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Bunch of children, TADTEN 1951

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Jeannette MacDonald ; Burnsville, MN. MULLNER, KNOBL, KLEIN, HEISS, PAYR, THELL, TRUMER, WEISHAPL in Apetlon. MAYER, GREGER, ROISS, LENTSCH, ZINNIEL in Podersdorf. Settled in St. Paul, MN.

Dorothy MacKenzie ; Fort Worth, TX. SCHUTZ, SCHWARTZ, LANG, NIERFELD.

Neil MacPherson ; Woombye, Queensland, Australia. PUHR, Redlschlag, settled 1857? JAECKEL. I have found 10 families (in Redlschlag) that could be the parents of Johann Puhr, born 12 Apr.1857 Redlschlag, Married to Erszabet Jaeckel date of Erszabets birth and subsequent marriage are unknown. Possibly they were married in hrastovac? They had 4 children Heinrick, Johann, Martin & Elizabeth. Heinrich is the Father of my wife, Eva He was born 1897 in Hrastovac Johann remarried after the death of Erszabet. He married Katarin Dürr born 1870. They had two sons, Josef and Adam.

S Maack ; Closter, NJ. DRAGOSITS and KEGLOVITS from Rehgraben and ZLOKLIKOVITZ from nearby village, settled Bronx, NY and NYC.

Ronald A Madle ; Mifflinburg, PA. Surnames of primary interest are MEDL, JUSITS, DRAUCH, DEUTSCH, and CZAK in Poppendorf and MISBUECHLER, SZOMMER, KALCH, and DEUTSCH in Koenigsdorf. Descendents emigrated to the Allentown, PA area in the early 1900s.

Eilleen Madore ; Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. GANGL, TSCHIDA, Illmitz; settled Saskatchewan.

Sandra (Hacker) Madsen ; Chicago, IL. HACKER, Heugraben, to Chicago.

Frank Magdits ; Yonkers, NY. My father was Franz MAGDITS, from Punitz.

John E. Magerus ; Racine, WI. IMRE, Oberwart, SEPER, Oberwart, Unterwart, all settled Walworth, South Dakota, 1893. BRUCKNER, Pinkafeld, Oberwart, WAGNER, Oberwart, all settled Walworth, S. D., 1884. WAGNER, Oberwart, settled Greeley, Nebraska, 1881. Some members of these families eventually moved to Oklahoma between 1889 and 1907.

Jo Ann (Palkovitz) Mahoney ; Downers Grove, IL. PALKOVICS, Kroatisch Grossdorf, Vaskeresztes, Hungary, KAINZ, Schauka (Eisenberg). Settled in Chicago, IL about 1926.

Robert Maier ; Macungie, PA. MAIER, Wallendorf. Settled 1920.

Robert J Maikis Jr. ; Wayne, NJ. MAIKIS(CH), OSWALD Rauchwart. Settled: NJ, NY.

Edgar Maikisch ; Jackson, NJ. MAIKISCH, HORVATH; Deutsch Schützen. Settled in NY, NJ 1959.

Stephen Maikisch ; Nanuet, NY. MAIKISCH, Sankt Michael, BESLANOVITZ, Sankt Nikolaus, PLAUKOVITS, Neustift bei Güssing, TOMWEBER, Wallendorf, GOLLIS, Langzeil, JOKISCH, Deutsch Tschantschendorf.

William Maikisch ; Los Angeles, CA. Gustave MAIKISCH to NY around 1910 from Deutch Tschantschendorf. Carolina HAFFNER to NY from Gersdorf around 1910. Family home 54 Deutch Tschantschendorf.

Gustav Maikish ; NY, NY. MAIKISCH; Father from Deutsch Tschantschendorf. Mother from Punitz. Settled in New York in 1930.

Andrew Main ; Canberra, Australia. NIKITSER, Heiligenkreuz.

Edwin Malesky ; Jacksonville, FL. POELTL, SAMMERL, BEIDL, MULEZET, Güssing (Rosenburg); EHRITZ, LOVATCH, LOBATSCH, PUASCH, KAUTZ, from Kroboteck, Wallendorf and Mogersdorf (Southern Burgenland).

Robert Malesky ; Washington, DC. POELTL, SAMMERL, BEIDL, MULEZET, Güssing, Rosenberg; EHRITZ, LOVATCH, LOBATSCH, PUASCH, KAUTZ, from Kroboteck, Wallendorf and Mogersdorf.

Alfrida (Wiesler) Malito ; Palatine, IL. WIESLER, MELTSCH, Pernau, Hungary, left 1945 to Ramsach, Germany, 1945 to 1952, settled Chicago, IL 1952. I was born to George & Gisela Wiesler in Pernau on March 7, 1943. We were deported in 1945 to Ramsach, Germany. A father was prisoner of war in Russia returned in 1948. We then came to Chicago, in 1952.

Steve Mallery ; West Jordan, UT. HALBAUER, settled Eden, SD; SOMMERS, settled Stearns Co, MN; EBERSDORFER, settled MN; all from Wallern. MUELLNER, THEILER, UNGER, DENK, KETTNER.

Maureen Malone ; Silver Spring, MD. LUTTENBERGER, LUCKENBERGER, Oslip. Settled in New York City, NY about 1914, moved to Derby, CT about 1917, moved to Orange, CT about 1927.

Christine Maloney ; Valparaiso, IN. GYOROG, Unterwart. Immigrated to Chicago, IL.

Alois Mandl ; Sun City West, AZ. MANDL (Jennersdorf); BRÜCKLER (Grieselstein); settled in Milwaukee, WI, about 1914.

George Mandl ; Pittsburgh, PA. MANDL; St, Martin a.d. Raab to Pittsburgh, PA. ZOTTER; McKeesport, PA. BUZET / BUZETT / BUZETTI - Kramarovci / Slovenia.

Judalon Manes ; Cathedral City, CA. GOLLATZ, WUKICZ, Dürnbach, settled Chicago 1922. Johann GOLLATZ and Elizabeth WUKICZ (spelling varies), both born about 1902.

Bob Mankos ; Pittsburgh, PA. MANKOS, BEDICS, LAINSCAK. Western Hungary (Szombathely?). To Allentown, PA abt 1901.

Richard Mann II ; Parkville, MO. ACHS, ALLACHER, BRUNNER, FISCHGRADL, GEISSLINGER, GMAHL, GOESCHL, GOTL, GRUNDNER, GYÖRIK, Hauptmann, Heinrich, Herzog, Hoffmann, Jany, Kepplinger / Kopplinger / Köpplinger, Krutzler, Leitner, Limbeck, Moser, Pamer, Pollreis, Portschy, Rumpeltes, Schrammel, Singer, Steiglmahr, Wendelin, Wolfram & Wurm. Main village: Gols, or Gàlos (Neusiedl am See) Minor villages: Andau, Parndorf, Podersdorf am See, Unterschützen.

Lynda Manning ; Grand Rapids, MI. SUPPER, TOTH, Gaas. Settled in New York, NY in 1923, later returning to Gaas.

Kathleen Manson ; St. Louis, MO. BRENNER family from Berkwerk, Austria. My grandmother, Amelia BRENNER, came to St. Louis, MO, in early 1900. She died in St. Louis, MO on Nov 5, 1946, at age 63.

Frank Marakovits ; Northampton, PA. MARAKOVITS from Punitz, KEGLOVITS from Kroatisch Tschantschendorf, STOLSITS from Szent Peterfa, SCHNEIDER from Eberau. All settled in Northampton, PA.

William Marakovits ; STOISITS, Reinerdorf, settled USA 1930. MARAKOVITS, Winten, settled USA 1927.

Michael Marcellus ; Reading, PA. TRINKL, Limbach; HIMMLER, Bierbaum. Settled in Allentown, 1905, Nazareth, PA.

Trev Marcks ; Allentown, PA. STEINER, Neustift, Eisenburg (Hungary), Settled in Allentown around 1906.

Mary A Marek ; Chicago, IL. HEINISCH Rose, WOLFL / WOLFEL Mary b Nov 22, 1888, NIKA / NICKA John. Eisenzicken (Nemetcikleny, today with Unterwart). Parish Rotenturm.

Ron Markland ; Chesterfield, MO. Aloisia (Louise) AUFNER, Eltendorf, m. Franz (Frank) GUENTHER. Settled in St. Louis, MO in 1904. Aloisia (Louise) AUFNER was the daughter of Franz AUFNER and Anna KRAMER (per rectory information). She was born in Koenigsdorf and raised in Eltendorf. Some familiy information differs in that it shows Anna FUCH as her mother's maiden name. On Sep 10, 1904 she, her sister Anna, and brother Franz traveled to the USA to join their father Franz AUFNER in St. Louis, MO.

Ted Markowitz ; Darien, CT. Paul, Rosina (UNGER) and Irma GUMBOTSCH, Deutsch Schützen, Johann MARAKOVICH, Johanna KERTILITS, Punitz, all settled in NYC, NY.

James O Marks ; Jonesville, MI. PORTSCHY, Unterschützen, settled Chicago, IL & Lawrence, MI.

Michael Marks ; Slatington, PA. MARX, Grossmürbisch; LEITGEB, Königsdorf.

Scott Marks ; Orland Park, IL. FURST (FÜRST), Willersdorf, HUTTER (HÜTTER), Schönherrn, all settled Chicago 1912; KIRNBAUER, Willersdorf, settled Chicago 1921; ZARTLER, Schönherrn, SCHRANZ, all settled Chicago, IL. Looking for information... Johann Furst (b1891) wife Theresia Hutter (b1893), Ferdinand Furst (b1864) wife Elizabeth Kirnbauer (b1866). Matthias Hutter (b1866) wife Maria Zartler (b1867 Maria's 1st marriage), Johann Schranz (b1872) wife Maria Hutter (b1867 Maria's 2nd marriage).

Rabbi Abraham Marmorstein ; New York, NY. Searching family of Rabbi Abraham ZWEBNER, Rabbi in Schattmannsdorf (1821-47) Kobersdorf (1847-67); and SPITZ of Eisenstadt.

Carl John Marosits ; Vancouver, BC, Canada. MAROSITS, HANZL, St. Michael. MOLNAR, Hungary. Fathers name was Karl MAROSITS and my mothers name was Anna HANZ. Came to Canada about 1927-28 landing in Halifax, Nova Scotia and settling in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Wellesley Marsh ; Cape Cod, MA. MARSCH, Moschendorf, settled in Pennsylvania; UNGER, Eisenberg an der Pinka, settled in Pennsylvania; KRUTZLER, Nemetkeresztes, Vas; MEIXNER, Eisenberg an der Pinka.

Beth Martin ; Dawsonville, GA. DRAUCH, Poppendorf, settled Bethlehem, PA. BAUMANN, Poppendorf, settled Milwaukee, WI.

