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John P Taborosi; East Syracuse, NY. SZABÓ in Rábagyarmat, Vas megye (east of Szentgotthard), Hungary; TEMEL in Jabing, Bezirk Oberwart, Austria.

Uri Tadmor; Berlin, Germany. REINER, SCHLESINGER, Zelem, (Deutschkreutz). I am the great-great-grandson of Nathan Reiner and Netti Reiner nee Schlesinger, who were born in Deutschkreutz c.1839. The couple married there and then moved to Vienna where Nathan was a horse dealer who supplied horses to the k.u.k. stables. Afterwards the family moved to Berlin. Nathan died in Berlin in 1901 and asked to be buried in his home town; Netti died in 1912 and was buried in Berlin. They had four daughters and a son. One of their daughters was my great-grandmother, Hermine Feld (nee Reiner). She was born in Vienna in 1877, lived in Berlin, and died in Kfar Vitkin, Palestine (now Israel), in 1944.

Marion Taicsich; Wheeling, IL. TAICSICH, Kroatisch Minihof, settled in South Bend, IN.

Bernard Takacs. WINKELBAUER, Eberau. MAGDITS, Kroatisch Ehrensdorf. TOTH, Iváncz and Nyogér (both in Vas Megye, Hungary). TAKACS, Kerta (Veszprem Megye, Hungary). All emigrated to and settled in Northampton, PA. Religion: Roman Catholic. Maria Toth (1882-1924), daughter of Stephen Toth and Rosie Kutte/Kutasi, settled in Northampton, PA, and married Stephen Takacs (1881-1929), son of Mihaly and Rozalia (Ver/Veer) Takacs of Kerta, Veszprem Megye, Hungary. Stephen Toth, brother to Maria, born 1872 in Nyogér, Vas, Hungary, married Maria Mukits of Iváncz and he emigrated to Northampton, PA, in 1905. His wife and daughter Anna (b 1896 in Iváncz), joined him in 1912). Joseph Winkelbauer (1891-1954), son of Josef and Agnes (Unger) V/Winkelbauer, married Teresa Magdits (1891-1973), daughter of Georg and Catharina (Geosits) Magdits of Kroatisch Ehrensdorf, settled in Northampton, PA. Frank Winkelbauer (1902-1973), brother to Joseph, settled in Northampton.

Lydia Takerer; Plymouth, IN. TAKERER William & Theresa, Alsoronok. Settled in Granger, IN 1952. William TAKERER born May 27, 1927 in Alsoronok. Left for America, June 1952. Married Maria Baron in Heutingsheim, Deutschland, June 6, 1947. Mother of William was Theresa Takerer, husband Frank. Frank left her and went to South Bend, IN, changed his name to Slater. Other children: Juli, Henry, John & Robert Takerer.


Scott Tallmadge ; Port Huron, MI. ZOTTER, St. Martin an der Raab, Vashegy. YOST, Welten. ROPPOSCH, Windisch Minihof. All settled in Port Huron (MI). Religion: Roman Catholic. I am also researching the following family names from adjoining provinces and presently unknown areas of Austria: FIELDER (Styria and Upper Austria); KAHR, KARL, SOMMER, STOSITS, TäSCHLER, and WEBER.

Victor Talotta; SCHRAMPF, Kukmirn. RESSLER, Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitztal. Both settled in Coplay. UNGER, Oberbildein. YANNI/JANNY/JANY, Gaas. TEKLITS, Szentpeterfa. FRISCH, Moschendorf. All settled in Northampton. KORPITS/KORPITSCH, Mogersdorf. Settled in Whitehall. Religion: Catholic. These are the surnames of my great grandparents from Burgenland and Vas, Hungary. John SCHRAMPF b.1895 married to Stella RESSLER b.1902. Stella's parents Theresa (SCHUSTER) and Anton RESSLER were from Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitzal; Stefan UNGER b.1900 married to Theresia YANNI or JANNY or JANY b. 1906; Elizabeth KORPITS or KORPITSCH b. 1890; Joseph TEKLITS married to Mary Rose FRISCH b. 1907.

Dennis Tamweber; Denton, Texas. TAMWEBER, Punitz. TANTSITS, Deutsch Tschantschendorf. Both settled in New Jersey. Roman Catholic. John TAMWEBER (born April 27, 1893) married Teresia TANTSITS (born May 13, 1896).

Patricia Tancredi; Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. WINDISCH, Strem, WUKOWITSCH, probably Strem, GEISER, Molidorf, ERMLER.

Carol Johnson Tanczos; New Paltz, NY. TANCZOS, Tobaj. RICHTER, MALITS, MULCZET, Rauchwart. Settled in NY.

Jayne Tanis (nee Janish); Riverdale, NJ. JANISCH, KLUSONOVITZ, Kulm.

Ron Tansits; Greenfield Twp, PA. TANSITS, Güssing; GABERHELL, Deutsch Schützen. Settled Scranton, PA.

Edward Tantsits; Allentown, PA. Researching TANTSITS (TANCSICS, TANCSITS, DANTSITS), ARTINGER, KLEIN; Langzeil by Güssing. Settled in Coplay, PA. POTZMANN (POTZMAN), Rosenberg by Güssing. Settled in Coplay, PA and the Lehigh Valley area.

Frank Tantsits [deceased]; Bethlehem, PA. TANTSITS (TANCSICS, TANCSITS, DANTSITS), ARTINGER, KLEIN; Langzeil by Güssing. Settled in Coplay, PA. POTZMANN (POTZMAN), Rosenberg by Güssing. Settled in Coplay, PA and the Lehigh Valley area.

Joseph Tanzos [deceased]; Nazareth, PA. TANZOS (TANCZOS), Rehgraben; OSWALD, WOLFE, Güssing; YAGERHOFER (JAEGERHOFFER), Eisenhüttl; BILOVITS, HUSZOVITZ, ZIMMERMAN, Southern Burgenland.

Beth Tanzosh; Westfield, NJ. Matthias TANCZOS, from Sulz. Lucy SAGMEISTER(?), POANDL, Eberau (?).

Joseph Tanzosh; Northampton, PA. TANCZOS, SAGMEISTER, TOSHNOVIAN and POANDL, Sulz, Rehgraben, Eberau and Deutsch Ehrensdorf. Settled in Northampton, PA.

Christina Tapler; Montreal, Canada. TAPLER, FISCHL, SORGER, JANDRISOVITS, Güssing (Rosenberg and Neustift), Deutsch Tschantschendorf. Anna Sorger emigrated to Canada in 1956. Johann Tapler emigrated to Canada in 1957.

Andreas Tarabec; Munich, Germany. REINECKER, Neckenmarkt, Oedenburg/Sopron. WEILER, KASPAR, STANECK, Oedenburg/Sopron. Religion: Roman Catholic. I know my great great grandparents and great grandparents (from my father's mother's side of the family) lived in Oedenburg/Sopron. At some point my great grandmother moved from Sopron to Neckenmarkt (Burgenland) and then later to Pottenstein (Niederoesterreich). My grandmother Hermine Reinecker was the last of 16 children. At least one (Josefa Reinecker) and I suspect a few more were born in Neckenmarkt. I've made some inroads with the help of the BB guidance. My grandmother, Hermine Reinecker (married name Tarabec) was the 16th and last child.

Sue Tarantino; Champaign, IL. FABITS, Stegersbach. Settled in Chicago, IL between 1910 and 1912. Related families in Stegersbach: FABITS: MARINITS, MURLASITS, SIDERITS; KRAMMER: DERKITS, KERN, (Z)SIFKOVITS, WAGNER; KNORR, KOKOEFER.

Peter Tarnai; Hilpoltstein, Bavaria, Germany. Simon FISCHER, born ca. 1715 in Neuiedl am See.

Angela Tarnok; Ridgewood, NY. Miss Bruederschaft der Burgenlaender 1999; New York. TARNOK, Sulz, MIKSITS, Gerersdorf, KOENIG, Gottschee, SCHATZ, Strem.

Fritz Tarnok; Glendale, NY. TARNOK, MIKSITS, Sulz and Gerersdorf. To NYC and Allentown, PA.

Ingrid Taschek; Brussels, Belgium & Altbach, Germany. Rudolf TASCHEK, Holling, Fertöboz, Hungary; settled Altbach, Germany, November 1948. Rudolf's parents were Franz TASCHEK from Kolnhof, Kophaza, Hungary, and Johanna PILLER, from Holling, Fertöboz.

Shelly Taschler; Lehighton, PA. TASCHLER; Punitz. Settled in Slatington, PA about 1903.

Donald R Taufer; Pensacola, FL. TAUFER Joseph, KOPPI Mary, Wallern, settled Pierz, MN.

John Taus; Whitehall, PA. TAUS, LANG. Rosina "Lang" and Joseph Taus (both of Krobetek) who emigrated to Allentown in the early 1900s.

Larry Taylor; South Bend, IN. KUTROVATZ Andras, LIPP Erzsebet, FREWIRD (FRÜHWIRT) Magadalina, WIEDER Stefanie. Settled in South Bend, IN 1954.

Larry Taylor; Granger, IN. KUTROVATZ, Balf, Wolfs, Hungary; WIEDER, St. Margarethen; settled South Bend, IN. LIPP, Balf; settled Chicago, IL.

George Tebolt; Spencertown, NY. TIBOLD, EDL, SCHEIBELHOFER, HOLLINGER, Bakonyszucs, Veszprem, Hungary. Mihaly Tibold and Marie Edl settled in NYC 1899. Georgius Tibold born about 1769 and Martinus Edl and Anna Hollinger born about 1780.

Alexandra Techet; Boston, MA. TECHET, Kleinpetersdorf, Oberwart; KNOPF, Kleinpetersdorf. Immigrated through Ellis Island Sep 12, 1911. Settled in Brooklyn, NY.

Frank Teklits; Warminster, PA. Researching: GESCHL, KOENIG (KONIG), MIRAKOVITS - Moschendorf; BODISH - Neustift (Southern Burgenland), TEKLITS, GEOSITS, HENITS, KRAMMER, FRISCH, WINDISCH, BARILOVITS - Szentpeterfa, (Hungary). Settled in Northampton, PA, in the mid 1920s.

Paula Teklits; Italy. TEKLITS. Sandor Teklits b 1928, Szentpeterfa, emigrated to London, UK 1956.

Margaret Teuschler. BERG, TEUSCHLER. Settled in USA.Religion: Roman Catholic

Frank F. Tellian, MD, FACFE; Salem, VA. UNGER, Deutsch Tschantschendorf, settled New York, 1938, Religion: Catholic. My mother was Frieda Unger, born 08-13-17 in Deutsch Tschantschendorf. She was the daughter of Andreas Unger, who was originally from Tobaj. She attended the local school where Karl Tunkl was her teacher. She emigrated to New York City in 1938 and later married Frank Tellian, who emigrated from Gottschee (now part of Slovenia). In 1982 they moved to Baltimore, MD and in 1988 they moved to Salem, VA. She died there in 2007.

Sandra Thaler; Knoxville, TN. SCHERMAN, Deutsch Gerisdorf. Religion: Catholic

Charlie Thell; Freeport, Minnesota. THELL, Apetlon (Banfalu). John Thell, born 9 Oct 1869 to Martin Thell and Susana Tschida, emigrated 1888 to Stearns County, Minnesota. Brother Balthasar, born 12 Dec 1864, emigrated to Stearns County, Minnesota in 1889. I am one of the Krain Township Thell's and still living on the farm where I was born. My father is John Thell and my grandparents are John Thell and Katherina Fichtinger. I have been doing family research off and on for over fifty years having started in 1965 when I was stationed in Germany with the US Army. In 1966 I visited Apetlon and met some of my relatives who were living there. In 1980, I returned to Apetlon, with my parents, who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, as their tour guide, since they had never visited there before. I found that my grandfather John Thell was born to Martin Thell and Susana Tschida who were married 6 Mar 1848. I have a list of 13 children born to them of which eight survived to adulthood. Then recently I discovered that Martin Thell was born to Stephen Thell and Maria Tschida and had two possible siblings, Eva 1 Dec 1826 and Josephus 29 Jul 1829. I also found that Susana Tschida was born to Joanes Tschida and Maria Pitzel and have found five siblings. I do not have the birth or death dates of the four great-great grandparents or any other ancestors further back. I use the term birth date but realize that the dates are more than likely baptismal dates as recorded in the church records. Any information or lead as to where I may find more information would be greatly appreciated.

