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Our 12th Year - Issued monthly as email by G. J. Berghold, BB Editor
December 20, 2007
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~~ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ~~

~~ Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein glückseliges neues Jahr ~~

~~ Kellemes karácsonyt és boldog újévet ~~

~~ Srican bozic i blazeno novo ljeto ~~

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This special-edition holiday newsletter contains Burgenland and Burgenland Bunch pictures (as opposed to the usual newsletter articles).

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2003 Christmas card from BB VP Hannes Graf & Elfie Resch

2003 Christmas card from BB VP Hannes Graf & Elfie Resch
Vienna, Austria

  Housely Virtues  

Housely Virtues

The Pride of a home is
The Honour of a home is
The Blessing of a home,
The Happiness of a home,


From the Pennsylvania home of Ignatz & Mary (Schuch) Tanczos
Mary's treasured reminder of Kroatisch Ehrensdorf and the Heimat.
Shared by their daughter and BB VP Anna Kresh.

Weiss Family 1894

Josef & Theresia (Halbauer) Weiss family
Féltorony (Halbturn), Christmas 1894 (w/John Halbauer, far left).
BB President Tom Steichen's grandmother is center front.
Cousin Alex Foki, Nickelsdorf, Austria, also has this picture.

St. Jacob's Church

St. Jacob's Church of Güssing on a Winter day

Romanesque brick church, built ~1200, original Güssing parish church.
The Franciscan monastery took it over in 1648.
Today the church is surrounded by the cemetery of Güssing.
Photo by BB VP Klaus Gerger.

Krapfen Strudel

Burgenland Treats - Chistmas and always!
Left: Krapfen (doughnuts); Fasching season (after Ephiphany, Dreikönige)
Right: Raised Strudel; poppy seed (Mohn) and walnuts (Nüsse)


Vintage postcard depicting Neujahrgeignan
Burgenland tradition where serenading musicians visit house to house
wishing all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
From the collection of BB Staff Member Bob Strauch.


Life-size manger scene (Weihnachtskrippe, Crib, Creche, Jaslice)
On the Vienna Christkindl-Markt, 2006.
Photo by BB VP Klaus Gerger.

2003 Christmas card from Hilde & Heinz Koller

2001 Christmas card from Hilde & Heinz Koller
Charter BB members from Güssing, BG staff members
and leading members of the local Reichl and Hianzen Societies.
Heinz was one of the actors for the 2001 Burg Güssing play.

St. Nicolas Church St. Nicolas Cemetery

Church / Cemetery in St. Nicholas (bei Güssing)
Croats worshipped here in 1700 & 1800's.
Church originally stood where the cemetery is now.
Photos by Frank Paukowits, BB Staff Member
and founder of Burgenländers Honored and Remembered.

Burg Güssing in winter from Josef-Reichl Strasse

Burg Güssing in Winter from Josef-Reichl Straße
Josef Reichl was a Güssing-born Burgenland Hianzen poet.
From BB VP Klaus Gerger, 2004.

Jewish Map Mennorah           Jewish Cemetery

Jewish Locations  /  Hanukkah Mennorah  /  Cemetery (Güssing)
Pre-1938, 3,800 Jewish citizens lived in the Burgenland.
See EXILED-Recollections of Jews from Burgenland for their story.
Concept by BB Staff Member Maureen Tighe-Brown.

Güssing card

Old Burgenland postcard, probably pre-1921
A greeting from Güssing (Németujvár).
From the collection of BB Staff Member Bob Strauch.

BB founder Gerry & wife Molly Berghold

BB founder Gerry & wife Molly Berghold
Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada, 2004.
Many Burgenland emigrants came to Canada after 1924.

Strudel Kletzenbrot

Couple's kitchen damaged in stove fire
"A North Catasauqua couple suffered a damaged kitchen Sunday
morning when a fire started while the woman was baking strudel..."
The Morning Call; Allentown, PA; Dec 10, 2007.

Left: But did the strudel come out OK? Right: Kletzenbrot (dried-fruit bread)

St. Emmerich Church

St. Emmerich's Church in Radling / Rönök (Hungary)
Minutes across the border... 100+ years of celebrating Christmas.


Vintage Photo of Sternsinger (Star Singers)
Epiphany tradition where children dressed as The Three Kings
serenade house to house collecting donations for charity. 
From the collection of BB Staff Member Bob Strauch.

Wohnhäuser page

Auszug der Wohnhäuser
aus dem Parzellen Protokolle der Gemeinde Eisenstadt

Extract of the residents from the lot register of the municipality of Eisenstadt.
BB VP Klaus Gerger is looking for volunteers to transcribe pages again.


Old Burgenland postcard, probably pre-1921
Greetings from Jennersdorf (Gruß aus Gyanafalva).
From the collection of BB Staff Member Bob Strauch.

Santa Gerry

Santa Gerry
Compliments of extensive graphic magic by BB VP Hannes Graf!


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