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Carole Quinn; Lindenhurst, IL. KANNAPES (CANNEPES, KANAPES, KANAPESZ). Tobaj. Frank Kannapes had sisters named Hattie and Anna.

Irene Musser Quirus; Warrington, PA. Stella MONDSCHEIN, Poppendorf; John MUSSER, Allhau, settled around 1920 in Philadelphia, PA. LORENZ, Poppendorf.
Barbara Raabe; Sammamish, WA. GELBMANN, RATH, GRIEMANN, STROMMER, Wallern; ZWICKL, BINDER (PINTER), LENDVAI, Tadten; GELBMANN, WURZINGER, Andau; STEHLE from Trillfingen, Germany to Halbturn; KOENIG from Funfing, Styria to Halbturn. KOENIG came to St. Paul in 1888. ZWICKL came to Kansas in 1879. GELBMANN came to St. Paul and Nebraska and Tacoma in early 1900s.

Joseph Racz; Souderton, PA. RACZ, Tobaj. Settled: New Paltz, NY (Hudson Valley).

Keiron Rado; Brisbane, Qld, Australia. RADÓ, HEISSENBERGER (HEISZENBERGER); also WEILER, BRODMANN (BRODMAN, BROTMAN(N)), PAUSS (PAUSZ), PREINSPERGER (PREINSBERGER), HÁRÁMI (HÁRÁMY), SCHECH (SCHECK, SCHECKH), CSERER, PRANGER, KIND, STOBER, BINDER predominently from Rechnitz (Rohonc), Markt Neuhodis, (Varos Hadasz) Alt Hodis; also Steinamanger (Szombathely) Torony, Se.

Frank Radostits; Evergreen Park, IL. Frank RADOSTITS, Neuberg, Settled in Chicago, IL in 1922.

Susan Raich; Berwyn, IL. ZAMBO Alexander, Oberwart. Settled in Chicago, IL about 1913. ZAMBO, nee MÜLLNER Franceska, Oberwart. Settled in Chicago, IL about 1921. She and 4 children joined husband Alex (Sandor).

Susan Elizabeth Raich; Berwyn, IL. ZAMBO, Oberwart, (Szalank?). Settled in Chicago, IL beginning around 1911.

John Rajkovacz; Muskegon, WI. RAJKOVAC, BALOGH, HORVATH, VARGA, RINGLBAUER, Schachendorf, Dürnbach, Zuberbach. Settled in Muskegon, MI 1929.

Karyn Rammer; Amherst, MA. RAMMER/ROMER, Boldogasszony to Philadelphia, PA. ROMMER, REINER, MEIDLINGER, NAGOVITZ Boldogasszony/Frauenkirchen to Philadelphia, PA.

Jordan A Ramsey; Paris, IL. FABSITS, WASCHITS. Chicago, IL and then Paris, IL.

Bonnie Randall; San Jose, CA. SANDHOFER, Purbach. Settled in Wisconsin, USA, around 1855. Seeking additional information on my maternal lineage. Sandhofer (aka Szondhofer) surname. Direct ancestors sometimes cited as being born in 'Hungary' or 'Germany' on US Census record and death obituaries.

Jerry Rangitsch; Great Falls, MT. KLEMENSCHITZ, Oslip; settled in Montana. RIESINGER, Oslip; RANGITSCH, Halbturn; EHM.

Lynne K Ranieri; Short Hills, NJ. HOLLENDONNER, PUM. Deutsch Ehrensdorf. Settled in Trenton, NJ and Pennsylvania, some near Philadelphia and some near Jeanette, PA.

Peter Raskovic; New Glarus, WI. Alois (Louis) & Julia HANNER emigrated to Nazareth, PA around 1900-1907. Occupation; Cement Plant worker / farmer.

Hunter Rauhofer; Merritt Island, FL. RAUHOFER, Mattersdorf (1875). Josef Rauhofer (28 September 1875 in Mattersdorf / 24 February 1939 in Baden) was an Austrian politician. Rauhofer 1924 to 1927 Governor of Burgenland from 1927 to 1928 and member of parliament. Rauhofer attended elementary school and graduated Mattersdorf after the secondary school of Sopron in the Upper School, where he graduated in 1895. After he initially wanted to enter the profession of a Catholic priest, he studied at the Royal Academy of Law in Bratislava and graduated in 1899 with the degree abs. iur. off. He was afterwards clerk in Sopron, Travnik and Bihac and passed the judge's examination at the High Court in Sarajevo. After working at the district courts as Gerichtsadjunkt Cazin and Sarajevo in 1906, he joined the Bosnian government and the country was then in 1907 an official of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian state railways. He subsequently worked professionally from 1912 to 1917 in the Department of General Verwaltuings and personnel matters of national government in Sarajevo where he was appointed in 1914 for the Government. After a short time as a civil servant in the Ministry of Nationalities in Budapest Rauhofer changed on 1 October 1919 in the Austrian civil service and was employed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs as head of the literary offices in Burgenland service. He was from the 7th November 1921 Board Member of the Ödenburg home service was, on 11 August 1921 appointed Councillor and served as Abstimmungskommisär in Sopron. After that he was from the 3rd January 1922 representatives of Robert Davy and provisional director in Bad Sauerbrunn, Chief Executive of the land border offices and on 1 April 1923 to the personnel officer of the Burgenland provincial government appointed. My grandfather was Ernest Rauhofer born 14 May 1904 in Sarajevo, Bosnian-Herzegovinian while his father was in Sarajevo, applied to became a U.S. citizen in 1936 and died 13 Aug 1979 in Pinellas County, Florida, USA. I am looking for my great grandfathers' parents, birth records, marriage records and my great grandmothers name. I have been handed down his family ring, medals, some paper work and a his framed picture witch is a copy of the one hanging in the government building in Eisenstadt.

Valerie (Lebb) Ravenscraft; St. Charles, MO. LEBB, SEPER, Oberwart; GYOROG, SZABO (SABO), Unterwart. LEBB, GYOROG settled in St. Louis, MO. SEPER, SZABO settled in St. Libory, IL.

Jefferie Ray; Bakersfield, CA. VALIKA, SEPER, FARKAS, FUCHS, Unterwart; settled St. Louis, MO. One of the VALIKA's was born in Rotenturm an der Pinka.

Fred Reckker; Sarasota, FL. Paulus ROKKER (RECKER, RECKKER in US) from Strem; Maria SCHABHUTL from Hungary; EBERHARDT from Deutsch-Bieling (Nemetbükkös) and DEUTSCH from Also Rönök. Descendants DEUTSCH settled in Pennsylvania abt 1898 and RECKER / RECKKER settled in Port Huron, MI 1894.

Terri Reddington; Escondido, CA. Franz REINISCH born 1884 Moschendorf. Settled in Northampton, PA 1923.

David Redmond; Telford, PA. HAFFNER, HAFNER, KLEINSCHUSTER; Gerersdorf. Settled Northampton Co, PA.


Patricia Reed; Camdenton, MO. LANG, LENDWAY, Zanegg. LANG settled in Dubuque (IA) in 1913. Religion: Roman Catholic. My grandma was Mary Lang. She was born in Zanegg Austria in 1892. She came alone to the US in 1913. None of her family came with her. I have reason to believe that Mathias Lang and Barbara Lang who were settled in Iowa might have been her aunt and uncle. I have funeral cards for both of them and they were born in Zanegg also.

Renee Reed; Atlanta, GA. TOTH, Csankanydoroszlo, Vas, Hungary, settled Northampton Co, PA. BAJAN, Halogy, Vas, Hungary, settled Nazareth, Northampton Co, PA.

Alois Regner [wrong]; Winthrop, MN. REGNER, FRUWIRTH, MOSER, St. Andrä. To US 1907.

James Rehberger; St. Paul, MN. REHBERGER, ROSENHAUR, Sankt Andrä. Settled St. Paul MN 1882. STROMMER, PITZEL, Apetlon. Settled St. Paul, MN 1910.

Herbert Rehling; Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Burgenland, Austria. REHLING, NEUBAUER, NIKA, OCHSENHOFER, KUH, POSTMANN, Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Sulzriegel, Jormannsdorf, Oberschützen, Drumling, Schlaining, Neustift, Goberling, Grodnau. Place settled was Chicago area, IL.

Joseph Francis Reich; Covington, Louisiana. GUELLI, KREMSNER, Urbersdorf. Both settled in Passaic (NJ) in 1922. REICH, Aka (Hungary). SCHMIDT. Both settled in Passaic (NJ) in 1900. Franz Guelli (my maternal grandfather) married Hedwig Kremsner (grandmother). Ferenc Reich (paternal grandfather) married Rosalia Schmidt (grandmother).

Luisa Reichardt; East Moriches, NY. Theresa YANNY (JANY, JANI); Poppendorf. She came to the US in 1922 and settled in Queens, NY. Sister, Cecelia KOPPEL. In NY, she married John REICHARD, also from Austria.

James Reichel; Yardley, PA. REICHL, BURKHART, Kleinmürbisch. Settled in Coplay (PA) in 1896. Religion: Roman Catholic. Joseph REICHEL (1873-1928), Julia REICHEL (BURKHART; 1869-1946). Both buried in Holy Family RC Cemetery, Nazareth (PA).

Chris Reicher [wrong]; Chicago, IL. REICHER, WESSELLY (VEZELY), Kleinpetersdorf, KOELLER, LENCS, GARGER, REINISCH, Moschendorf, Güssing. Settled in Chicago c.1924.

Rev. A. Paul Reicher; River Forrest, IL. REICHER, SCHNELLER, Klein Petersdorf; GRAFF, OSWAILD, Mischendorf. Parents emigrated 1921-1923.

Victoria Reicher; Zionsville, PA. SCHODISCH, Grosspetersdorf, settled in Oberwart in 1808; ERNST, FUCHS, Markt Allhau, settled in Chicago, IL in 1920; KRUG, THIRRING, Odenburg.

Walter Reicher; Eisenstadt, Austria. REICHER, KNOPF, WESSELY (VESSELY, WESZELY, VESZELY), KRISMANITS (KRISCHMANITS) of Kleinpetersdorf.

Fred Reichl; Toronto, Ontario, Canada. REICHL, Kukmirn, Bocksdorf; Franz REICHL settled in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 1929-30. TURY, Olbendorf; KLEPEIS, Deutsch Tschantschendorf; WAGNER, GRAF, Olbendorf.

Joe & Sharon Reid; St. Paul, MN. GREEMAN, Illmitz and TSCHIDA, Halbturn. Settled in Mandan, ND and St. Paul, MN in the 1880s to the 1890s.

Annissa Reiger; Beckley, WV. REIGER; Hannersdorf. Settled in Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI.

Pat Reigle; Encinitas, CA. MARAKOVITS, HOFFMANN, TARAS / TARITS, KOLOWITCH, SOKASITS (not direct line) Villages: Punitz, Güssing. Emigrated in early 1900s to Bergen Co, NJ.

Mary Knotz Reilly; Savage, MN. KNOTZ, St. Peter, Hungary, WACHTLER, St. Johann, Hungary, settled in Minneapolis, MN 1881.


Curt Reinik; Reading, PA. REINIK, Mogersdorf (Nagyfalva); DECKER, SCHERMAN(N); Kukmirn (Kukmer); settled in Allentown, PA.

Jennifer Marie (Scott) Reinhart; Clearwater FL. KROBOTH, settled Pa.

Walter Reininger; Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. REININGER, Neckenmarkt; T(H)OMIS(Z)SER, Jabing. Settled Toronto, Canada.

Anthony Reinisch; Northampton, PA. Franz REINISCH born 1885 Moschendorf, in USA 1923.

Hermine Reinisch; Australia. descendent of Josef KOCSAR (KOSCHAR, KOCAR) of Brunn near Fehring, Eastern Styria. Family hailed from Stadelberg near Bonisdorf, both at the southern tip of Burgenland (Hungarian Hegyszoros or Szottina, parish of Jurij which today is in Slovenia).

Andrea Reiter; Vienna, Austria. PINKAS, Graz, Mattersburg, Bratislava; BRANDL, Mattersburg, Budapest, Gödöllö, Sopron, Deutschkreutz, Wien; GÖTZL, Graz, Mattersburg; ABELES, Mattersburg, Budapest, Sopron, Bratislava; SINGER, Mattersburg, Bratislava, Baden bei Wien; DEUTSCH, Mattersburg, Frauenkirchen, Lackenbach, Wien, Baden bei Wien, St. Margarethen, Eisenstadt, Frauenkirchen; KOHN, Mattersburg; STEINHOF, Mattersburg. Personal genealogy website

Christine Reiter; Vienna, Austria. URSCHICK; Rauchwart.

John Joseph Reiter; Las Vegas, NV. Josef Reiter, born 1896 to Johann and Maria (Luttenberger) Reiter, to NYC in 1923. Married Esther Bogad.

Alan Reitter; Columbus, OH. REITTER, Klostermarienberg. My grandparents were Gabriel and Magdalena Reitter. Gabriel came to the United States in 1910. My grandmother Magdalena, along with my father Stefan (Stephen) and my uncle Gabe, came over in 1921 after the embargo was over. They are buried in Mt. Calvary in Columbus,Ohio.

Nancy Rellihan; Independence, MO. PUHR, HOEFFER, FUCHS, Pilgersdorf; settled in Rosedale, KS 1881.

Delores Remy (nee Stangel); Minocqua, WI. Theresa OBOJKOVITS (1901-1996) Neuhaus, Johan STANGEL (STANGL), 1901-1984) Jabing, Both came over on the Hansa in 1921, settled in Chicago, IL. John OBOJKOVITS, Neuhaus, times and place similar.

Robert M Rene; Woodland Hills, CA. RECHNITZER, Frauenkirchen. Settled in Budapest,Vienna and finally Berlin. Died of natural causes 1936 (pat. grandfather). My father (Vilmos RECHNITZER) served in Austro-Hungarian Army 1915-1918, 38th Honved Division emigrated to US 1925 (New York, NY) Changed name to William Rene, died 1984 Van Nuys, CA.

Jim Rennard; Keystone Heights, FL. KOHLER, KOEHLER, KOHLLER, Güssing; settled Allentown, Lehigh, PA. LIEBENTRITT, Güssing. MARX, Raabfidisch, TOTH, Heiligenkreuz; settled Bethlehem, Lehigh, PA.

Robert Reppert; Emmaus, PA. TREIBER, NOHRER; Grosshoflein, migrated to Lehigh Valley, PA late 1800 to early 1900.

Marc Resch; Hoboken, NJ. My grandfather is from Stegersbach and his name is Alouis RESCH. He came thru Ellis Island in 1933.

James E Reumann; Perry Park, KY. REUMANN, GLOCKL, NEMETH, VARGA, ERNST, EISENMAGEN, ROLL, SÁROS; Deutschkreutz (Sopronkeresztur).

Christine Marie Reynolds; New York. STRANZL, SPANITZ, HAFNER, Gerersdorf. Settled in Coplay/Allentown (PA).Religion: Roman Catholic. The above names would be my great-grandparents and Great-great-gradmother (Spanitz). I can provide proof of the names by a ship manifest of my great grandfather coming to the US in 1922. There is also a link to the Fandl name.

Linda D Reynolds; Homer, NY. TRINKL from Hungary and DEUTSCH from Austria who came to USA around 1900 to NYC, then to Chicago, IL, then settled in Central NY. There were many relatives in NY and PA.

Kristi Richard; South Bend, IN. GF Michael WUKOVICH, Nikitsch, GM Victoria SLAVITS, Minihof. Settled around 1920 in South Bend, IN.

Beverly Richards; Leduc, Alberta, Canada. Stefan SCHMIDT, Vienna, Elizabeth TSCHIDA, Illmitz; settled Etzikom, Canada. Johannes TSHIDA, Illmitz, settled Eden, SD. Johanes TSCHIDA, Maria VOLKERDORFER, Micheal TSCHIDA, Illmitz.

Cheryl Richardson; San Diego, CA. Micheal HAIDER, Illmitz, settled 1883 Mandan, ND. KROISS, MILLNER, MULNER, MULLNER, Illmitz, settled 1887 Mandan, ND. I believe Michael Haider's parents were Georg Haider and Maria (maiden name unknown). Georg Haider was born in 1831 in Illmitz and I believe Maria was born in 1838 in Illmitz. I believe Elizabeth Millner's parents were Josef Muellner, Sr born 1835 in Illmitz and Theresia Kraiss or Kroiss born in January 1835 in Illmitz.