Linda Martin ; Princeton, IN. LIEBENTRITT, PAUKOWITS, Güssing, Eberau. Settled in Princeton, IN.

Linda Martin ; Rochester Hills, MI. KOCH, Wiesen. FLORIAN, Sauerbrunn. Left Burgenland in 1951. Immigrated to Canada. Moved to Detroit, MI in 1960. Family still lives in the Detroit area.

Olga Biringer Martin ; Waukesha, WI. Relatives of Josefa (Joszefin) ROSENBERGER, Hornstein (Eisenstadt area) in 1872. Had several brothers and sisters. One sister settled in Sopron another in Papa. Married name BIRINGER.

Leonard Francis Martine Jr. [wrong]; Mt. Lebanon, PA. WOLF, house #44 and #40 Mogersdorf. Settled Pittsburgh, PA 1906.

Gloria J Rongish Martinson ; Columbus, NE. Lorenz RONGISCH about 1880 settled in Omaha, NE along with wife, Mary KAISER. Had three children, settled then in Nebraska City, NE. One, Mary married Mathias SCHADEN, also from Burgenland.

Carl Maschler ; Kansas City, MO. MASCHLER., Piringsdorf, settled in Louisburg, KS.

John William Maschler Sr. ; Greer, SC. Ignatz MASCHLER who with his wife Theresia (LEIDL or LEIDEL) Maschler immigrated to the USA in the late 1800s from Piringsdorf (Bezirk Oberpullendorf, Hungarian name Repcebänya, own parish). Would like to prepare lists of all Maschlers.

Rudolf Wilhelm Masswohl ; Welland, Ontario, Canada. ZOTTER Rudolf, St. Martin a/d Raab. Settled in Philadelphia 1907.

Mary Mastenbrook ; Schaumburg, IL. ZVITKOVICS, KULOVICS; Neuberg (Ujhegy). Chicago, IL (emigrated Feb 1907 to join relatives).

Mary Keglovits Mathieu ; Austin, TX. KEGLOVITS, Kroatisch Tschantschendorf; IFKOVITS, KLUCSARITS, MALITS, STUBITS, all settled in Northampton, PA. I have what I believe to be a complete family tree of Johann Keglovits and Anna Ifkovits (Kroatisch Tschan., born ~1870) and Joseph Keglovits and Elizabeth Ifkovits (Kroatisch Tschan., born ~1850). I would love to piece these branches of the family together with others.

Glenn Matl ; Shullsburg, WI. MATL, Wolfau, WEGER, Vienna. Settled in Madison and Verona, WI.

Traci Matson ; Reynoldsburg, OH. NIKLAS (NIKLAUS or NICKLAUS), ZOLLNER, Oslip. Settled in Columbus, OH.

Norine Dolgos Matteson ; Vacaville, CA. Cecelia SIMITZ, b Sep 13,1881 Felsörönök, Vas, Hungary, d Jun 14,1948, Neville Island, Pittsburgh, PA. She married Charles Michael DOLGOS, b May 25,1871 Magyarlak, Vas, Hungary, d May 19, 1931, Neville Island, Pittsburgh, PA. The parents of Cecelia SIMITZ were Joseph SIMITZ and Elizabeth WINDISCH.

Christoph Mattis ; Gaas, Austria. MATTIS, Gaas.

Hilda Mayer Kelly ; Southampton, PA. Anna MIRTH, settled 1929 Philadelphia, PA. Franz MIRTH, Theresa MIRTH (FIEDLER), all from Poppendorf.

Linda Mayer Matz ; Cranberry Twp, PA. Franz MAYER from Neustift 80, bei Güssing. Six siblings arrived in Coplay, PA begining in 1910. John, Albert, Frank, Louis (1897-1928), Julius and Anna. Stefan SCHMALZL arrived in 1909 from Beled, Austria. Born in Pornoapati, Hungary. Lived in Unterbildein where he met Maria PAUKOVITS. First lived in Coplay, PA then went to McKees Rocks, PA. Some could have gone to New York.

Sascha Maurus ; Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. Maria MAYERHOFER, Wörtherberg (district of Güssing). VOGEL.

Dennis Max ; Elsternwick, Australia. MAX, Kobersdorf; settled Australia, 1940. My father Leo MAX moved from Kobersdorf to Vienna, and left for Belgium, England and finally Australia after the Anschluss. His brother Arthur moved to Columbia and then to New Jersey.

Barbara Mayer ; Denver, CO. ZENZ, WANITSCHECK, Jennersdorf; URSCHLER, GRASMUGG; Fürstenfeld, Styria; settled in Chicago, perhaps San Francisco, CA. YAUCH, St. Martin, settled Chicago, IL.

Denny Mayer ; Durham, NC. MAIER, KORPITSCH, SOMMER, WAGNER, Mogersdorf area. Settled in Allentown, PA.

Donald Mayer ; Mooresville, NC. WAGNER, FASSL, Neuberg, settled all Chicago, Il, 1907.

Kevin Mayer ; Hamburg, NJ. MAYER, Punitz, settled Garfield, NJ. Kayetan Mayer born in 1896 in Punitz have original birth certificats for grand parents Thereesa and Kayetan have cousins judy joyce bruce dennise gloria jeannet arnold ray gene christine and a brother tom all direct grandchildren living in various parts of the usa.

Wendy (Raab) Mayer ; Bradenton, FL. Michael RAAB, Neckenmarkt, settled in Marshfield, WI about 1844.

Linda Mayo ; Lindon, UT. GANSER, Neumarkt im Tauchental, settled Chicago, IL.

Debbie McArdle ; Crystal Lake, IL. POMPER / PAMPER, Burg & Hannersdorf; WURGLITS / WURGLITZ, Welgersdorf; PESENHOFER, Burg. Some settled in Chicago, IL 1900-1907.

Sylvia McBrinn ; Weston, FL. STUBITS, Harmisch, to Northampton, PA; KEGLOVITS, Harmisch, to Northampton, PA; WEINHOFER, Zahling, to Allentown, PA.


Kevin McCarthy ; Oak Ridge, NJ. REITBAUER, Gaas, settled in Passaic, NJ.

John McClung ; Mendota Heights, MN. NITSCH, NITSCHINGER, UNGER, FANZLER; Level, Kaltenstein, Hungary. Settled Kansas 1884.

Anne McCormick ; Chesterfield, MO. WEISZ / WEISS, Kimle, Hungary; STEURER, Hoeflein, Austria. Settled in Kingston, NY about 1906.

Elizabeth McCormick ; Lowville, NY. Frank SOKASITS, Punitz. Rose WINTER, Balinka, Hungary, married and settled in Passaic, NJ.

Katie McCoy ; Chicago, IL. EBERHARDT, DEUTSCH, PETROVICH, all settled in St. Louis, MO.

Elizabeth McDermott ; McKees Rocks, PA. GERGER, Radling. Settled in McKees Rocks, PA. KEINTZ, Deutsch-Schützen. Settled in Coplay, PA.

Michael McDonald ; Kerney, NE. TSCHACHER, THURNBECK, Sankt Andrä.

Joan McDonough ; St. Charles, MO. WINDISCH (WINDISH), KNOPF, STANGL, Deutsch Schutzen, settled in St. Louis, MO about 1900.

Bill McGarry ; Liberty Lake, WA. JANISCH from Stegersbach and KLUESANOVITZ from Kulm as well as CSENSITS, GALAMB, JANDRASOVITS, NIERER, SCHAFFER, SCHNEIDER, SZAUERZOPF, TAGLER, WUKOVITS. Florian JANISCH moved to Pennsylvania and then to Passaic / Garfield area in Northern New Jersey in early 1900s. Maria KLUESANOVITZ moved from Kulm to Northern New Jersey and they met through a relative, Mary GALAMB.

Wilma McGlew ; Phoenix, AZ. USA Family members: WINDISCH, MAUTNER, LANG. Some remained in Burgenland and most of the others immigrated to New Britain and Hartford, CT. Came from Edelsbach, Jennersdorf, Neuhaus, Krottendorf, ZOTTER (SOTER) came from what was then Hungary (early 1800s to 1878).

Gil McGlynn [wrong]; Philadelphia, PA. Johann Gottfreid CASSAR, christened June 26, 1789, Kaisersteinbruch, (Grossgemeinde Bruckneudorf, district of Neusiedl). His parents were Michael KASSAR (born about 1760) and Theresa BRUNSCH (born about 1765); married about 1787. Johann Gottfreid Cassar moved to, married in (Aug 27, 1820), and died (Oct 24, 1843) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Ilona McGogney ; Orefield, PA. KNOPF, PAUKOVITS, WAGNER; Szentpeterfa settled Northampton, PA.

Joan E McGrath ; Westminster, MD. PREININGER, KREMPEL, UITZ; FALMHAUPT (FALBENHAUT); PREM; POSCH; KRAUSS; HUTTER; FRUEWALD; SCHREY; MESSMER; KINNBACHER. St. Martin an der Raab; Muehlgraben; Windsch-Minihof; Neuhaus am Klausenbach, district of Jennersdorf; and St. Marein am Pichelbach, St. Veit ob Graz; Goesting-Graz; (Styria) and Plawutch bei Eggenberg (Lower Austria). Settled in Philadelphia, PA; New York City; Connecticut, and Maryland.

Ginger McGurk ; Omaha, NE. OPITZ, KLEIN, Apetlon; PLATZER, PRIEGL (BRIGL), and RAINER, from Halbturn and Frauenkirchen; also MULLNER, from Apetlon; and HOFER. Settled mainly in the Omaha, NE and Mandan, ND areas. Some descendants moved to Canada and St. Paul, MN.

Marian McHale ; Virginia Beach, VA. Josef SCHAFFER, wife Theresia POLZER (BULZAR), brother Stephen SCHAFFER wife Maria CSENSITA from Kirchfidisch settled in Northampton, PA about 1902.

Arlene McIlravey ; Port Dover, Ontario, Canada. WIPPEL, GERBAUTZ, ENGELITS, Hornstein (district of Eisenstadt).

Alan McInnes ; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. JANI, JANY PAUL, NEUBAUER, KONRATH. My mother's family (Jani) came from Neuberg (Ujhegy) leaving in 1934 for the Peace River area of northwestern Alberta, Canada.

Gayle Marie McLaughlin Gorrell ; La Grande, OR. FINK,Petronell. I am looking for a Marie Leopoldine Fink. She was born 15,November 1905 in Petronell, Austria to a Jacob Fink and Marie Herrl. She left Austria in 1923 from Hamburg, Germany and arrived at Ellis Island on 2,October 1923. She came over with a cousin named Karl Rommell. I believe she is Jewish, I think she may have a Catholic background. This is conflicting information. These were told to me while I was growing up. Any Help would be appreciated. Her village borders with Burgenland.

Evelyn McMichael ; Round Hill, VA. Rudolph KERN, from Stegersbach. He immigrated to US around 1906. Went to Butler, PA (Lyndora). Married Katherine LAMINGER, from town of Burgau, province of Styria. She immigrated to US around the same time, maybe a year later and went to Butler, PA where she worked as a housekeeper at the age of 16 years old.

Linda McMillin ; Wabasha, MN. BATES, Deutsch Gerisdorf, settled Winsted, Watkins, MN. FLASCH, BAUMGARTNER, Pilgersdorf, settled Winsted, MN. SCHUTZ, settled Winsted, MN. John Bates & wife Mary (Schutte, Schutz) emigrated at 1866 arriving first in Milwaukee & parents Joseph Schutz & wife Elisabeth Flasch.

Lynn McNamara ; Lansing, MI. SCHUCH, FASEL, WAGNER & OSWALD. Neuberg & Rohrbach (an der Teich). Settled in Chicago, IL, early 1900s.

Paula Gaber McNulty ; Irvington, VA. HORVATH, Felsoszolnok, to Pittsburgh ~1910; GABER, Serdica, Slovenia, to Pittsburgh ~1912; Also related to SUKITCH (SUKITS) in Pittsburgh.

Tonya McQuade ; San Jose, CA. HALPER, Oberdorf, settled 1913 Chicago, IL. My great grandmother, Anna Halper, born May 27, 1884, arrived in the USA in 1913, then settled in Chicago, Illinois, where she married my great grandfather, John Wagner, also from Hungary (not sure where), who arrived in 1912.

GLORIA MC SWEENEY ; HOPEWELL JUNCTION, NY. WUITS, STUBITS, Markt Neuhodis, all settled 1900's.

Terry McWilliams ; Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO. TASCHLER, Deutsch Schützen, settled in St. Louis, MO; GARGER, Strem, settled in St. Louis, MO and Bronx, NY; PINTER, KEPPEL, UNGER, settled in St. Louis, MO. Taschlers related to me, all deceased; mother Helen Taschler Horack; grandparents Stephan Taschler, Anna Garger Taschler; uncle John Taschler; grandparents Stephan Taschler, Julia Pinter Taschler, Stephan Garger; great aunts, Mary Taschler Johnson, Agnes Taschler, Rose Taschler Unger, Rose Garger Hochecker; great uncles Martin Taschler, Steve Garger, Jim Garger; cousin Ignaz Keppel.

Katharine Meadows ; St. Louis, MO. WENNES, WOLF, Zanegg, Szolnok (Mosonszolnok), Hungary, settled Wurttemberg. My family were among the other Germans living in Hungary who were forced out following WWII. They were sent to Kreis Crailsheim, Wurttemberg. In 1950 they emigrated to the U.S. with three small children. I am the first of their children to be born in the U.S. following their immigration. They settled in St. Louis, MO.

Joseph E. Medl ; Allentown, PA. MEDL, Poppendorf. Settled in Allentown, PA.

Robert Medl ; Churchville, PA. MEDL, Poppendorf, settled Philadelphia.

Fritz & Kay Meidlinger [deceased]; San Jose, CA. RIESCHL, NUSSER (NUSSA) and ANGELE; Andau. In Moson Szentjanos: MEIDLINGER, SCHMIDT, WACHTLER, LANG, WALDHERR, SCHOPS, TULL, KOST, and also RIESCHL.

Karen Edith Meidlinger ; Northern Ireland, UK. MEIDLINGER, Nelspruit? Settled in South Africa. My great grandparents were emigrating to the USA with other family memebers. In London they became separated from the group, climbed on the wrong ship and ended up in South Africa.

Kevin Meitz ; Vancouver, WA. MEITZ, Franz Henry Meitz Sr. (b.7/4/1884) emigrated to Pittsburgh, PA from Tauka, Austria. Shortly after this he married Bertha Blind (b.4/23/1886) and they had 5 children. One of which was Frank Henry Jr. (b. 4/5/1908) and is my grand-father. Franz Henry Meitz Sr parents, who remained in Austria, were Goerg Meitz and Maria (Premm). They lived in Tauka house 29 at the time of Franz Henry Meitz Sr. birth (witnesses at Franz Sr. baptism were Johann Stacherl and Elisabeth Holzmann).

Alfred Bruno "Al" Meixner ; Buena Vista, PA. Grandson of Leopold MEIXNER, Eisenberg a.d. Pinka. Johannes STANGL, St. Michael bei Güssing.

Joan Mello Eberhardt ; Philadelphia, PA. EBERHARDT, HERMAN, Sankt Michael, Gamischdorf, settled Philadelphia, PA and Coplay, PA. Interested in EBERHARDT Family (Daniel, Rudolph, Paulina, Adolf, Franz) and HIRMANN (HERMAN) (Mary, Maria, Patritz)family.

John Meltsch ; Northampton, PA. I was born 1943 in Pernau-Pornoapati, went to Schwabhausen Germany 1946, come to America via Ellis Island April 12 1952, settled in Northampton, PA.

Mark Melzl ; Old Bridge, NJ. STEINER, FISCHL. Güssing. To NYC.

Pauline Menyhart ; South Bend, IN. MERSITS, KANCZ, GREGORITS, BLAZOVITS, FIRTL. Bezirk Oberpullendorf villages of Grossmutschen, Kroatisch Minihof, Kleinmutschen (Pervany, Pervane) and Kophaza, Hungary. I can read some Croatian and would be willing to exchange information.

Emily Mersich ; South Bend, IN. MERSICH (MERSITS), Grosswarasdorf or Grossmutschen, Settled in South Bend, IN area.

Joanne Schwartz Messenger ; Glenwood, MN. I am interested in the name LEIER and MEULLNER / MUELLNER from Pamhagen.

Teresa Messerli (nee Lokits) ; Tyndall, Manitoba, Canada. LOKITS, LAKITS, LAKICS, settled Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Jun 1928. BENSCICS, BENSCITS, settled Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Jul 8, 1930. HOLCZL, SCHAEFFER. All from Schandorf, Schachendorf. The names of my great grandparents are Joseph BENSCICS and Marie POLLACK and Frank LAKITS, LAKICS and Agnes HOLCZL. Associated family names are VUCKITS, MENZIES, PATAKI, YALLITS.

Frank Messina [wrong]; New Jersey. JAUTZ, MAHR, Deutsch-Tschantschendorf, nr 118. UNGER, Tobaj. Settled in New York City, then Hudson City, NJ.

Joan Meyers ; Palos Heights, IL. All from Willersdorf: HUTTER, settled Oak Park, Forest Park. MIKLOS, SATTLER, settled south side Chicago. KARNER, settled north side Chicago.

Tom Meyers ; Savage, MN. MAYER, Podersdorf; settled St. Paul, MN & SD.


Jacob Michel ; Natanya, Israel. MICHEL, ADLER, LOWINGER

Christina Michelz [wrong]; Lake Okeechobee, FL. KELLER, KRUTZLER, SITZWOHL, KOZAR; Heiligenbrunn. Settled in Allentown, PA.

Amy Michtich ; Newnan, GA. MICHTICH, connected to Walter Michtich in the village of Wolfau. Settled in the Steelton (Harrisburg), PA area around 1900-1905. Also MIKTIC (original spelling) from Kophaza, Gyor-Moson, Sopron, Hungary. Janos (Johann) MIKTIC and Matyas MIKTIC, both emigrated to Steelton.

JoAnne Middaugh ; Minneapolis, MN. KAPPEL and BAUMGARTNER from Salmansdorf and possibly Pilgersdorf who settled in Winsted, MN.

Kathy Middendorf ; Freeport, MN. ETL, STEINER, GROSZ, THURY, REGNER, HAFNER, WACHLER, WEINTRITT; Güssing, Halbturn. Settled in St. Paul, MN in 1889.

John Walter Mikitsh ; Allentown, PA. Alois MIKITSH, Steinfurt. Settled St. Louis, MO, NY 1921. Rose NEMETH, Steinfurt. Settled NJ 1923.


Gena Miklos ; Adrian, MI. MIKLOS, Oberwart; KALCHBRENNER, Stadt-Schlaining; SATTLER, PAHR; settled Chicago, IL.

John Mikloska ; Toronto, Canada. DECKENBACHER in Kittsee. Joannes Deckenbacher, born 1839 (father Francis) moved to Bratislava in mid 1800s.

Martina Mikolits ; St. Michael im Burgenland, Austria. Josef PIMPERL (b 8 Aug 1888), settled in St. Louis; Cecilia SOKASITS nee PIMPERL (New Jersey?), Theresia HOPIZAN (HOPIZAHN) (New Jersey?), SINKOVITS from Eisenhüttl.

Karin Miksits-Hagen ; East Meadow, NY. MIKSITS, Gerersdorf, UNGER, Strem. Miss Bruederschaft der Burgenlaender 1977, joined Bruederschaft der Burgenlaender Club 1986.

Lorenz Mileder Jr. [wrong]; Wil, SG, Switzerland. MILEDER, My father was born at Kleinmutschen near Oberpullendorf.

Elisabeth Miller ; Sydney, Australia. NADL (NATL, NATTL), Rust, Sopron, Moson-Magyarovar, was in Rust & Oedenburg (Sopron) in the 1600s. My branch settled in Magyarovar sometime in the early 1700s. Mathias Nadl born there on 10.4.1734, parents Simon / Joseph Nadl & Anna Maria NN. Mathias married Julianna TOTH in 1764 and they had 7 children. They moved to the Banat villages of Csanad (Germ.=Tschanad) and Ujszentivan (near Szeged) in southern Hungary in the 1790s. Looking for link back to Rust, probably only one generation.

Sandie Miller ; Columbia, SC. EKHART (ECKHART, ECKART, ECKHARDT), KUADA (KUATA, KUTER, KUDER, KURTA, KURDA), Eberau (Monyorokerek, Hungary), REITER, Unterbildein, Gussing. Frank Ekhart b.1 865, Elisabeth Reiter b 1868 ,d 1935, Josephus Reiter b 1829, d 1894, Maria Windisch b 1833, d 1871, Frank Kuata, wife Theresa Szadl, settled in Northampton, Stiles, Coplay, Egypt, Lehigh Co, PA.

Robert Milisits ; Freehold, NJ. Anton MILISITS, Unter Bildein. Settled in Northampton, PA 1920. Cornelius STANZ, Moschendorf Settled in Northhampton, PA 1906.

Deirdre Montlick Miller ; Seattle, WA. Josef MANTLIK, St. Andrae. Settled: Darien, Connecticut (c. 1907?). Other family name: Elisabet KOVACS. Andau (Kis Tarcsa, Kistarkan?). Settled: Darien, Connecticut.

John Millner ; Carol Stream, IL. MILLNER, (MÜLLNER); Wolfau. Settled in Pittsburgh, PA and Forest Park, IL. SIMON, Unterschützen. Settled in Forest Park, IL. FLASCH, Wolfau.

Kathy Ann Minnich ; Laurys Station, PA (outside of Northampton); NEMETH, MIKITCH. Steinfurt, district of Güssing.

Dawn Minniti ; Glou Co, NJ. RADANOWITZ, Stegersbach; Philadelphia, PA.

Joy Ostovitz Minns ; Panton, VT. OSZTOVICS, Allersgraben (Sirokany), settled in Baltimore, MD. MILOSITS, Allersgraben (Sirokany). Ferencz (Franz) Osztovics came to Baltimore from Allersgraben in 1909. He joined the Pal Osztovics family in Baltimore who came (originally) from Weiden. Ferencnz' parents were Karl and Anna Milosits Osztovics. Anna's sister,Julianna Milosits, married Stefan Osztovics. She came to America and settled in Chicago.

Betty Presseller Mische ; St. Cloud, MN. PRESSELLER, NUSSER, SCHWAB, UMATHUM, HUS, WEISS, STAMPFEL, ZWIKL, HOLZAPFEL, WINDSPERGER. I have some of LANG b 1772; RADOWITCH. Moson Szolnok, (Zanegg), St. John and Moson Magyarovar.

Anita Mitchell ; South Milwaukee, WI. GESTL, FRANK, Limbach, Güssing.

Ronda Mitchell ; San Antonio, TX. BIEHLER, Sopron. Anthony Biehler to USA in 1908; father, Anton, stayed in Sopron.

Thomas Mitchell ; Port Angeles, WA. LENTSCH and MUELLNER; Pamhagen; settled in St. Paul, MN about 1880.

Linda Haas Mitrik ; Brook Park, OH. HAAS, GOLDMAN; Settled in New York City when they emigrated to America in 1882.

Lisa Mitterman-Sandford ; Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. MITTERMAN, Schmiedrait, settled Toronto, Ontario Canada 1928. Father Arnold Mitterman (November 16, 1942), Grandfather Ferdinand Mitterman (April 29, 1910) who immigrated to Canada in 1928. Great Grandparents are Theresia Mittermann geb.Kirnbauer (1870) and Johann Mittermann (September 26, 1867).

Bernhard Mittermann ; Vienna, Austria. MITTERMANN, ZUMPF, Schmiedrait; NICKA, Drumling; NEUBAUER, KALCHBRENNER, Goberling.

Josef Mittermann ; Jakarta, Indonesia. MITTERMANN, Stuben, Dreihütten.

Michael Mittermann ; Fish Creek, WI. MITTERMANN, HASELGRUBER, KLEIN, RENNER; Bernstein. Settled in Chicago, IL about 1905.

Lillian Mittl ; John F MITTL was born in Unterbildein in 1903. He emigrated to the United States with his friend John STANGEL aboard the Italian ship "America" in 1922.

Cyndy Moen ; Mayville, ND. STROBEL, Glasing, settled St. Louis, MO.

Neal and Laura Mogk ; Flagstaff, AZ. MILETICH, BUCOLITZ, Grosswarasdorf, settled in Chicago, IL in 1922.

Jerry Molchany [deceased]; Mico, TX. From Woppendorf / Hannersdrof: SINKOVITS (settled in Coplay, PA), GABRIEL (settled in Northampton, PA, Long Island, NY, British Columbia and Quebec, Canada), EBERHARDT, HAZIVAR, HORVATH, DEUTSCH, KREUTZER and GLASNER / KLASNER.

Frederick Mollner ; Oxnard, CA. MOLLNER, MASCHL, Sankt Johann (Janossomorja, Hungary). Andrew Mollner to US 1901, settled in Minneapolis, MN. Other brothers emigrated also with some of the family ending up in Oregon.

Anne Molnar ; Hillsborough, NJ. JANDRISEVITS, KLUCSARITS, IFKOVITS and TANCZOS. Kroatisch-Tschantschendorf. To Northampton, PA in the early 1920s. John and Agnes Jandrisevits. Also YATSURA, and PETRO.

Bela Molnar ; Petrosani, Romania. HOSCH Johann born in Jennersdorf, immigrant Europa or USA.

Joanne Monaghan ; Buffalo Grove, IL. HOFFMANN, Mariasdorf, settled in Chicago, IL, 1902-8.

Sybilla Monaghan ; Slough, Berkshire, England, UK. STIFTER, Glashütten bei Langeck. Settled in England, 1948.

János Mondovics ; Budapest, Hungary. MONDOVICS (MANDEVICS), Grosswarasdorf.

Ed & Pat Mondschein ; Nazareth, PA. MONDSCHEIN Alois, ECKER. Grossmürbisch.

Patricia Montalbano ; St. Paul, MN. TSCHIDA, Illmitz; settled St. Paul, MN, 1893. My great-grandfather, Stefan Tschida, was born in Illmitz and emigrated in 1893 to St. Paul. He had married Alosie von Neuburg of Haslau/Bruck an der Leitha, in 1887. Stefan was a butcher and opened Tschida & Bauer, Fresh & Salt Meats at 1141 Rice Street in St. Paul before he died suddenly of a brain tumor in 1903, widowing Alosie with 7 children. Alosie had emigrated in 1896 with the first 3 children.

Mary Montoya ; Sioux Falls, SD. GROSS (GROSZ), THURY (TURI), Halbturn (Feltorony-Moson Megye); TOLLOVITS, STEINER, REINER and LUNTZER (Northern Burgenland).

Kathy Moodie ; Frankfort, IL. SIMON family from Unterschützen (Alsovo) and BAUER family from Willersdorf, Austria. Both families settled in Chicago around 1905. Our family tree, the Moodie-Branning family is posted on Ancestry.com and Rootsweb.

Frances B Moon ; Plant City, FL. WAGNER, LEBENSORGER; Litzelsdorf, Oberdorf. Settled in Chicago, IL in 1906.

Suzanne Mooney ; Yardley, PA. DULD, Kukmirn. Settled in Philadelphia, PA in 1890s.

Donna B Moore ; Medford, OR. Johann SCHRAMEL, Gols, settled in Herndon, Rawlins Co, KS about 1885.

Karla (Mandl) Moore ; East Hartford, CT. MANDL, THOMAS, Grieselstein (Korostyen, Hungary), KLOIBER, SCHWARZ, Weichselbaum (Badafalva, Hungary). Settled in New Britain, CT 1910-2.

Marian Moore ; Sarasota, FL. KONRATH. Oberdorf, WOLFER, Kirchfidisch, to Chicago.


Helen Korbler Morgan ; Chester, SC. KORBLER, KOERBLER, settled New York, 1903. Lived in Milwaukee, WI in 1910 and then moved to Anson County, NC and married. Finally settled permanently in Mecklenburg County, NC in the 1930's.

Wolfgang E Moritz ; Pelee Island, ON, Canada. Searching for emigrants from Deutschkreutz (Mittelburgenland) in US & Canada.

Pat Morton ; Abingdon, VA. PRISZNYAK, TENGELITS(CS), Poschendorf, Boszok, Hungary; NAISZ, Doroszlo; KLAUSER, Steinamanger, Szombathely, Hungary; IGAZ, Rechnitz.

JoAnn Moser ; Minneapolis, MN. MICHLITS, Wallern, settled St. Paul, Ramsey, MN. Granddaughter of Joannes (John) Michlits (Michlitsch) who was born Apr 10, 1885, arrived 1905, died Mar 22, 1925. Great granddaughter of Paulus Michlits 1851-1918.

Glenda Moser ; CT. FRANK, MOSER, FRUWIRTH in Gols.

Reinhard Möstl ; Graz, Styria, Austria. PREININGER, Windisch Minihof; PREM, SCHREY, Mühlgraben; UITZ, Neuhaus am Klausenbach; PREININGER, St. Martin an der Raab.

Joe Mott ; Bountiful, UT. SCHOPF, Podersdorf; MANN, Illmitz; settled North Dakota. KARNER, KUMMER, GISCH, Podersdorf; SCHALI, HOLLONITS, PIETZ, Illmitz.

Theodore Mathias Muehl ; Bel Air, MD. MÜHL (MUEHL), WIEDERER, SCHILLER (in Oberwart, Pinkafeld. Wiesfleck, Wolfau, and Mkt. Allhau (Southern Burgenland)), PROSKEY possibly in Burgenland and / or Austria. Muehls, Wiederers and Schillers settled in Pittsburgh, PA, Michigan and Chicago, IL areas. Proskeys settled in the Milwaukee, WI and Pittsburgh, PA areas.

Steve Mueller ; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Viktoria and Ludwig MÜLLER settled in Hamilton Ontario in 1954. They were born in Unterwart.

Kurt & Darlene Muellner ; Kewaunee, WI. Frank (Franz) MÜLLNER, father of Kurt MUELLNER emigrated from Altschlaining to Chicago where he married Gerda FRAHM. Kurt, Darlene and their son Eric have visited Altschlaining in 1995 and other trips. MÜLLNER and TIKOVITSCH are family names.

Lou Ann Muhanna ; Willow Springs IL. LOIBL, ARTHOFER, GAGER, all Lockenhaus, settled all Chicago, IL.

Jim Muhn ; Wheat Ridge, CO. TISINAI, Dürnbach, settled Chicago. Grandmother was Magdalena Tisinai, who came to US in 1910 and first went to Pittsburgh where a sister named Mary was located. Married a cousin named Stephen Tisinai and eventually settled in Chicago. Had four children - Mary, Catharine, Carol Elizabeth and George. My mother was Carol Elizabeth. Stephen Tisinai abandoned family sometime around 1920.

William Muhr ; Riverton, NJ. MUHR, ASTL, Zahling. Settled in Allentown, PA ca 1920.

Albert Muick ; Allentown, PA. MUIK, MUICK, MULZET; Inzenhof, Raabfidisch, Jennersdorf. Settled in Coplay / Northampton, PA. Currently working in Kabul / Kandahar Afghanistan.

Christine Muller ; Bloomingburg, NY. Grandparents YANDERSITZ (YANDRASITZ, YONDERSCHITZ, JANDERSITS) Herman, born Harmisch (Havardos), Hungary 1893, emigrated 1913 to Coplay, PA; married to Anna BERZKOVITS, born Harmisch (Havardos), Hungary 1891, left son Friedrich BERZKOVITS at Harmisch, Kohfidisch in 1913. They and 11 other children left Coplay in mid-1930s and relocated to Bronx, NY.

Gerry Mulligan ; Marshfield, WI. I have an interest in the name SALZL (SALZ, SALZE, SALTZ, SEITZL, and SALZER) The individual coming to America with his family was Joseph SALZL and his wife Mary RESCH. The village they came from was Valla, Hungary (Wallern). Joseph had a brother John and a sister Eva. Joseph and his family settled west of St. Cloud in Rockville Twp, Stearns Co, MN.

Jude Brearton Mulvey ; NY. GERGER, MUIK, PÖLTL, BEIDL, SAMMERL, Güssing (Rosenberg).

Rita J Mulvihill ; Southbury, CT. LEITNER, Deutsch Tschantschendorf. Arrived Jan 12, 1903 New York / Passaic, NJ to Sandy Hook, CT.

Alfred Kenric Mulzet ; Louisville, KY. MULZET, Inzenhof. Settled in Allentown, PA about 1915.

Jon P Mulzet ; Oklahoma City, OK. ARTINGER, MULZET, Inzenhoff / Güssing. Settled in Allentown / Coplay / Fogelsville, PA.

Suzanne Geosits Mund ; Arlington, VA. GEOSITS, (Y)JURASITS, Szentpeterfa and Szombathely.

Bonnie Mundy ; Alton, IL. HAUFE, HAUNSPERGER. Settled in St. Louis, MO, Alton, IL.

Kristina Mur ; Osijek, Croatia. MUHR, Schandorf; Nagynarda, Großnahring, Hungary; settled Croatia (Ðakovo) 1886.

Carol Murphy ; Dacula, GA. SCHERER John, (Pamhagen?, Worterberg?). Settled in Irvington, NJ about 1910.

Giselle Murphy ; Penrith, Australia. MUNZENRIEDER, PITZL, Apetlon, settled St. Paul, MN. Grandparents migrated app 1850 to US.

Jennifer Murphy ; Oceanside, CA. STOTZ, Eisenstadt (Kismarton), settled in Solon Mills, IL. Emerich (Imre) Stotz, born 1872, came to the US in 1907. His sister Leopoldina was born ~1868 and later moved to Mistelbach, Austria.

Kathy Murphy ; Spring Mills, PA. Daughter of Martin SPANITZ, of Gerersdorf. Settled in Stiles, PA. My cousin is Walter Dujmovits from Stegersbach.

Tom Murphy ; CO. ZWICKL, UNGER, LEEB, GYORIK, TRAUTNER, Tadten. ZWICKL & UNGER settled in Kansas.

Emma Murray ; Fair Lawn, NJ. JAUTZ or YAUTZ; Heiligenkreuz, lived in Deutsch Tschantschendorf. Came to NYC, then moved to West New York; Hudson County, NJ.

Terry Murray ; St. Paul, MN. MOLLNER, THEILER, WACHTLER, WALDHERR, Szent Janos (Hungary); ZIERHUT, Zanegg (Hungary). Settled in Minneapolis, MN. EGLSAER, Szent Janos. Settled in Omaha, NE. KAISER, Szent Janos. Settled in Herndon, KS.

AL Musser ; Mulhurst Bay, AB, Canada. MUSSER, AUER, Alhau, Austria. Settled in Alberta Canada, 1925.

Frank Musser ; Southbury, CT. MUSSER, Wolfau, settled New York.

Janice Myers ; Albuquerque, NM. TEUSCHLER, GOODMAN, Burg, WERDERITS, Hannersdorf. Teuschler and Werderits settled in Chicago about 1921.

Bela Borsos-Nachtnebel ; Houston, TX. PRINNER, KOBELRAUSCH, REIDL, PILLER, Lutzmannsburg.

Margarete Nada [wrong]; Shelby Twp, MI. Gabriela BENEKER from Ödenburg (Sopron, Hungary) settled in Sarasota, FL. Kathrin KNABEL, from same place settled in Mt. Clemens, MI. Anna EITLER, Ödenburg, settled in Philadelphia, PA. Margarete NEMETH, sister of Anna Eitler settled in Daytona Beach, FL.

Christiana Naujalis ; Parkesburg, PA. HAFTL, Raabfidisch, Rábafüzes, Hungary, settled Northampton and Lehigh counties, PA, and in Canada, possibly near Winnipeg. FEIERTAG, Neustift bei Güssing, Austria, settled Northampton and Lehigh counties, PA and Schenectady, NY. GG-Grandparents Johann and Elizabeth (YOST) HAFTL had at least eight children born between 1881 and 1897; GG-grandparents Michael and Teressa (MEIER) FEIERTAG had at least six children born between the years 1876 and 1894. Most of these children emigrated to America.

Kenneth L Neal ; Overland Park, KS. Researching SCHLÖGEL, BÖNNER, PUHR, KOPPEL, HOFER, Bubendorf in Pilgersdorf parish; BUCHER, Stienburg in Pilgersdorf parish, FRÄILLER, probably Stienburg in Pilgersdorf parish (Middle Burgenland).

Don Neff ; St. Paul, MN. PREINER, GRÖSZ (or GRÖß or GROESS) of Halbturn; settled in St. Paul, MN 1890-1910. Also interested in Nickelsdorf and Neusiedl am See.

Carolyn M Nelson ; Waukesha, WI. FARKAS, FABRY, KISS, Rima Szombathely. Settled in Barron Co, WI around 1896.

Debbie Nelson ; Wichita Falls, TX. NOLZ, St. Andrä, settled St. Paul, MN 1880.

Gary Nemeth ; Baltimore, MD. NEMETH, GRILL, THULNER, ANDORKA, GOLTL, Lebeny, Hungary. Settled in Rawlins Co, KS.

Hannes Nemeth ; Unterwart, Burgenland, Austria. NEMETH, Unterwart. The brother of my grandfather (Nemeth Josef, Born 1897) emigrated to the United States between 1915 and 1920.

Pál Németh ; Monor, Hungary. KOCH family in Burgenland and NEUMANN, GRAFL, BAUER family. Pottendorf, Zemendorf, Krens, Hirm. The KOCH's came from maybe in Germany.

Richard Nemeth ; Fairfax, VA. LANG, HOLECZ, SALY; Pinkamindszent; Gasztony; Newark, NJ; Bridgeport, CT.

Val Nemeth-Jans ; Redcliff, Alberta, Canada. NEMETH, Puteri, Zala Megre, settled in Lestock, Saskatchewan, Canada. Vendel Nemeth Family left Zala Hungary on March 11,1905.His wife Mary (Dobri) Nemeth and their children Steve, Zigmond, Annie, Rose and Granddaughter Annie landed at Saint John, New Brunswick Canada. Then traveled by train to Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, arriving on April 28,1905 - Easter Sunday. They homesteaded in the Arpad school district on S.E.quarter of 18,T. 26R. 16W 2nd. This is the only information we have on my Great-Grandparents and my Grandfather Zigmond Nemeth. The village name of Puteri cannot be found. If anyone has heard of this village please contact me by my e-mail address.

Dr. Zsolt Nemethy ; Budapest, Hungary. NEMETHY, Jacobshof, Szentgotthárd, Rönök, Güssing; KRIZANITS, Trausdorf a.d. Wulka.

Joel Neubauer ; Williamsburg, VA. and Olney, MD. NEUBAUER and KOLLER, Bad Tatzmannsdorf and Sulzriegel areas. My ancestors left the Burgenland in the early 20th century and settled in Allentown, PA.

Jeff Neuberger ; Minneapolis, MN. NEUBERGER, Sankt Peter, Mosonszentpeter, (Janossomorja) Hungary, settled Minneapolis 1911. KERSCHBAUM, Sankt Peter, Mosonszentpeter, (Janossomorja) Hungary, settled Minneapolis 1904.

Fred Neuhold ; Lamar, CO. FRIEDRICH NEUHOLD, Buchberg bei Hartberg, KARLONA WINKLER, Unterrhor, all settled WI. These were my grand parents, Fred was born 18-7-1879 there some Winklers still in Unterrhor.

Andrea Novak Neumann ; Minneapolis, MN. NOVAK, ORISITS. Nikitsch, district of Oberpullendorf. Parish: St. Laurentius. Emigrated to South Bend, IN.

Marietta Neumann ; Silver Lake, MN. SHERMAN (Schermann), FASCHING, KAPPEL, BATES (Poetz), Deutsch-Gerisdorf. Settled in the Winsted, MN.

Robert B Neumann [wrong]; Las Vegas, NV. HOFFMANN / WEBER families in Bubendorf who settled in Winsted, MN.

Alexander Nevlacsil ; Vienna, Austria. GRANICH, settled Pinkafeld ~1840; STIFTER, settled Pinkafeld ~1780, also in Salmannsdorf; KLAMPFER, settled Litzelsdorf ~1880; PIPLITS, SIDERITZS, Stegersbach; KLANATZKY, SOPPER, Eisenhüttel.

Jill Newhart-Fortner ; Chesapeake, VA. GOLLATZ, Kirchfidisch, settled in Coplay, PA; FISCHL, Moschendorf, settled in Coplay, PA.

Bobbi Newlander ; Beverly Hills, CA. KAIPEL (KEIPPEL), SPIEGEL, Riedlingsdorf.

Margaret Nicklas ; Austin, TX. SAKASITS (Spelled SZOKASITS in some records), Tobaj, Güssing, NICKLAS, Olbendorf-Eisenberg, settled all Pennsylvania.

Olivia Nicks née Aspen ; Mount Vernon, IN. ASPAN, ANGERER, Oberdorf, settled Chicago, IL.

Ralph Nielsen ; The East Riding of Yorkshire, England, UK. STRODL, WÜCHSINGERIN (WURZINGER), WIESINGER Forchtenau - settled in Denmark.

Dave Nikischer ; Macungie, PA. NIKISCHER, STEINER, Neustift.

Frank Nikischer, Jr ; Macungie, PA. NIKISCHER, STEINER, Neustift.

Frank Nikischer, Sr ; Kunkletown, PA and Delray Beach, FL. NIKISCHER, Neustift bei Güssing, settled Allentown, PA 1923. STEINER, Neustift bei Güssing, settled Allentown, PA 1924. Our father Frank (Franz) NIKISCHER emigrated to USA in 1923 and sent for our mother in 1924. Settled in Allentown, PA.

Frank W Nikischer, III ; Wesley Chapel, FL. NIKISCHER, Neustift. Frank (Franz) NIKISCHER settled in Allentown, PA in 1923.

Hans Nikischer ; Bethlehem, PA. NIKISCHER.

Fred Nikithser [wrong]; Riverside, CA. MARAKOVITS, NIKISCHER, TOTH. From: Gaas, Tobai, Moschendorf, Güssing, D. Tschanschendorf Settled in Passaic, NJ and Northampton, PA

John Nikithser ; Clifton, NJ. MARAKOVITS, Deutsch Tschantschendorf; settled Passaic, NJ. NIKISCHER, Gaas; settled Northampton, PA.

Beth Nikles ; Shohola, Pike County, PA. NIKLES, BODISH, Neustift bei Güssing; DERGOSITS, JAUTZ, Tobaj, all to Nazareth, PA. CSENCSITS, KISS, St. Kathrein; ERTL, POTTSMANN (POPTZMANN?), SLETTNER Bocksdorf, all to Northampton, PA. CSAR (CZAR?).

Michael Niklesz ; Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. NIKLESZ, NIKLES, NIKLEß, Tobaj, settled Budapest, Hungary, about 1885. ZOTTER, Kukmirn.

Bart Nikoletich ; Lakewood, CA. MURLASITS, Stegersbach. They settled in Milwaukee between 1907-1918 and then settled in Akron, OH.

Warren A Noblick ; Heath, OH. NABILEK, Wieselburg, Moson, Hungary.

Joyce Noeltner ; Salt Lake City, UT. PEISCHL, Rohr; immigrated to St. Louis, MO before 1902.

Nemeth Noland ; Kapolei, HI. VERTESICH, YAMBRICH, Geresdorf, settled IN.

Natalie Norman ; West Palm Beach, FL. TILLHOF, FAYMANN or FEIMAN, Steinberg, settled Kansas City, MO 1867 Joseph and Anna Tillhof with their children John (Johann), Anna, Maria Theresa, Joseph, Stephen (born soon after they arrived)

Mary Ann Dilcher Norris ; Wrightsville, GA. RABOCH (RAPPOSCH) and UITZ, Mühlgraben but also could be Leoben or Eisenberg. Settled in New Britain, CT.

John Norton ; Chicago, IL. BINDER, PERTL and LOCKINGER from Wolfau. John Julius LOCKINGER left Wolfau in 1906. Mary Anna BINDER in 1907. Both emigrated to Chicago. Family here in the states doing LDS genealogy list Pertl as BERDEL.

Edward R Novogratz ; Northampton, PA. NOVOGRATZ, St. Kathrein, YACKSITS (JAKSICS, JAKSITS), Kroatisch Tschantschendorf and Eisenhüttel. Settled in Northampton, PA.

Joseph Novogratz ; Excelsior, MN. Frank NOVOGRATZ and wife Stella YAKSITZ (St. Kathrein and Kr. Tschantschendorf/Allentown), settled Northampton PA.

Robert Novogratz ; Alexandria, VA. YAKSITZ, Eisenhuettl; YANDRISEVITS, Kroatische Tschanchandorf; NOVOGRATZ, St. Kathrein, to Northampton, PA, 1921.

Jeanne Novosel ; NOVOSEL emigrated to Canada in 1927; and GRÖLLER in the village of Neuberg.

Teresa Nowak ; Sycamore, IL. TISINAI.

Frank Nowasell ; Indianola, IA. NOVOSEL, SIENER (SZIENER), KNOR, HIRSCHBECK; Rohr, Bocksdorf and those surrounding. Buffalo, NY, Long Island, NY and Iowa.

Ilse Lowy Nusbaum ; Los Angeles, CA. LOWY, Oggau. Settled in Detroit, 1938. LOWY, Eisenstadt. Settled in Los Angeles.

Larry Oakley ; North Bellmore, NY. WUNDERLER, Bildein (Ober & Unter) arrived 1906? settled in New York City with brothers in Allentown, PA. AKOVITS, Gerersdorf arrived 1906? settled in New York City.

Joanne Oberecker Rogers ; Davenport, FL. OBERECKER, FASCHING, Heiligenkreuz, all settled Allentown, PA. Grandfather, Josef Oberecker 1895-1965, born in Heiligenkreuz, arrived 1913 from Rabofoiszes, Hungary to Allentown, PA. Name changed to Joseph Obereker (no c). Married Berta Fasching 1899-1979, arrived 1914 from Robaf Ker to Allentown, PA. Her father, Frank Fasching was already in Allentown. Name changed to Bertha Oberecker (with the c). They ran Oberecker's Bakery in Allentown with son, born in Allentown, Joseph Rudolph Oberecker, 1921-2006, working in baked goods delivery. I am Joanne Mary Oberecker Rogers, Florida, married to Roland Gary Rogers (Moyer, Wetzel previous married names) only child, born 1948 in Allentown, to Joseph R. Oberecker & Elizabeth (Bette) Anna Baver Oberecker, 1921-2012. Both died in Florida. Continuing the descendants is my only child, Wendy Jo Moyer (Loomis), Florida, born 1973 in Allentown, to me and my husband, David Lynn Moyer, and she is married to Christopher John Loomis.

Linda Oboikowitsch-Inzucchi ; Stratford, CT. OBOIKOWITSCH, KLEE, St. Nikolaus, settled New York, NY. Angela Killian, nee Klee, arrived in NYC, date unknown. Became US citizen and sponsored her two nephews, Gerhard Klee, to NYC late 50's-early 60's, Richard Oboikowitsch to NYC approximately 1956. All from St. Nikolaus. Klee family members currently reside in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and New York. Oboikowitsch family members are unknown.

Christian Öts ; Grosshöflein, Burgenland, Austria. RABOLD Lucia, Eisenberg an der Pinka(Csejka); 16.05.1909; Northampton, PA. FUSZ (FUSS) Peter, Eisenberg an der Pinka (Csejka); 13.03.1906; Chicago.

Carla Ogden ; Glens Falls, NY. BINDER, DOMINEK, HAUCK, KERN, SOMMER, GORZA, BRADT, ZOTTER. Originally from St. Martin an der Raab, and a couple other nearby towns. Settled in the Allentown, PA; Denver, PA; Bronx, NY.


Kenneth R. Olen ; Fort Pierce, FL. SCHEI, SEJ, SEY, SYE, Markt St. Martin, settled Kapuvar. Great-grandfather, Joszef (b. 1845, Szentmarton), and his brother, Antal (b. 1857), both married and had families in Kapuvar, Sopron, Hungary. Great-great-grandfather, Janos Schei married Julianna Oszterits, location unknown.

Bill Oliver ; Atlanta, GA. Karl DAX (DOX), Rax, settled Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA, 1906. DEUTSCH, Rax (?), settled Alberta, Canada. Karl DAX was the youngest boy of the 16 children of Josef DAX and Maria KRENN of Rax. Most of the other children also emigrated to Pittsburgh, however a number of the older children remained in Austria. We visited Rax in 1991 and, using information gathered in that visit along with that provided by family members in the US, we have a good picture of the family going back to 1797.

Nicky Oliver (Schuster) ; St. Louis, MO. MARAKOVITS, Punitz; SPIEGELHEIER, SIMONCSICS.

Judy Olson (nee Schlener) ; Edmonton, AL, Canada. SCHLENER, SCHEHLENER, Neustift, settled Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. SCHLEHNER, Ganzendorf.

Firmus J Opitz ; Hopkins, MN. Searching for my great great great Grandfather and Mother who would be the parents of Michael OPITZ, my GG Grandfather who was born in Tadten in 1832: the family of FLORIAN GANGL(e) born in Apetlon 1825: JOHN PITZEL, Wallern about the 1830s.

Marc Opitz ; Oakesdale, WA. OPITZ, Tadten. To Eden, SD (Farm on Opitz Lake).

Richard Opitz ; Woodbury, MN. OPITZ, Illmitz, settled St Paul, MN 1904. Ellis Island record Located on Nikolaus Opitz(grandfather) Looking for family farther back. I believe he had a brother Joseph, and father Joseph(my . Great Great father possibly Stephanous(sp?) married to Anna Salzl? One of my family members travelled back to Illmitz in 1977 and met relatives, but now sadly does not remember them. Have photos of that visit, but first names only on the backs of pictures. Going to Illmitz this fall. Would love to meet someone, or have graveyards to visit. 

William Oravecz ; LEITNER, FISCHLE. Deutsch Tschantschendorf. Daughter Anna Leitner to NYC, Passaic, NJ abt 1900.

Joseph Orban ; Bartlett, IL. ORBAN, Pinkamindszent, Hungary. Settled in Newark, NJ about 1904.

Mike Orban ; Pittsburgh, PA. ORBAN, settled Pittsburgh abt 1900; DOMITER, settled Pittsburgh 1902; all from Alsószölnök, Vas, Hungary

Ernie Oros ; Phillipsburg, NJ. LENERT, Szt Miklos.

Jill Orovitz ; Denver, CO. OROVITZ, OROVITS. g-grandfather August Orovits arrived through Ellis Island in 1923 from Schandorf. Returned to Austria 1932. Grandfather Charles Orovits (later Orovitz) arrived in 1929 at age 16. Settled in Passaic, NJ area.

Janice Osl Precopia ; Albany, NY. SCHABHÜTTL, Güssing, settled Troy, NY 1909-1910. My Grandmother was known here in America as "Jenny Schabhetl" but she told me many years ago her name was "Jennica, Jennika", German Johanna.

David Ostergaard ; Yankton, SD. REGNER, SANFTNER, RAINER, SCHWARZ, ROISS; Mönchhof. LENTSCH, WABA, ROISZ; Podersdorf. WLADARSCH; Halbturn. Settled in Bancroft, IA about 1900.

Debi Ostermann ; Tallahassee, FL. OSTERMANN, Oberwart, husband and wife settled in Andalusia, Bucks Co, PA around 1906. Four year old Carl (Charles) arrived later via Ellis Island in 1908 with an aunt.

Anne Leiser Ostovits ; Northbrook, IL. RESATAR, Schandorf; OSTOVITS, Dürnbach. Settled Chicago, IL. Agnes RESATAR marries Joseph OSTOVITS and had three children Joseph Jr., Anne and Robert. Joseph is deceased.

Anna M Oswald ; Annapolis, MD. OSWALD, TASCHLER, Vaskeresztes, Hungary. SCHLAFFER, Eisenberg. Settled in Northampton, PA 1958.

Joseph Oswald ; Germantown, WI. HERMANN, Kohfidisch, Settled in New York, NY, OSWALD, HANSL, VOLCIC. Kirchfidisch, Kohfidisch, Oberwart.

Patricia Oswald Hamil ; Vancouver, WA. OSWALD, KAPPEL, SCHEBITZ, TSCHEBITZ, BLASKOVITS, GRAF, all settled Chicago, IL. ERTLER, ERDLER, all from Rohrbach an der Teich. My grandparents Ignatz Oswald and Anna Schebitz came to Chicago from Rohrbach an der Teich and Mischendorf in the early 1900's. Not sure of correct spelling of her surname as it was spelled several different ways on her legal documents. A whole boat load of thier siblings and cousins also immigrated through Ellis Island and they all list 215 Root St. or 415. W. 43rd on the ship manifest as the address they were going and Ignatz Oswald as the person who lived there. The majority of these individuals are buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Chicago. I am going to visit Rohrback in September 2013. My grandparents told me wonderful stories about the "Old Country" and now I actually will see it.

Lynda (Bonsell) Ott ; Burnsville, MN. HALLER, Illmitz, settled in St. Paul, MN; SCHUTZ, Apetlon, settled in St. Paul, MN and Browerville, MN. I am the granddaughter of Josef Franz Haller of Illmitz. I believe that he immigrated in 1910. My grandmother Hermine Giselle Schutz immigrated in 1911 through Ellis Island. She was from Apetlon. Josef and Hermine met in St. Paul at an Austrian Cultural Center and married in 1914 or 1915.

Rainer Ottmayer ; Stuttgart, Germany. OTTMAYER, SZÜTS, JAKSITS in Holling, (Fertöboz), Wolfs (Balf), Hungary, US, Germany, Austria, etc.

Florence Owens ; Lombard, IL. HORVATH, Woppendorf.

Karen O'Brien ; Seattle, WA. WITTMANN, Frauenkirchen; SCHWARZ, Parndorf; settled Seattle. EGERMANN, Illmitz; settled St. Paul then Seattle.

Charles O'Connell ; Binghamton, NY. GERGER, JANE (JANY), Güssing. Settled in New York, NY about 1905.

Bill O'Driscoll ; Onalaska, WI. MUHR, Burg, settled Chicago 1923; GOLLATZ, KOZARITZ, Dürnbach, settled Chicago 1920; FARBERGER, GUTTMAN, Burg; SIMONOWITZ, Schandorf, Settled Chicago 1912.

Sheryl (Manske) O'Hare ; Destin, FL. KEPPEL, Oberradling; VARGA, Mor. Settled in Sheboygan, WI.

Barbara Sherman O'Laughlin ; Pittsburgh, PA. SHERMAN (SCHERMAN), NESTELBERGER, PUM (PUMM), POLZMANN, Kukmirn, Güssing, settled in McKees Rocks, PA. JOST (YOST), WIESZNER, Inzenhof (Borosgodor). TENDEL (DENDEL). MOTZER, HUTLER, HARTLER, Oberradling, Unterradling (Felsoronok) settled in Jacobs Creek, McKees Rocks, Pittsburgh, PA.

Kathie O'Mara ; Gibsonia, PA. KOGER, LEIRER, FRANYI, CZVITKOVICS, STANGEL, MITTL; Eberau and Beled; settled in McKees Rocks, PA; Long Island, NY; Maplewood, NJ; and Watervleit, NY.

Sue O'Meara ; Macomb Twp, MI. REITBAUER, SCHRAMEL, KESCHL, MACHER, Gaas; TEMMEL, TASCHLER, SCHWAB, Deutsch Schützen, Eisenberg.

Joseph O'Neil ; Westport, CT. SVETICS, TRAUPMANN, GARGER, MIKIKITS, Strem. My mother settled in New York City in 1931. Other relatives settled in Allentown, PA around 1930.

Douglas Page ; Morinville, Alberta, Canada. HOLZER, Rattersdorf, settled Canada April 24, 1927; UNTERECKER, HOLZER, Piringsdorf, settled Canada June 2, 1928. Adalbert Holzer born 1892 married to Johanna Unterecker born 1896 settled in Alberta, Canada with their children. Adalbert came first to Canada, departing from Antwerp Belgium on the Montroyal arriving in Quebec Canada on April 24, 1927 to establish a residence in Alberta Canada. His wife Johanna Holzer (Unterecker is her maiden name)and their children Ida, Adalbert, Katherina, Stefan, Helene all arrived after departing Breman Germany on the Karlshure arriving in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on June 2, 1928 and travelled to Alberta Canada where they lived until their deaths. The Holzer's in our family apparently lived in Rattersdorf for hundreds of years I am told and as for his wife Johanna, she was either born in Rattersdorf or Piringsdorf but her parents are believed to be from Piringsdorf. There is rumor that Johanna came from a prominent family of some sort but was disowned for marrying someone of a lesser class.

J. Page ; Madison, WI. HACKSTOCK, Purbach, RESCH, Breitenbrunn, Settled all Wisconsin , 1855.

Kevin M Palan ; Honesdale, PA. HORVATH, PANI, BENDEKOVITS, CSECSINOVITZ, LUTTERSCHMID, Deutsch Tschantschendorf region. HORVATHs emmigrated to Passaic and Northampton. Settled in Newark area, Northampton, and Philadelphia area.

John Palang ; Manchester, NJ. WINDSCH, Strem, settled Clifton, NJ; PALANG, Hagensdorf, settled Passaic, Clifton, NJ.

John Palatine ; Oswego, IL. J. PALATIN, Kroatisch Minihof. Settled in Chicago, IL 1904. KUSKITCH, Nikitsch to Chicago, IL.

Emily Palicki ; Aurora, IL. HENDLER, settled Chicago, IL, 1904, POTOKY/PATAKY, MÁRCZ, NAVRATYEL, all from Alsószölnök, Unterzemmling, Hungary. My Grandmother, Theresa Hendler, came to the US in 1904. She settled in Chicago and married Emil Greschek. Her siblings Marie, Josef, and Franz Hendler also emmigrated to the US. Theresa Hendler's parents were Mathias Hendler and Marie Potoky. Mathias' parents were Theresa Marcz and Petrus Hendler. Marie Potoky's parents were Stephanus Potoky and Petrona Navratyel. I believe all the families lived in Alsószölnök.

Josef Palkovits [wrong]; Sudbury, ON, Canada. PALKOVITS, St. Kathrein and Edlitz; WINDISCH, Unterbildein; NOVOGRAZ. Settled in Toronto, Canada in 1954 and Sudbury in 1956.

Timothy Palkovitz ; Lockport, IL. PALKOVICS, Kroatisch Grossdorf (Vaskeresztes, Hungary), KAINZ, Schauka (Eisenberg). Settled in Chicago, IL about 1926.

Orvill S Paller ; Orem, UT. PALLER (PAILLER, PÄLLER), Dörfl, Weingraben, Steinberg an der Rabnitz, Steinbach, Unterrabnitz, Karl, Drassmarkt; POOSCH, Unterrabnitz; GRUBITS (GRUBICS), Kaisersdorf, Drassmarkt; PUTZ, TREIBER, RIBARITS (RIBARICS), GRUBER, RAINER, LOIBL, Dörfl; HATZ, Dörfl, Steinberg an der Rabnitz; HÖLZL, Steinberg an der Rabnitz; FRANTSITS, LEITNER, RADANICH (RADOSITS), Kaisersdorf; REISNER, Drassmarkt; Pilgersdorf; SCHEIBER, ZETTL, Pilgersdorf; MITTMÜLLER, FUCHS, Drassmarkt; GROSSINGER, Lebenbrunn; SEIDL, Oberrabnitz; SCHLÖGL, Steinbach; BURGER, Karl. My grandfather, Josef PALLER (later changed his name to Orvill Paller, Sr.) of Steinbach, arrived at Quebec, Canada on 23 May 1928. He went first to Winnipeg, Manitoba and later to Calgary, Alberta. He eventually settled in Vancouver, British Columbia about 1930.

Barbara Palm ; Carmel, CA. WURZER, FELLNER. Settled in Pierz Twp, Morrison Co, MN in 1868.

András Pálmai ; Budapest, Hungary. TREMMEL, HUTERER, PICHLER; Sopron, Ödenburg, Hungary. PICHLER, HOLZAPFEL, NESTLANG, TIEBER; Steinberg an der Rabnitz.

Frank Palmer ; Oak Lawn, IL. POLAK (POLLACK), PASSENFOFFER; Narda, Hungary. My father, John Polak (he spelled it Pollack) and later changed the name to Palmer came to this country after WW-I. NOVOSEL, CLEMENT; Neuberg.

Peter Palvolgyi ; Budapest, Hungary. DIMBOKOVITS, TALLIAN, Neumarkt am Tauchental, settled Budapest, Hungary.

Carole Pammer ; Arlington, VA. POMPER, DUNST, Gaas. PAMMER, TANKI, Geresdorf bei Güssing.

Louise Pammer ; Wyomissing, PA. PAMMER, HIRTENFELDER. Interested in finding information about George Frank Pammer b 13 Feb 1892 in Burgenland, Austria, came to the US in 1913 and settled in Allentown, PA. Also, wife Caroline Lena Hirtenfelder b 26 Jul 1894 in Burgenland and came to the US around 1911 and settled in Allentown, PA.

Peg Panka ; Munhall, PA. STROBL, SCHANTA, Strem. HORVATH, D. Csulori?? Settled in Pittsburgh, PA about 1902-3.

Louise Panni ; Hyde Park, NY. PANNY, PANNI, PANI, PANY, Tudersdorf. SLOKLIKLOVITS, DULMOVITS, GEOSITS. Settled NYC, Toronto, Canada, Allentown, PA.

Elsie & Fred Panny ; Columbus, OH. SIMON, BALIKO, Jabing; PETZ, St. Nicholaus (Güssing) PANNY, Tobaj. Settled in NY 1920s.

Judith Pansarosa ; Fresno, CA. SZOMMER, Szent Gotthárd, Wallendorf (Olaszfalu), settled in Canton, OH, in 1903; KLOIBER, Wallendorf (Olaszfalu), settled in Canton, OH, in 1903; MANDL, Wallendorf (Olaszfalu). Ferencz Szommer, a jeweler in Szent Gotthárd, and wife Maria Kloiber had children Ida, Terez, Ernesztin, Maria and Ferencz. The parents were likely born in Wallendorf (Olaszfalu). They came to Canton, OH, in 1903, where Ferencz worked as a watchmaker at the Dueber Hampden Watch Company.

David Papst ; Horgen, Switzerland. PAPST, Allhau; UIDL, HEROLD, Allentown, PA; PAPST, Minnesota; PAPST, Chicago. Relatives of Johann PAPST (b 11/30/1871) and Samuel PAPST (b 11/28/1865), settled in PA and Chicago.

Stephanie (Smith) Parisi ; Nazareth, PA. WAGNER, KEGLOVITZ, OSWALD, HOLTZMAN; Allentown, PA.

Linda Parzek ; Wayne, NJ. Hermina PAUKOVITZ or PAUKOVITS, from Kroatisch Ehrensdorf, Eberau. Born 1908, Settled in 1922 (Coplay, Northampton, PA area) and then Paterson, NJ in 1930s with husband Joseph STRAUCH (from Coplay, Stiles). Moved to Wayne, NJ in 1960s. Died in 1997. Many relatives in Lehigh Co, PA area.

Rosemarie Pataky ; Kendenup, Western Australia. ZWICKL, HALLER, Mosonszolnok, Zanegg. Transylvania / Sekely family: PATAKY Lorenz.

Sam Pathy ; Worthington, OH. PATHY, Kleinbachselten. My paternal grandfather, Samuel Pathy, was born near Kleinbachselten (Kis-Karastzos) in 1893.

Norma Patierno ; Atlanta, GA. LAKY, SCHARFER, Moschendorf. Settled in Coplay, PA area.

Lori Patton ; Pittsburg, CA. Siegmund LOIKITS; Oberloisdorf, Pullendorf. Settled in Chicago, IL 1903. Son of Josef LOIKITS of Stegersbach?

Frank Paukowits ; New York, NY. PAUKOWITS (Winten-Eberau) settled in the NYC area in the 1920s; KARLOVITS (Winten): JAUTZ, BODISCH (Glasing); MAGDITS. Horvath (Punitz) settled in the New Jersey area in the 1920s.

Frank (Franz) Paul ; Vancouver, BC, Canada. PAUL, Zemendorf, Mattersburg.

Cherie Paulissen ; Boulder City, NV. FABSITS, settled Chicago, IL. VEROSZTO, BAUER; all from Schandorf.

Donald Paulson ; Ouray, CO. MOLNAR, WEBER, Oberschützen, Mariasdorf, settled Chicago.

Robert Paulson ; MN. FANGL (FANGEL), SATTLER, TONGISCH, WURZINGER, UNGER, ENGELBERTH, THELL, REINPRECHT, PECK, Andau (Moson Tarcza) Destination: St. Paul, MN, St. Agnes Parish, Immigration: 1887.

Timothy Paulus ; Everittstown, NJ. BOGAD, Jabing, KANNAPES, settled Everittstown, NJ. My great-grandfather, Stephan KANNAPES, bought this farm in Everittstown, NJ in 1929. My grandfather, Edmund BOGAD, after marrying Frances KANNAPES, took over in 1940. My mother, Frances (BOGAD) PAULUS, and aunt, Audrey (BOGAD) BALOGH, were born here. I started farming here in 1993 after my grandfather passed away. Currently, my wife Jenn and I are raising our son Emmit, the 5th generation of the family on this farm.

Craig S Pehr ; St. Augustine, FL. GRAF, GRATZLE, GRATZEL, Eberau; PEHR, Deutsch Schützen. Settled in Pittsburgh & St. Louis around 1924.

Julie Pehr ; BC, Canada. PEHR, KLIPPEL, Deutsch Schützen. Maria RHIZTA (she used to be PEHR) and Josef KLIPPEL.

Linda Pehr ; St. Charles, MO. PEHR, MAGDITSCH, SCHMALZEL, WIESLER; Deutsch Schutzen, Pernau. Settled in St. Louis, MO. PEHR / SCHMALZEL are my husband's grandparents, emigrated 1910 or after, both died in flu epidemic Nov 1918.

Alfred Peischl ; Gumpoldskirchen, Lower Austria, Austria. PEISCHL, Königsdorf, WIESNER, Eltendorf. Relatives in the USA: Alfred NEUBAUER, Erna HOWELL, Allentown, PA.

Robert Frank Pelzmann Jr. ; Agoura Hills, CA. PELZMANN, Bocksdorf; MARINITS, Stegersbach. Grandfather Frank PELZMANN settled in New York City, later in Medford Station, Long Island, NY around 1920-2. Frank was an engineer for New York Central Railroad and Long Island Railroad.

Lori Penetar ; Bethlehem, PA. SCHREINER, Kukmirn, settled Allentown, PA. WALLITSCH, settled Allentown, PA 1906. Anna Schreiner-Wallitsch-Vollman and Frank W Wallitsch These are my great grandparents and we are working on putting together a geneology book, but can't find much information.

Victoria Perez ; Glendale, AZ. KOGER, Eberau; GETHER, Jennersdorf. Settled in McKees Rocks, PA.

Ludwig Perger ; Bruckneudorf, Burgenland, Austria. Terez KEPPEL (Theresia KÖPPEL), Josef MARX, FANDL in Rönök, Hungary and Inzenhof.

Mary Perkins ; Ulster Co, NY. KROBOTH, UNGER, Kleinmürbisch, Kis Medves, believed settled Allentown PA, traveled to South Bend, IN and Michigan and NYC then rural NY. Immigration around 1911.

Martin Perl ; New York, NY. Researching POLLAK in Frauenkirchen (Northern Burgenland) and Beled, Hungary. STERN in Beled, Hungary. PERL in Bakonybank, Györ, Rede, Sikator, and Sopron, Hungary.

Fredrik Perlaky ; Eskilstuna, Sweden. PERLAKY, SZIL, PÖLTL, GICZI. Ödenburg (Sopron).

Johan Perlaky ; Staffanstorp, Sweden. PERLAKY, SZIL, PÖLTL, GICZI. Ödenburg (Sopron).

C Pernecker ; France. PHILIPP, Kittsee, Frauenkirchen, Mattersdorf; STEINER, HIRSCH, VOLK (FÖLKIN), Kittsee. Konrad Philipp and Anna Volk (Fölkin) married in Kittsee in 1816.

Sandra Pernitz ; Bremerton, WA. PERNITZ, Poppendorf, settled in Milwaukee, WI; BAUMER/BAMER, #40 Raabfidisch (Rábafüzes, Hungary), settled in Milwaukee, WI; WEINHOFER, Poppendorf; GRAF, WEBER, Raabfidisch.

Michelle Pertl ; Seattle, WA. PERTL, BRENNER, MÜHL, LUKITS, Wolfau. SIEGL, GRAF, KALTENEGGER, Markt Allhau, Burgau. Settled in Forest Park, Cook Co, IL.

Laura Peters ; Michigan. PETRAKOVITZ, Hannersdorf (Samfalva), to Chicago, 1920s; KLEIN, Hannersdorf, to Chicago, 1913; ASPAN, Oberdorf, to Chicago, 1922. Frances Klein Merkl (Francesca Klein) came from Hannersdorf.

Dana Petersen ; Lincoln, NE. Mathias and Johanna SCHNEIDER (maiden name Johanna STEINER), from Halbturn, Neusiedl Am See, settled in Omaha, Douglas Co, NE.

Karen Peterson ; Salem, NJ. STOHR, POGLITSCH, Graz. Settled in Muehlgraben. My grandmother Theresa STOHR was placed in an orphange in Vienna. Taken from this orphange by a family (Wagner) to Graz to work on the farm. Later their married daughter Marie Wagner Poglitsch helped her to get to USA.

Mary Peterson ; Willmar, MN. MORTH Isador (Isitor) born 6 Feb 1884 Schwendgraben, MORTH John born 1 Jan 1887 Schwendgraben, BUERGER Theresia Morth, Pilgersdorf d Feb 1963, SCHLEGEL Michael B 1862 Pilgersdorf d 1941 SCHLEGEL Theresa b 1866, d 1952 Schlegel child Mary B, Pilgersdorf 1885, SCHLEGEL also Schlagel or Schogl. Settled in Fingal, ND.

Sherrill Petti & Charles Petti ; Chicago, IL. PETTI, VUKITS, LAKNER, TISSINAI, HODITS, (HODICS), HERITS (HERICS), PUKARITS, TROTTINGER. Durnbach, (Inced), Schachendorf (Csajta), Narda (Nagynarda), Hungary.

Janette Petz ; Vancouver, BC, Canada. PETZ, Geresdorf. Settled Canada.

Joanne Petz ; Vernon, BC, Canada. PETZ, Gerersdorf. Settled in Canada.

Alfred Pexa ; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. RINGHOFER, Günseck, settled Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

Denise Pfalzer ; Tampa, FL. NEMETH in Kormend, Hungary. SZÁLL in Unterbildein; SZÁLL and HORVATH in Kormend and Vasvar, Hungary; KNOLLMAYER and SIMON in Kormend and Rum. Hungary. SZÁLL immigrated to New York in 1903.

Martin Pfeiffer ; Mörbisch am See, Burgenland, Austria. WINCZI Boby (born 1944) and sister Betty (born 1938); in La Crosse, WI. Grandparents born in Kroisbach (Fertörakos); Hungary.

Tom Pfeiler ; Crystal Lake, IL. PFEILER, PUTZ, Mkt Allhau, Wolfau. Settled in Chicago, IL.

Grace Phillips ; Allentown, PA. TRINKLE, Heiligenbrunn.

Joseph M. Phillips ; Palm Coast, FL. HALPER, Jabing, settled Buffalo, NY 1921. Grandmother: Franchesca Halper, born Jabing, lived in Buffalo NY, married Joseph Phillips, who was from Mischendorf, died April, 1968, Coronado, California Father: Alois Halper, born 11/19/1910 in Jabing, came to Buffalo NY 1921, last name changed to Phillips, died 10/10/2001, Bardonia NY.

Kelly Phillips ; Allentown, PA. TRINKLE, Heiligenbrunn, settled in Nazareth, PA.

Lori Berghold Phillips ; Lancaster, NY. BERGHOLD, Poppendorf; see Gerald Berghold.

O Wendell Phillips ; Orlando, FL. Lorenz LACKINGER left Olbendorf 1911 settled in McKees Rocks, PA, with wife Anna.

Patrick Phillips ; Bismarck, ND. SCHERHAUFER, KNÖDL, WEISS, Nickelsdorf, settled St. Paul, MN in 1882 or 1883. Elizabeth KNÖDL/KNÖDEL's first husband was SCHERHAUFER. After his death, Elizabeth married Lorenz WEISS and left for the USA. They settled in St. Paul, MN in 1882 or 1883. Maria Scherhaufer settled in St. Paul, MN, in mid-1880s with her mother and stepfather.

Frederick Scott Pianalto ; Tucson, AZ. FLEISCHACKER, Gols. Settled in Rocky Ford, CO. HERZOG, WOLFRAM, Gols; POLGAR, Tarnokreti, Hungary; GOLTL, SCHMITZHOEFER, Leiden; Settled in Herndon, KS. SCHADEN, WENDELIN; Gols.

Susann Piccinino ; St. Clair, MO. Grandmother, Anna VON GOTT, born 1900 to Maria BAIERL and Johann VON GOTT, was orphaned 1904 at the Orphanage, Kloster Neuburg. Anna Von Gott married Joseph WANDERER, Breitenbrunn in 1929. Rosalia WANDERER married an American soldier Carlo Piccinino 1950 and emigrated to the US.

Kathleen Pick ; Sturgeon Point, Ontario, Canada. PICK (PIK), GRABNER, Pinkafeld. Settled in Montreal, Quebec around 1919.

Joe Pickett ; Eudora, KS. GOLTL, Leiden, FLEISCHACKER, Gols, both settled in Rawlins Co, KS.

Werner Pieler [wrong]; Clarendon Hills, IL. John (Johann) PIELER (PIEHLER), born 7/1/1888 in Balfs (Wolfs) Hungary; emigrated to US c1905 and permanently between 1910 and 1912; settled in Chicago, IL and died there Apr 30, 1987. Theresa PIELER (nee RIEDL), born Sopron, Hungary, 9/89, settled in Chicago, died there July 1962. John Pieler came through New York City both times.

Matthew James Pielert ; Manhattan Beach, CA. TANZOS, