstyén);
Jennersdorf (Gyannafalva)
Settled in New Britain, CT in 1906. Associated with names Brunner, Forjan, Deutsch, Weber, Nemeth, Mund Schardl, Geiger, Windisch, Pfingstl, and Feitl.
Mandl Alois Mandl Jennersdorf (Gyannafalva) Settled in Milwaukee, WI about 1914.
Mandl Angela Dodds Grieselstein (Köröstyén);
Jennersdorf (Gyannafalva)
Mandl Timea Horváth Posfa, Hungary;
Kisölbõ, Hungary
Settled in Milwaukee, WI, 1912-13.
Mandl Judith Pansarosa Wallendorf (Olaszfalu)  
Mandler Gernot Mandler Stegersbach (Szentelek) Looking for Mandlers in the USA.
Mandevics (Mondovics) János Mondovics Grosswarasdorf (Szabadbáránd)  
Mankos Bob Mankos Western Hungary;
Szombathely (Steinamanger), Hungary ?
To Allentown, PA, about 1901.
Mann Connie Rossini Illmitz (Illmic);
Apetlon (Mosonbánfalva);
Wallern (Valla)
Settled in ND then Washington.
Mann Joe Mott Illmitz (Illmic) Settled in North Dakota.
Mann (Mahn) Marcey Fletcher Illmitz (Illmic)  
Mannsberger Susanne Lang

Sigless (Siklósd)

Mantlik Deirdre Montlick Miller Sankt Andrä (Mosonszentandrás) Settled in Darien, CT, c. 1907.
Marak Viktor & Regina Hladky Czech Republic  
Marakovich Ted Markowitz Punitz (Punicz) Johann Marakovich settled in NYC, NY.
Marakovits Frank Marakovits Punitz (Punicz) Settled in Northampton, PA.
Marakovits Fred Nikithser Gaas (Pinka-Kertes);
Tobaj (Tobaj);
Moschendorf (Német-Sároslak);
Deutsch Tschantschendorf (Német-Csencs);
Güssing (Német-Ujvár)
Settled in Passaic, NJ and Northampton, PA.
Marakovits Robert Strauch Sankt Kathrein (Szent-Katalin);
Punitz (Punicz)
Settled in Allentown & Nazareth between 1906 &1921.
Marakovits Nicky Oliver Punitz (Punicz)  
Marakovits Pat Reigle Punitz (Punicz);
Güssing (Német-Ujvár)
Emigrated in early 1900's to Bergen Co, NJ.
Marakovits John Nikithser Deutsch Tschantschendorf (Német-Csencs) Settled in Passaic, NJ.
Marakovits William Marakovits Winten (Pinkatófalu) To the U.S. in 1927.
Marchl Margaret Glaser Brennbergbanya (Brennberg), Hungary Theresia Marchl, born 1893.
Márcz Emily Palicki Alsó-Szölnök (Unterzeming), Hungary Theresa Hendler, daughter of Mathias Hendler and Marie Potoky, emigrated to the US in 1904,settled in Chicago and married Emil Greschek. Siblings Marie, Josef, and Franz Hendler also emigrated to the US. Mathias' parents were Theresa Márcz and Petrus Hendler. Marie Potoky's parents were Stephanus Potoky and Petrona Navratyel.
Marholl Connie Rossini Illmitz (Illmic);
Apetlon (Mosonbánfalva);
Wallern (Valla)
Settled in ND then Washington.
Marhöll Dean Joseph Wagner Wallern (Valla)  
Marhöll Carol Lauren-Schmidt Wallern (Valla)  
Marinits Sue Tarantino Stegersbach (Szentelek)  
Marinits Robert Frank Pelzmann, Jr. Stegersbach (Szentelek) Rosa (Marinits) Pelzmann emigrated to New York City, died in childbirth about 1925; Rosa's sisters, Anna and Hanna, lived in Medford Village, Long Island, NY.