Nathan Richie; Lafayette, CA. KACSITS. Grossmutschen (district of Mattersburg). Settled in South Bend, IN before 1914.

Suzanne Richmond; Hillingdon, Greater London, England, UK. STREUSLER, Sopron & Wiener Neustadt. Settled in London

William Richner; St. Paul, MN. GRUBER, Pamhagen. Settled in St. Paul?

Marianne Richter; Vienna, Austria. RICHTER, Tobaj, MESSENLEHNER, Punitz, settled New York, around 1915.

Sandy Richter; Caseyville, IL. HALWACHS, Kroisegg; SCHUTZENHOFER, Grafenschachen. Rose Halwachs and Frank Schutzenhofer settled in East St. Louis, IL.

Mary Sullivan-Rickey; St. Paul, MN. Anna Maria BAYER (PAYER, PAYR), Johann SCHNABL, Michael POGATSCHER, Maria POGATSCHER, Donnerskirchen, settled United States around 1860. Anna Maria BAYER married Johann SCHNABL on 8 Feb 1848 in Donnerskirchen. They had a child, named Johann SCHNABL on the 2 Dec 1849. Anna Maria's husband Johann SCHNABL died sometime during the year of 1849, supposedly according to family story in a boating accident in Budapest. Anna Maria returned to Donnerskirchen as a widow, and married Michael POGATSCHER in Donnerskirchen on 5 Feb 1850. They then had a child named Martin born on 8 Feb 1852, who then died on 23 Aug 1852. A daughter Maria was born on 17 May 1853. Supposedly all POGATSCHER's disappeared from Donnerskirchen around 1860.

Alec Riedl; Knoxville, TN. RIEDL, Markt St. Martin.

Anne Riener; Grapeview, WA. RIENER, Sankt Johann, Mosonszentjanos, Hungary, settled Kansas / Idaho.

Christine Rincon. LANG, Mogersdorf. Anna (born 1894) settled in Pittsburgh (PA) in 1923, while her brother Karl (born 1886) settled in Pittsburgh in 1924. Anna was my Grandmother. Other ancestral names I've uncovered are SOMMER, KLANDL, WOLF, MAIER, SCHREI. Am not aware of any other migrations to the US.

Joseph Ringbauer; Columbia, MO. RINGBAUER, Buchschachen. DANIELS, Kitzladen. Both settled in Chicago, IL. RINGBAUER, KOCH, Markt Allhau.

Joseph E. Ringhoffer. RINGHOFFER, Ikervar (Vas Megye, Hungary). Arrived in New York in 1887. Great-Grandfather Josef and Grandfather Alexander passed through Missouri to Texas. Josef buried in Jack County (TX). Alexander is known as the "Father of Arches National Park" in Utah.

Joseph S. Rios Jr.; Lawton, OK. KRANTZ, Gerersdorf, settled PA abt. 1902, PALLISH, Olbendorf, settled PA abt. 1902, WEBER, Vaskeresztes, Hingary, settled PA abt. 1903, GEIDER, Hagensdorf, settled PA abt. 1906. John Krantz born: 23 January 1885 died: 15 May 1953, Martha Pallish born: 29 July 1884 died 4 April 1963, Ignatz S. Weber born: 1 February 1881 died: 18 September 1935, Susanna Geider born: 21 November 1887 died: 16 June 1988. I have a public family tree with Ancestry.com along with Ancestry DNA.

Daniel Rieppel; Marshall, MN. Johann RIEPL, came over to the US in the 1880s from Gols.

Lynn Ries; Rockville, MD. GABRIEL, Grosspetersdorf, settled in NY; SAGMEISTER, PLANK, KASPER, Grosspetersdorf; REICHL, Rudersdorf, settled in NY.

Patrick K. Riley; Maplewood, NJ. UNGER, LEEB, Tadten. Religion: Roman Catholic. My Great-Grandfather Stefan UNGER (b. October 13 1829; d. February 4 1913) and and his wife Susanna LEEB (b. June 14 1837; d. February 8 1905) were married April 28 1856. Their children: Stefan (m. Susanna LEEB); Susanna (m. Stefan Leuzer); Matthias (m. Elizabeth Etl); Johann, my Mother's Father (m. Stella LANG in USA); Maria (m. Paul WURZINGER); Michael (m. Elisabeth WURZINGER ); Andreas (m. Theresia ZWICKL); Theresia (m. Josef HATOS); Katharina (m. Martin FISCHER, in USA) I plan to visit Tadten Oct 22, 2016 from Vienna.

Christine Rincon. LANG, Mogersdorf. Anna (born 1894) settled in Pittsburgh (PA) in 1923, while her brother Karl (born 1886) settled in Pittsburgh in 1924. Anna was my Grandmother. Other ancestral names I've uncovered are SOMMER, KLANDL, WOLF, MAIER, SCHREI. Am not aware of any other migrations to the US.

Julia Ritschka; Leobendorf, Lower Austria. BARLOGH, (BALOGH) und VARGA, Schachendorf u. Rechnitz, to Chicago, IL.

Wilma (Derkiss) Rittinger; Whiting, NJ. Josef DERKICS, Stegersbach, Julianna SHIFKOVITZ, settled Butler, PA 1908. My grandfather, Franz DERKICS arrived in 1908, with his sister Anna DERKICS, and their father, Josef (Josephus) DERKICS to go to Butler, PA. Julianna DERKICS is buried in St. Peters Cemetery in Butler, PA.

Andrew Rittner; Ashford, CT. SUCHER, KAJTAR. Settled all New Britain, CT 1904; ZOTTER, all from Neumarkt a/d Raab. Religion: Catholic. Karl (Karoly) Kajtar married Aloisia Sucher (mother's maiden name Theresa Zotter). Had a daughter Maria in about 1895, who was baptized Catholic in Saint Martin a/d Raab. All moved to New Britain, CT in 1904 (earliest ship manifest I can find)

Mary Niemeth Rivers; Arlington, TX. Researching NEMETH, ZWICKL, KLEIDOSTY, KASZTLER, PINTER, VARGA, EZSI, LENDVAY, GREMANN, KUGLER. Paul and Katharina ZWICKL NÉMETH left their home in Tadten in September 1879. Settled in Herndon, Rawlins County, Kansas. Németh spelling changed to Niemeth.

Philipp Robak; Steinbrunn, Burgenland, Austria. ROBAK, Steinbrunn.

Theresa Robbins; Franklin, MA. MARTON, Hannersdorf. I believe my great grandfather Anton Marton lived in Hannersdorf in the 1920's. He was born in Austria, married to Frances Perl of Vienna. They emigrated to Southern Rhodesia in 1880's or 90's.

Vicki Roberts; New Jersey. ZETTL/CZETTL, NEUBAUER, PLAUKOWITCH, Rába-Keresztúr/Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitztal (AUT), Rába-Fűzes/Raabfidisch (HU). Religion: Roman Catholic. My Great-Great-Grandfather --- Ferenc Czettl --- was born in Rába-Keresztúr in 1857, and settled in Gasztony close to 1900. I have most of his and his wife's records, if not all. I am trying to dig deeper into his family line. I was able to follow it to about 1829, and then the records stop for that village. My mother came to America (NJ) during the 1956 revolution. I will be going over there in a few weeks, and hope to view whatever church and civil records might be available at that time.

Bill Robey; Baltimore, MD. FLANDORFER, KROBOTH; Kroatisch Ehrensdorf. Settled in Bethlehem, PA.

Boyd Robinson; Drumore, PA. NIKITSCHER, Deutche Kaltenbrunn, settled Allentown, PA. Joseph Nikitscher, son of Joseph Nikitscher and Julia Frisch, born 5 Feb 1905 in Deutsch Kaltenbrunn, arrived NY 5 Oct 1926, married Mary Hellen Seier 15 Aug 1936 and settled in Allentown, Lehigh, PA had two daughters, Evelyn Ruth 1938 and Ruth Ann 1939 and was killed along with spouse in auto accident on 25 Apr 1945. Searching for information on mother and father who apparently never immigrated.

Elaine Robinson; Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. NIKLES, FASCHING, Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitztal. Settled in Edmonton, Alberta.

E Robinson; Lethbridge, AB, Canada. NIKLES, FASCHING from Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitztal. Anna BOANDL was born in Zahling (Kis Kortrelyes).

Ursula Robles; Bakersfield, CA. ZWICKL, Tadten. Settled in Herndon, KS. Religion: Roman Catholic. The first-born males were traditionally named Sebastian Zwickl. In the mid to late 19th century they settled in Kansas and became farmers. My Grandmother was Lillian Zwickl from Herndon, Kansas. They spoke German. I'm not sure of much else. I'd like to learn more.

Angela Roche; Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, UK. SVETITS, Steinfurt.

John Patrik Josef Roche; Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, UK. SVETITS, Strem. Settled in PA, 1930s.

Karen Roche; Orland Park, IL. POMPER, Moschendorf. BOISITS, Sankt Michael. Both settled in Chicago (IL). Religion: Roman Catholic. I am not sure that "Boisits" was the correct spelling of the last name. I think it was changed. Also, we were told we were Catholic, but not sure that this is the religion they practiced in Austria.

Cathy Rock; Suffolk, VA. HIERBAUM, VESZELITS, Neumarkt im Tauchental.

Cris Roemer; Milwaukee, WI. BINDER, TASCHNER; Rax, SIMEG, Weichselbaum (Badafalva) STRINI, Badafalva, district of Jennersdorf. Binder settled in Milwaukee, WI 1905.

Mathilde Hamedl Rogan; Wappingers, NY. HAMEDL, GROLLER, WEINHOFER, YANDRISODITS, all from Glasing, settled all 1800.

Joanne Oberecker Rogers; Davenport, FL. OBERECKER, FASCHING, Heiligenkreuz, all settled Allentown, PA. Grandfather, Josef Oberecker 1895-1965, born in Heiligenkreuz, arrived 1913 from Rabofoiszes, Hungary to Allentown, PA. Name changed to Joseph Obereker (no c). Married Berta Fasching 1899-1979, arrived 1914 from Robaf Ker to Allentown, PA. Her father, Frank Fasching was already in Allentown. Name changed to Bertha Oberecker (with the c). They ran Oberecker's Bakery in Allentown with son, born in Allentown, Joseph Rudolph Oberecker, 1921-2006, working in baked goods delivery. I am Joanne Mary Oberecker Rogers, Florida, married to Roland Gary Rogers (Moyer, Wetzel previous married names) only child, born 1948 in Allentown, to Joseph R. Oberecker & Elizabeth (Bette) Anna Baver Oberecker, 1921-2012. Both died in Florida. Continuing the descendants is my only child, Wendy Jo Moyer (Loomis), Florida, born 1973 in Allentown, to me and my husband, David Lynn Moyer, and she is married to Christopher John Loomis.

Mary Sue Pandl Rogers; Boulder, CO. BAUMANN, Poppendorf, settled in Milwaukee, WI in 1907, PANDL, Neustift b. Gussing, settled in Milwaukee, about 1905.

Theron Rogers; Gainesville, GA. MUHR, Heilingenkreuz, GRAF, Eltendorf to Hellertown, PA.

Jodie Budihas Roginsky; Danville, PA. BAUER, Raabfidisch. Settled in Catasauqua/Northampton, PA. Stephen Bauer came over through Ellis Island. He married Pauline Felix in St. Mary's Church, Catasauqua, PA, under the name of Stephen Bower, on 10 July 1911. Their daughter, Rose Cecelia Bauer, was my grandmother. Rose Bauer had children to Andrew Budihas (My Grandfather). I grew up in Catasauqua, PA.

Marilyn Rome (nee Zapfel); Streamwood, IL. John ZAPFEL (born 1848 came to America 1902), Susanna SCHUH (both married I believe in 1893), Riedlingsdorf.

Grace Demetrovits Ronan; Kensington, MD. DEMETROVITS, WAGNER, Szentpeterfa, Hungary (Vas County). Grandparents Stephen Joseph Demetrovits and Maria Wagner settled in Northampton, PA, married in the mid 1920s, ended up in NYC.

Elizabeth Rongitsch; Nashville, TN. RONGITSCH, BAUM, Halbturn, settled all St. Paul, MN.

John Rongitsch; Eagan, MN. RONGITSCH, Halbturn. Settled in St. Paul, MN in 1890. Grandfather Martin was 7 at the time.

Robert L. (Bob) Rongitsch; Mounds View, MN. I am a son (one of 8 children) of Robert E. Rongitsch, born 8/3/1920 to Michael & Berta (Pothen) Rongitsch on St. Paul, MN's west side. Michael came to the USA (along with his parents and siblings) from Austria-Hungary (I think the Halbtern area) in the 1890's. Michael (my grandfather) & Bertha (my grandmother) died before I was born in 1949. I know I have a lot of long lost cousins that I have never met.

Reginald M. Ronningen; Bath, MI. SCHWARZBAUER, (SCHWARTZBAUER), JANDL, Illmitz, settled St. Paul, MN 1890; Sauk Centre, MN; McGrath, MN 1890. LEIER, SZIGETHI (SZIGETI, ZIGERTY), Wallern, settled Stearns County, MN.

Ann Rooks; Coffeyville, KS. SCHABEL, settled U.S. 1864/1865, KAUFMANN, Langeck/Lockenhaus, GRABNER, PIGELBAUER, RANZ, WEBER, BOEHM, all people from Langeck. My gggg grandfather was Michael Schabel, born abt 1801 in Langeck. He married Anna Maria Kaufmann, born 1-2-1796 in Lockenhaus. Their son (my ggg grandfather), Joseph Schabel, was born March 20, 1831 in Langeck. On 2-7-1854, he married Theresia (first or middle name may be Rosilla) Grabner in Lockenhaus. They immigrated to the U.S. in 1864/1865 with my gg grandfather, Francis Josph Schabel, born 9-3-1855 in Langeck, and his siblings. I believe they were in New York, then moved to Kansas, settling in Leavenworth, Kansas, then Anderson County, Kansas, then finally Wilson County, Kansas. Anna Maria Kaufmann's parents were Martin Kaufmann ahd Theresia Pigelbauer, from Langeck. Theresia Grabner's parents were Johann Grabner, b: 8-18-1785 and Anna Weber, b: 4-12-1788, both from Langeck. Johann Grabner's parents were Michael Grabner and Elisabeth Ranz, both of Langeck. Anna Weber parents were Michael Weber and Veronika Boehm, both of Langeck.

Margaret Roosdahl; Golden, BC, Canada. OBERHOFER, HOFER, KLEMENTH, VERBAN, SCHUCH, HANZL, ROSSNECKER, LEITNER, HOLCZER, GROSZ. Towns included St. Michael bei Güssing, Tobaj and Punitz. Immigrants settled in New York and Saskatchewan.

Jean Ropposch; Port Huron, MI. ROPPOSCH, BAUER, ZOTTER, all Windisch Minihof

Patricia Rosa; Fort Wayne, IN. KOLLY, KALLING, SCHUSTER, PILLER, Holling. All but SCHUSTER settled in Altbach, Germany. Religion: Roman Catholic. Holling is Fertoboz in Hungary (Gyor-Moson-Sopron Counties), and my family was deported in 1946 to Schwabishe Gmund, and then to Altbach, Germany. My mother was Hungarian, and my father was American stationed in Stuttgart. They married in 1952 in Altbach. My Mother was Johanna Kolly, born July 29 1933. Her sister was Luise Kolly, born April 11 or 12th circa 1930, and her brother was Johann Kolly. Grandfather was Lorenz Kolly, born Sept 26 1906 in Holling. His father was also Lorenz Kolly, circa 1884 in Holling, died in Illmitz, Austria 1959 or 1960. Stepmother was Emilie ?? Kolly. His mother was Luise Kallinger, who died in 1912 in Holling. Grandmother was Helene Piller Kolly, born July 19 1907 in Holling. Her father was Johann Piller, who died in 1946 in Altbach, and her mother was Maria Schuster. My grandmother was 1 of 8 siblings, and an older brother left Holling, and came to America. I found a Karl Piller arriving in Ellis Island 1907 from Boz Hungary (which is also Fertoboz), and Maria Piller, arriving in 1908 in Ellis Island. I know my mother told me she had an uncle who came here and settled in New Mexico or Arizona possibly. I have a copy of the Expulsion Record from 1946, which is very interesting. I would appreciate anything you can help me with, as I can only trace my family to my great grandparents. I knew my mother was forced to leave, but I'm learning SO much more about the circumstances now. They were never bitter, and she did return once, in '92 or '96, for the re-dedication of her church. Thank you so much for this site. I have connected with one of my 2nd cousins already, and she is a wealth of knowledge of our family, and remembers my mother and my grandmother. This is so wonderful.

Christine Rosati; Allentown, PA. KARNER, Neusiedl, settled Northampton, PA 1916. JANDRISOVITZ, Deutsch Tschantschendorf, settled Northampton, PA. My Grandparents names were Anna KARNER and Martin F. JANDRIS(OVITZ). The name was changed at Ellis Island.

Albert F. Rose, Sr; Wilmington, DE. WAPPEL, FISCHER. Grodnau (Mariasdorf, district of Oberwart). Settled in St. Louis, MO.

Steven Rosenitsch; Toronto, ON, Canada. ROSENITSCH / DOMINKOVITS, Neutal; settled in Toronto in 1928-9.

Jerome P. Rosenthal; Maspath, NY. GRATZEL, GRATZL, KRATZEL, WINDISH, WINDISCH, Moschendorf, settled in Northhampton, PA and New York, NY. TAPLER, Grandfather came to America before WW-I. Military passport said his family was from Budapest.

Kathy Rosenthal; Hamilton, MT. WARTHA, Pamhagen, settled in South Bend, IN, 1881. KERTESZ, Hegykö, Sopron Megye, settled in South Bend, IN, 1882. BIACSICS, Hegykö, Sopron, Megye, settled in South Bend, IN, 1882. Stephen Wartha, born 8/14/1860, married Gazella Kertesz, born 02/28/1867 to Antal Kertesz and Catherina Biacsics, on 11/06/1882 in South Bend, St. Joseph Co, IN.

Connie Rossini [wrong]; Minneapolis, MN. MANN, HOLLENITSCH, KLEIN, WEINHANDL, EGGERMAN, SCHWARZBAUER, MARHOLL, SCHALI, PITZL, LOOZ. Illmitz, Apetlon, and Wallern in Burgenland; North Dakota, St. Paul, and Washington state in the US.

George Rothschild; Dunbogan, New South Wales, Australia. POSCH, Schreibersdorf. Gertrude's family name is POSCH, from Burgenland. Her father's name was Reinhold. His family owned a Gasthof nearby.

Diana Roth; Eppingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. KERSCHBAUM, Mosonszentpeter, settled in Germany 1946, WOLKERSDORFER, Mosonszentpeter?, CSIDA / TSCHIDA, Mosonszentjanos, settled in Germany, UMATHUM, Mosonszentjanos, settled in Germany and California. I am also searching for descendants of the UMATHUM family who settled in California.

Karen Roth; Chicago, IL. STROHRIGL, Harkau, Magyarfalva, Hungary, settled PA & Chicago, IL.

Rudolf J Rothemund; Wooster, OH. FRIESL, Tobaj

Patricia Roy; Shoreview, MN. MOSER, Apetlon. KISS, KISH, Halbturn.

John Royer; Emmaus, PA. SCHREINER, Mogersdorf. Settled in Allentown, 1905. DANWEBER, Mogersdorf. My maternal grandparents were David and Theresa (DANWEBER) SCHREINER.

Gabor Rozsnyai; Katalin-Budapest (Hungary). POLSTER, Oberschützen. Adolf Johann Polster → Johannes Polster (Birth: December 10, 1843 Oberschützen, Oberwart District, Burgenland, Austria) his father → Mathias Polster his father.

Christine Rubba; Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. POELTL, LOIBL, all Steinberg. I come from Oberpullendorf, born in Steinberg, and immigrated to Canada in 1968.

Tiziana Rubin; Venice, Italy. KORNFEIND, Szombathely. Settled in Trieste, Italy about 1920. Religion: Roman Catholic or maybe Jewish. Hello, I'm looking about my anchestor story. His name was Jozsef (or Joseph) Kornfeind, and was born in Szombathely in 1897. His father's name was Matthias. Josef had 4 between brothers and sisters, but I don't know their names. After the First World War, he moved to Trieste (Italy), and married my grandmother Stella Zappel. They had 4 children: Myrtha (1923), Attilio, Zoltan and Lucia. During WWII, he was sent to Vuchovar to manage the train traffic (he spoked fluently: Italian, German, Croatian, Hungarian and Serbian).

Donna Kerbacher Ruble; Somers Point, NJ. KERBACHER, Deutsch Tschantschendorf, settled Coplay, PA, 1913. KERBACHER, JANDRISOVITZ. YANDRISOVITZ, Tudersdorf, settled Coplay. PA, 1914.

Mark Ruchie; Minneapolis, MN. RANGITSCH, EHN(N), PFERVETER, VOLFSBAUER. Halbturn. Settled: St. Paul, MN. (Andrew-Andeas- Rangitsch my great-grandfather) October 18, 1869, Halbturn (Feltorony). Father: Jacobus Rangitsch, October 30, 1815 (Jacobus Rangisch and Anna Pferveter) Mother: Anna Ehn, Bet. 1815 - 1830 (Laurentius Ehnn, Eva Volfspauer). Baptised in Wallfahrtskirche-Frauenkirchen. Parish register states: Born 18.10.1869, baptism 19.10.1869, Andreas, male, legitimate, parents: Jacobus Rangitsch, dweller, catholic, and Eva Ehn, wife, catholic. Village: Feltorony 243, godparents: Josephus Mayer, farmer, catholic, and Elisabetha Zitrits, wife, catholic.

Bill Rudy; Provo, UT. RUDY, EKHART / ECKHART, KARLOVITS, REITER, ARTH, GULLOVITS, VURZENBERGER, WINDISCH, SIMON, SAUER, GARGER, KNOPF, SCHRAMEL in Eberau, Kulm, Unterbildein, Moschendorf, and St. Peterfa (Hungary). Settled southern NY.

Alicia Rues; Topeka, KS. Peter RUES, Hochwolkersdorf, Lower Austria, settled in Karl around 1840, married Theresia (TRIEBEL) RUES, Karl. Son Peter RUES II and wife Theresia (SCHLOGL) RUES with son Leopold RUES, Karl; arrived in New York on April 20, 1887.

Linda Ruesler; O Fallon, MO. SCHWARTZMEYER (SCHWARZMAYER), Rechnitz, settled in St. Louis, MO. Brothers Louis and Emil settled in St. Louis, MO; 3 brothers remained in Rechnitz but Frank (or Franz) worked in the US three times then returned to Rechnitz.

Rosemary Ruffenach; St. Paul, MN. PECK, FANGL, LABER, PFEFFER; Andau and St. Andrä.

Nancy Rush; The Villages, FL. BOANDL, Zahling, settled Allentown, Pa 1906. DEUTSCH, Graz, settled Allentown, Pa 1907.

Alfred Rushatz; Sanford, NC. RUZSATZ, RUSATZ, Eberau; settled Northampton, PA.

Mary Rushing; Sacramento, CA. HUSS, Sankt Johann, Mosonszentjanos, Hungary, BIERBAUM, Zanegg, Hungary, LEEB, Tadten. HARTNER, NIEDERMAYER, KREEN, PANTNER, Ragendorf, Rajka, Hungary.

Pamela Rutkowski; Lohnsfeld, Germany. PALLATIN/PALATIN, Kroatisch Minihof. KEGLOVICH, Kroatisch Geresdorf. Both settled in South Bend, Indiana. Religion: Roman Catholic. My Grandfather, Thomas PALATIN changed the name to have 2 "L"s instead on 1. His DOB was February 28, 1883; he died in 1927. His brother John also came over, and, from your site, he settled in Chicago. We never had any communication from this side of the family. My Grandmother, Katherine KEGLOVICH, was from Kroatisch Geresdorf. She was born April 30, 1891, and passed away in 1970. I am just now starting the research on this side of my family history. Your Website is awesome!

Kristina Rylander; Sweden. MOLLNER, UNGER, Wallern, settled MN. Interested in Andrew Mollner (born 1839) and his wife Anna Unger (born 1842). They lived in Wallern, house 17, street 29 with their three children Josef (born 1871), Katarina (born 1873) and Leopoldine (born 1876). I am not sure which year they emigrated to Pierz, Morrison County, MN, USA. In the US 1900 Census Andrew and Anna's grandson John Felix Shea is living with them.

Mary Ryan; Roseville, MN. KAPPEL, Salmannsdorf, settled in Winsted.
Craig Sadrovitz; Collegeville, PA. HAUZER, Raabfidisch, SADROVITZ, Bocksdorf, settled Lehigh Valley, PA.

Robert John Sagmeister; Gainesville, FL. My grandfather was John SAGMEISTER and my father was Stephen SAGMEISTER from Unterbildein. My grandmother's name was Mary EBERHARDT, also from Unterbildein. My mother was from the Ukraine. Her maiden name was Julie ROMANIK.

Laurie Millner Salameh; Chicago, IL. MUELLNER, Wolfau. SIMON, Unterschützen. Settled in Forest Park, Cook Co, IL.

Wallace D Salisbury; Plainfield, CT. POGLITSCH, Graz, Styria, Austria. Settled in New Britain, CT about 1914.

Sue Salmon; Minneapolis, MN. FINK, Allhau, settled St. Paul, MN 1910. KERN, Allhau, settled St. Paul, MN 1905. Searching for relatives of Elizabeth FINK b.1879 d.1930. Her father's name was Samuel FINK. She married Joseph PORTNER b.1883 d.1939. Before they came to the US they had one son Joseph b.1908, left with relatives in Austia. Elizabeth had two sisters Rosa and Maria. Rosa b. 1885 d. 1961, married John KERN b.1880 d.1952. She also could have had a brother Joseph. Have a letter with the address-Buchschachen 70. with his name attached.

Eugene G Salzman; Jacksonville, FL. UMATHUM, HAUSER, HAUTZINGER, NEUBERGER. UMATHUM's settled in Woodstock, IL about 1905.

Geraldine Sanders; Des Plaines, IL. KURZ Otto & Roxe, AMLER Ida, Oberschützen. Settled in USA.

Jacqueline McElroy Sanders; Charlotte, NC. WAGNER, ROSSLER, Heiligenkreuz. Settled in Lima (OH). Religion: Lutheran. Julia (15 Nov 1885 -16 August 1927) and Terez (born 23 April 1890) Wagner; daughters of Frank and Julia (Rossler) Wagner. Daughter Theresa arrived on 2 September 1912 in USA, at age 22. Daughter Julia married John Kares in Pennsylvania.

Karin Sanders; Antioch, IL. JONSER, PAPST, MUEHL, Markt Allhau, setled in Chicago. My mother is from Markt Allhau, came to USA in 1956. I am looking for her ancestors. Most of her siblings are still in Markt Allhau-but no one seems to know much else of where we came from. Her mother was Ceceila (Papst) Jonser her father Frierich Jonser- grandparents on mothers side Theresa (Muehl) Papst and Johann Papst.

Kathleen Sanders; St. Louis, MO. ROSNER, Stefan b. Jun 8, 1889 place Deutsch-Schutzen No. 65. Franz - Father of Stefan. GRATZEL, Maria - Mother of Stefan. SCHLAFFER, Maria b. Nov 30, 1893 place Deutsch-Schutzen No. 92. Anna - Mother of Maria. GRIESSLER. All from Deutsch-Schutzen, Bez. Oberwart. Settled in St. Louis, MO. Steve arrived in 1905 and Mary in 1909.

Lisa Mitterman-Sandford; Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. MITTERMAN, Schmiedrait, settled Toronto, Ontario Canada 1928. Father Arnold Mitterman (November 16, 1942), Grandfather Ferdinand Mitterman (April 29, 1910) who immigrated to Canada in 1928. Great Grandparents are Theresia Mittermann geb.Kirnbauer (1870) and Johann Mittermann (September 26, 1867).


Vanessa (Bammer) Sandhu; Orefield, PA. PAMMER, Inzenhof, Settled in Whitehall, PA. KAINZ, Eisenberg an der Pinka, settled in Whitehall, PA. GABRIEL, SINKOVITS, Woppendorf, settled in Coplay, PA. Josef and Rose (SOMOGYI) SPAITS, Kemesmál, Hungary, settled in the West Coplay/Coplay/Northampton area. Religion: Catholic. Stephen and Anna (Kainz) Pammer emigrated to Whitehall, PA. Frank and Mary (Gabriel) Sinkovits emigrated to Coplay, PA. Pammer family name was changed to Bammer. Stephen Pammer died in 1930 after an accident at Coplay Cement. Thomas Pammer / Bammer is their son.

Elin Sandy; New Orleans, LA. SZENDI, Kroatisch Ehrensdorf, settled NJ & PA.

John E Sangster; Taranaki, New Zealand. SATTLER, Andau. Settled in Taranaki, New Zealand, 1874. Mathias SATTLER married Barabara UNGER from Andau.

Mark Sanhamel; Woodridge, IL. SAUHAMMEL, WELTLER. Kitladen, Loipersdorf, Buchschachen. District of Oberwart. Settled in Evanston, IL.

Hannelore Santa; Germany. SANTA, SCHANTA, CSEH, GYÖRI, SIMITZ; Jakobshof, Oberradling, Unterradling.

John Santana; Brentwood, NY. TOMISER (TOMISSER/THOMISSER/TOMISZER), BALIKO, EBERHARDT, HEFLER, Jabing [(Vas)Jobaggyi, Hungary]. Religion: Roman Catholic. Ignaz TOMISSER (born January 2, 1880 to Ignaz Thomisser and Teresia Eberhardt) married Anna Baliko (born July 30, 1885 to Mihaly Baliko and Anna Hefler) on February 18 1909. Their daughter Franciszka was born on January 10, 1910, and remained in Jabing until after WWI (and then to NYC), while Ignaz and Anna arrived at Ellis Island (March 24 1910, aboard the SS Caroline out of le Havre; and April 16 1912, aboard the SS America out of le Havre, respectively). They settled in Manhattan, where Anna gave birth to three sons --- (1) Richard Rudolph (born January 14, 1913 - died February 1981). Firefighter, FDNY. Wife Julie ("Eileen"), son Richard, daughter Julie-Ann; (2) Michael Joseph (born March 22, 1915 - died April 6, 1975) - my Grandfather. New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority, station supervisor at Jay Street Station in Brooklyn. Married Bertha Silvester CROWE. Two daughters: Ann Frances Catherine (born August 16 1939 - died November 30 1968) and my Mom Joan Theresa (born September 15 1943); AND (3) Charles John (born April 29, 1918 - died June 25, 1993). Fire Inspector, FDNY, and, later, Melbourne (Florida). Wife Alice, no children.

Bertie Sargis; Bloomingdale, IL. HORVATH, BALASKOVITS, STEFELY, HODITS, PUSKARITS, VUKITS, from Schachendorf (Southern Burgenland). Emigrated to Muskegon, MI and Chicago, IL.

Kyle Sattler; Milestone, SK, Canada. SATTLER / SZATTLER / SADLER, LAZARUS, REINER, NEGLER / HEGLER; Tadten. TARSSA / TARTSA Matias immigrated in 1912 through New York to Canada.

Lori Sattler; Redfield, SD. SATTLER / GARTNER, Illmitz. Settled in Roslyn and Eden, SD (Sattler), St. Paul and Two Inlets, MN (Garatner).

Martin Sattler; Tadten, Burgenland, Austria. SATTLER, settled Regina, KLEIDOSTY, FISCHER, all from Tadten.

Kitty Friedbauer Sauber; New York, NY. (von) SCHEY, FRIEDBAUER, DEUTSCH from Koszeg, Sopron, Papa, Eisenstadt and Vienna. NYC, Sidney, Melbourne, London.

Phyllis Sauerzopf; Nazareth, PA. TRAUPMAN; Eberau and Kulm; PONI (PANY?); Punitz and Kulm, FANDL; Kulm

Florence Saunders; West Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada). LANG (1800-?), LASSU (b. 1882), FROHNAUER (nee GRUBER), FROHNAUER, Szent-János/Sankt Johann (now part of Jánossomorja, Hungary). Religion: Roman Catholic. Maria LANG (nee FROHNAUER; Great-great-Grandmother). Parents Josepheus Frohnauer and Anna Frohnauer (nee GRUBER).

Gary Saurer; Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada. grandparents John SAURER & Theresia (nee SCHOCK), Hannersdorf, settled in the village of Pinewood, Ontario, Canada after WW-I where they farmed until the late 70s. Theresia had a sister Mary and a brother Frank (Schock) who settled in Chicago, IL.

Rainer Saurer; Pinkafeld, Burgenland, Austria. SAURER, KUH, TRATTNER, NICKA, POSTMANN, Drumling; SAURER, Neustift b. Schlaining; HEROLD, TRIPAMER, Loipersdorf; WUKITSCH, KUDERER, Grafenschachen.

Susan Savin; Milwaukee, WI. GESTL, Limbach. Settled Milwaukee, WI 1924. Religion: Catholic. Karl Gestl immigrated from Limbach, Austria to US in 1924. My Grandfather. We Believe his father was John Gestl Lehigh, PA.

Karen Savoie; Beverly Hills, FL. BEILER, Bad Tatzmannsdorf.

Bruce Saxe; Coon Rapids, MN. SAXE, HELLER, SANFTNER, all Mönchhof, all settled Columbus Twp., MN; HOFFMAN, LUNZER.

Bob Sbertoli; Carol Stream, IL. Researching FUSZ, from Welgersdorf and FRITZ from Neumarkt. Settled in Chicago in the early 1900s.

Karen Scaglione; High Ridge, MO. SCHUCH, Rohrbach, settled Chicago, IL. FASEL, Neuberg?; OSWALD, WAGNER.

Sarah Schabel; Northville, MI. WEBER, DACHS, Jennersdorf, all settled Pittsburgh, 1902est, ZOTTER, Gritsch, ZIEGER, Welten, all settled Pittsburgh, 1922. Josef Zieger (b:5-Oct-1887) married Maria Zotter (b: 3-Apr-1892) and immigrated to the US permanently in 1922 along with their daughter Marie (b: 26-Sept-1916). August Weber (b: 1890??) married Rose Dachs (could be Dax?) and immigrated temporarily to the US sometime before 1904. They had a son, August Weber(b: 8-Aug-1904) born in Pittsburgh, PA and then returned to Austria approx. 1906. Rose (Dachs/Dax) Weber died on the return trip. August Weber Sr. then remarried and had additional children, while staying in Austria indefinitely. August Weber Jr. returned to the US permanently in 1928 and married Marie Zieger in 1936. August Jr. died 1-Feb-1959 and Marie died 27-Nov-2006. August & Marie are my paternal grandparents.

Marcus Schadl; Frauenberg, Bavaria, Germany. SCHADL, KOLLER, KROBOTH, KOGLMANN, Raabfidisch, Rábafüzes, Hungary. KOLLER, Radling, Rönök, Hungary.

Barry J Schaefer; Massapequa, NY. REITERER, SCHAFFER, Graz, Kulm (respectively), settled in Pennsylvania about 1918.

Arthur Schaffer; Chicago, IL. PAPST, Allhau, SCHAFFER, Rotenturm. EKKER Rotenturm, DERKOVITS, Neuberg, Kohfidisch, WOLFER, Kohfidisch, GRAMERIN, Rechnitz, OSWALD, Rohrbach, HEINRICH, THALLER, WILFLING, GOLLES, Grosswillersdorf, Sochau, SCHWARZIN, PAURIN, ZACHIN, DILLINGERIN, ZIERMANN, UIDL, PAUSS, MADL Markt Allhau. Settled in Chicago, IL.

Karen Schaffer; Reading, MI. SCHAFFER from Kirchfidish and KEGLOVITS from Sulz. Both grandparents immigrated to Northampton, PA and married and moved to Lima, OH and then to Toledo, OH where they died in 1972 and 1974.

Klaus M Schaffer; Kirchfidisch, Burgenland, Austria. SCHAFFER, POMPER, HOLZER; Kirchfidisch, Kohfidisch; DRAGOVITS, Tudersdorf; emigrants of these families settled in IL, PA, NY, CA.

Robert Schaffer; Tinley Park, IL. SCHAFFER, Rotenturm, Settled 1857; HEINRICH, Unterwart, Settled 1857; PAPST, Markt Allau, Settled 1859; ZIERMANN, Markt Allau, Settled 1864. I've come across my grandfather's genealogy research and looking to take up where he left off...his name was Arthur Rudolph Schaffer.

Daniel Schally; Valdez, AK. SCHALLI, Illmitz. Settled St. Paul, MN.

Bonnie Lackner Schantzenbach; Macungie, PA. Grandfather John LACKNER, Kukmirn, (grandmother was from Vienna... WIESENEDER) We believe she married a man with the name of Hafner (not sure of spelling). My grandfather settled in the area of Allentown, PA.

Carolyn Scharnitz; Tampa, FL. Frank LANG, Theresa KORPITS, Mogersdorf, Eisenburg, we think-settled in Allentown, PA 1906. not sure...married in Allentown, PA 1908.

Bob Schatz; New York, NY. SCHATZ of Urbersdorf, Strem, Glasing, MARTH of Urbersdorf, STRANZL of Urbersdorf, KEPPL of Strem and Urbersdorf, FÜRST, PIETSCH of Glasing, UNGER of Tobaj, NEUBAUER of Sumetendorf, UNGER and SCHWEITZER of Tobaj, WEINHOFFER and PETERSIEL of Szt. Nicholaus, HOFER, HEILIMAN, HADL, REICHL and STRÜMPFL of Urbersdorf, FEIGL of Glasing and Fürstenfeld, Styria. KÖNIGSHOFER of Fürstenfeld Some settled in Allentown, PA.


Susan Schaukowitch; San Bruno, CA. SCHAUKOVITS (SCHAUKOWITSCH), BEUTL, STUBER, Heiligenkreuz; settled Pueblo, CO. Julia HEBER, Heiligenkreuz, settled Huntington Park, CA.

Anton Schedl; Allison Park, PA. SCHEDL, Oberpullendorf or Oberloisdorf. Steffan SCHEDL emigrated to Ulanjik, Croatia about the turn of the century. I would like to know what relatives are still living in the original town in Burgenland he emigrated from. We left Ulanjik Nov 19, 1944 and came to the US.

Bela Scheiber; Boulder, CO. WINKLER, Sopron; FELLNER, Deutschkreutz, Sopron; BODANSZKY, TAUBER, KUGLER, Deutschkreutz.

Steven C Schepis; Pine Brook, NJ. WALITS, LIETNER; Deutsch-Tschantschendorf, MIKSITS, Güssing. Settled in the Bronx, NY, Passaic, NJ around 1930.

Gustav Schermann; Zahling, Burgenland, Austria. Seeking descendents of Rudolf SCHERMANN, Zahling, emigrated to 8568 Drury Lane, St. Louis, MO. Also Johann SCHERMANN (wife Stephanie) emigrated to Milwaukee, WI or St. Louis. Emigrated between 1900 und 1920.

Joseph Schermann; St. Louis Park, MN. SCHERMANN, STIFTER, Deutsch Geresdorf, settled in Winsted, MN, 1860s.

Ronald Scherman; Burnsville, MN. SCHERMANN, Salmannsdorf. Settled in St. Paul, MN, 1923.

Connie Schield; Stone Lake, WI. STEIFF, Konigsdorf, settled in Allentown, PA in 1912; GRABNER, Limbach, settled in Allentown, PA in 1913; SCHRAMPF, Limbach; TRINKLE, Konigsdorf. Looking for information on Franz Steiff and Theresa Trinkle, my paternal great grandparents. I believe they were both from Konigsdorf. Their son, Joseph, immigrated in 1912. He married Rosina Grabner (Limbach) in Allentown in 1916. I also need information on my maternal great-grandparents, Joseph Grabner (1841-1905) and Theresa Schrampf (1851-1921). They were from Limbach.

Candace Schildknecht; St. Louis, MO. WEXLER (WECHSLER), TAPLER from Neustift bei Güssing. CONRAD, KONRAD(T), KONRATH, PETERSIEL from Gaas. Settled in Ormrod, PA. Some settled in St. Louis, MO.

Gerald J Schiller; Pittsburgh, PA. SCHILLER, WÖLFINGER, SCHÜTTER (SITTAR, SCHITTER), MARLOVICS(Z), Zuberbach, settled in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, PA.

Angela Schimenek; Largo, FL. SCHIMENEK, STRINI, Krobotek, settled in Allentown, PA. Josef Schimenek, 1896-1956, emigrated 1926 to Allentown. Hedwig Strini, 1894-1992, daughter of Andrew and Maria Strini, emigrated in 1929 to Allentown. Children were Heinrich 1921-84, Margarethe, 1922-94, Josef 1926-2004, Otto, 1930-97, Helmuth August,1931-2008 St. Petersburg, FL and Rudy, 1933-2003.

Virginia Schimmelpfenig [wrong]; St. Louis, MO. KARNER b 1815 Austria, BURTMEYER / BURKMEYER. Settled in New Orleans, LA 1847.

Amanda Rose Schin; Coplay, PA. STOISITS, FASSMAN.´

Michael Schinkowitsch; Am Kühberg, Germany. SCHINKOWITSCH Franz from Deutsch-Kaltenbrunn. Emigrated to Germany after WW-II.

John Schipisch; Salem, NY. SCHIPISCH (SCHIPITS), OSWALD; Jabing to New York and Chicago 1922.

Delores (Dee) Schuh Schjerven; Mt. Prospect, IL. SCHUH, MUSSER, SCHADEN, STEGER. Riedlingsdorf, the MUSSER family originated in Allhau. My parents immigrated to the US and settled in the Chicago area.

Mike Schlagel; Byron, IL. SCHLOGEL, Bubendorf, settled Winstead Minn 1869; SCHMERMANN, Bubendorf, settled Winstead Minn 1864, LIEBEI, Hammer, settled Winstead Minn 1892, TISCHLER, Lockenhaus, settled Winstead Minn 1893, SCHUTZ, BAUMGARTNER, Deutsch Gerisdorf, all settled Winstead Minn 1868.

Harry Schleipfenbauer; Landgraaf, Netherlands. SCHLEIPFENBAUER, MAYERHOFER, HEULING, lived in Sopron, Judenburg, Neckenmarkt, Knittelfeld. Settled in Landgraaf, Netherlands and Gledbeck, Germany.

Gertrude Schlener; Fredericksburg, VA. LANGASCH, SCHLENER, (Schlemer) OBERECKER, Poppendorf, Heiligenkreuz (Southern Burgenland).

Joshua Schlener ; Los Angeles, CA. SCHLENER, Zahling. SIMON, Kukmirn. Both settled in Allentown (PA). BOANDL, (unknown). Religions: Lutheran and Reformed. Theresa Simon (b 4 November 1884 - d 1978) arrived 1903. Frank Schlener (b 1 March 1884 - d 1957) arrived 1903.

Steve Schley; Hayward, CA. ZIELINSKI, Steinberg. Settled in Chicago 1906.

David R Schmaldienst; Hegins, PA. Joseph SCHMALDIENST and Juliana SIMANDEL. Deutsch Kaltenbrunn. Settled in Allentown, PA.

Richard Schmaldinst; Zionsville, PA. Rudolph SCHMALDIENST- Deutsch Kaltenbrunn, Julia ERNST- Kukmirn, Ludwig LAGLER- Deutsch Kaltenbrunn, Theresia LÖFFLER(LOEFFLER), Zahling. All settled in Allentown,PA,1901-1902. Surname changed to SCHMALDINST early 1900s; not related to other Schmaldiensts who settled in Allentown.

Steve Schmall; Dubuque, IA. SCHMALL, MAGDITS, Moschendorf and Ernsdorf; settled - via Passaic, NJ, via Allentown, PA to Mason City, IA.

Richard Schmalzer; Bartlett, IL. SCHMALZER, KLEPITCH, Hannersdorf. Settled in Chicago.

Karen Schmalzel; Allenton, MI. JANI / YANY from Deutsch Tschantschendorf, UNGER from same area- both married SCHMALCZEL from Pornoapati, Vas, Hungary. JANI immigrated to New York about 1914 then to Pennsylvania once married and finally settled in Detoit, MI about 1920.

Paul L Schmelzer; Park Ridge, IL. Looking for records and/or the home town of JOSEPH BITTERLEITNER, "a windmill maker near Vienna." He was born about 1829, arrived in New York Sep. 5, 1852 and settled with his family in Chicago, IL.

Henry Hans Heinz Schmidek; Peacham, VT. Leopold Otto SCHMIDEK.


Christina Jeanette Schmidt; Clovis, CA. SCHMIDT, TOTH, Gaas. Stephen SCHMIDT lived and was laid to rest in Gaas, while Marguerete TOTH, Baltzhauser Stephen SCHMIDT, Theresia SCHMIDT, John Schmidt, Maria (Mary) SCHMIDT, Frank Paul SCHMIDT, Charles John SCHMIDT all settled in Northampton, PA. Religion: Catholic.

Curt Schmidt; MN. SCHMIDT, Sankt Andrä, settled SD, IA.

Hilda A Schmidt; Magnolia, DE. Father Stephen is from Pernou (Pornopati), mother has roots in Moschendorf.

John Schmidt; St. Paul, MN. TSCHIDA, SCHMIDT, Pamhagen. Settled in Minnesota and South Dakota.

John J Schmidt; Omaha, NE. PECK, ANGELE, WEISHAPEL; Andau. SCHMIDT, WACHTLER, LANG, NICK; Sankt Johann, Moson Szentjanos. Families immigrated to Omaha, NE in 1880s and 1890s.

Joseph P Schmidt; Northampton, PA. Grandparents: Stephan SCHMIDT, aus Pernau, Ungarn, und Julia KORNHEISL, aus Oberlaa bei Wien.

Mark Schmidt; Reading, PA. SCHMIDT, Moschendorf; settled NYC, 1921-22. GM Johanna and GF Paul SCHMIDT. She came to the US in 1921-22 with my father, Joseph SCHMIDT, about 5 years old. My grandfather was a German soldier, killed sometime in 1917-8.

Patricia Adriana Lopez Schmidt; Buenos Aires, Argentina. SCHMIDT, Drößing, Austria; SCHNEIDER, Wallern; settled Argentina. I am the granddaughter of Michael Schmidt born in Drößing (son of Michael Schmidt and Ines Rastel) and Elisabeth Schneider born in Wallern (daughter of Franz Schneider and Maria Stanff). They got married in 1924 in Córdoba, Argentina when he was 44 and she was 28 and both had been previosly married with Catalina Stenseil and Enrique Denk respectively, both burried in La Cumbre and Córdoba City.

Robert Schmidt; Apple Valley, MN. SCHMIDT, BACHER, EBERSDORFER; Sankt Andra, Fruenkirchen (North Burgenland), Schmidt immigrated to Clayton Co., IA in 1870s.

Stephen T Schmidt; Penn Valley, PA. MIKLOS, Mischendorf; MIKLOS, BUCZOLITS (BUSOLITS), MALIC, JANDRASIC, KREUTZWIESNER, Grossmürbisch; SOMMER, KELLER, KLUCSARITS, Güssing; JOST, Graz (Styria), KURTA, Fürstenfeld, Styria.

Steve Schmidt. SCHMIDT, TRAUPMANN, Moschendorf. SCHMIDT settled in Coplay (PA), Passaic (NJ), Bronx (NY); TRAUPMANN in Pasaic (NJ). TRAUPMANN, Heiligenbrunn. BAUER, Bildein. Religion; Roman Catholic.

Wilhelm A Schmidt; Allentown, PA. SCHMIDT, Pernau, Pornoapati, Hungary, settled USA. I am the son of Johann (John) and Martha SCHMIDT, brother of Gertrud SCHMIDT (Connors). All of us were born in Pernau 1945, 1912, 1921 and 1945. We were deported in 1946 and immigrated to the US in 1955. My parents died 1985 and 2009.

Bob Schmitt; Burbank, CA. KARALL, Grosswarasdorf, settled Chicago.

Janice Schneider; Burnsville, MN. LENTSCH, HAIDER, TSCHIDA, UNGER, in Pamhagen; SCHUSTER, PREINER, NEUDAUER in Apetlon; HALBAUER, SOMMERS in Wallern.

Joe Schneider; Laguna Woods, CA. SAUHAM, BALFAI or BALFAY. Immigrated in 1873 & 1875, from Wolfau, Austria-Hungary, to Labette, Neosho & Crawford Co's, KS.

Fred Schneidinger; Schwenksville, PA. SCHNEIDINGER, FASSL, RAUCH; Rotenturm an der Pinka; settled in Ambler, PA in about 1908.

Joseph Schneller Sr.; Palatine, IL. Martin SCHNELLER, Großpetersdorf, Neumarkt married Appolonia WEBER, Neumarkt; son, Josef SCHNELLER, Neumarkt married Pauline DIMBOKOVITS, Neumarkt; settled in Chicago, IL 1923

Susan Schober; Silver Spring, MD. PIELER, Kemeten; settled Baltimore, MD 1929.

Mark Schock; Rose Hill, KS. SCHOCK (my grandmother's maiden name was also SCHOCK, but my grandparents were not related, in living memory anyway) Grosspetersdorf, settled in Northampton, PA, circa 1922.

Angyne Schock-Smith; Phillipsburg, PA. SCHOCK, Grosspetersdorf, settled Northampton, PA, 1921-22. My grandfather was Josef and grandmother was Josefina, both born in 1894. My cousin Mark Schock is also a member on this site.

John Schoeberlein; Vienna, VA. KARNER, Wolfau, settled Aurora, IL. I am researching my mother's parents who emigrated to the US and apparently due to the handwriting by the immigration authorities changed their last name to KANNER from KARNER.

John and Karen Schoenfellinger; Holland, Pennsylvania. SCHÖNFELLINGER, Stadtschlaining. My husband is the grandson of Gustav Schoenfellinger (Schönfellinger). Gustav was born in 1893, in the village of Varos Szalonak, Hungary (now Stadt Schlaining, Austria). He was the youngest of nine children and immigrated to NYC in 1912, eventually settling in Philadelphia. The family's religion was Lutheran at that time. Five of his siblings immigrated to NYC between 1903 to 1910, most settling in Philadelphia (one unknown). His oldest brother, Johann, became a successful businessman in Vienna. Wonderful website!!! Without your information, we would not have learned about Gustav's birth village and siblings.

Lawrence Scholler; Lewes, DE. SAILER, Marz, settled La Crosse, WI 1911; TSCHOLLAR, Fertörakos, Hungary, settled La Crosse, WI 1907. Maria Sailer emigrated in 1911; Mathias Tschollar who she married emigrated in 1907. In Ellis Island records Sailer was recorded as Seiller; for Tschollar it was recorded as Csollar. They had modified their names so that at the time of their deaths it was Mary Schaller and Matthew Schaller.

Robert Schonfelder; Mission, TX. Pinkafeld; THIER, HOFSTADTER, RABELHOFER, KRONNAUER; Settled in Chicago, IL.

Andreas Schoredits; Cape Town, South Africa. SCHOREDITSCH, BARISCHITZ, Drassburg, settled South Africa. Teresa, daughter of Michael Barisich and Elizabeth Jambrich, settled in South Africa in 1938. Andreas, son of Andreas Soredits and Maria Tomaszovits, settled in South Africa in 1937. These were my mother and father.

Ed Schraith; Phoenix, AZ. SCHRAITH, HIRCZY, (Grieselstein, Jennersdorf, Burgenland). JAINDL, KRENN, KOHL (Gillersdorf, Steiermark, Henndorf). To Milwaukee, WI in 1923-1930.

Jim Schraith; El Dorado Hills, CA. SCHRAITH, settled Milwaukee.

Lauren Schrammel; Palatine, IL. SCHRAMMEL, Pornoapati, Hungary; settled Chicago, IL 1956. My father John Schrammel born October 24th, 1943. Immigrated to Chicago with his mother, father, 2 brothers, and 3 sisters. Settled in Palatine, IL.

Frank J Schranz; Phoenix, AZ. SCHRANZ, Schonherrn, Schmidrait. Franz Schranz emigrated to Elizabeth, NJ, from Schonherrn, Hungary in 1904. His son, Frank, grew up in Schonherrn and moved to Schmidrait after his mother died. He emigrated in 1921, leaving behind two sisters. His older brother died in WW-I.

Mark Schranz; Palatine, IL. Ernst SCHRANZ SR. Grandson of Ernst Sr. son of Ernst Jr. Ernst Sr. was from Steuben born in 1900 passed in 1970(Chicago) Emigrated to the US in 1923(Milwaukee, WI) Settled in Chicago. Children include Irma Bones, Doylestown, PA and Ernst Jr. passed June 14, 2005. Grandson's include myself (Mark) and Kurt(Chicago, IL) Two great grandchildren Kristine Schranz and Steven Schranz both in Palatine, IL Kristine born May 14, 1994, Steven, born, February 26, 1992.

Melanie Schranz; Toronto, ON, Canada. SCHRANZ, PIPLITS. Stegersbach and Bernstein, Settled in Kitchener, ON, Canada in 1953.

Thomas Schranz; Vienna, Austria. Surnames of my fathers father and mother : SCHRANZ Johann, FRÜHWIRTH Elfriede; Tschurndorf. She is somehow connected with the STEINER family in Kobersdorf.

Viktor Schranz; Los Angeles, CA. SCHRANZ, Drumling (Stadtschlaining, Bezirk Oberwart). Johan SCHRANZ lived in Drumling in the early 1800s. He married Rosina BRUCKNER. Their son, Janos Schranz was born in 1830.

Rudi Schreiner; West Hills, CA. SCHREINER, BUBICH, Grossmutschen. Koloman Schreiner (1920-1975). Had a sister in Frankenau (Genoveva Schwarz), another sister in Unterpullendorf. Oldest brother (Karl Schreiner) moved to Canada (Alberta) after the war. Large number of relatives in Grossmutschen and Kleinmutschen (district of Oberpullendorf-Gemeinde Frankenau-Unterpullendorf). Several members of the Bubich family moved to Canada (London).

Herman M Schuber, Jr; Dublin, GA. SCHUBER, Pöttelsdorf, LANG, STROMMER, Balf or Hirm. Settled in Chicago.

Albert Schuch; Vienna & Kleinpetersdorf, Austria. SCHUCH of Kleinpetersdorf and Bachselten, SAUERZOPF, SUPPER, KRAMMER, WAGNER, SCHABHIETL, ZVITKOVICS, ROTHEN, JANISCH, PFINGSTL of Stegersbach and surroundings, SINKOVITS, ENZENBERGER, GOLLATZ, POLTZER, WEBER, SAGMEISTER, HALVAX of Kleinzicken, Kotezicken and surroundings. Interested in Burgenland and Hungarian history.

Gary Schuch; Stroudsburg, PA. EBERHADT, GANSFUS, Jabing, all settled NY, NY. Religion: catholic.

Ingeborg Schuch; Vienna, Austria. for genealogical details see the entry of my brother (Albert Schuch). Time permitting, I am happy to assist with translation problems (German-English; English-German).

Bill Schuetter; Orland Park, IL. SCHUETTER, SCHÜTTER, GRATZL, GYACKY, SEPER, LUISPERBECK, FRIESL, PÖRL, Pinkafeld (Pinkafo), Unterwart, Kemeten(?). Settled in Chicago.

Steve Schuh; St. Louis, MO. SCHUH, Oberwart, FARKAS, Unterwart, settled 1922 Chicago, St. Louis. SCHUH, BALIKO, Oberwart, House#523 in 1897; FARKAS, POS, Unterwart, House #186 in 1894. Schuh-Farkas, Schuh-Baliko, Schuh-Wenzel, Schuh-Arthoffer, Farkas-Pos Baliko-Muth, Wenzel-Rock, Baliko-Bocksor, Muth-Imre.

Thomas Schuh; Venetia, PA. SCHUH, KIRNBAUER, Riedlingsdorf. SCHUH settled in Chicago in 1906. Religion: Lutheran. Johann (John) Schuh, born 1 November 1881, confirmation 21 April 1895 in Pinkafeld, emigrated to Chicago in 1906. Tobias Schuh, born 27 January 1845, Riedlingsdorf (Father of Johann). Marie/Maria Kirnbauer Schuh, born 5 January 1849, Riedlingsdorf (Mother of Johann).

Schuk (Schuh); Savona, B.C., Canada. SCHUH, Moson St. Peter.

Nancy Schukat; Lombard, IL. SIMON, Unterschützen; settled in Forest Park, IL. MILLNER (MUELLNER), Wolfau; settled in Pittsburgh, PA. My mother is Henrietta SIMON MILLNER born in 1919 in Unterschützen. She came to America when she was around 19 years of age. My dad was born in 1908 (or 1909) in Wolfau and came to Pittsburgh, PA with his twin sister when he was 16 years of age. He then moved to Forest Park, IL where he met my mom.

Jessica Schulz; Appleton, WI. BEISENSTEIN, Purbach, settled Neenah, WI, Religion: Catholic. I saw my ancestors names listed under the 'Buried in Wisconsin' page...Charles and Joseph Beisenstein. I am a direct descendant of their sister Caroline. i don't see any other information about Beisensteins on the website however?

William Frank Schultz; Calgary, Alberta, Canada. SCHULTZ, Gattendorf, settled Bruno, Saskatchewan, Canada, Religion: Catholic. My Grandfather, Frantz Schultz and my Grandmother Katharina Schultz (nee Slanits) were born in Gattendorf Burgenland Austria ( 1898 &1896 respectively) and my father John Schultz was born in Gattendorf Burgenland Austria in 1921. They immigrated to Bruno Saskatchewan Canada in 1928.

Alex Schuster; Vienna (Austria). KAPPEL, POSCH, STIFTER, Deutsch-Gerisdorf. PUHR, Bubendorf. PETZ, PÖTZ, Pilgersdorf.

Carol R. Schuster; Williamsburg, VA. SULDERITS/SOLDERITS, HUTTER, KROPF, FORJAN, Inzenhof. Settled in America before 1850. Religion: Roman Catholic. Ancestors attended St. Emmerisch just over the Hungarian border. Johann SULDERITS, Sr. (great grandfather) was born about 1865-70. His wife Maria HUTTER (great grandmother) was born about 1870. I do not know Johann's parents, but Maria's parents were Leopold and Maria Hutter, who had four children: Maria (Johann's wife), Rose (m. BLAUKOVICH), Francesca (m. John GOLLINGER) and Leopold, Jr. Francesca (Fanny) HUTTER GOLLINGER emigrated from Inzenhof to Coplay (PA), in the early 1920s and her daughter Mary (m. John TAKER) emigrated with Lou's grandparents to America in 1929. Johann SULDERITS, Sr. and his wife Maria had at least one child Johann SOLDERITS/SOLDERITSCH (Lou's grandfather). He was born in Inzenhof on May 18, 1890. His wife Theresia FORJAN (Lou's grandmother) was born on January 8, 1897; presumably in this same area of Burgenland. Theresia's parents were Anton FORJAN and Theresia KROFT. Johann SULDERITS/SOLDERITS/SOLDERITSCH and his wife Theresia emigrated from Inzenhof in 1923 to Coplay, PA, leaving their three children temporarily in the care of their grandparents at their farm at 138 Inzenhof bei Gussing. They were Maria SOLDERITS (Lou's mother, b. 1915, in Inzenhof), Johann (aka John Wayne b. 1917 in Inzenhof), and Hedwig (b. 1919). The children were finally reunited with their parents in Cleveland (OH), in 1929. John SOLDERITSCH, Jr. returned to live out his life in Inzenhof, but Theresia remained in Cleveland (OH) to raise their five children --- Mary (Lou's mother), John, Hattie, Albert, and Emil. She died there on Feb. 23, 1969. We do not know exactly when John died, but he supposedly took his own life on his parents' farm. I know there are other SOLDERITSCH families who lived in Coplay (PA), but I am not sure how they are related to Lou's family. My theory is that Johann, Jr. may have had siblings or possibly uncles that we do not know about. I would love to know more about these Solderitsch families.

Eric W. Schuster; Greenville, MS. MARINITS, KRAMMER, Stegersbach, settled New York, NY. Maria Marinits was one of five sisters that moved from Stegersbach to New York, New York between 1912 and 1930.

Jim Schuster; Mahtomedi, MN. Researching: SCHUSTER, WEINZETL from Apetlon. Emigrated 1903. Family lived briefly in Stearns Co, MN, then moved to St. Paul, MN.

Marianne Schuster; Berkeley, New South Wales, Australia. RIBARICH, Und, Hungary; PLOHOVICH, Zillingtal.

Steven Schuster; Boise, ID. Mary RINGHOFFER, my grandmother, came from Grodnau circa 1911; her mother, same name, came circa 1905; settled in Chicago, IL. Vincent WALTER, my step-grandfather, came from Mischendorf about 1919, had fought in Austrian Army on Italian Front in WW-I, wounded by shell burst.

Edward Allen Schutzenhofer; Marion, IL. SCHUTZENHOFER, Grafenschachen, settled East St. Louis, IL. Grandfather Josef SCHUTZENHOFER born 2/25/1878, immigrated in 1903.

Ronald Schutzenhofer; Herrin, IL. SCHUTZENHOFER, Grafenschachen. Settled in East Saint Louis, IL.

Dr. Brian Mark Schwab; Reading, PA. SCHWAB, SEIER, Moschendorf, SAYER, Pinkamindszent, Hungary, all settled Coplay Northampton; Religion: Catholic.

Juan Schwab; Argentina. SCHILLER, Pinkafeld, Religion: Roman Catholic.

Phillip Schwartz; Allentown, PA. SCHWARZ, SCHWARTZ, Edlitz. Settled in Northampton, PA. SCHUBITCH, Kleinpetersdorf. Settled in Allentown, PA. Religion: Catholic. Joseph Schwarz worked in cement mill in Hudson N. Y. And In Northampton, Pa. Stephen, son of Josef born in 1913 in Northampton. Mother Anna Mulner. Returned to Edlitz, Austria 1914. Steve came back to America in 1932. Wife Justine (Schubitch) came to America in 1927. Her mother was Teresa and her father was Carl Schubitch.

Karen (Mrs. Robert) Schwartzbauer; Edina, MN. SCHWARTZBAUER, SCHWARZBAUER, FLEISHAKER, HEIMBACHER, GRUNTNER all from Apetlon. Also researching SCHWARZBAUER's from Illmitz. Several families of Schwartzbauers in the St. Paul, MN area.

Betty Schweitzer; Severna Park, MD. SOMMER, JANDRASITS, Grossmürbisch; SCHWEITZER, HUBER, Tobaj.

Dennis Schweitzer; Berlin, CT. BINDER, Rax, HAMMER, Grieselstein. Settled in New Britain, CT in 1911 and 1913 respectively

Margaret Scott; Nunica, MI. POLANYI, Schachendorf. Settled 1914 in MI. KOZARITS, STEFELY, Schachendorf. Settled in IL. BALASKOVITS, Schachendorf. Settled in MI. POLCER, PLATAISZ, Alsocsatar.

Patricia Screpetis; Pineville, LA. DAMWEBER (Damweber, Danweber, Domweber, Donweber, Dunweber), BUKMITSZ, LANG. Wallendorf, Deutsch Schutzen and Raabfidish (Rabafüzes, Hungary), Eisenberg.

Marlys Sebasky; St. Joseph, MN. HIRCZI, Henndorf, Jennersdorf, Neusiedl bei Güssing, Heilgenbrunn.

Terence & Gloria (Goodman) Sebright; Thomaston, GA. GUTMANN, born in Breitenbrunn; ENGEL, St. Andrä; SCHAFFER, born in Neusiedl, died in Breitenbrunn.

Evelyn Seegraves; Palm Bay, FL. MANDL, BRUNNER, FORJAN, from Grieselstein, Jennersdorf. MANDL's settled in New Britain, CT in 1906. Names associated with MANDL, BRUNNER & FORJAN are DEUTSCH, WEBER, NEMETH, MUND SCHARDL, GEIGER, WINDISCH, PFINGSTL and FEITL.

Mathilde Seidl; Bronx, NY. MESSLEHNER, Punitz, settled Bronx, NY.

James Seifert; New Ulm, MN. Interested in information concerning the priest Father Alexander Berghold, born Nov 14, 1838 in St. Margarethen, Styria, Austria; died Nov.18,1918 in Mooskirchen, near Graz, Styria, Austria. Founder and former pastor of the Holy Trinity Cathedral Parish in New Ulm, MN 1869-1890. Diocese of New Ulm is considering building a memorial to him because of his heroic accomplishments.

Pat Seiler; Grace, ID. SEILER, TISCHLER, Sankt Andrä. Settled in North Dakota.

Deborah Seitz [wrong]; Lockport, IL. SEITZ, KAST, NEUSIDEL, Austria. Settled in Chicago, IL about 1930.

John C Seitz; Mt Airy, MD. John SEITZ, Grossmürbisch, settled in Easton, PA; Elizabeth ALBERT, Slovenia, settled in Easton, PA; Maria BIEBER, Güssing, settled in Allentown, PA.

Jeanette Selleck; Houston, TX. ZWINGER, HAFNER, NOLZ, GOELTL, Frauenkirchen, and or St. Andras, Settled in Parkston, SD.

Franz Sellmeister; Wr Neudorf, Austria. SELLMEISTER, SZELLMEISTER, SELMEISTER, SZELMEISTER, Lackendorf (Bezirk Oberpullendorf), HAFENSCHER; Operpetersdorf or Kobersdorf (Bezirk Oberpullendorf).

Louis Selmeci; Auckland, New Zealand. SEIFERT, Wien. KRONAWETTER, PANINGER, Rust. My father was born: Lajos, Karoly, Pal Seifert; 8-Jul-1897. Changed family name to Selmeci 1938. Parents of my father: Ferenc, Karoly Seifert b:19-Oct-1850 Wien, d:27-Apr-1907 Budapest, Albertina Maria Acs b:14-Apr-1864 Udvard (CH) d:13-May-1938 Budapest. Parents of my Grandfather: Ferenc Seifert b: 1919 Wien, d:27-Apr 1878, Anna Maria Kronawetter date? Rust Burgenland. Parents of Anna: Mihaly Michael Kronawetter and Kristina Panninger both of Rust, Burgenland.

Thomas Seltsam; Austria. SELTSAM, Rechnitz, settled in New Jersey and Enzersdorf an der Fischa (Lower Austria); GRÜNZEIS, Szombathely, Hungary; KUGEL, Rechnitz.

Ottilie Janda Semaan; Sydney, Australia. POTTENSTEIN / PODENSTEIN, HEINSCHINK / HANSCHING, PROSLER / PROSSLER / PROZLER, POESCHL, PURCH, HARTL, WARSITS / WARASITS; Wimpassing an der Leitha (Vimpac, Hungary). My great grandparents names were KRAXNER and ZACH, Sopron, Sopron megye (former Oedenburg). Also related names: Hagen Mozelt, Pointner, Puntigan, Reiter, Schicker.Seiler, Trichtl, Wasy, Weisz.

Jane Semler; Danielsville, PA. SEMLER, GANSTER, Kleinmürbisch, settled Coplay, PA. John Adolph SEMLER born 1901 and Emilia GANSTER born 1902 came to New York in the early 1920s got married and settled in Coplay, PA.

Robert Semlitsch; Arcade, NY. GRAF, Litzelsdorf (Lödös). SEMLITSCH, Kroboteck (Horvatfalu), district of Jennersdorf. Both settled in Buffalo, NY 1900s.

Julie Shana Sem; NY, NY (born Allentown, PA). YOST, Gerersdorf settled in Allentown, PA c.1910-19; DUNST, Moschendorf, settled in Allentown, PA; DUCKOVITSCH (sp?) of Burgenland, did not immigrate.

Leo J Seman; Methuen, MA. GIGLER, Heiligenkreuz; SZEIMAN (SZEIMANN), Kleinmürbisch.

Wayne Senftner; Munich, Germany & Herreid, SD. SENFTNER, Mönchhof.

Katherina Temmel Sengbusch; North Vancouver, BC, Canada. TEMMEL, Deutsch Schuetzen (Nemetlovo), came to Canada in 1954 and settled in Vancouver in 1956. RENNER, Wallern and Frauenkirchen.

Mike Seper; North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. SEPER, Oberwart, settled Toronto

Eva Sereghy; McLean, VA. JAKAB, Bernstein; CZVITKOVICS (Sarvar / Szombathely, Hungary); WALLNER (Vienna, Sarvar, Szombathely).

Scott Seymour; Racine, WI. SCHUCH, Frank, Kleinbuchstaben? PHEILER, Caroline, Wolfau. Settled in Chicago, IL about 1910?

Shandra; Forest Hills, NY. GOLLATZ, Kirchfidisch, settled in Coplay, PA in the 1920s.

Anne Reed Shannon; Barrington, RI. PAIL, CSANDL (CHANDL), PAIL; Hagensdorf. John Chandl (Kosma Csandl), born in Hagensdorf in 1899, came to New York City at age 23. He married Theresa (Theresia) Pail, born in 1902 in Hagensdorf who came to Northhampton, PA, at age 21. They settled in Derby, CT, in 1925 and had two daughters, Margaret and Anna Chandl.


Martha Gibiser Shea; Berkley, MI. GIBISER, Königsdorf; YOST. Settled in Allentown, PA.

Lori Sheetz; Doylestown, PA. PLESSL, Eltendorf, settled Allentown, PA. DOPPLER. Interested in any information regarding my grandfather, Frank Plessl (B: 08 Aug 1883; D: 04 Jan 1946), who emigrated I think around 1908. Also, interested in my grandmother, Theresa Doppler Plessl (B: 03 Aug 1888; D: 11 Feb 1982), who also emigrated but I do not know when.

Heather Shepard; Great Falls, MT. MOLLNER, Szentjanos. THEILER, St. Johann. LUNZER, JACOWITZ, WACHTLER, and GRANTER, St. Johann area. Settled in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN in the late 1800s.

Donna Sheraden; Chesnee, SC. WENZEL, SIMON. Unterschützen, Grafenschachen(?). To Chicago and Hickory Hills, IL.

Mary C Kamper-Sheridan; Elgin, IL. My father's family emigrated to America in the early 1900s. I understand they came from Kleinpetersdorf and Neumarkt im Tauchental. My paternal grandfather's surname was KAMPER. My paternal grandmother's maiden name was BENDEKOVITZ (BENDECHOVITZ). I also have the name of RUPONOVICH as the married name of some female relatives currently living in Austria.

Chuck Sherman; Columbia, MD. WARTHBIEHLER, DUNKEL, from Graz, SCHERMANN from Gerersdorf.

Andrew Shields. RINGHOFFER, KARNER, Rechnitz. Settled in Kansas, St. Louis (MO), and Walla Walla (WA). Religion: Lutheran Evangelical. Carriage maker, saddle tree maker. Arrived in 1865, in the United States. Parents John (1825-1877) and Theresa (Karner) Ringhoffer. Children Stephen, Joe and Theresa.

Judith Fradeneck Shields; Westborough, MA. Anna ZSILAVECS, b.1881 was from Sakhos, Vas Megye, Hungary (now Skakovci, Slovenia, near Radkersburg, Styria) and Janos SZMODIS b. 1882? was from Ottohaza, Vas Megye, Hungary (now Otovci, Slovenia, near the Dreiländer-Ecke of Burgenland). They ended up in Bethlehem, PA.

Agatha Shilling [wrong]; Raleigh, NC. Ludwig BAUER, b 1871, Marie RATH, b 1870, Marie GLASNER, b 1845, Joseph RATH and Franz BAUER, all of Furstenfeld, Styria. Also interested in TAUS and SCHWEITZER who I believe to be from Furstenfeld. Ludwig BAUER and Victoria SCHWEITZER settled in Johnstown, PA.

John Shinpaugh; Norristown, PA. SCHINPACHER or SCHENBECHER or SCHOENBACHER. Neutal. Settled Montgomery Co, NC. Note: Ancestor, Lorenz Schoenbacher, born Neutal (Bezirk Oberpullenndorf) arrived in NY in 1777 as a Hessian mercenary from Hessen Kassel.

Charlotte Sholes; Denver, CO. LEIER, MUELLNER, Pamhagen. Emigrated to St. Paul, MN.


Paul Shubert; Sandia Park, NM. LUIF, WARTLER, HORVATH, Riedlingsdorf, settled in Chicago, IL in 1907; GARBER, MIRTL, GUGER, Sankt Martin in der Wart, settled in Chicago, 1907.

Mary Shultz; Schererville, IN. MUHL (MUEHL), SAMPEL (SAMPLE), SCHLAFFER, Farkasfalva, Wolfau. Settled in Chicago, IL with children abt. 1911. Anna Muehl (nee Sampel) traveled to US with sister Teresa from Farkasfalva arrived Apr 24, 1907 at Ellis Island. John MUHL and Anna SAMPEL married in Austria date unknown. Children Anna Teresa, John b. 1903, (both born in Austria), Maria (Mary), Joseph, and Wilhelm, (born in US). Ellis Island records show Anna, Anna, Johann and Maria (born in US age 1) arriving back to US May 6, 1911 from visit with Anna's father Joseph SAMPEL in Farkasfalva returning to husband John MUEHL in Chicago. They remained in Chicago, IL. Anna SAMPEL born Burgenland on 11/13/1875, parents Joseph SAMPEL and Anna SCHLAFFER. John MUEHL born 1873. Family still in Austria location unknown.

Alexander Siderits; Albuquerque, New Mexico. SIDERITS, Stegersbach, settled Eastern United States. ZIDERICS. Religion: Catholic.

Karl Siderits; Clancy, MT. SIDERITS (ZIDERICS), HACKER, Stegersbach.

Mary Anne Siderits; Milwaukee, WI. SIDERITS, DERKITS, PIPLITS, GMOSER, SHALK, NOVOSEL, RADANOVITS, Stegersbach. Settled in Milwaukee, WI c.1903-5.

John Sieberer; St. Paul, MN. SIEBERER and HANNAK, from Monchhof (Bezirk Neusiedl).

Diane (Polreis) Siebersma; Fort Pierre, SD. POLREIS, Sankt Andrä (am Zicksee) and Frauenkirchen. THURINGER, Sankt Andrä (am Zicksee). Both families settled in South Dakota (1875 and 1881, respectively). Religion: Roman Catholic. Great-Grandfather Martin Polreis apparently came to U.S. with his parents & siblings in 1875. Great-Grandmother Anna Thuringer came to U.S. with her family in 1881. I'm not sure if either family came right to South Dakota, or settled elsewhere first.

Edward Silver; Fort Gratiot, MI. SILVER. Samuel Silver (Jewish/Hebrew) born 15jan1879 in Austria, came to the US in 1898 (or 1883 or 1893). He was married in 1902 to Jennie ? (Jewish/Hebrew, unknown maiden name), born 1881 in Russia (who came to US in 1898 or 1883). They lived in San Francisco, had 3 children (Joel/George b1903-4, Eva b1906-7, David b1908-9), then moved to Newark, NJ.

Mark Silverman; London, UK. Grandmother Johanna (Janka) STOSSEL (STÖSSEL), Lockenhaus, settled in England, Israel / Palestine, Canada and US in 1930s. Also interested in data about family of Ludwig STÖSSEL, actor from Lockenhaus, as he and my grandmother appear to be related.

Lygia Maria Pilz Simetzberger; Neusiedel bei Güssing, Burgenland, Austria. PILZ, SOPPER, HÜTTER, IMP, LEITGEB, SCHRAGEN. Neusiedl bei Güssing, Kukmirn, Deutsch Kaltenbrunn, Dobersdorf.

Joe Simmons; Pittsburgh, PA. POGLITSCH, Jennersdorf. Settled in Pittsburgh, PA.

Ernest Simon; Pinner, Middlesex, England, UK. Father Ludwig SIMON born 11 Jun 1901. Mother Karoline SIMON born 12 Sep 1903. Both deceased. I emigrated from Austria in January 1939 (Kindertransport) to Leeds, England.

Heidi Mayer Simon; Freehold, New Jersey. DULMOVITS, Tudersdorf. Settled in New York City (NY) in 1936. LORENZ, SIMON, Jabing. All settled in New York City (NY). Religion: Roman Catholic. My mother, Anna Dulmovits Mayer, was from Tudersdorf (born October 25 1918; died February 12 2012). She and her sister Stephana (Tante Fanny) were the only two of 11 that settled here in the US. Tante Fanny married Joe Panni, also from Tudersdorf. My grandparents, Stephan and Maria Dulmovits, lived in Catasauga, PA for a short time, where they married and had Stephana. My husband's parents, Victor Simon (born September 21 1912; died 1968) and Paula Lorenz (Loerinz) Simon (born October 18 1913; died May 10 2005), were both from Jabing.

Kendall Simon; Arlington, TX. UNGER, Wolfau; SAUFNAUER, Gross Petersdorf. Settled in St. Louis, MO.

Charles E Sims; Rockford, IL. Thomas KEINZ 1883-1955 and wife Theresa WEDERITS 1885-1920; Eisenstadt; settled in Chicago, IL. about 1911. Children: Adolph KEINZ 1907-1982; John KAINS 1908-1986; Louis KEINZ 1911-1930; Theresa KEINZ 1913- ?; Thomas KANE 1915 - ?; Frank KEINZ 1917-1998; Frieda KEINZ 1919 - 1998. Note: Theresa WEDERITS parents said to be Frank & Elizabeth ERNST.

Henry Sinai; Raanana, Israel. SINAI. Eisenstadt; Floridsdorf (?); Vienna.

Wendy Singer; St. Paul, MN. Currently, DENK, FINK, CSIDA, Wallern (Valla). Conrad Fink and his wife Ursala Denk immigrated to St. Paul, MN c.1885.

Pamela J Singh (Roy); Columbia Heights, MN. My Grandparents Anna KISS, Halbturn & Joseph MOSER, Apetlon; settled St. Paul, MN (1920s).

Irene Sinkovits; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. SINKOVITS, Eisenhüttl, settled Canada in 1928.

Karen Sinn; Makakilo, HI. EHRNREITER. Village unknown. Settled in St. Paul, MN mid to late 1800s.

Karen Sitzes; Waterloo, IL. KAIN, Wörtherberg, Steiermark, Austria. Settled in St. Louis Missouri 1909.

Robert Charles Sitzwohl; Mountain View, CA. SITZWOHL, Dobersdorf, settled St. Louis, Missouri. Hello, I have traced my great grandparents, Joseph and Koustanzia, back to Dobersdorf, with the help of your site. They immigrated in 1910 and 1912 respectively. Joseph traveled with his son, Charles Frank Sitzwohl, but they parted ways in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My grand father stayed in Wisconsin and Joseph and Koustazia continued on to St. Louis where they had three more children, Arthur, Emil and Walter. One other child, Aloisia, Travel with Koustanzia in 1912. Of her, there is no word.

Karen Skwira; St. Paul, MN. THELL, Andau, settled in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.

Tina Slabonik; Harrisburg, PA. JENAKOVICH (JENAKOVITS), LIPP, Balf (Wolfs), Hungary; Josef Jenakovits (Jenakovich) emigrated to Steelton, PA, in Oct 1911. Wife Annie (Lipp) and children Frank, Agnes and Joseph joined him in Dec 1913. Religion: Roman Catholic.

Jane Glatz Smilie; Helena, MT. GLATZ, WELTLER, LEHNER, KOCH, SCHRANZ, GOGER, FASSEL (from Loipersdorf & all Evangelical), SCHLOEGL, TISSAUER, LADOVICS, SCHEIBER, LOIBL (from Hammerteich bei Lockenhaus & all Roman Catholic). SCHWARZ, SCHMID (from Rattersdorf, near Lockenhaus).

Angela Smith; Montrose, PA. HOMZA, ZOSH. Settled in PA.

Barbara Smith; Belgrade, MT. KURTZ, HOLL, BINDER, Markt Allhau. All settled in Chicago, IL. Religion: Lutheran. My grandfather, Joseph Kurtz, born in 1887, immigrated to Chicago in 1922. My grandmother, Theresia Holl, born in 1898, immigrated to Chicago also in 1922, but 6 months earlier than my grandfather. Though both were from Allhau, they met and married in Chicago. My grandfather's niece, Rose (Theresia?), was born in Allhau in 1899 and, I believe, immigrated sometime in the 1920's.

Barbara Volz Smith; Athens, OH. KORNER (KÖRNER, KOERNER), Klostermarienberg, REINER, Oberloisdorf. Bezirk Oberpullendorf; Parish Mannersdorf. Emigrated 1926 and settled in Cincinnati, OH. Also, KRUTZLER, Oberloisdorf, HOLTZER.

Bo Smith; Los Angeles, CA. HEIDEN, WEYHOFFER, Badersdorf, settled all Chicago, IL abt 1912. More sure about Joseph Heiden, b. abt 1875 Barensdorf, d. abt 1967 in Stephenson, Michigan.

Eileen Smith; Land O' Lakes, FL. FRITZ, settled PA.

Gloria Smith; Portage, IN. SABO, SZABO.

Judy Smith; Concord, CA. GUMHALTER Franziska, TABELLI Gottfried aka TAHELI, DAPELI, DABELLE from Litzelsdorf. Settled in Buffalo, NY between 1910 and 1912.

Kathleen Smith; Cincinnati, OH. KÖRNER, REINER, Oberloisdorf, settled all Cincinnati, Ohio 1926. My mother is Brigitta Korner Smith, her parents were Anton and Elizabeth Korner. They came to Cincinnati Ohio in 1926.

Melissa Smith; Zionsville, IN. Researching MIRTH and Eltendorf area.

Ronnie J Smith; Arlington, TX. HANNER and OBOIKOVITS; Neuhaus am Klausenbach (Vasdobra). Place settled by immigrants: Nazareth, PA.

Valerie Smith; Boston, MA. MIRTH, Poppendorf; settled Philadelphia 1920s.

David Smukowski; Seattle, WA. GIBISER; KOLLER, Poppendorf. Settled in Milwaukee 1914.

Richard Smykle; Santa Clarita, CA. Grandmother born in Frauenkirchen. KELLNER, married Ben NAGY moved to Canada, others moved to Iowa and Nebraska. Have contact with relatives in Frauenkirchen on the KELLNER side.

Denise Snarski; Lake Worth, FL and St. Clair Shores, MI. SCHINKOWITS, BERKOVITS; Eisenhüttl, Bocksdorf. Immigrants settled in Detroit, MI about 1905.

Aaron & Trisha Snow; Fort Collins, CO. BREZOVITZ Franz and Theresia. Franz was born in Kleinmutschen, Moson Megye, Hungary in 1868 to Sidonia and ? BREZOVITZ. Franz settled in Vienna. Franz's daughter, Rose BREZOVITZ (married name UNDERWOOD) settled in Adrian, MI.

Phillip Snow; Springfield, IL. BAUMGARTNER, KAPPEL, REIGER, SCHODITSCH. Hannersdorf and Welgersdorf (Oberwart District). Family settled in Chicago and others to Milwaukee.

Judy & Tim Snyder; Slatington, PA. GOLLIS (GOLLES, GELLIS), Langzeil (Güssing) settled in Lehigh Co, PA in the early 1900s. Also researching: SCHRAMMEL, Pernau (Pornoapati), Hungary, settled in Lehigh Co.

Margo Howarth Snyder; Tamaqua, PA. HOWARTH (HORVATH), KOSLOP. Settled 1900.

Claudia Soeder; Stuttgart, Germany. EITLER, SCHWENK, SCHWERTNER, MÜLLNER, LAMPL, GRITSCH, TSCHÜRTZ, WÖDL; Agendorf / Wandorf.

Stephen Solar; Watertown, NY. SOLAR, original Ferencz SZOLLAR, Dolnji Slaveci, (Alsócsalogány) Slovenia. Settled Bethlehem, Allentown, PA.

Stephanie Solderitch; Nazareth, PA. SOLDERITCH (SOLDERITS) Inzenhof, JUDT (YUDT), Rabafuzes, Hungary. Most family members settled in the Lehigh Valley.

William Solko; Bakersfield, CA. WOLKENSDORFER; Rabacsnak, Csorna, Vas, Sopron, Moson. Settled in the Herndon, KS area.

Louise Solner; Morris, IL. SCHUCH, WAHL, POLLACK.

Doug Sommer; Depere, WI. SOMMER, THURINGER, LOOS, FUHRMAN, KLUBENSTEIN, THURY, ZWINGER. Sankt Andrä, Wallern, Frauenkirchen - Settled in the Dimock, Parkston, Delmont area of South Dakota.

Frank Sommer; Naperville, IL. SOMMER, Jennersdorf, settled in Milwaukee, WI about 1920.

Jeffrey Sommer; Palmyra, PA. Adam HEINDL and wife Rosalia OSWALD, Gaas, emigrated to Northampton, PA.

Russell Sommer; Camrose, Alberta, Canada. SOMMER, KLUBENSTEIN. Sankt Andrä, Wallern, Frauenkirchen - Settled in Parkston, Hutchinson area of South Dakota, son later emigrated to Alberta, Canada.

Carol Sommers; Minneapolis, MN. OPITZ, SOMMER, JANISCH, GANGL, RAUCHWARTER, LIEBENSTEIN, LENIN (sp?), UNGER. Apetlon, Tadten Frauenkirchen, Illmitz. Setttled in Eden, SD and St. Paul, MN.

Dave Sommers; Whitehall, PA. SOMMER, YAGERHOFER, GUTTMANN. Güssing, Grossmurbisch. Settled in Coplay, PA.

Helmut Somogyi; Lake Country, BC, Canada. Johannes SOMOGYI, residing in Rabahidveg in 1798.

Michael Spahitz; Pahrump, NV. SPAHITS, FEIERTAG, KLUCSARICS, KLUCSARITS, KLUCHARICH; Unter Bildein, Grossmürbisch.


Diane M Spencer; Los Angeles, CA. HERMAN(N), GOSSY, Bernstein (Borostyánkö), Josef Hermann, son of Anna Gossy and Samuel Hermann, settled in Chicago, IL, 1920s.

Jeremy M. Spencer; Kent, OH; Chicago, IL. PALLER, Unterabnitz/Lockenhaus region, settled in Chicago, IL.

Theresa Spencer; Groton, NY. Frank STUKITZ.

Barbara Muszik Speranza; Winston Salem, NC. MARIA JANISCH, Tadten, settled South Bend, IN 1926; MICHAEL LEHNER, Tadten, settled South Bend, IN 1923. My grandmother,Maria Janisch, was born on May 31, 1902 in Tadten, Austria. My grandfather, Michael Lehner, was born on August 9, 1899 in Tadten, Austria. They had two children, Anna(my mother - born August 9, 1921) and Gizella (Oct 8, 1923). Michael emigrated in 1923 followed by Maria and her two children in 1926. They were married in South Bend, Ind in May, 1926.

Joseph Nicholas Spiegl, Jr; Clarksville, TN. SPIEGL, Sankt Martin au der Raab, settled Indianapolis, IN 1925, Religion: Catholic. Family member from St. Martin originally immigrated to New Britain CT on 08FEB1923. Joseph Spiegl, my grandfather is from Sankt Martin. I am looking for assistance in trying to establish a link in the USA with the Poglitsch family also from S. Martin. I am also extremely interested in linking up with members of the Elles family in USA from Szombathely Hungary.

Brad Spielman; Machesney Park, IL. SPIELMANN, Andau, settled Chicago, IL 1885. George Spielmann, Born 24 apr 1874 in Andau, Neusiedl Am See, Burgenland, Austria, died 5 Jul 1939 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.

Jill Spirito; North Smithfield, RI. MIKIKITS, Steinfurt; WINDISCH. My great-grandmother was Agnes Mikikits, daughter of Alois Mikikits from Steinfurt, he settled in St. Louis, Missouri, which is where I am originally from. Agnes married Edward Windisch in St. Louis, Missouri, I am not sure if he was from the same area as I see the name Windisch also listed as a surname from Burgenland.

William Albert Staar; Boston, MA. STAAR, Güssing. Settled in New York City. According to the Ellis Island website, my grandfather, Albert Josef STAAR, arrived in NYC via Vienna, Austria in 1923 (14 y/o).

Matthew Stachel; Williamsburg, VA. WINKLER and STACHERL from Sankt Martin an der Raab; both settled in the Pittsburgh area in Northside in Spring Hill.

Sandy Stadtherr; White Bear, MN. DACHS, DOX, PICKHARTZ, LICHTSCHEIDL, DOLZER and HUBER, Neusiedl.

Susan Stahley; Cape Cod, MA. SCHRAMEL / SCHRAMMEL, ADAM, FABER from Moschendorf. GROLLER, POMPER from Strem. MONDSCHEIN, SCHATZ, LEGATH, MARTH from Urbersdorf. Joseph Schramel emigrated 1922 and settled in Moore Twp, Northampton Co, PA. Michael Groller and Johanna (Jennie) Mondschein emigrated 1901 and lived in Northampton and Moore Twp in Northampton Co.

Cathy Stallone; Middle Village, NY. HUBER (HUIBER), Deutsch Tschantschendorf; DULMOVITS, Tudersdorf.

Alexander Stangl; St. Louis, MO. STANGL, LAKOVITS, REITER, EBERHART, BOCK, ZAX, FIXL, SCHRAMMEL, POLLER, SCHUSTEN, SZAUEN, Unterbildein. My father settled in St. Louis, MO in 1961. Other relatives had immigrated to St. Louis earlier.

James Stangl; Murrysville, PA. Michael STANGL, Unter Radling, Alsö Rönök, Hungary, settled McKees Rocks, PA, 1912 at the age of 17/18. I'm not sure when my grandmother Mary SCHMITT emigrated. They were married in McKees Rocks in 1916.

Martin Stangl; Jefferson City, MO. STANGL, Bildein. SIMON, Kohfidisch. Settled in St. Louis, MO in 1915 and 1916, respectively. Religion: Roman Catholic.

Michael Stangl; Lancaster, PA. STANGL, Hagensdorf, LEGATH, Deutsch Ehrensdorf, INHOFF, Szoce, Hungary, LAKNER, settled Northampton, PA.

Robert Otto Stangl; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. STANGL, Moschendorf, settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Otto Stangl was born in Moschendorf on January 10, 1934/5 to Karolina and Fritz? Stangl. Otto's older brother Fritz moved to Montreal Canada; there also was a younger brother Franz. Sister Erna lived in Langenwang (Styria, Austria) and Otto lived many years in Murzzuschlag (Styria, Austria).

Steven Stangl; Los Angeles, CA. STANGL, Winten (Eberau).

Dennis Stangle; Slatington, PA. STANGL, Ginisdorf, Nemesmedves, Hungary; YUDT (JUDT), Raabfidisch, Rábafüzes, Hungary; DULD, Kukmirn. Settled in Philadelphia & Lehigh Valley areas of PA.

Frank C Stanko; Auburn, NY. KLUCSARITS, STANKO, Grossmürbisch. 1930 to Coplay, PA.

Michael St. Clair; Dallas, TX. PFEFFER, MUHR, Burg. Settled in Chicago, IL in 1923.

Patricia J St Clair; Westmont, NJ. Joseph SCHMALDIENST and Julia (or Julianna) SIMANDEL from Deutsch Kaltenbrunn. They married and settled in Allentown, PA around 1899. Theresa SCHMALDIENST was born in Allentown, PA in 1901.

Walanne Padus Steele; Easton, PA. STROBL, Deutsch Kaltenbrunn, settled in Allentown, PA, 1910; KOENIGSHOFER, Poppendorf, settled in Allentown, PA, 1917. Julia Strobl married Emerich Koenigshofer in Allentown, living at 156 Linden and 2104 W Union St. They are buried in Greenwood cemetery. Julia and Emerich had 2 children, Gabriella and Otto.

Dan Steger; St. Louis, MO. STEGER, Kittsee, Edelstal; MAKRAY, Györ; THALLER, Kittsee. All settled in St. Louis, MO -- Steger in 1906, Makray in 1909.

Sue Stehle [wrong]; Carlsbad, CA. STEHLE and KIS from Halbturn. Johann STEHLE to America about 1882, first to New York City, then Chicago, IL.

Thomas Steichen; Greencastle, PA. HALBAUER, TRAUTNER, Wallern; WEISS, Halbturn; LASSL, Mosonszolnok (Zanegg), Hungary; WEISS, HALBAUER settled in Stearns Co, MN; TRAUTNER settled in St. Paul, MN, and later moved to Stearns Co, MN.

Julius Karl Steiger; Nampa, ID. STEIGER, BERNHARDT, MADER, KREISINA, HAUSER. To Canada in 1954 from Sopron, Hungary via Frankfurt on Main, Germany.

Suzie Steinberg; Beit Shemesh, Israel. SCHAPIRO; Kittsee. Jacob Schapiro/Szapira, born 1903 in Kopyczynce, Galacia (now Kopychyntsi, Ukraine), and wife Reizel/Rose Roth, born 1904 in Tyrawa Woloska, Poland, emigrated to New York, NY, in November 1939 with children Joseph (born 1929 in Vienna), Eugenie (born 1930 in Kittsee), Alfred/Asher (born 1932 in Kittsee), and Rachel (born 1933 in Kittsee). Religion: Jewish.

Claudia Steindl; Woodbury, MN. STEINDL, Halbturn; WURTZINGER, Andau; RAINER, KOCH, LENTSCH, KRELL, KREUTZMEIER, Mönchof. Settled in Bancroft, IA, Omaha NE, Forest Lake, MN and St. Paul, MN in latter 1800’s thru about 1909.

Christine Steiner; Albuquerque, NM. STEINER, Neustift bei Güssing. Anton STEINER emigrated to Allentown, PA around 1900 and later settled in St. Louis, MO.

Jeff Steiner; Anchorage, AK. STEINER, Gols. Searching for Jewish Ancestry. My family - Andreas & Johann Steiner were from Neusiedl, Gols (Galos).

Kellie Steiner; Eugene, OR. POLZER, Kirchfidisch. KEDL, Heiligenbrunn. Both settled in New York City (New York). STEINER, SOMMER, TAPLER, BAUER, SCHAFFER, Tobaj, Heiligenbrunn, Kirchfidisch. Religion: Roman Catholic.

Theodor Steiner; Jonesboro, GA. STEINER, Podersdorf. EGER, Pamhagen. Both settled in St. Paul, MN. EGER, Andau. Religion: Roman Catholic. Anton Eger (b. 1835. Andau) did not emigrate.

Jean-Pierre Steinhofer; France. STEINHOFER, LAKNER; Sopron.

Jarad Steirer; Northampton County, PA. STEIRER, STIMPFL, (STIMPFEL). I cannot find any information on my great grandparents on my father's side. I think that my researched has brought me here. My grandfather's name was Frank and his parents were Joseph and Mary. Nobody in my family seems to know much about them. I do not know if they were married in the US. I think that Mary's middle name may be Teresia. Thanks for the help.

Gunter Stejskal; Los Angeles, CA. CSARMAN, Zillingtal; JENAKOVITC, SCHEIDEL, Raiding.

Stephen M Stelzer; Chicago, IL. STELZER from St. Martin; TUSCHER from Unterwart, settled in Chicago, IL.

Deborah Stencil; Merrill, WI. KALCHBRENNER, Oberschützen, settled Chicago, IL. Three sisters I know of, Maria (Mary), Karolina (Caroline) and Elizabeth. Immigrated 1905 (Maria), 1907 (Karolina)and 1907 or later (Elizabeth). Originally settled in Chicago, but moved to Gary, Indiana then finally to Milwaukee, WI. The only recorded birth information I have is for Karolina, via the Ellis Island website. Maria Kalchbrenner became Mary Schwiegler (Michael), Karolina Kalchbrenner became Caroline Schultz (Frank), and Elizabeth was rather loose until finally marrying Gust Mallas. She was my Great-Great Grandmother and we were not in contact with her, as my Great-Grandmother was raised by her sister Caroline Schultz. I have more details if needed.

Norman Stetner; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. STETTNER, Bocksdorf & Heugraben.

Franz Stettner; Montreal, Quebec, Canada. STETTNER, Rohr. Settled in Montreal, Canada. Franz STETTNER was born in Rohr (Feb 5 1921); wife Anna PFAFFELMAYER was born 1 Apr 1923, and was shot dead on 26 Jan 43. My father moved to Wien after the War. I immigrated to Montreal, Canada on May 24, 1960.

John T Stettner; Pittsburgh, PA. STETTNER, SHIFKOVITZ, KERN, Stegersbach and or Bocksdorf. John SHIFKOVITZ married Maria KERN. All settled in Butler, PA.

Harold EA Steurer; Ontario, Canada; STEURER, SCHNEIDER, AUGUSTIN, EBERHART, LATZKO, PIELER, TEUSCHLER,WELZ, UNGER, SEILER, KASPER, HUISBAUER, BRENNER; Badersdorf, Kirchfidisch, Güssing, Woppendorf, Hannersdorf, Jormanddorf, Grosspetersdorf, Mariasdorf, Pinkafeld. I have an old Ahnenpass dating back to 1700 something, from the SCHÖNBERG family.

Stephen Steurer; Columbia, MD. STEURER, Miedlingsdorf, Chicago, IL. My father, Stefan Steurer, emigrated to the USA in 1923 from Miedlingsdorf, before WWI.

R Marie Mickalunas Stevens; Madison, WI. WARTHA, WARDA, HAMIFL, HANIFL, POPOWICH; Rust area.

Dr. Thomas Robert Stevens; Fresh Meadows, NY. JURASITS, Prostrum (Szentpeterfa); Hungary.

Jennifer Stewart; Carmel Valley, CA. SOMMER, NUSCHE, SCHMALL, Lockenhaus, settled Kansas late 1800's. BRU(EI)TFELDNER, Lockenhaus, died in Lockenhaus.

Katherine Stewart; Ceredigion, Wales, UK. GRANABETTER, Zagersdorf, settled Berkshire, England, UK. Hello, my grandmother was from Zagersdorf and she came to England before WWII. I still have family in Wien but sadly I am not in contact with them. I know that the father of my grandmother, Anna Granabetter was a man called Josef, from Sopron. I believe that he married a lady who owned a shop in Eisenstadt. This is as much as I know, I am just starting out.

Gerard Stifter; Winsted, MN. STIFTER, FASCHING, SHERMAN, SCHERMANN, KEINTZ, BATES (POETZ). from Deutsch Gerisdorf and Salmansdorf. To MN in 1860 to 1900.

Patricia (Stoisits) Stimpfl; Coplay, PA. STOISITS-HAMMEL, Güssing; FASSMAN(N), Kohfidisch.

John Stinauer; Marco Island, FL. STINAUER, Franz, to Chicago abt 1920, born Breitenbrunn (district of Eisenstadt) 1899.

Ella Czvitkovich Stivers; Houston, TX. CZVITKOVICH, ORISICH, KOCH, SZEDENIK, PENDL, ORISICH, RADICH, SCHREIBER, BARISICH, ORISICH, BINTINGER, KUZMICH, PRETS, WINTER, SCHREIBER, HORVATH. I am interested in the Kleinwarasdorf / Grosswarasdorf area, immigrants from these villages to the US or Canada.

Anita Stocker; Thompson, OH. FUCHS (Emma or Karoline), Grosspetersdorf, emigrated around 1909 to Cleveland, Ohio.

Donna Stockl; Warwick Township, Bucks County, PA. PEISCHL and CZVITKOVITS in STEGERSBACH (Szentelek) and PELZMANN and SCHABHÜTTL in Bocksdorf from 1800s onward; probably Catholic; some came to USA in 1921; settled in Philadelphia, PA.

Anne E Stohr; Minneapolis, MN. KOPPI, THEEL, Pamhagen, settled St. Paul, MN (as well as Spokane, WA).

Leo Stoltz; Manassas, VA. JANDL, JANDEL, Illmitz, settled Zell, SD.

Patricia Hackstock-Storgaard; Gold Hill, OR. HACKSTOCK, SCHREINER, both settled 1881-2 Nebraska, WURM, WENDELIN, all from Gols. LINBECK, Villa, (Wallern??). My g-grandfather, Andreas Hackstock b1852, his wife Rosina b1854 and infant son Paul b1880, departed Hamburg on 20 Oct 1881 on the ship Buda, with other families from Gols (WURM, WENDELIN, LINBECK). Many years ago, Gary L. Portsche (now deceased) connected our family to his Burgenland Family of Lorenz Hackstock b1783-d1829 in Gols (son of Thomas Hackstock and Rosina Singer). This family contains the surnames of: GLEICHTEIL, UNGER, WURM, FLEISCHACKER, SINGER and BRANTHALER. Some of the BB staff assisted me in 2001 but after the 9/11 tragedy hit I moved, misplacing much of our family research. It has been located and I would love to pass on the history of our family to our children.

Christy Stout; Spencer, NY. HABETLER, Horvatlovo, Hu, TISSINAI, Oberwart (?) Settled in McKees Rocks, PA about 1911.

Suzanne Strachan; Calgary, Alberta, Canada. LEURER family from Wallern, emigrated to St. Paul, MN then onto Odessa, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Frank Wm Stranzl; Pasadena, CA. Alois STRANZL, Ubersdorf married Mary STUBITS, Scharkor; John SZERENSITS, Kroatisch Tschantschendorf married Caroline LEGATH, Deutsch Ehrensdorf. All settled Northampton, PA.

John Edward Stranzl Jr.; Holly Springs, NC. STRANZL, Heiligenbrunn, Szentkut, Hungary; HEDL, KELLER, UNGER, Strem; TRETTER, Heiligenbrunn; YOST (JOST), SCHATZ, KEDL (HEDL), DOMITROVITS; Sumetendorf, Güssing. Johann Stranzl (son of Stephen/Istvan Stranzl, b.1858, and Maria Tretter; grandfather possibly Nicolas Stranzl) was born and lived at Heiligenbrunn 21 and married Rosina Hedl (daughter of Johann Hedl and Theresia Keller).

Thomas Stranzl; Rust, Austria. STRANZL. HASELBACHER, LAGLER Stranzl, (Güssing, Kukmirn area), IVANCSITS.

Robert Strauch; Allentown, PA. STRAUCH, WIESNER: Inzenhof & Oberradling (Felsoronok, Hungary). MULLNER, MARAKOVITS: St. Kathrein & Punitz. SCHRAMMEL, EDER: Pernau (Pornoapati, Hungary). Settled in Allentown & Nazareth between 1906 & 1921.

Don Strauwald; San Diego, CA. KORNFEIND in Hannersdorf, HAISZANI in Hannersdorf, Kleinpetersdorf, STUMPF in Burg, Hannersdorf, Eisenberg an der Pinka (Cseke- Vasvar, Hungary), SCHLÖGL, PRANGL, PAHR (PAAR), VIDNER, PESENHOFER, SCHMALTZER, EBERHARDT, HASZLER (sp?) in Hannersdorf & Burg area,- KORNFEIND & STUMPF settled in Chicago about 1900.

Sue Straw; Oak Hill, VA. HORVATH, SCHAUER (SAUER), FLASCHKO (VLASCHKA), GEREBENITS, KATONA, BERTA, and NAGY in the villages of Arpas, Morichida, and Raba St. Miklos in Sopron Megye, Hungary. WOLF, VERKOVICH (BERKOVITS), KRAUSLER, DORNER, and FRANSCHITZ (FRANSITS -- other spellings) in the villages of Lackenbach, Lackendorf, Neutal, and Markt St. Martin in Burgenland. Settled in Cleveland and Youngstown, OH.

Cindi Streicher; Greenfield, WI. PRATH, UITZ, Minihof-Liba. They settled in New Britain CT, Niagara Falls, NY and Milwaukee, WI.

Gene Streller; Edmond, OK. STROEHLER, Moson, Hungary; settled in Decatur Co, KS. ZWICKL, Tadten or Moson County, to Rawlins Co, KS 1886.

Eveline Striok; Grosshöflein, Burgenland, Austria. GRUBER, Raiding and Unterfrauenhaid, to Chicago, then Reno, NV. Daughter Stephanie still lives in Reno.

Edith Strobl; Ollersdorf, Burgenland, AUSTRIA. STROBL FRANZ, MARIA, ANNA, JOHANN, settled New Rochelle. POPOFSITS JOHANN, FASSL THERESIA, settled New York. BISCHOF ADOLF, settled Baltimore. JANISCH FRANZ, settled Canada. All people from Ollersdorf. I am searching relatives from people who emigrated aprox.100 years ago from Ollersdorf to the United States and Canada.

Reinhard Strobl; Kleinmürbisch, Güssing, Austria. BENDL / PENDL, BERNER, BURGHARDT / BURGHARD / BURKHARDT / BURKHARD, BURITS, DEX / DEKS, ECKER, FANDL, FASSMANN, FEILER, FRISCH, FRÜHWIRTH / FRÜWIRTH, GANSTER / GANSZTER, GUTTMANN, HAMERL / HAMMERL / HAMEDL, HORVATH, JOST / JOSZT, KOBER, KROBOTH, MAIKISCH, MARTH, MÜHL / MUEHL, MULZET / MOLZET, NIKISCHER, REICHL, ROTTENSTUMMER, SEMLER / SEMMLER / SZEMLER, SOMER / SOMMER / SZOMMER, SORGER, STRAUCH, STROISSNIG, SULZ, THOMAS, WALLES, WECHSLER, WEIDINGER, WUKITS / WUKITSCH. Kleinmürbisch (former also called Obermürbisch, hungarian Kis Medves or Felso Medves) Most of them settled in Pennsylvania - Lehigh Valley (Allentown, Coplay, Stiles, Nazareth, Egypt, Coraopolis), some in New York (Troy, Hoboken).

Willard Struck; Humboldt, SK, Canada. PITZEL, Apetlon. KAINTZ, LEHNER. Settled in Stearns Co, MN.

Crystal Stryker; Carlisle, PA. RING, HADL; Wallendorf. Immigrants settled in Allentown, PA.

Sue Stuart; Northbrook, IL. LIEBENTRITT Johann, Rohrbach. Settled in Chicago, IL around 1922. CSERKITS Maria, Neuberg. Settled in Chicago, IL around 1921. BRUNNER Rosina, Neuberg. Settled in PA in 1901.

Bill Stubits; Chalfont, PA. STUBITS, Harmisch; KEGLOVITS, Kroatisch Tschantschendorf. To Northampton, PA early 1900s.

Charles Stuparits; Oak Brook, IL. STUPARITS Carl, Bandol, STEFELY Mary,Schachendorf. Carl settled in Chicago 1927, Mother Mary, settled in Chicago 1930.

Lauren Stuparitz; Pittsburgh, PA. STUPARITZ, Dürnbach, settled Pittsburgh, PA. STUPARITS.

Joyce Stroble-Stuper; Springfield, IL. STROBL, Ollersdorf(Baratfalva) - met and married in PA 1904, LUISZER, Eberau (Monyorokerek). POLCZER, MITTL, CZIRNER, LEIRER, OSZVALD, Eberau.

Elaine Sturdevant; San Leandro, CA. SANFTNER, WEISS, Mönchhof. Settled in San Francisco, CA after 1891.

Ronald Suchodolski [wrong]; Chicago, IL. KAIPEL (KEIPPEL); Riedlingsdorf.

Michael Sukitch; Pittsburgh, PA. SZUKICS, Jennersdorf. SZUKICS, St. Martin an der Raab. SZUKICS, Szentgotthard. SUKITSCH, Jennersdorf. SUKITSCH, St. Martin ab der Raab. SUKIC. Settled in Pittsburgh, PA.

Heather C. Sullivan; Chicago, IL. EBERHARDT, BINDER, Grandparents: Franz & Julia, Woppendorf; Parents: Stefan EBERHARDT, Woppendorf, Louisa BINDER, Kohfidisch. Emigrated approx 1924 to Burgenland enclave in Chicago, IL with brother Joseph. I am Richard P. Eberhardt's granddaughter.

Thomas Sullivan; Pearl River, NY. FEIGL, Grafenschachen. Settled in Chicago. Josef FEIGL came to the US in 1902, he was working as a Railroadman and was crushed between 2 rail cars. His wife and infant daughter returned to Austria.

Roxann Suppi; Vineland, NJ. SZITA, POLOSKEI, FUTO, GYOMOREI, KOVACS, HORVATH, NEMETH; Lovaszpatona, Vesprem, Hungary. Settled in Buffalo, NY then Allentown, PA.

Mark Suss; Melbourne, Australia. KRONBERGER, SUSS, SÜSS, Lackenbach. Settled in northern Austria 1815.

Catherine Svendsen; Woodbury, MN. DENK, TRUMMER, LOOS, KLINE, all Apetlon, settled all St Paul, MN, Religion: Catholic. Looking for Martin Denk born 26 April, 1894- Arrived in U.S. 13 May 1922. Elizabeth Trummer, born 24 January 1902- arrived in U.S. 26 October 1924. Baldhauser Trummer born 14 September, 1898 and arrived 4 October 1922. Elizabeth and Baldhauser are brother and sister and I believe they are cousins with Martin- I think their mother's maiden name is Denk. Martin was captured at Przmemysl and Baldhauser was wounded in WWI. I think Martin's father is also Martin Denk and that he was married to Maria Loos.

Juanita Swanton; Mount Dora, FL. FRITZ, PASTLER; Neumarkt. Settled in Chicago 1907.

Frank Sweterlitsch; Sarasota, FL. SWETERLITSCH, WIL(L)GRUBER, Heilingenkreuz. Settled in Pittsburgh, PA.

Helga Szabo; Miskolc, Hungary. KARLOVITS, Punitz, Güssing, settled Sopron, Religion: Catholic. First name is Franz. Born on 5 April 1863 in Punitz, father Paul Karlovits, Catholic, settled in Sopron before 1887.

Debbie Szachowicz; Morton Grove, IL. Katalin HERCZEG, Schidan, Zsida, Hungary. Settled Chicago 1922.

Jay Szalay; Spring Hill, TN. JOHN M SZALAY, Hannersdorf, ELIZABETH FLASCH (SZALAY); settled all Chicago, IL.

Johann F Szautner; Bethlehem, PA. SZAUTNER, Eisenstadt, Veszprem, Nagyesztergar; SULYOK, Sarvar, Devecser; HORVATH, BODA; Sarvar; TIPOLD, Nagyesztergar. I would like to find out from where they came to Nagyesztergar.

Ernest Szeideman; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. SZEIDEMAN(N) / SZEIMAN(N), Olaszfalu, Hungary, Settled in Canada in the 1950s. RASZLOVETZKY / RAZOVETZKY / RADOWIECKI, Mosonszentpeter, Hungary (now Janossomorja, Hungary), Settled in Neidenstein, Germany 1946, Kitchener & St. Catharines, Canada 1950s KERESZTES, Tenyo, Hungary, Settled in Nagydem, Hungary JANIKOVICS, Beke, Hungary (now Mierovo, Hungary), Settled in Pozsony, Hungary (now Bratislava, Slovakia) then Mosonszentpeter, Hungary IHASZ, Bakonyszentlaszlo, Hungary, Settled in Veszprem-varsany, Hungary KISS, Nagydem, Hungary SCHEDECZKA, Magyarkimle, Hungary, Settled in Mosonszentpeter, Hungary KURCZ, Also Szollos, Czechoslovakia (now Vinodol, Slovakia), Settled in Mosonszentpeter, Hungary MOOR, Olaszfalu, Hungary RABEL, Settled in Bakonyszentlaszlo, Hungary SZUP, Settled in Nagydem, Hungary MAURER, Settled in Olaszfalu, Hungary PLASSELLER, Mosonszentjanos, Hungary WEINBERGERIN, Settled in Mosonszentjanos, Hungary NEMET, Settled in Tenyo, Hungary.

Joseph & Ildiko Szikora; Calgary, Alberta, Canada. KLEPITS, KLEPITSCH (Hannersdorf) KUMMER, FRITZ (Rotenturm), KLEPITS & UNGER, settled in Chicago area. GOETZ (Kaisersteinbruch). Goetz, Johann Nepomuk emigrated Nebraska in 1878.

Ilse Szolderits; Antau, Burgenland, Austria. Irmgard ILLIGASCH, Güssing; settled Chicago, IL.

Andrea Szondy; St. Paul, MN. STINAKOVITS, Illmitz. SZONDI/SZONDY, Apetlon; settled in St. Paul (MN). UHL, Rust.


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