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Pages Last Updated: May 29, 2018

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Using the BB Pages for Genealogy:

  1. Use the search tool or find your surname(s) in the alphabetical Surname Listings; be sure to consider alternative spellings.
  2. If someone else is researching your surname(s), consider contacting them. Go to the Member Pages and note the associated names they are researching.
  3. Look in the the Villages Pages to see who else is researching your ancestral village(s). Again, consider contacting others researching in your village(s).
  4. Find your ancestral village(s) on the Map Pages and note the surrounding villages; you may eventually wish to investigate these villages.
  5. Use the "Search Box" on this page to find other BB pages that include your surnames or villages.
  6. Go beyond simple genealogy: enjoy the music of our ancestors in the BB Songbook, explore the knowledge buried in the BB Archives, try some of the interesting BB Links, and note all the other options on the BB Home Page.

Remember, the Burgenland Bunch is interested in all aspects of Burgenland history; if you can contribute to the communal knowledge, please do so.

Note: A number of researchers and their entries have been marked inactive because we no longer have a valid email address for the researcher (or they have resigned). Please provide an updated email address via the Change Member Information Form to reactivate your entries.

Researchers: Please review all the surname entries that have been made on your behalf, giving special attention to the underlying email address (if people can't contact you, the entry does no good). Minor errors should be reported directly to the Surnames Editor at -Page Editor Needed-. Major changes or additions should be submitted, as an updated membership entry, using the Change Member Information Form. The information on the form is automatically sent to all the BB Editors to allow them to make the needed changes in each area.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.