Marinits Eric W Schuster Stegersbach (Szentelek) Maria Marinits was one of five sisters that settled in New York, NY, between 1912 and 1930.
Markl Pat Long Edelstal (Nemesvölgy) Settled in St. Louis, MO, turn of the century.
Markovits Mary Schatz    
Markus Sue Straw Also Pásztori, Hungary;
Felsö Pásztori, Hungary;
Szil Sárkány,Hungary;
Rabá St. Miklös, Hungary
Markus Diana S Felsöszölnök (Oberzemming), Hungary;
Alsöszölnök (Unterzemming), Hungary;
Martinjie, Slovenia;
Magasfok, Slovenia
Settled in Pittsburgh/Allegheny, PA; St. Martin ad Raab; Montevideo, Uraguay; Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Marlovics Evelyn Jovicic Zuberbach (Szabar) Settled in Chicago, IL and Muskegon, MI.
Marlovics(z) (Marlovitz) Evelyn Petrucci Zuberbach (Szabar);
Weiden Bei Rechnitz (Bándol)
Settled in Pittsburgh, PA.
Marlovits Mary Ann Alexander Durnbach (Inczéd) Settled in US in early 1900s.
Marlovitz (Marlovich) Gerald J Schiller Zuberbach (Szabar) Aloyzia Schiller nee Marlovitz emigrated to Pittsburgh, PA in 1901 with daughters Rosa (1890-1948) and Louise (1893-1972).
Children Anna (1902~1980) and Frank (1904-1984) born in Pittsburgh.
Marosch Bob Fleck Kleinbachselten (Kis-Karasztos)  
Marosits Klaus Gerger Steingraben (Bányá);
Gerersdorf bei Güssing (Német-Szent-Grót)
Marosits Carl John Marosits Sankt Michael (Puszta-Szent-Mihály) Karl Marosits & Anna Hanzl to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada about 1927.
Marosits Ken Hanzl Sankt Michael (Puszta-Szent-Mihály) Settled in Passaic, NJ.
Marosits Karen Marosits Moore Sankt Michael (Puszta-Szent-Mihály) Settled in Passaic, NJ.
Marsch Wellesley Marsh Moschendorf (Német-Sároslak) Settled in Pennsylvania.
Marschall U. Viktor Fischer Transylvania (Romanian Saxon Germans)  
Marth Bob Schatz Urbersdorf (Orbánfalu)  
Marth Lea Simitz Buzby Poppendorf (Patafalva) area Settled mostly in Allentown and Pittsburgh areas of PA.
Marth Mary Schatz    
Marth Eric Bauman Poppendorf (Patafalva) Settled in PA, Allentown and Pittsburgh areas.
Marth Jule Ann (Prince) Grepps Moschendorf (Német-Sároslak) Paul Marth to Northampton, PA.
Marth Susan Stahley Urbersdorf (Orbánfalu)  
Marth Frank C Knotz Deutsch Tschantschendorf (Német-Csencs) To NYC and Allentown, PA, early 1900s.
Marth Reinhard Strobl Kleinmürbisch (Kis Medves);
Grossmürbisch (Felso Medves)
Settled in Pennsylvania (Lehigh Valley: Allentown, Coplay, Stiles, Nazareth, Egypt, Coraopolis), some in New York (Troy, Hoboken).
Marth Florian Geider Moschendorf (Német-Sároslak) Settled in Northampton, PA, about 1913.
Marth Daniel F Kainz Rudersdorf (Radafalva) Anna Braun (b1897) married Ludwig Kainz (b1886) in Allentown, PA, in the late 1920s. Anna's parents were Joseph Braun (b1870) and Anna Marth (b1877, also in Rudersdorf). Grandparents were Joseph Braun (b1838 in Rudersdorf) and Anna Poandl from Gerersdorf.
Marth John Toth Moschendorf (Német-Sároslak) Settled in Passaic, NJ.
Martin Catherine Kaiser Frauenkirchen (Boldogasszony) Settled in Marshfield, 1906.