Richard Thell; THELL, NEUBERGER, Apetlon. Settled in Omaha, NE late 19th century.

Rudy Thell; St. Paul, MN. THELL, PITZL; Apetlon. Settled in North Dakota (THELL) and Omaha (PITZL) first and then St. Paul, MN.

Lisa Thielman; Little Falls, MN. KRACKER, FLEISHACKER, St. Johann, settled Lake Henry, MN.

Kevin Thom; Vancouver, Canada. Rosalie HERZOG, born Mar 10 1883 Burgenland, left for Wisconsin before 1902. Joseph WAPPEL, born Jul 6 1872 Burgenland, left for Wisconsin around 1902.

Joanne Thomas; Fridley, MN. THELL, PITZL, GRIEMAN, ANDERT. Settled in Ramsey Co, MN.

John Thomas; Keller, Texas. THOMAS, GUMHOLD, BUCHAS, HIRCZY, Grieselstein. THOMAS and GUMHOLD both settled in Pittsburgh (PA). Religion: Roman Catholic. My Grandparents emigrated from Grieselstein in 1925. Their names were John THOMAS and Terez GUMHOLD. They settled in Pittsburgh, PA. My grandfather's parents were Mathias THOMAS and Barbara BUCHAS. My Grandmother's parents were Louis GUMHOLD and Johanna HIRCZY. They all appear to be from Grieselstein. I have a picture of my Great-grandfather's (Mathias Thomas) grave that shows he died on November 7, 1922.

Michael Thomas; Downingtown, PA. TOMAS, Kleinmürbisch, Güssing; settled Coplay, PA.

Michael Thomas. KAPPEL, GOLLATZ, Rohrbach an der Teich. Settled in Chicago, IL. Religion: Roman Catholic. My Great-Grandparents Michael Kappel and Theresa Gollatz emigrated from Rohrbach in 1903 and 1904, returning at least once. They raised their children in Chicago. I am interested in finding their marriage records, parents, and siblings, plus any other information about the families and lives in Rohrbach.

William Andrew Thomas; Green Bay, WI. THOMAS Andrew, THOMAS, Roman, WERNER Marie, KANTNER Emma, KANTNER Ernst, Jennersdorf; FRANYI Anna, Eberau; YOST Michael, Graz. Settled in Pittsburgh, PA.

Amanda Thompson; Vista, CA. KENESEI, Sorokujfalu, Sorokpolány, Hungary, settled PA, 1900-1. KEGLOVITS; OSTOVITS, Weiden bei Rechnitz, PAPAI.

Wayne A Thornton; Woburn, MA. CZUPPON, KORPITS, STROBL; Stegersbach, Szentpeterfa. Johanna Hilda CZUPPON (aka JANKA; aka ZUPPON), emigrated to the US from Stegersbach in 1913.

Robert Thullner; Herreid, SD. John THULLNER, b 1900, d 1973, emigrated from Moncohhof in l92?. Many cousins still live in that village.

Marlene Krantz Thurston; Natick, MA. KRANZ of Gerersdorf; Güssing area. Georg KRANZ came to the US in 1907 to Coplay, PA.

Elizabeth Gelbmann Tibbetts; Shoreview, MN. WEINHANDL, Illmitz. GELBMANN, STIPL, Andau. All settled in St. Paul, MN; Andrew WEINHANDL in the 1880s(?). Religion: Roman Catholic. Andrew Weinhandl, born 5/31/1871. Son of Mathias Weinhandl and Terezia Torok

Diana Tiberi; Washington, DC. BAUMGARTNER, FASSL; Litzelsdorf. Settled in Buffalo, NY 1905.

Otto Tillhof; Steinberg, Burgenland, Austria. TILLHOF (TILLHOFF, DILLHOF, TILHOF), Steinberg an der Rabnitz (Köhalom). Settled in Kansas City (KS), Chicago (IL). SCHLEICHER, Steinberg (Köhalom). Settled in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma. FAJMAN (FAYMANN), Steinberg. About 1883, moved from Steinberg (Répczeköhalom) to Uljanik (Slavonia, now Croatia); later, emigrated to Gary, Indiana

Stephen Timar; Bronx, NY. TIMAR, VESZELOVITS. Szentpeterfa, Hungary. To the US in the 1930s, settled in New York City.

Lenore Tingerthal; Red Wing, MN. GROESS, PREINER, DEML, MAMRIA; Halbturn. GROESS were vineyard keepers for Halbturn Estates.

Diann Tippe; LEER, SCHNEIDER, WEINHANDEL, SCHLEKEWY, SALZL, all from Wallern. Settled Minnesota, South Dakota, then Saskatchewan, Canada.

Albert Tischler; St. Paul, MN & Prague, Czech Republic. SATTLER, Andau; TISCHLER. Settled St. Paul, MN.

Alexander Tischler; Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. TISCHLER, GYORIG, Tadten. Religion: Roman Catholic. The earliest record I have is of Andrew Tischler (c. 1805) married to Maria Gyorig (c. 1807). They had 6 children, and I'm descended through their eldest son, Martin Tischler (1828 - 1883). Martin married Maria Katherine Schneider (1848 - 1910). They had 9 children, Michael Tischler (1867 - 1902) being my great-great-grandfather. Martin worked as a cigar maker (presumably). The family emigrated from Tadten sometime between 1881 and 1883, with a rumor that Martin did not survive the journey, having fallen overboard during the crossing. His widow and kids settled in St. Paul, Minnesota where Michael and his brothers worked as cigar makers in a number of plants. Michael Tischler killed himself in 1902. A number of Tischlers still live in St. Paul today.

Rick Tischler; Northfield, MN. SATTLER, Andau; POLCZER, Sankt Peter; CZENCZ, Sankt Peter; TISCHLER. Emigrated 1888 and settled in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Robert L Tisinai; Machesney Park, IL. TISINAI, GOLLATZ, Dürnbach; KOZARITZ. My grandfather was Steve TISINAI (1885-1957). There was another Steve TISINAI (1888-1970). He married a cousin Magdelina TISINAI. I'm tring to findout which one goes with which 1857 household in Durnbach, and the names of each of there parents.

Bob Tobin; Montgomery, IL. COLBY / KOLBY, KUMM, SIEBERT / SIEBERER, KARNER, PHILLIP and BRUCKNER. Other surnames are NEUBERGER with COLBY and SCHNEIDER with KUMM. Common village seems to be Mönchhof. Above surnames settled in the Stevens Point, WI area except Neuberger in Fond du Lac, WI and Schneider in Minneapolis, MN.

Frank Tobitsch; Brewster, NY. TOBITSCH, Tobaj; MORITZ, Burg; settled Bronx, NY.

Carol Tolson; Frisco, NC. DONNERMEYER, KLEINNER, VAUBEL, St. Peter, Hungary to Stevens Point, WI 1880.

Karin Tomisser; Austria. TOMISSER, settled New York, NY; BALDASTI, settled Toronto, Canada; BOGATH, WAGNER, settled USA. All from Jabing.

Carol Tomkiewicz; Long Island City, NY. KERBACHER, Kirchfidisch. Settled: Astoria / Long Island City, NY.

Matthew Tonay; Charleston, SC. TONAY, Markt St. Martin, settled Allentown, PA. STRYNCKEK, settled Allentown, PA. Joseph (Josef) Tonay and wife Helen or Ilona Strynckek / Sztrahinscak / Strynschak / Stremstrack / Strahmycsak.

Jack Tonk; Gary, IN. TONK, NEMETH, K-Minihof, Geresdorf. Family settled in South Bend, IN.

Anne M Torning; East Haddam, CT. KEGLOVITS, Sulz. Josef Keglovits, born 1867 in Sulz bei Guessing (now Gerersdorf-Sulz), came to America three times and died in Sulz in 1954. I would like to know more about his voyages to America (arriving at Castle Garden, NYC).

John and Anna Marie Torok; Allentown, PA. John: Mother maiden name Theresa SAKASITZ, Grandmother maiden name NEUBAUER. Think grandmother came from Ubersdorf. John's Father came from Hungary, I think spelling of town was Kismer, southwest of Budapest. Anna Marie: Mother maiden name MARX, Joseph and Anna, Joseph from Poppendorf and Anna from Steingraben. Anna Marie's father born in US. His father Louis BACHER came from Germany, mother Stella came from Wollendorf.

Josef Torok; Whitby, Ontario, Canada. TOROK, Pinkafeld, settled Whitby, Ontario, 27/04/1953.

Curtis R. Torrey; Marshfield, MA. KOLLAR, HARODY of Rosenberg (Roszahegy). Came to US in 1906 to New Jersey.

Kate Tossey; Federal Way, WA. BAUHOFER, LEITNER, PROHAIDEN, WEISS; Zurndorf. My ggf of this line emigrated to the US in 1906.

Eszter Toth;Vac, Hungary. KRAUS, Loipersdorf, settled Modor, 1792, EMRES, Buchschachen, settled Modor, 1779. Religion: Lutheran. Johann Michael Kraus was a Lederer Meister, he married in Modor (Modra, Slovakia) Sep 18 1792. From his marriage record: his father Georg Kraus, mother Anna Maria Pöhm were in Loipersdorf. Martin Emres was also a Lederer Meister, he married in Modor Feb 8 1779. From his marriage record: his father Matthias Emres, mother Barbara Ritter were in Buchschachen. Both Johann Michael Kraus and Martin Emres married in the German Evangelical (Lutheran)church in Modor. Both "boy" is my g-g-g-...-grandfather. I would like to know whether there are any church books where I can find their ancestors in Loipersdorf and Buchschachen.

Gerhard Toth; Sarasota, FL. TOTH, Pama.

John Toth; Tallman, NY. MARTH, Moschendorf, settled in Passaic, NJ; TOTH, Gaas, settled in Passaic, NJ; MITTEL, Moschendorf, settled in Passaic, NJ.

Richard P. and Deborah Toth; Albuquerque, NM. GOLLATZ, STEINER, Kirchfidisch. To Allentown, Coplay, PA.

Frank Toussaint; Chicago, IL. REHLING, Bad Tatzmannsdorf. EICHBERGER, Grodnau. Settled in Chicago, IL 1902.

Christina Trachta; Vienna, Austria. FARKAS; Nikitsch. Settled in South Bend, IN. Religion: Roman Catholic. My great parents settled in South Bend, Indiana in the early 1920s. My grandmother Jenny (Johanna) Farkas was born there in 1922. My great grandmothers name was Julianna Farkas. They returned to Nikitsch before 1930. Two sisters of my great grandmother Julianna remained in South Bend, yet we do not know their married names.

Robert Tratz; Boise, ID. ZEMLYAK, ZEMLJAK, KERN, JURASOVICH, JURASOVITS, Oslip, Zemendorf, Gross Höflein. George ZEMLYAK (changed to ZEMLOCK in America) arrived in Baltimore from Oslip on May 23, 1857 with his wife Barbara KERN and children. Barbara ZEMLYAK (nee KERN) originally came from Gross Höflein. She was the daughter of Mathias KERN from Zemendorf and Elisabeth LANG from Gross Höflein. They settled in Outagamie County and then in Winnebago Co, WI. I believe a SCHUMICH family from Oslip may have preceded them to that area.

Patricia Walakovits Traub; Philadelphia, PA. WALAKOVITS, HACKER, Grossmürbisch. Settled in Coplay, PA.