Martin (Marton) Kurt F J Heinrich Grosspetersdorf (Nagy-Szent-Mihály);
Stadtschlaining (Város-Szalónak);
Oberwart (Felsö-Ör)
Martincsits John Lavendoski    
Martinek Viktor & Regina Hladky Czech Republic  
Marton P Takler Rechnitz (Rohonc)  
Marton Chris Hegyi Györ Co, Hungary  
Marton Theresa Robbins Hannersdorf (Sámfalva) Anton Marton lived in Hannersdorf in the 1920's. He was born in Austria, married to Frances Perl of Vienna. They emigrated to Southern Rhodesia in 1880's or 90's.
Marx Paul Klucsarits Grossmürbisch (Nagy-Medves) To Coplay, PA.
Marx John & Anna Marie Torok Poppendorf (Patafalva);
Steingraben (Bányá)
Marx Ludwig Perger Rönök (Radling), Hungary;
Inzenhof (Borosgödör)
Joseph Marx, wife was Terez Keppel (Köppel), lived in Alsarönök / Unterradling.
Marx Judy Chuhran Eltendorf (Ókörtvélyes / Körtvélyes);
Felsörönök (Oberradling), Hungary
Julia Marx married Michael Mirth. Children Theresa, Frank, Josef, Janos, Julia (m. Andras Augustin(e), son of Andras Augustin(e) and Julia Toth), and Karl came to USA 1890's and settled in Ambridge and other Pittsburgh, PA areas.
Marx Michael Marks Grossmürbisch (Nagy-Medves) Settled in Coplay, PA, in May 1907; moved to Allentown, PA.
Marx Jim Rennard Rába-Füzes (Raabfidisch), Hungary To Bethlehem, Lehigh Valley, PA.
Marx Michael Pollack Hasendorf (Nyulfalu) Alois Marx and Angela Hanzl (Hansl?) emigrated with daughter Hildegarde Marie (Pollack) and settled in Bronx & Lake Carmel, NY.
Marx Janice A Klucsarits    
Marx John Benevelli Rauchwart (Rábort) Johann & Theresa Ernst Marx and daughter Maria all to US at various times.
Marx Edward Marx    
Maschl Frederick Mollner Jánossomorja (Sankt Peter / Sankt Johann / Wüst-Sommerein), Hungary Andrew Mollner to US in 1901; settled in Minneapolis, MN. Other brothers emigrated with some ending up in Oregon.
Maschler Carl Maschler Piringsdorf (Répce-Bónya) Settled in Louisburg, KS.
Maschler John William Maschler, Sr. Piringsdorf (Répce-Bónya) Ignatz and Theresia (Leidl) Maschler immigrated to USA in late 1800s.
Maschler Eileen Hoheisel Piringsdorf (Répce-Bónya);
Unterrabnitz (Alsó-Rámóc)
Mastnak Jackie Blanchard    
Matl Glenn Matl Wolfau (Farkasfalva) Settled in Madison and Verona, WI.
Matschinegg Janet (Vinci) Wolf Wiesfleck (Ùjrétfalu / Viszflek)  
Matsco Michael & Cyndie Geosits Güssing (Német-Ujvár) district Settled in Northampton and Allentown, PA, early 1900s.
Mattis Bob Brandt Mariasdorf (Mariafalva) Settled in Chicago, IL, St. Paul, MN, and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Mattis Christoph Mattis Gaas (Pinka-Kertes)  
Mattkovits Michael Aumüller Kophaza (Koljnhof), Hungary  
Mauer Ernest Szeideman   Settled in Olaszfalu, Hungary.
Maurschitz Kathryn Bauer Zickel Horitschon (Haracsony);
Raiding (Doborján)
Mautner Wilma McGlew Edelsbach, Styria;
Jennersdorf (Gyannafalva);
Neuhaus (?);
Krottendorf (Békató)
To New Britain and Hartford, CT.
Mautner Ron Wolf    
Mautner Denise A Talaski-Kern Kalch (Mészvölgy) Mihaly, b15Nov1879 to John & Mary Anna (Pfister) Maunter, to USA in 1905 with wife Agnes Werner, b22Oct1878.
Mautner Charles Robert Kern Sankt Martin (Rába-Szent-Márton) Michael Mautner to St. Louis, MO, in 1905; married Agnes Werner.
Max Mary Carmody Agfalva (Agendorf), Hungary;
Balf (Wolfs), Hungary;
Harka (Harkau), Hungary
Associated names: Pohl, Bader.
Max Dennis Max Kobersdorf (Kabold) Leo Max moved to Vienna, then through Belgium and England to Australia after the Anschluss (1940). Brother Arthur moved to Columbia and then to New Jersey.
Max (Marx) Mary (Strobl) Morey Frauenkirchen (Boldogasszony)  
Mayer Jeannette MacDonald Podersdorf (Pátfalu) Settled in St. Paul, MN.
Mayer Sandra Hoffmeister Wills    
Mayer Linda Mayer Matz Neustift bei Güssing (Ujtelep) John, Albert, Frank, Louis (1897-1928), Julius, and Anna Mayer to Coplay, PA starting 1910.
Mayer Maria Ramspott Gerersdorf (Német-Szent-Grót)  
Mayer Robert Bognar Andau (Moson-Tarcsa);
Schendorf (?)
Settled in Chicago, IL, about 1902.
Mayer Andrea Haller    
Mayer Christine Barker Halbturn (Féltorony) Michael and Elizabeth Baum Rongitsch settled in St. Paul, MN, early 1900s. Children were Agnes Mary (Mayer), Lena, Elizabeth, Joseph, Johnny, Rosemary, Mary (Thury), Anna (Gorg), Theresa (Rotter) and Michael.
Mayer Tom Meyers Podersdorf (Pátfalu) Settled in St. Paul, MN, and South Dakota.
Mayer Judith Ann (Galamb) Bohler Punitz (Punicz) Settled in Garfield, NJ.
Mayer Kevin Mayer (invalid email address) Punitz (Punicz) Kayetan Mayer, born in 1886, settled in Garfield, NJ. Wife was Thereesa.
Mayer Jan Harrison Güssing (Német-Ujvár) Settled in Detroit, MI.
Mayer (Maier) Trinka J Zweig Neustift bei Güssing (Újtelep) Maria (Flemish) Mayer and twin brother John were born Jan 29, 1905. Mother Cecilia Groeller died a few days later and the children (there were 3 or 4 older sisters) were separated to live with different families, except the twins. Maria came to the USA when she was 18, sponsored by her sister. She married Frank Mayer (Maier) and had children, Frances, Della, Johnny, and Howard.
Mayer (Mohr) Anne Pulver Halbturn (Féltorony) Katherine Mayer settled in St. Paul, MN in 1906.
Mayerhofer Carol Kuc Bocksdorf (Baksafalva);
Güssing (Német-Ujvár)
Mayerhofer Sascha Maurus Wörtherberg (Vörthegy) Maria Mayerhofer.
Mayerhofer Katrina Lehrner Horitschon (Haracsony) To Toronto, Canada and Wurzberg, Germany.
Mayerhofer Harry Schleipfenbauer Sopron (Ödenburg), Hungary;
Judenburg, Styria;
Neckenmarkt (Sopron-Nyék);
Knittelfeld, Styria
Settled in Landgraaf, Netherlands and Gledbeck, Germany.
Mayerhofer Kathryn Bauer Zickel Horitschon (Haracsony) Settled in South Bend, IN, in 1903.
Mayerhofer (Maierhofer) Carol Hansen Neustift an der Lafnitz (Lapincsújtelek);
Grafenschachen (Árokszállás)
Settled in Chicago and East St. Louis, IL between 1907-22.
Medits Daniel C Kamper Eisenzicken (Német-Ciklény);
Kleinpetersdorf (Kis-Szent-Mihály)
Meditsch Daniel C Kamper Kleinpetersdorf (Kis-Szent-Mihály) Settled in Chicago.