Edmund Traupmann; Flemington, NJ. Edmund (father), Krispin TRAUPMANN (grandfather), Karoline PAUKOWITS (grandmother), Andreas PAUKOWITS (great grandfather), Glasing, bei Güssing. Rosie FANDL (grandmother's sister, mother of Josef FANDL of Tobaj).

Gene Traupman; Bethlehem, PA. TRAUPMAN, TRAUPMANN; Heiligenbrunn; Frank, son of Rudolph and Josephine, brother of Rudolph, emigrated to Northampton, Lehigh Co, PA in 1905. Married Mary DOBITSCH, (DOBITCH, TOVIZH) Königsdorf, daughter of Johann and Katherine, sister of Julius, Leopold, and Frank, in 1910. Moved to Allentown, Lehigh Co, PA. In 1919 moved to farm outside of Emmaus, Lehigh Co, PA.

Mark Traupman; MILOSITZ, Wallendorf, TRAUPMAN, HOCHWARTER, Olbendorf, MEITZ.

Sister Mary Traupman; Pittsburgh, PA. TRAUPMAN Ignaz, Sumetendorf; FANDL Hermina, Urbersdorf; settled in McKees Rocks, PA.

Annemarie Tringali; Massapequa, NY. CHAR, CSAR, TCHAR, TSCHAR, HOBEL and RADINOVIC; Stegersbach.

Craig Trinkl; Wausau, WI. Charles Trinkl emigrated to Chicago, IL, in 1901 and married Mary Ness in 1909; Rosa Trinkl emigrated to Allentown, PA, in 1906 and married Ludwig Himler in 1909, August Trinkl emigrated to Chicago, IL, in 1904 and married Emma Husse in 1916. Franz(Frank)Trinkl emigrated to Limeport,Pa 1904. married Cecelia Yost in 1908.

Alfred L (Troy) Tripamer; Virginia Beach, VA. Karl TRIPAMER, Pinkafeld (Pinkafo) settled in Chicago, IL.

Pam Troje; Martin SCHWARTZBAUER and Katherine GARTNER, Ilmitz. First settled in Pittsburgh, PA then in "the North End" St. Paul, MN.

Eileen Tropea; Smithtown, NY. SIMON, POMPER, Mischendorf, settled New York City. Felix Simon and Anna Pomper emigrated to US in 1923 with infant son, Felix.

Kathy Pock-Trujillo; La Palma, CA. POCK, BOCK, POLLER, RIGLER, ZIMMERMANN, SCHRAMEL, SCHRAMMEL, TURKOVICS, EDER, GAITER, WINDISCH, FEYERTAG, AND ROSNER. Ancestral cities are: Höll (part of the Unterbildein parish), Unterbildein, Kohfidish, and Pornoapati in Hungary.

Catherine M Edelmann-Tsang; Elgin, IL. OSWALD, WEIDNER (WITTNER), HASLER, GUTTMANN, all possibly Oberwart area.

Alexander W Tschaar; Pinopolis, SC. TSCHARR, CSAR, OBOJKOVITS. Olbendorf (bezirk Güssing). Settled in PA.

Norlene Tchida [wrong]; Tempe, AZ. TSCHIDA, TSIDA, WEGLEITNER, GRUBER, KOLLER, VOLKERDORFER, IHOLBAUER, MAN, Illmitz. Settled in Marshall Co, SD.

Arron Tschida; CA. TSCHIDA, Pamhagen, settled South Bend, IN.

Jeff Tschida; Colorado Springs, CO. TSCHIDA, GANGL Illmitz, Pamhagen. Settled in Minnesota.

Joan Pepin Tschida; Michael TSCHIDA, Mary UNGER family of St. Paul, MN. Related families are SALZER, GANGL, SCHULZ (all of St. Paul). Christian UNGER, Elizabeth HOPFER and HAAZ of Austria.

John Michael Tschida; White Bear Lake, MN. TSCHIDA, Apetlon. Settled in St. Paul, MN.

Thomas J Tschida; St. Cloud, MN. TSCHIDA, Apetlon. Settled in Pierz, Morrison Co, MN.

Wade Tschida; Wyoming, MN. TSCHIDA, HALBAUER, DENK, GRIEMANN, Wallern, settled St. Paul, MN 1900.

Donald Tschogl (Rick); Las Vegas, NV. TSCHÖGL, Krensdorf

Karin Tsokanos; Oradell, NJ. SINKOVITZ, Steingraben, DUNST, Gaas.

Tricia Tubridy; Whippany, NJ. DEUTSCH, Strem, settled Allentown, PA 1921-1926, Religion: Catholic. Great grandparents Johann and Maria(Garger) Deutsch (b. 1866 Strem; emigrated 1926); grandmother Johanna (Deutsch) Bohrn (b. 1903 Strem, emigrated 1922).

Loretta E Tuchscherer (Nee Gartner); Courtenay, BC, Canada. GARTNER, Illmitz. Settled in Canada. John GARTNER, emigrated from Burgenland approximately in 1905. He settled in the Qu'Appelle area of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Holly Tunkel; Santa Fe, NM. TUNKEL, TASCHLER, Pornoapati, Hungary. I am currently researching my paternal family tree. My GGF, John Tunkel, was born in Porno/Pornoapati on September 2, 1884. His father was Josephus Tunkel, his mother was Maria Taschler, both also from Pornoapati. Unfortunately, that is as far as I've gotten. I am very much looking forward to learning more about my ancestral home. - Holly Tunkel

Donna Muik Turcotte; Springside, SK, Canada. MUIK, Inzenhof. Settled in Bruce, AB, Canada about 1926.

Béla Turcsányi; Budapest, Hungary. SCHMELTZER, REISS, KREBS, LISTMAYER, STOTZ, MACHER. Zurndorf (district of Neusiedl). Pusztavám and Lajoskomárom in Hungary.

Sharon Turner; Kansas City, MO. HUTFLES(Z), Janossomorja, St. John, Austria/Hungary, settled in Kansas; WALTER, Szent Peter, Moson, Austria/Hungary, settled in Kansas; RIENER, Zanegg, Moson, Austria/Hungary, settled in Kansas; BROKAMP/BROCKAMP, Oldenburg, Germany, settled in Kansas; KUHLMAN, Damme, Germany, settled in Kansas; KUEMPER, Osterfeine, Germany, settled in Kansas; WELLERDING/VELLERDING, Steinfeld, Oldenburg, Germany; BERGER, Ovar, Gadendorf, Hungary - Gois, Moson, Magyarovar, settled in Kansas.

Michael Turnyanszki; Patterson, New York. GASPAR, Moschendorf (Nagysároslak). Brothers Frank and John both settled in northern New Jersey, while brother Paul settled in Pennsylvania. Religion: Roman Catholic. My grandfather, Frank Gaspar, who settled in Northern New Jersey (Passaic/Clifton/Nutley) is one of 13 children from the above listed village. He had a brother, Father John Gaspar, who was a longtime priest of St. Stephens Magyar Church also in Passaic, NJ. I came across an article mentioning my great uncle who I remember slightly and when I read that he came from a family of 13 children it aroused my curiousity. My parents and grandmother did not share much family history with us growing up and as was the custom did not speak their native languages at home - Hungarian, German and in my wife's case - Italian. So I was wondering how I can do some research and possibly get in contact with any other family members who remain in Europe or emigrated to the United States. The only other sibling I know of was my great uncle Paul who I met only once who settled in Pennsylvania - possibly Lancaster, Scranton, I just don't know any more. Thank you so very much for any assistance you maybe able to provide.

Karron Twa [wrong]; Holland, MI. TRINKL Stefan, Strem. Early 1900s settled in Grand Haven, Ottawa Co, MI. Married Emily Baker, had two sons Steven & Cletus.
Bob & Margie Uhlemeyer; Wyandotte, OK. Ludwig EICHHOLZ (EICHHOLCZ), Marie JUREK, Joseph & Rose FISCHER, Nieznanowice, parish of Rudolphsheim (Slovakia?), Grodnau, Goberling (district of Oberwart). Settled in St. Louis, MO.

Edward Ullinger; Seminole, FL. Johanna SCHATZ, Strem. Her sister's Mary, Sabina, Theresa and brother John immigrated to the New York area.

Del Ulreich; Arlington Heights, IL. ULREICH John, Wisfleck, SIMANDL Theresa, Wolfau, emigrated to Bellwood, IL, 1906.

Michael Ulreich; Chicago, IL. ULREICH, Michael and Louise, Schmiedrait, Schonbrunn(?), emigrated to Chicago in 1922.

Garth Ulrich; Spalding, SK, Canada. ULRICH / ULLRICH / ULREICH / ULLREICH. Seek to establish connection between Oberwart area families of these names and those of the same names just across the Burgenland-Lower Austria border where my ancestors were from (villages of Hochneukirchen and Offenegg).

Monica Dorner Unangst; Slatington, PA. DORNER, Szentpeterfa, Hungary, settled Northampton, PA.

Bob Unger; El Cajon, CA. UNGER, BAUER, KOGELMANN, BÖSENHOFER, HITZEL, KRACHER, MIRTH, Rudersdorf, Eltendorf; UNGER, ZOTTER, Güssing. Unger ancestors came to McKees Rock, PA in 1891. (Southern Burgenland).

Franz Unger; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Pauline Unger GALOVICS; Eisenberg an der Pinka. Franz UNGER; St. Kathrein.

John J Unger; Ridgewood, NY. UNGER, Tobaj, Güssing, Gläsing (Southern Burgenland). Parents migrated to US in the 30s.

Ludwig Unger; Bethlehem, PA. UNGER, Poppendorf; EICHNER, Rudersdorf. Settled in Bethlehem, PA.

Paul Unger; St. Louis, MO. UNGER (UNGAR), HANZL, Deutsch Schützen; settled in St. Louis, MO.

Robert M Unger; Borlänge, Sweden. UNGER, Glasing, settled Sweden. My father come through Finland to Sweden during WW-II.

Ron Unger; Chicago, IL. UNGER, GALOWITCH, JANISH, FANG. Eisenstadt. To Chicago in the 1890s.

William J Unger; Orland Park, IL. UNGER, Deutsch Schützen, settled in St. Louis, MO. William, son of Anna and John Unger from Eisenberg, came to America around 1924. Grandmother Anna Standor raised him and his brother, John, in Deutsch-Shutzen until 1930 in house number 104.

Margaret Upton; Princeton, NJ. SPITZER, EINHORN from Eisenstadt (then Kismarton, Hungary). Went to Budapest then immigrated to US in 1930s.

Richard Urbauer; Kingston, WA. URBAUER, Buchschachen. ZAPFEL, Loipersdorf (district of Oberwart). Settled in Sutton, NE.

Judy Funk Utley; San Antonio, TX. PORTSCHY, (PORTSCHE), Gols, settled 1840's. STIEGELMIERE (STIEGELMAR), Gols.
Janet Vales; Chicago Ridge, IL. LORENZ, BRUNNER, Neuberg; OSWALD, Rohrbach.

Tom Valleskey; Reno, NV. SCHWEIGL. Nickelsdorf, ESCHENLOHN, Moson. I am looking for a link to my great-great grandfather's family. Leonardus Schweigl married Maria Lakner on 19 Feb 1865 in Oravicza Montanus. They had thirteen children there. From the marriage record I have learned that Leonardus came to Oravicza alone as a young man. His parents are listed as Leonardii Schweigl and Theresia Eschenlohn. Their home is listed as Mosoniun. A quick search of the 1812 Land Census showed that the family name Schweigl was in Burgenland and the family name Eschenlor was in the town of Moson. Can anyone help find them?

Jennifer Valosen; Edgewater Park, NJ. ZUMPF, Aschau. Mathias ZUMPF, of Aschau, born 1 January 1874. My grandfather is Frank Matthew Zumpf.