Medl Lea Simitz Buzby Poppendorf (Patafalva) area Settled mostly in Allentown and Pittsburgh areas of PA.
Medl Erna Miklos Poppendorf (Patafalva) Settled in Allentown, PA.
Medl Eric Bauman Poppendorf (Patafalva) Settled in Allentown and Pittsburgh, PA areas.
Medl Ronald A Madle Poppendorf (Patafalva) Settled in Allentown, PA area, early 1900s.
Medl Robert Medl Poppendorf (Patafalva) Settled in Philadelphia, PA.
Medl (Mädl) Joseph E Medl Poppendorf (Patafalva) Settled in Allentown, PA.
Meerkatz Michael Aumüller Sopron (Ödenburg), Hungary  
Mehlmauer Joyce Palm Neumarkt an der Raab (Farkasdifalva) Marie Czotter, daughter of Ferenc Czotter and Anna Mehlmauer of Neumarkt an der Raab, married Karoly Kiszilak, son of Janos Kiszilak and Anna Szukits of Felsőlendva. Their daughter Jozefa Kiszilak (aka, Josephine Kislock) was born in Felsőlendva, emigrated to America in 1921, married Albert Lauch, and settled in Beaver Falls, PA.
Meidlinger Fritz & Kay Meidlinger (deceased) Jánossomorja (Szent János / Szent Péter / Puszta-Somorja), Hungary Settled in Omaha.
Meidlinger Mary Donermeyer Jánossomorja (Szent János / Szent Péter / Puszta-Somorja), Hungary Emigrated to Minneapolis.
Meidlinger Patricia Haas Mosonszolnok (Zanegg), Hungary Settled in Kossuth Co, IA; to Kimball, Brule Co, SD; to Lamar Co, TX.
Meidlinger Karen Edith Meidlinger   Setttled in South Africa.
Meidlinger Elisabete Felet Jánossomorja (Szent János / Szent Péter / Puszta-Somorja), Hungary Marton and Erzsebet Meidlinger and daughter Elisabeth, born Dec 1923, emigrated to Brazil in 1925.
Meidlinger Karyn Rammer Frauenkirchen (Boldogasszony) Settled in Philadelphia, PA.
Meisl (Meißl, Meusl, Meyse, Meizli, Maizli) Heidi Koehler Oberwart (Felsö-Ör) area  
Meitz Ron Wolf Bonisdorf (Bónisfalva) To St. Louis, MO, early 1900s.
Meitz Lary Yud   Fanni Meitz, to US in 1912 and settled in Chicago, IL.
Meitz Kevin Meitz Tauka (Tóka) Franz Henry Meitz (b.7/4/1884 to Georg and Maria (Premm) Meitz of house 29) emigrated to Pittsburgh, PA, then married Bertha Blind (b.4/23/1886).
Meitz Mark Traupman    
Meixner Alfred Bruno "Al" Meixner Eisenberg an der Pinka (Csejke) Leopold Meixner.
Meixner Dolores Meixner-Fischl-Cannon Eisenberg an der Pinka (Csejke) Leopold Meixner to USA, 1900-1910, settled Coplay, PA (Lehigh Co).
Meixner Wellesley Marsh Eisenberg an der Pinka (Csejke)  
Meixner Michael Gergits    
Melchardt Jeffrey Polster Oberkohlstätten (Felsöszénégetö);
Oberwart (Felsö-Ör)
Melchart (Melchkart) Glenn Ludwig Glashutten bei Schlaining (Szalónakhuta) Franz Melchkart married Francisca Speigel and emigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada.
Melchart (Melchkart) Christina Ludwig-Krock Glashutten [bei Schlaining (Szalónakhuta)?] Immigrated to US, in Illinois & Wisconsin in 1893; to Saskatchewan, Canada in 1900.
Meltsch John Meltsch Pornóapáti (Pernau), Hungary I was born in 1943 in Pornoapati, went to Schwabhausen, Germany, 1946, came to America, April 12, 1952, and settled in Northampton, PA.
Meltsch Alfrida (Wiesler) Malito Pornóapáti (Pernau), Hungary

Gisela (Meltsch) Wiesler and daughter Alfrida were deported in 1945 to Ramsach, Germany. Husband Georg was a prisoner of war in Russia until 1948. All immigrated to Chicago in 1952.

Menhofer Beth Baumeister Petrazalka (Engerau), Slovakia Settled in West St. Paul and St. Paul, MN in 1885.
Meninger Eric Schneider   John (Johann?) Schneider married Catherine (Katerina?) Meninger soon after emigrating in ~1905 to New Jersey.
Menyhart Irene Gallina-Menyhart Bruck an der Leitha, Niederösterreich  
Mercsamitsch (Mercsanits) Bob Wheaton Neuhaus (?) Settled in Chicago, IL.
Merkli Johnny Knabel Poppendorf (Patafalva) Settled in NYC in 1930.
Mersich Micki Mersich Webb Grosswarasdorf (Szabadbáránd);
Grossmutschen (Sopron-Udvard)
John Mersich of Grosswarasdorf
married Mary Miholic of  Grossmutchen and settled in South Bend, IN.
Mersich Vanessa Ellicott Nikitsch (Füles)  
Mersich (Mersits) Emily Mersich Grosswarasdorf (Szabadbáránd);
Grossmutschen (Sopron-Udvard)
Settled in South Bend, IN area.
Mersits Pauline Menyhart Grossmutschen (Sopron-Udvard);
Kroatisch Minihof (Malomháza);
Kleinmutschen (Pervány);
Kophaza (Koljnhof), Hungary
Merslanovich (Merzlanovitch, Merzlanovits, etc.) Rachel Purbach (Feketeváros);
Oslip (Oszlop)
Catholic. My branch settled in WI, USA. There is still family in Trausdorf an der Wulka and Oslip. Another branch settled in Argentina. See my Merzlanovitch website.
Mertinsich Viktor & Regina Hladky Trausdorf an der Wulka (Darázsfalu)  
Mesits Mary A Baschnagel Gasztony, Hungary Anna Mesits emigrated to Perth Amboy, NJ, 29 Sep 1913 at age 20 on the USS George Washington. Her husband, Imre Nemet (James Nemeth), also emigrated from Hungary.
Messenlehner Marianne Richter Punitz (Punicz) Settled in NY, about 1915.
Messenlehner Bonnie L Curry Punitz (Punicz) Settled in Coplay, Nazareth, and Northampton, PA.
Messlehner Mathilde Seidl Punitz (Punicz) Settled in the Bronx, NY.
Messmer Joan E McGrath Sankt Martin an der Raab (Rába-Szent-Márton);
Mühlgraben (Malomgödör);
Windisch-Minihof (Kistólak);
Neuhaus am Klausenbach (Vas Dobra);
St. Marein am Pickelbach, Styria;
St. Veit ob Graz, Styria;
Goesting-Graz, Styria;
Plawutch bei Eggenberg, Lower Austria
Settled in Philadelphia, PA, New York City, Connecticut and Maryland.
Mettich Thomas Karones Miedlingsdorf (Mérem) Settled in the Chicago area, 1900-20s.
Metzgolits Diane Laszakovits Steinbrunn (Büdöskút)  
Meullner Jennifer Graves Apetlon (Mosonbánfalva) To South Bend, IN, in 1880, Summit City, MI, in 1883, then Traverse City and Grand Rapids, MI.
Meyer Christine Hoover Eberau (Monyorókerék) To McKees Rocks, PA.
Meyer Laurie Decker   Settled in Pittsburgh, PA.
Meyer (Mohr) Anne Pulver Halbturn (Féltorony) George Meyer family settled in St. Paul, MN.
Mezei Sue Straw