Carole Vanderhyde; Punta Gorda, FL. HAMERL, HAMMERL, ARTINGER, JOST, TOST, Szentmiklos (Vas). OFNER, Niederosterreich. All settled in Kleinmurbisch. Religion: Roman Catholic.

Alan Varga; Bloomingdale, IL. VARGA / VARGO in Dürnbach (Vincjet) and FLEISCHAKER / FLEISCHACKER / FLEISHAKER in Schandorf (Ciemba). Grandparents emigrated to Chicago 1923-1929.

Elizabeth Varga; Melbourne, Australia. SIPÖC, Mosonyszentjános. Settled in Hungary 1922.

Dr. Tibor Várkonyi; Budapest, Hungary. MOÓR, MÓR, MOHR, MUER, MÜER, MÜIER, MWER in Rechnitz and Oberwart-Unterwart. My GGGGGFather cames from Rechnitz to Tapolca around 1720-1740, and I search back to 1327 in Burgenland the "Orvidék".

Steven Vass; Ypsilanti, MI. VASS, Istvan. Uncle Vass, Laszlo in Oberpullendorf. My grandfather moved to Budapest and my father was born in Budapest.

Rich Venturi; Willits, CA. NOVAKOVITZ, KREMSNER, HOLPER, Stegersbach (district of Güssing). Place of settlement; Chicago, IL.

Betty Venturini; France. MIRTH (MERTH/MOERTH), Gyanafalva.

Tamas Vertesi; Györ, Györ-Moson-Sopron, Hungary. WENDL, STROBL, Rechnitz; HIRCZY, Grieselstein; KRENN, Jennersdorf. Stefan WENDL in 1909; Johann, Josef and Franz WENDL in 1921-22 from Rechnitz to Brooklyn, NY.

Linda Villalobos; Chicago, IL. WAGNER, RADAKOVITS/RADAKOVITZ, Guttenbach. All settled in Chicago, IL (WAGNER in 1923 and 1928; RADAKOVITS/RADAKOVITZ in 1925). Religion: Roman Catholic. My Grandfather Frank Wagner married Katarina Radakovits (or Radakovitz) They came from Guttenbach to Chicago Illinois. Frank came in 1923. Katarina came in 1925. On 1928 my mother, Regina Wagner (9/15/1922), and her sister, Justina Wagner came to Chicago from Guttenbach. I was recently in Guttenbach and want to learn more about where they lived. I have a picture of a house that the family supposedly lived in, but I don't know the address. Thanks for any help.

Annemarie Vink; Ede, Netherland. KNAUSZ, WAGNER, SCHWARZL. Mühlgraben, Neuhaus am Klausenbach.

John Vitopil; Hilltop Lakes, TX. LEIER, SCHILLINGER; Pamhagen. Entered US through Galveston, TX 1887. Settled in Bryan, Brazos Co, TX.

Ann (Stumpf) Vitovitch; Northampton, PA. STUMPF, Eisenberg; SZENDI, Kroatisch Ehrensdorf. Settled in Coplay, PA.

Elizabeth Vlahovic; WEST HAVEN, NSW, AUSTRALIA. POSCH, Pinkafeld. Mr grandfather's name was Reinhold Posch and his parents owned a pub. His brother migrated to Chicago.

Judith Vodopia; Delray Beach, FL. OSWALD, Jabing; KEGLOVITZ, Sulz, settled New York. Anton Oswald was born in 1887, Theresia Keglovitz in 1888? Other family also immigrated to the United States.

Kay Kurtz Vogel; Fogelsville, PA. ZOTTER, Kukmirn, DEUTSCH, Deutsch Kaltenbrunn, KURTZ, Raabfidisch, Rabafüzes, Hungary, WALLITSCH, STROBL, HIMMLER, settled Allentown, PA. REICHL, settled Coplay, PA.

Joyce Vogrin; Huntington Beach, CA. STROHRIGL, STRORIGL from Harka (Harkau), (Magyarfalva), Sopron Megye, Hungary. Settled in Chicago.

Brien Vokits; Las Vegas, NV. VUKITS, WUKITS, PETTI, BALASKOVITS, STEFANITS, STEFAFNICH, HODITS, HORVATH, Schachendorf, Schandorf and Dürnbach. Settled in Chicago, IL, Passaic, NJ, Muskegon, MI and McKees Rock, PA.

Craig Vollman; Mount Pleasant, NC. VOLLMAN (VOLLMANN), BAUER, PERSONHOFER. Rudersdorf and Fürstenfeld, Styria. Settled in Lehigh Valley, PA.

Ramona Vorgert; Plano, TX. Joseph LEHNER of Apetlon, wife Susanna PITZL, emigrated in 1879 arriving in Philadelphia aboard the SS Switzerland. They settled in Stearns Co, MN.

Rosa Stangl-Vrbatovic; Morphettville (Adelaide), South Australia, Australia. STANGL, Moschendorf. Sister in Whitehall, PA. Hermine STANGL-JAROSCH family in Moschendorf.

Peter Burton-Vulovic; Toronto, ON, Canada. Michael and Teresia BACHMAYER, Kittsee. Marianne, 1 of 3 daughters, settled in England in early 50s. Grandson (me) settled in Toronto in 1982.

Michael Wachter; Deutsch Schützen, Burgenland, Austria. KÖRPER, GUTTMANN, SCHNALZER, WACHTER.

Alexandra Wagner; Maintal, Germany. Frank WAGNER, Güttenbach, married to Katharina Radakovits, settled Chicago 1923. WAGNER, HAJSZAN, Güttenbach; BEUTL, GIGLER, Heiligenkreuz.

Carol Wagner; Fairfax, VA. WAGNER, Jabing. Settled in HoHoKus, NJ. KROPFL, Gaas. Settled in West New York, NJ.

Christopher Wagner; Rumney, NH. SOMMER, SZOMMER, SZABARI, Kleinmürbisch; KRAXNER, Inzenhof; IMRE, Zahling.


Jessie Klein Wagner; Minneapolis, MN. KLEIN, Illmitz, settled Ramsey Co, MN abt 1897. LEIER, Wallern, settled Ramsey Co, MN 1882.

John A Wagner; New York, NY. WAGNER, LORENZ (LORINCE, LORINCZ), BOLDASTY (BALDASZTY), BOGAD (BOGOD), FORKES (FORKAS), NIKO. Jabing, Oberwart. Settled in Dubuque, IA in early 1890s.

Josh Wagner; Roslyn, SD. STEINER, Halbturn (1880s); SAMSON, Wallern / Halbturn (1881); KEINTZ, Wallern (1882); SATTLER, Andau; WACHTLER, St. Johann, Hungary; REGNER, Halbturn. All settled Eden, SD.

Karl Wagner; Friday Harbor, WA. WAGNER, Neuberg. FASSEL, Neuburg. Settled in Chicago, IL.

Sarah Wagner; Las Vegas, NV. PINSKER, Oberkohlstätten. Settled in Sublimity, OR. KAPPEL, Oberkohlstätten. Settled in Mt. Angel, OR. KOLLER, KAUFMAN.

Thomas James Wagner; Vacaville, CA. WAGNER, Kohfidisch and Gaas. Leopold and brother Rudolph Wagner were born in Kohfidisch. Rudolph moved to Gaas, to become the village blacksmith there. They both came to Allentown, PA 1920-30.

Walter Wagner; RICHMOND HILL, NY. WAGNER, Jabing, settled Chicago, Ill 1890's. Hello, i am looking to find out about my ancestor's who came from Jabing. The family name is Wagner. Franz & Rose (Simon) Wagner came to the US about 1905, They had five children. Frank Wagner oldest son, Daughter Rose, twin boys Walter & Rudolph, and Julius. 

Kevin Walakovits; WALAKOVITTS, Grossmürbisch. Settled in Colby, PA.

Mary Walcher; Menlo Park, CA. HAIDER, WEINHANDLE, KLEIN, EGGERMAN, Illmitz. Settled in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Alfred WALDHOFER; Yonkers NY. WALDHOFER, Tobaj, settled New York City.

Frank J Walits; Wayne, NJ. WALLITSCH, KREMSER, HANZL, OSWALD, and KOPITAR. St. Michael (Southern Burgenland). Settled in Passaic, NJ.

Theresa Walker; Union, NJ. HOLZER, Kohfidisch, BARTOLOVITSCH, Krobotek, settled Allentown, PA. I am researching my Grandparents and Great Grandparents on my Fathers Side. I have narrowed so far down to My Great Grandfather Joseph Holzer and My Great Grandmother Augusta Bartolovitsch Holzer. My Grandmothers name was Alice Holzer Toth. We are from Allentown Pennsylvania Lehigh county. I was never given much information about my family except coming across an old article about my Great Grandfather and some old photos I have copies of.

Stefan Walles; Vienna, Austria. Adolf WALESZ, Kleinmürbisch, settled Coplay 1920, 1934 back to Langzeil; SOMMER, Inzenhof.

Carolyn Wally; Minocqua, WI. ZAPFEL, Michael; FASCHING, Caroline, Wiesfleck. Settled in Chicago, IL about 1900. ZAPFEL, Tobias; BRAUNSTEDTER, Theresia, Wiesfleck. Settled in Wiesfleck (?), Austria.

Brenda Walter; Slatington, PA. NIERER, Rauchwart, NEUBAUER, Tschanigraben, all settled Coplay, PA. Joseph A. Nierer Sr. and Rose Neubauer are my great-grandparents.

Joseph F Walter; Champlain, NY. WALTER, WEISS, WEISZ, LURWIG, ELLER, KRONEISZ, KITTLER, DORY, HANASZEK; Kimle, Magyarovar, Györ. Settled in western New York in 1905.

Judith Walters; Washington, DC. BARILITSCH/BARILITS/BARISITS, ILLEDITS, Drassburg. BARILITSCH settled in Mödling (Lower Austria). Religion: Roman Catholic. My great grandfather Franz BARILITSCH (variously spelled) was born in Drassburg, Burgenland (then in the Hungarian half of the Dual Monarchy). As a youth of 14, Franz accompanied a group of men from Drassburg, who were driving cattle to Vienna for sale. Franz did not return to Drassburg, but, rather, became apprenticed to a butcher in Mödling, Lower Austria, where he married and raised a family. His daughter, Anna BARILITSCH was my grandmother. Anna emigrated to southern Maryland, but because she was married, the name BARILITSCH was not carried on in America. As far as I know, my other Barilitsch relatives remained in Burgenland/Austria. The names BARISITS and ILLEDITS are ancestral names of Franz BARILITSCH.

Wendy Walters; Savage, MN. PECK, UNGER, Andau, BAUMGARTNER, PECK, Sankt Johann, all settled St. Paul, MN. Pecks arrived 1903 in Stevens Point, WI, then to St. Paul, MN, by 1905.

Anita Walthier; Oak Lawn, IL. LORENZ, settled Chicago, IL. ASPAN, (OSPAN), TUIDOR, HALPER; all from Oberdorf. My mother Josefa LORENZ immigrated to Chicago in January 1959. I am president of the Chicago Jolly Burgenlaender Club.

Pam Walton; Suffolk, UK. URBANITZKY, Eberau. Settled in Bavaria. Also, settled in the United Kingdom in 1947. My grandfather was the village doctor in Eberau. My grandparents then moved to Bavaria, not sure when, possibly late 1930s. My mother moved to Austria to go to university, married a Scottish man (my father) and settled in England in 1947; she remained in the UK until her death in 2003.

Leslie Wander; Cape Coral, Florida. ULREICH, Aschau im Burgenland. Settled in Chicago (IL) in 1910. Religion: Lutheran. Carolina Skarra (nee ULREICH), born 17 August 1891 in Schmiedrait, moved to Aschau, settled in Chicago, d. 30 May 1967. Father John ULREICH; mother Edith M. PARKS. My grandmother (Carolina) married Andrew Skarra in 1920 in Chicago. I’ve just returned from Oberschuetzen’s Evangelical Church, going through birth records.

Franz Wappel; Vienna, Austria. Born in Neustift an der Lafnitz - Bezirk Oberwart. Looking for the uncle (and descendants) who immigrated between 1912 and 1916 to USA. His name was Johann WAPPEL.

Jessica Wapotish; Barrington, IL. WINKLER, Sankt Martin an der Raab. Settled in Chicago (IL). ZOTTER, KAHR, KERN. Religion: Roman Catholic. Anna Winkler --- my great great grandmother --- was born 11/1/1876. Her parents were Alois and Anna (nee Zotter) Winkler. Anna married Joseph Charles Wapotish (born in Graz), and came to the United States in the early 1900s. Her son (Joseph, Jr.) was born in Pennsylvania, and they then moved Chicago (IL). After her husband died, she returned to Sankt Martin an der Raab, where she was baptized on November 22nd 1948. I have the original certificate from the church. She then returned to Chicago and remarried at 78 years old. She died on 7/11/1967, age 90. I know Anna had siblings: Theresea (Winkler) Jost, who immigrated to Pennsylvania; Alois Winkler; Emma Winkler; Fannie Winkler.

Joyce Thomas Ward; La Mirada, CA. TOMASITS, settled in Pittsburgh, PA. Frank Paul Tomasits was born in Austria-Hungary (possibly Nemesmedves or Vas Szent-Mihaly, Hungary) in 1877; wife was Josephine ? from Germany, born 1880; they immigrated to Pittsburgh, PA, in 1899. Frank's brother Josef immigrated a few years later.

Lisa Warner; Bethlehem, PA. ROTHDEUTSCH, Heiligenkreuz, St. Gotthard (Nagyfalva), Mogelsdorf. August ROTHDEUTSCH immigrated in 1912, initially to sister Carolina in Northampton and then settling in Coplay.

Tom Wartha; Oakton, VA. WARTHA, WALLISCH. Settled in South Bend, IN early 1900s.

Don & Judy Watson (Nee Decker); Watchung, NJ. Franz (Frank) DECKER, born Kukmirn, abt. 9/18/1921, came to America abt. 1926, settled with parents (who arrived earlier) in Chicago, IL. Franz (Frank) DECKER, born abt. 1899, we think in Kukmirn as well. Came to America around 1923, and settled in Chicago, IL. Emma HOETZL (spelling is probably incorrect), born abt. 1899, near Kukmirn, came to America with husband Frank DECKER abt. 1923, and settled in Chicago, IL. Emma had brother and sister who settled in Allentown, PA.

Irene Marie Kuch Watson; Salinas, CA. KUCH, Aschau, Goberling, settled Chicago 1920 and 1912, FASCHING, Aschau, settled Chicago 1913, KUH, Goberling.

Trish Watson; Toronto, ON, Canada. SZIVESSY, maybe Eisenstadt (not sure), Settled in Canada.

Sheila Way; Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. BRENNER, Aschau.

William Wayne; Cleveland, OH. FORJAN, Inzenhof, settled in Ohio. SOLDERITS (SOLDERITSCH), Inzenhof, settled in Pennsylvania. My father, born in Inzehof/Graz, emigrated in 1926 at age 13. He changed his name from Solderits to Wayne in 1939. Grandmother's maiden name was Forjan and she left a brother named Herman. I have a photo of the birth house/farm where he originated from... I would like to find the homestead.

Patricia Weaver; Boone, NC. PETERKA, Battyanfelva. First came in 1905 to Bethlehem, PA. Returned to Battyanfelva. Later returned with husband Jakob MÜLLER from the Muria region of Austria. Lived in Bethlehem, PA. Latter settled in Bramwell, WV.

Anne Webb; Harrisville, RI. Researching NIKL, DEUTSCH, Glasing. Settled in Coplay, PA, returned to Glasing, then back again to Bronx, NY. Also LODER, KISS, TUNKOVITS, Harmisch; IFKOVITS, Deutsch-Tschantschendorf. Settled in Northampton, PA, then returned to Harmisch.

Kathleen Webb; Lynnwood, WA. FREY / FREI, KRENN, LAMPL, HARNWOLF, KIRCHKNOPF, UNGERIN, RÖPP, KROMER Agfalva, Hungary (Agendorf), Sopron Megye. FREY / FREI and LAMPL migrated from Agendorf to Loipersbach. Settled in Chicago, IL, 1906-7 and 1910.

Micki Mersich Webb; Laporte, IN. John MERSICH of Grosswarasdorf married Mary MIHOLIC of Grossmutschen. They settled in South Bend, IN. My father is Martin MERSICH.

Ella M Weber; Silverton, OR. KNOPF, Deutsch-Schützen. My parents came to America through Ellis Island. Resided in Coplay, Allentown, PA. Had a brother by the name of Josef who is buried in Deutsch-Schützen.

Hope Weber; Gadsden, AL. PREININGER, Settled in Coraopolis, PA. WEBER, Settled in McKees Rocks, PA. Frank J PREININGER b 1884, imm. 1903, married to Cecelia, imm 1906. Samuel WEBER b. 1890, imm 1907, married to Mary, b 1892, imm 1909.

Janet Kroboth-Weber; Nanuet, NY. KROBOTH, Güssing, settled PA to NY / NJ 1930s; BILLOVITS -WITZ, Steingraben, settled NYC 1900s; FEIBEL, Moschendorf, settled PA to NYC 1900s; GARAY / GYORI, Güssing to Chicago.

Joseph N Weber; Newark, DE. ZOTTER, LANG, MANDL, DEUTSCH (DEUTZ), SCHÜTZ St. Martin a.d. Raab, Neumarkt a.d. Raab, UnterDrosen, Jennersdorf. ZOTTER, LANG, and MANDL immigrated to the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Margaret Rose Weber (Peggy); Minneapolis, MN. WEBER, SCHLAGEL (SCHOGL), BURGER, KAINTZ, GROSINGER. Steinbach, Kirchschlag, Pilgersdorf; settled in St. Cloud / Watkins / St. Paul areas of MN.

Marilyn Kainz Weber; Savanna, IL. Andreas KAINZ, Tadten & wife Anna KOPPI, Wallern; settled Pierz, MN. They arrived in the US on 8.20.1879 aboard the steamship Lessing.

Marty Weber; Tulsa, OK. KARNER, Königsdorf. Settled in Pleasant Valley, OK in 1890s, Texas, Oregon, and California in 1910 to 1920. FLASCH, Wolfau. Settled in Pleasant Valley, OK in 1896. HACKER, Eltendorf. Settled in McKees Port, PA in 1890s, Pleasant Valley, OK in 1896. All Lutheran.

Roman Paul Weber; Highlandville, MO. WEBER, SCHLAGEL (SCHOGL), BURGER, KAINTZ, GROSINGER, REIDINGER, REINHOFER, SHERMAN, and STIFTER. Steinbach, Kirchschlag, Pilgersdorf, Bubendorf, Deutsch Geresdorf and Gschorholz.

Wayne D Weber; Lemont, IL. KUCH, Samuel & Maria LASHOBER from Schonherrn. Six of their children settled in Chicago. WEBER, Wenzel & Maria WINKLER from Inzerdorf by Vienna. Their son Johann settled in Chicago.

Robert J. Wechsler; Coplay, PA. Surname_1: WECHSLER, SOMMER, Kleinmürbisch, TAMELER, Glasing, GILLY, Neustift bei Güssing, TAMELER, Kukmirn, KARNER, Güssing; all settled Coplay, PA. Frank Wechsler 1862-1937, Ida(Sommer)Wechsler 1880-1953, John Tameler 1889-1933 emigrated around 1902, Julia(Gilly)Tameler 1889-1918, John Tameler 1846-1914 emigrated around 1902, Theresa(Karner) Tameler 1848-1915 emigrated around 1902.

John Wedekin; New York, NY. PETZ, BESLANOVITS, St Nikolaus; PANNY, Güssing; all settled New York, NY.

Joan Johnston Wedemeyer; Oak Forest, IL. BRANDSTETTER, SINGRABER, GLATSHOFER, BLACH, REICHER, Wiesfleck, WIEDERER, PIMPERL, PUTZ, MUSSER, GRAF, PFEIFFER, LUKITSCH, Markt Alhau. Religion: Catholic, Lutheran. Karl Brandstetter born 31 May 1880, Wiesfleck, went to Chicago early 1900s. Maria Wiederer born 8 Nov 1886 in Wolfau, went to Chicago early 1900s. Louis Singraber born 29 Jun 1880 and Marie Putz Singraber born 5 Oct 1880, went to Chicago 1909.

Jane Wegleitner; Lakeville, MN. Martin F WEGLEITNER, Martin B GARDNER, Anna B GARTNER, all Illmitz, settled St. Paul, MN 1885-8. Martin arrived here at age 15 or 16. His father died shortly after he was born, and he was raised by his step-father. I have been told he changed his name back to WEGLEITNER when he came to the US. His stepfather's name was GARDNER. His wife's maiden name was GAARTNER.

Roberta Weiant; Gettysburg, PA. DRAGOSITS, POANDL, RUISZ, SIMON. Kukmirn - settled in Coplay and Allentown, PA.

Tom Weichmann; Buffalo, NY. STIFTER, Glashütten bei Langeck, settled in Buffalo, NY.

Gary L Weiland; Bethlehem, PA. GRABNER, Limbach, settled Allentown. Cecelia Weiland (Grabner) is my grandmother. Born 1891 in Limbach, Austria. I'm trying to gather information about her and any relatives in Burgenland.

Robert Weiner; Syracuse, NY. WEINER, Kohfidisch,OSWALD, Kirchfidisch, settled all Buffalo, NY. Josef & Maria (Oswald) Weiner emigrated to the U.S. in 1905 and settled in Buffalo, NY in 1906. Josef Weiner (1878 - 1963) was the son of Josef Weiner & Rosalia (Paukovits) Weiner. Maria Oswald (1884 - 1921) was the daughter of Petrus (Peter)Oswald & Julianna (Pelenmann) Oswald.

Becky Weinhandl; Maplewood, MN. WEINHANDL, Illmitz and Apetlon areas, settled in and around St. Paul, MN.

Erwin Weinhofer; Toronto, ON, Canada. WEINHOFER, Güssing. Settled in Toronto.

James Weinzatl; Tomah, WI. WEINZETL, THEURINGER, DEUTSCH, WOLKERSDORFER, KIERIEN, FLEISHHAKER, TSCHIDA, JANDL, HORWATH and LENTSCH in Pamhagen, but have also researched some in Wallern, Apetlon, and Illmitz.

Laurie Weinzettel; Mendota Heights, MN. WEINZETTEL, WEINZETTL, WEINHANDL, Apetlon; WACHTLER, PINGITZER. Settled at Mendota Heights, MN.

John Weinzettle; Fort Myers, FL. WEINZETL, Pamhagen. Settled in Pittsburgh, PA.

Paul Weiss; Penetang, Ontario, Canada. WEISS, KRIEGLER, HAUTZINGER, SCHUSTER, BONENSTINGL, KISS, HUSS, St. Johann, St. Peter, Zanegg.

Joanne Haas Wells; Allentown, PA. HAAS, Güssing, KLEE, St Nikolaus, all settled Allentown, PA, Religion: Catholic. I am the Granddaughter wishing to learn more of my family's history.

Serena Wells [wrong]; Graniteville, VT. KAPULUK, New York, about 1916 or later.

Frank Nicholas Wendland; Bellvue, CO. WENDLAND. EICHBERGER, Grodnau. Settled in Chicago (IL), 07 Mar 1902. REHLING, TOLLMER, Bad Tatzmannsdorf. ARTNER, Unterkohlstätten. EICHBERGER and REHLING settled in Chicago (IL); 07 March 1902 and 05 Oct 1902, respectively. Religion: Roman Catholic. Frank Charles Eichberger b. 10-Apr-1884, Theresa Rehling b. 31-Aug-1886, Marie Artner b. 05-Jun-1867, Josef Rehling b. 06-Mar-1858, Josef Rehling b. 15-Mar-1825, Georg Rehling b. 1772, Theresia Tollmer b. 18-Jan-1830. I have very little information regarding Frank Eichberger’s parents and grandparents, etc. I was hoping that there might be some documentation regarding them, or an individual from Grodnau who might have info on them. Most of the information that I have was collected many years ago, by my parents, who are now deceased. They documented as much as they could from family records and oral histories, but could not go back any further. If you have links to parish records that might be helpful that would be most appreciated.

Elsie Wendlandt; Prescott, AZ. TASCHEK, HOLLENDONNER, PISSLER, STAMPF. Rechnitz, Markt Neuhodis. Settled Chicago, IL; Darlington, WI.

Eric Wendlandt; Walnut Creek, CA. TASCHEK, HOLLENDONNER, PISSLER, BRUNNER, Rechnitz. Settled in Chicago and Darlington, WI areas.

Monica Jurasits Weninger; Warrington, PA. TANCZOS, KEGLOVICS, DRAGOCSICS, ZLOKLIKOVITS, Rehgraben; POANDL, JANDRISEVITS, Sulz; JELENCSICS, SCHUHKOPF, Steingraben; SAGMEISTER, HAFNER, KNOPF, HABETTER, Unterbildein; HAMERL, Deutsch Ehrensdorf. Settled in Northampton, PA.

Vicky Weninger; Allentown, PA. YANGER, YOUNGER, JANGER, UNGER; Zahling. Settled in Allentown, PA. BOANDL (BOUNTL), Vienna. Settled in Allentown in 1913. WENINGER, NEMETH, FISCHER, STUMPHOUSER, Ratoth, Veszprem Megye. Settled in Bethlehem, PA.

Thomas Wenzel; Yoakum, TX. WENZEL, REISNER, Pilgersdorf. Settled in Yoakum, TX about 1892. To USA on June 19, 1882 at New York on the ship Elbe.

Marie-Therese Wera; Quebec, Quebec, Canada. RAIDL Joseph, MAGEL Pauline, Sopron, settled Paris, France. RAIDL Sandor, Budapest, settled Brassov, Romanie. RAIDL Gyula, Budapest. Joseph RAIDL migrated to Paris and Pauline MAGEL came to join him there (1881), got maried (27 feb 1881) and had a son Joseph (1881-1943) in Paris. Both the father and the son are buried in Paris in Bagneux cemetery. My mother, Jacqueline RAIDL migrated to Canada in 1954, and died in Quebec City.

Andreas Werderits; Hannersdorf, Burgenland, Austria. WERDERITS, Hannersdorf, settled Chicago. Francine GATSCH was a cousin to my grandfather Richard WERDERITS.

Ann Werner; Denver, CO. WERNER, Neudorf (bei Parndorf?), NOWAK, Marchegg, settled in Fort Wayne, IN. Valentine Werner, born 1887 in Neudorf, Hungary, came to US in 1907 with the Nowaks from Marchegg.

Drew Werner ; Jersey City, NJ. LÖRINCZ/LORENZ, BALIKÓ/BALIKO, Jabing. LÖRINCZ/LORENZ settled in New York City (NY) in 1936. Religion: Roman Catholic. I am a grandson of Johann Lorenz, born October 20, 1911 in Jabing, Austria-Hungary to Janos Lorincz and Jusztina Baliko, both also born in Jabing. Several of the Lorenz children emigrated to the united states, including Julia (b. 1905, emigrated 1923, d. 1945), Therese "Resi" (b. 1909, emigrated before 1935, d. 1996), Johann (b. 1911, emigrated 1936, d. 1987) and Paulina (b. 1913, emigrated 1935, d. 2005). Have already gathered some materials but looking to make connections with others having overlapping interest!

Robert Wessel; Onancock, VA. SCHNACKL, Deutsch-Bieling. Settled New York City, 1923, then Yaphank, Long Island, appx. 1940.

Tammy Ellison-West; Harrison, TN. MAIKISCH and JANY or JANNY. Deutsch Tschantschendorf. Christophe MAIKISCH came to the US in 1908 and settled in NYC. Anna JANY or JANNY came to the US in 1906 and settled in NYC.

Victoria Westover; Baltimore, MD. Amelia HARNISCH, believe born in Bruck an der Leitha (Lower Austria). I am trying to find info from a marriage certificate to find out who my grandfather was or a birth certificate for my mother Ernesta Harnisch.

Bob Wheaton; Glen Allen, VA. SAURER, Jabing. MERCSAMITSCH. (Mercsanits), Neuhaus. Settled in Chicago. Grave stone in Neuhaus.

Kim Whelan; Fort Lauderdale, FL. JACKSITS (JAKSITS), Eisenhüttl, Kukmirn, settled in New York. BERKOWITZ, Eisenhüttl, Magyar?, settled in New York. SINKOVICS, Kukmirn. Paulus (Paul) George JACKSITS m. Katherine BERKOWITZ, Julius BERKOWITZ m. Rose ?, and Andrew (Andreas) JAKSITS m. Julia SHINK.

Courtney Joy Whitcraft; St. Paul, MN. Rudolf and Emelia (nee STEINER) TISCHER emigrated from Podersdorf, settled in St. Paul, MN.

Donna White; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. WILFINGER, PICHLER, Olbendorf. I am trying to find my father's family. His brother's name was Joseph WILFINGER. He had two sisters Hedwig and Theresia. I know that Theresia had twin boys, Eric and Edmond and a daughter Inge. These children would be about 65 years old.

VerDean Whitescorn; Modesto, CA. WEITZKORN possibly Tarnopol (?), Galicia then Krensdorf (Tormafalu) in the district of Mattersburg, then England. Husband's grandfather settled in England abt 1880-5. Do not know if given name was also changed as last name was Maurice William WEITZKORN (now Whitescorn).

Julia Wieber; St. Johns, MI. BEISCHLER (BEICHLER) and UNGAR (UNGER). Deutsch-Schützen. Settled in NYC, later in Cleveland, OH.

Arnold V Wieder; Rio Vista, CA. John WIEDER, Neustift bei Güssing, Theresa SALBER, Königsdorf, settled Bethlehem, PA.

Josef Wiederer; West Chester, PA. WIEDERER, Wolfau. Emigrated to Canada in 1951.

John M Wieger; South Bend, IN and Stuarts Draft, VA. WIEGER, Sopron, settled in South Bend, IN. Grandmother was born in Neckenmarkt.

Joyce (Trinkl) Wieting; Lake in the Hills, IL. TRINKL, Limbach. Charles and August TRINKL both settled in Chicago (1901 and 1904, respectively). Franz/Frank TRINKL settled in Limeport (PA) in 1904. Rosa TRINKL settled in Allentown (PA) in 1906. Religion: Roman Catholic, or Lutheran. Charles, born 1886, married Mary Ness in Chicago in 1909. August, born 1889, married Emma Husse in Chicago in 1916. Franz, born 1880, married Cecelia Jost in 1908. Rosa, born in 1891, married Ludwig Himmler in 1909.

Christy Wappel Wild; Valparaiso, IN. WAPPEL, settled Northwest IN and Chicago area. HALWACHS, all Neustift an der Lafnitz. Ferdinand WAPPEL married Rosa HALWACHS. I would like to gather history of Ferdinand's grandparents, brothers, sisters etc. I know his parents were Frances WAPPEL and Anna KIRCHSTEINER. Also interested in Josef WAPPEL / Josephine ZANKL family.

Laurie Wild; Montgomery, IL. WILD, settled in St. Louis, MO 1889. THOMASCHITZ, Kittsee, settled in St. Louis, MO 1889. SIDAKOVICH, settled in Louis, MO 1878. FOX.

Scott Wiley; Mountain City, TN. DEUTSCH, Deutschkreutz. Settled in Vienna. Religion: Jewish. My maternal grandmother Alice Deutsch Planz' father, Simon Deutsch, was born in Deutschkreutz in 1846, to Karl Deutsch and Theresa Dux. Simon moved to Vienna and married Fanny Bauer. Alice was born there in 1886 and emigrated to the U.S. In 1908.

Suzanne Filips Wiley; Aurora, CO. FILIPOVITS, GROSS, Gaas. GARGER, KURZ, KROBOTH, Tobaj. GOBER, Gaas, Strem. All settled in New York (Garger also in Argentina). Josef Filipovits son of Martin and Hermine Gober.

Constance Willegal; Waukegan, IL. MAYER, Podersdorf Am See, Illmitz, Apetlon, settled St. Paul, MN 1903-1905; SCHWARTZBAUER, Apetlon, Illmitz, settled Mandan, North Dakota 1905, Religion: Catholic. Mayer family members to U.S. include John (father), Theresia, Albert, Katharina, Joseph M. and Oswald J. Mother, Catharina (Lentsch) and five other children (Joannes, Julius, Nicolaus, Oswald and Maria) are buried in Podersdorf Am See. Schwartzbauer family members to U.S. include Joseph (father), Anna (Schmierer)(mother), Catherine, Anna, Elizabeth, George and Andrew.

Christine Williams; Brookfield, WI. HAFENSCHERER/HAFENSCHER, Woppendorf (Varujfalu), settled in Chicago, IL in 1907; EBERHARDT, Woppendorf (Varujfalu), settled in Chicago, IL in 1910; BESENHOFER, PRANGL, Woppendorf (Varujfalu). Located some of these names in cemetary in Woppendorf in 2004. Unfortunately, it was Sunday, everything closed and no one to ask except a Johan Deutsch who said an old lady Hafenscherer had just died recently. But she must have been in another cemetary, couldn't locate any Hafenscherer graves. Johan had a small winery/bar and we spent an hour with him but didn't learn anything further. He was the one who directed us to the cemetary (don't remember its name, but it was not the one connected to the church - that was all locked up. Alois Hafenscherer (son of Michael) shortened his name to Hafencher in America (arr 1907) - his brother and sister Andrew and Maria changed theirs to Hafenscher. I believe another brother Johann remained in Woppendorf at least till 1950's. Don't know if he married and/or had children Also found many names in cemetary that were familiar (family friends? in Chicago) Horvath, Kornfiend, etc. Believe a large part of Woppendorf relocated to Chicago area in early 1900's. Rosina Eberhardt came in 1910 and she married Alois there (my grandparents) I located Michael Hafenscherer (great grandfather)as living in Woppendorf in 1857 (from your sites housing list) and I believe he was married to Teresa Woppel. Anna Prangl was Michael's 2nd wife resulting in another Hafenscher branch here in US. My family is only branch with the spelling Hafencher. I've been unable to locate where Michael was born or buried. A lot of the same names (except of course Hafenscherer) show up in relation to Burg the small town next to Woppendorf.

Joyce (Panny) Williams; Poughquag, NY. PANY, PANI, PANNY, Tobaj. GERGER, Sankt Nikolaus. All arrived in NY 11 Dec. 1929, moved to Coplay (PA), and then back to NY. Religion: Roman Catholic. Can you tell me who I can contact so I can try to get birth & marriage documents for the following family members? (1) Karoline Pany not married to Felix Gerger when she gave birth to 1st born Alois Pany (30 Sept.1904 Tobaj). She later married Felix. Her other children Joseph & Felix, had father's surname (Gerger) but not Alois (still Pany. Panny when he died). (2)Alois married Anna Gerger (b.23 Jan.1910 St. Nikolaus) on 10 Jun.1928. (3)Son Wilhelm Pani, Panny born 3 Sept.1928 in St. Nikolaus. 4) All three came to America 11 Dec. 1929.

Stephanie Schmidt Williams. SCHMIDT, Mogersdorf. GOLLINGER, Inzenhof. Both settled in Allentown, PA. Religion: Roman Catholic. Both were born in 1883.

Marlene Williamson; Otorohanga, New Zealand. WOLFSBAUER from Andau / Tarcsa who emigrated to New Zealand in 1875. EDVEL, POTZMANN, RONGISCH, ULBER from Szentjanos and Szentpeter.

Michael Williamson; Northville, MI. ETTL, Neusiedl am See. Settled North Dakota 1913.

Linda L Wilson; New Lenox, IL. PAUSZ, Weinberg (Wiesfleck), BUNDSCHUCH, Weinberg & Reidlingsdorf, PRATSCHER, BRUCKNER, PUTZ, SCHONHERRU, Oberschützen, all to Chicago.

Mischele Wilson; Belleville, IL. SEPER, FARKAS, SZABO, Unterwart. settled in St. Libory, IL.

Roberta Windish; East Greenville, PA. WINDISCH, Jakobshof, KROBOTH, Gerersdorf, settled Egypt, PA 1906.

Donna Gaal Winkelmann; St. Clair, MO. GAAL, JANISCH from Oberwart; LANG, PALFI from Unterwart; settled in St. Louis, MO

Michael Winkler; Chicago, IL. WINKLER, RIESCHL, KORBELYI, LANG, DOMSCHISZ, RANGISCH, WURZINGER, KAISER, LAMBERGER, HARRER, NEUBERGER, WACHSLER, GRUBER, mostly Szent Peter (Janossomorja, Hungary), Korbelyi from Beo-Sarkany (Bosarkany, Hungary). WINKLER and RIESCHL families settled in central Wisconsin area in mid-1870s and 1880.

Joseph Winpisinger; Cape Coral, FL. WINPISINGER, Wimpassing. Religion: Catholic.

Ward Wm. Winton; Hayward, WI. HOLLANITSCH/HOLLLENITSCH, PINGITZER, BAUER, IKLESAYER, Illmic/Illmitz. All settled in St. Paul, MN; 1886, 1886, 1889, and 1889/1890, respectively. Religion: Roman Catholic. Martin Hollanitsch, born 1855, Illmitz, immigrated 1886, ship Zaandam, Holland-America Lines to New York, then to St. Paul, MN; Barbara Pingitzer, 1856 to 1930, married to Martin, emigrated the same, buried Calvary Cemetary, St. Paul. Joseph Hollenitsch married Julia Bauer, immigrated to St. Paul, MN 1889.

Tom Wirtz; Reedsburg, Sauk Co, WI. MOSER, KOLLER; Glashuetten bei Langeck, Lockenhaus. Place settled by immigrants: Watkins, MN.

Karen Wizevich; West Hartford, CT. POLZER, Kirchfidisch; settled NYC 1907. Francesca and sister Josephine Polzer emigrated to NYC from Kirchfidisch around 1907. They were preceded by their two brothers, George and Karl around 1903-4.

Edward Wolf; Frankfort, IL. FARKAS, WOLF, GOGER, Family name was Farkas. Jabbing to Chicago soon after WW-I. John GOGER from Wolfau in 1923; went to school in Markt Alhau, lived in Kitchner, Ontario and Bashaw, Alberta, Canada. In 1928 he came to America and settled in Chicago, where he was a butcher. A nephew and family remain in Kemeten.

Gary Wolf; Gilbertsville, PA. EICHNER, Rudersdorf. LACKNER, Kukmirn. WOLF, Kaltenbrun. Settled in Allentown, PA.


Lynette Wolf; Grinnell, KS. WAHRMAN, ECKER, RONGISCH (TONGISCH, DONGISCH) in Andau, Tadten (Northern Burgenland) and in Janossomorja (Hungary). Ancestors settled in western Kansas in 1880s-1890s.

Martin Wolf; Mühlgraben, Burgenland, Austria. WOLF, KNAUS, HOLZMANN, POGLITSCH, JUD, WEBER, PREM, ZIEGER, Mühlgraben. Settled in New Britain, CT or PA.

Robert Wolf Jr.; New Britain, CT. WOLF, UITZ, Mühlgraben (southern Burgenland). Minihof-Liebau. I am also the president of the Austrian Sick Benefit Society or Donau club located in New Britain, Connecticut.

Ron Wolf; St. Louis, MO. WOLF, KOLLER, MEITZ, MAUTNER, KATZBECK; Bonisdorf. KOLLER, MEITZ; Sotina (Slovenia). Some family members emigrated to St. Louis, MO at the beginning of the 20th century.

Rudolf Wolf; Flanders, NJ. WOLF, Edlitz and Ober-Bildein, PALKOWITS, Kroatisch-Ehrensdorf, LUISSER, Edlitz and Ober-Bildein, SCHMID, Moschendorf. All emigrated families settled in NY, NJ and PA areas.

Theresa Starchild-Wolf; Eugene, OR. SCHRAMPF, Wolfau. Settled in St. Louis (MO) circa 1904-06. Religion: Roman Catholic. Theresa's Great-Grandma Anna SCHRAMPF, traveled approximately 1904, turning 14 on the ship, to Ellis Island in New York. She began in an apartment in New York, but soon learned of the German community in St. Louis. She worked in a box factory, married Charles/Carl Bieber (Sr; died in 1928), and had a son, Charles Bieber (Jr). He married Marguerite Mann, and they had two daughters, Barbara and Margaret (Peggy). Barbara married Lawrence Wolf, and they had myself, Carl (named for our grandfather), and Lawrence. Anna died in 1972. My great-grandmother Anna Schrampf had a brother Franz Schrampf. My mother's cousin is also Franz (not Hans, as I believed) Schrampf. Franz, Jr's wife is Ema, and two of their children are Wilfried and Heidilinde. We visited them in summer of 1972 in Wolfau, when I was 10 years old. I remember my brother, Carl (he was almost 8) and I playing with Wilfried and Heidilinde in their hay barn. We couldn't understand many words of each other's language, but we had a lot of fun!

Paul A Wolfgeher; Independence, MO. Joseph WOLFGEHER, Piringsdorf; settled Kansas City, MO.

Tom Wolkerstorfer; Minneapolis, MN. WOLKERSTORFER, POLLREIS, SEIDL.

Paul D. Wolkovits; Panorama City, CA. WOLKOVITS, GEIGER, Gaas; settled in Passaic, NJ.

CeCe Womack; Inola, OK. KNEBEL, MICHLITSCH. Settled in South Dakota.

Nancy Wood; New Jersey. HIRCZY, Jennersdorf. Settled in New York City, NY. MISCHINGER, Grieselstein. SOMMER. Religion: Roman Catholic. My maternal great-grandmother, Maria Sommer, married Johann Hirczy. Their daughter --- my maternal grandmother --- Josephine Hirczy (born February 1901), married my grandfather, Anton Mischinger (born July 1896), in 1924 in NYC. They were both from Jennersdorf. We communicate with relatives who reside in Jennersdorf, Grieselstein and Graz.

Jolene Woodard; Osakis, MN. DENK, Wallen, settled Todd or Stearns Co.

Judy Woods; Maywood, Cook County, IL. REHLING, TRATTNER, TRIEBER. Settled in Chicago, Cook Co, IL 1904.

Lauren Woods; Brighton, MI. SCHMALZER, Hannersdorf (Samfálva), settled in Milwaukee, around 1910.

Charles Worman; Port Saint Lucie, FL. MIMLITSCH, Parndorf, Deutsch Kaltenbrunn, ERKINGER, Deutsch Kaltenbrunn, MINILICS, Parndorf, all settled Allentown, PA 1892. Religion: Catholic.

Lawrence Worrilow; Wetumpka, AL. KAUFMANN, Nagyesztergar, Bakonykoppany (middle) Hungary; ZOPF, Felsoronok, Oberradling, Hungary; settled Bethlehem, Northampton, PA. Lawrence (Lörincz) KAUFMANN and Wilburga "Sophie" ZOPF. Lawrence had two brothers named John and Joseph who emigrated from the same area. Wilburga's sister Susanna married Joseph KAUFMANN.

Darcy Wright; Clayton, NC. FASSL / FASSEL John and HALPER / HELPER Theresa from Litzeldorf to Buffalo, NY.

Jacob Wright; Vancouver, WA. TSCHIDA, Illmitz, settled 1890s? My mother's family lived in Tacoma, Washington for a few generations moving over from Burgenland in the 1800's. My grandfather was Joseph John Tschida III.

Michele Wucker; New York, NY. and Milwaukee, WI. WUKOVITS; Stegersbach. Vincent WUKOVITS to Milwaukee in 1905-6; married Mary ZWICKOVITS and worked at Usingers Sausages. Related names: KRAM(M)ER, SIDERITS, WUKITS, KIRSITS, SCHMALZER, SCHRAITH.

Barbara Wunderler; West Kingston, RI. WUNDERLER, WEINHOFER; Güssing. John and Mary (WEINHOFER) WUNDERLER settled in Allentown, PA.

Sue Wukovits; Lancaster, NY. WUKOVITS (WUKOVITZ, WUKOVIC, WUKOVITSCH), Stinatz. Julius & Agnes (FABSITS) WUKOVITS.

Stephanie Wukovitz; Seattle, WA. WUKOVITZ, VUKICSOVITZ, WUKOVITS, Eisenhüttl. Religion: Roman Catholic.

Phil Wurm; Oberlin, KS. HERZOG, RUMPELTES and WURM from Gols, settling in Decatur and Rawlins Counties of Kansas.

Thomas Wurm; West Grove, PA. WURM, BAUER, HAFNER, HANZL, JANTRISIT (JANDRASITS), EBERHARDT. Brunnergraben, Gamischdorf, Rauchwart. Frank Wurm Jr. and his wife Mary Hanzl immigrated to the US in 1903 and 1904. They first settled in Egypt, PA.

Randy Wurzer; Lakewood, CA. WURZER, Deutsch Gerisdorf, district of Oberpullendorf, parish of Pilgersdorf. Settled in Howard Co, IA in 1864 then Umatilla Co, OR in 1881. HOLLER, FASCHING, also Deutsch Gerisdorf.

Ralph Wuscher; Puyallup, WA. WUSCHER, Henndorf (Gemeinde Jennersdorf). Frank Wuscher settled in Seattle area and Tony (Anthony?) Wuscher settled north of St. Louis, MO in 1908.

Stefan Wutschek; Mannersdorf an der Rabnitz, Burgenland, Austria. WUTSCHEK, Mannersdorf; Fertöszeplak, Hungary.

C. R. Wyatt; Heanor, Derbyshire, UK. SCHUH and RINGBAUER, Riedlingsdorf and Loipersdorf.

Heidi Wyndham; Alberta, Canada. GUTTMAN, Nagynarda (Großnahring / Velika Narda), Hungary. Josip (Josef) Guttman, born 1875 in Nagynarda to Stejpan (Stefan) and Maria (Kosagovic) Guttman, settled in Djakovo (Đakovo), Croatia, about 1890. He married Marijia Miksic and had daughter Maria there.
Diane Yandrisevitz; Coplay, PA. SEMLER, Kleinmurbisch. BIEBER, Gussing. All settled in Coplay, PA.

Helga Yautz; Bayonne, NJ. WAGNER, Punitz; SVETITS, Steinfurt.

Stephen Yautz; Stirling, NJ. JAUTZ, Tobaj; WAGNER, Punitz.

Evelyn Yetts; Omaha, NE. PERLINGER, HUSS, RONGISCH, GRUIDL, UNGER, NEUBERGER. St. John (Mosonszentjanos) St. Peter (Mononszentpeter) or Janossomorja, Hungary. Ancestors settled in Nebraska, Kansas and Minnesota in the 1880s.

Laura Yoho; Naperville, IL. Karl and Pauline HALWAX (PANNY). Karl Halwax was born in 1903 in Kotezicken. Pauline Panny was born in 1905 in Tudersdorf, house #2. They came to the US in 1922 and 1923 and settled in Chicago. Grandmother's name changed to BANNY.

Christina Young; Schnecksville, PA. HORWATH, Reinersdorf; settled Rockdale, Lehigh Valley, PA.

Lary Yud; Olney, MD. Franz JUD (Frank YUD) and Fanni MEITZ arrived in the US on April 15, 1912 aboard the Lapland and settled in Chicago. Franz JUD is the son of Michael JUD and Josephine HALB JUD, from Neuhaus am Klausenbach.

Elizabeth Yurasits; Bowie, MD. researching JURASITS, MILISITS, ZIMITS, NEMETH from Szentpeterfa, Hungary. Settled in New York City, Northampton & Stockertown, PA.

Lou Yurasits; Pittsburgh, PA. JURASITS, Szentpeterfa, Hungary, to Northampton, PA.
John Zach; Seminole, FL. ZACH, WUNDERLER, Alois, Angela ZACH, Gerersdorf. Settled in New York City in 1938.

Gayle Zahran; Alexandria, Egypt. POSCH and WALLNER, Altschlaining, 1906, Yorkville, New York City.

Magda Zakanyi [deceased]; Toronto, Ontario, Canada. SZMOLYAN, UNGER, SKVARICS, HABETLER, OSZTOVICS, RUPANOVICS. Bandoly (Weiden), Fusthegy-Sirokany (Raurigel-Allersgraben), Hodasz (Hodis).

Elisabeth Zalka; Vienna, Austria. ZETHOFER, Riedlingsdorf, ZALKA, Pinkafeld. Samuel ZETHOFER emigrated to the US ca. 1913.

Richard J Zapfel; North Oaks, MN. ZAPFEL. Riedlingsdorf.

Margot Zappe; Vienna, Austria. 5 brothers of Anna WEBER (b. 1890) emigrated from Grodnau (Southern Burgenland, Oberwart district) to Chigaco ca. 1905.

Jessica Zartler; Orlando, FL. ZARTLER (ZARTL), Oberdorf, Neumarkt, Kemeten, Drumling, Pinkafeld. Settled 1858.

Robert Zecker [wrong]; Philadelphia, PA. ZECHER, Deutsch Jahrndorf. Settled in Pusztavam (Ondod), Fejer megye, Hungary, then Passaic, NJ. ZECHMEISTER, Zurndorf. Settled in Pusztavam, Fejer megye, then Passaic, NJ. FARKAS, Ragendorf (Rajka.) Settled in Pustavam, Fejer megye, then Passaic, NJ. BERYDOLT, Deutsch Jahrndorf. Settled in Pusztavam, Fejer megye. MAIDLINGER, Ragendorf (Rajka) and Deutsch Jahrndorf. Settled in Pusztavam, Fejer megye. ZOELLER, Strass-Sommerein (Hegyeshalom). KOPP, Strass-Sommerein (Hegyeshalom). WODAL (VODAL), Ragendorf (Rajka). Settled in Pusztavam, Fejer megye. CREUTZ, Zurndorf. PINTER, Zurndorf. MACHER, Zurndorf. Settled in Pusztavam, Fejer megye. WURM, Carlburg (Rusovce) and Ragendorf (Rajka). Settled in Pusztavam, Fejer megye. RUNZRETRS, Carlburg (Rusovce) and Ragendorf (Rajka). GIBICZ (GIEBITZ, KUEBITZ), Ragendorf (Rajka). Settled in Pusztavam, Fejer megye.

Ronald Zechmeister; Plymouth, MN. ZECHMEISTER, Féltorony/Halbturn. Settled in St. Paul, MN. Religion: Roman Catholic.

Christian Zeglovits; Austria. ZEGLOWITSCH, Raabfidisch, settled in Allentown, PA; ZEGLOWITSCH, Heiligenkreuz; ZEGLOVITCH. Joseph (Josef) Zeglowitsch, married to Julia, emigrated to America around 1905. They settled in Allentown, PA on Chestnutstreet 127. They had 7 children: Gisella (*21.10.1901), Josef (Joseph) (*Dec. 1903), Bertha (1906), Franz (Frank) (1908), Eduard (Edward) (1911), Helen (1913) and Fritz, born 1915.

Aaron Zemlock; Neenah, WI. ZEMLOCK, (ZEMLYAK), JURASOVICH, PANKRATZ, FREIMUTH; Oslip, George Zemlyak settled 1857 in the town of Bovina, Outagamie Co, WI and moved to town of Neenah, Winnebago Co, WI. He came thru the port of Baltimore in May 1857 and became a citizen in 1862.

Neal Zetter; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. ZETTER and PORTSCHY, Unterschützen. Robert ZETTER and Paulina PORTSCHY emigrated to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in the 1920s or early 1930s.

Michael Zicherman; Montville, NJ. SPIELMANN, STERN, WOLF, DEUTSCH - all from Frauenkirchen (the Seewinkle). SPIELMANN emigrated abt. 1912 to Germany; WOLF emigrated abt. 1930s to US and Sweden.

Kathryn Bauer Zickel; New York, NY. BAUER, MAYERHOFER, IBY, MORITZ, KOLBL, MAURSCHITZ, FUCHS, KIENDL, KIENZL, HUTTER, NADLER, all from Horitschon and Raiding. BAUER and MAYERHOFER families emigrated to South Bend, IN beginning in 1903.

Christopher Jay Ziegelhofer; Bristol, PA.

Joan Zieger; Middleton, WI. LANG, Mogersdorf, settled Pittsburg, PA 1906, Milwaukee, WI 1909; KIRSHNER, Mogersdorf, settled ?. JULIANA LANG, B.13 Apr 1878 in Mogersdorf to MATHIAS LANG and ANNA KIRSCHNER. Juliana married JOHANN JOSEF OBERRAUCH of Unterinn, Tyrol, Austria on 19 Aug 1900 in Vienna. Johann died on 14 Jan 1905 in Trient, Austria. Juliana emigrated in 1906 (approx.) to Pittsburg, PA to join her brother (MATHIAS?) already there, and then married CHARLES ZIEGER and moved permanently to Milwaukee, WI.JULIANA and JOHANN had two children, RUTH MINNIE OBERRAUCH b. 1896? and JOHAN FRANZ OBERRAUCH b. 1902. I am the grand-daughter of RUTH MINNIE OBERRAUCH and Great-grand-daughter of JULIANA LANG OBERRAUCH ZIEGER. I have more details on each of these people.

Thomas J Zieger; Coraopolis, PA. ZIEGER, Muhlgraben, Eberau. Settled in McKees Rocks, PA early 1900s.

Brad Ziegler; St. Louis, MO. GMOSER, Zahling; settled in St. Louis, MO.

Larry Zierhut; Minneapolis, MN. ZIERHUT, KNOTZ, BIERBAUM, KOPPI, LUN(T)ZER, THEILER, NEUBERGER & SATTLER; Zanegg (Mosonszolnok), St. Peter (Moson Szt. Peter), St. Johann (Moson Szt. János) in Hungary and Andau in Burgenland. St. Peter and St. Johann were combined and the city is now called Jánossomorja. These families settled in Minneapolis, MN in the late 1800s and very early 1900s. (Northern Burgenland)

Barbara Zigelhofer; Placerville, CA. ZIEGELHOFER, ZIEGELHOFFER, HUBER, NUSSBAUM. Lived in Oedenburg. Came to the US through New York City in 1893. Settled in Marshfield, MO.

Patrick Zimanyi; Montreal West, Quebec, Canada. ZIMITS, KARTYAS, KAROLY (Vasalja, Vas, Hungary), BENI, EGYED (Vas, Hungary), KREZNERITS (Kormend / Vasalja, Vas, Hungary).

Barbara Zimmerman; Lincoln, NE. GOESCHEL, Gols.

Dennis Ziniel; Mandan, ND. ZINIEL, BRIGLE, settled St. Anthony area (south of Mandan) around 1900.

Pamela Zogman; Port Hadlock, WA. ZOGMANN, Welgersdorf, settled Chicago, IL 1921.

Michelle Zoncick; Kernersville, NC. ZONCSICH, SCHATOVICH, TESCH, PRIKOSOVITS, and BILLISICH; Frank Zoncsich and Sidonia Schatovich were born in Unterpullendorf-Alsopulya (Central Burgenland) and emigrated to South Bend, IN in the early 1900s.

Benjamin Roman Zotter; Kukmirn and Graz, Austria. ZOTTER in Kukmirn before 1821 and the descendants of Rulof Zotter (son of Franz Zotter born 9.12.1864 in Kukmirn and Anna Kropf).

Frank Zotter; San Diego, CA. ZOTTER, St. Martin ad Raab, Neumarkt ad Raab. Settled in Pittsburgh, PA.

Thomas A. Zotter; Albuquerque, NM. ZOTTER, LANG, WINDISCH; Welten / Sankt Martin an der Raab; emigrated to Pittsburgh, PA (Northside).

Linda Zotter; Syracuse, NY. ZOTTER, DOX / DAX, BRININGER / BREININGER, Gritsch. Settled in Pittsburgh, PA starting in 1900.

Paul Zotter; Pittsburgh, PA. ZOTTER, WINDISCH, PETANOVITS, LANG, SCHNEPF, GMEINDL, from Welten and Doiber, all settled Pittsburgh, PA.

Diane Zoulek; Kentwood, MI. JURISCH, Parndorf, Wittmannshof, Halbturn, settled NY 1903; SUPAK, Bashotz, Bosac, settled Michigan 1911; PEZUCH.

Joseph Zumpf; Homosassa, FL. ZUMPF, Bernstein. BINDER; Markt Allhau. Both settled in Chicago (IL) in 1900. Religion: Lutheran. Janos/John ZUMPF, born 19 May 1883, baptized 20 May; parents - Jozsef Zumpf (shoemaker) and Barbala (Barbara) Pertl (?). Maria BINDER, born 31 May 1888, baptized 1 June 1888; parents Jozsef Binder and Maria (surname is faded). Per Chicago Marriage index: John Zumpf, age 29, married Mary Binder on 21 September 1911. On the 1940 census, this couple is listed as alien (not naturalized). He is listed as a car cleaner for the RR. Daughter Helen, then-age 15, is listed as an assistant in an auto mechanics shop. Daughter Rose is married to Peter Valentinnia, who is an auto junker.

Trinka J. Zweig; La Jolla, CA. FLEMISH, FLAMISH, MAYER, MAIER, Neustift, settled Los Angeles, CA. My grandmother Maria Flemish Mayer was a twin. Her brother's name is John. They were born on January 29, 1905. Their mother was Cecilia Groeller, who died a few days after they were born. There were 3 or 4 older sisters. After their mother was gone, the children were separated to live with different families, except the twins. Maria Flemish Mayer came over to the USA on the boat when she was 18. She was sponsored by one of her sisters. She married Frank Mayer (Maier) and had children, Frances, Della, Johnny, and Howard. Any information you can give me about her family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Trinka

Frank J Zwetolitz; Coplay, PA. ZWETOLITZ (ZWETOLITSCH), Rabafüzes, Raabfidisch, Hungary, settled Coplay, Bath, PA. BENDL, Grossmürbisch (Kleinmürbisch), settled Coplay, Bath, PA. KARLOVITS, Strem, settled Bronx, NY and then Nazareth, PA. TITZ, Strem, settled Bronx, NY and then Nazareth.

Judith E Zwickl; Mesa, AZ. ZWICKL, Tadten. Settled in Herndon, KS. Religion: Roman Catholic. Michael Zwickl is my husband's great grandfather. He emigrated to Herndon, Kansas in September of 1879. He was born 18 Aug 1843(?) in Tadten, Neusiedl Am See, Burgenland, Austria.

Kenneth Zwickl; Locust Grove, VA. ZWICKL, (ZWIKL, ZWICKLE), Poppendorf, settled PA.


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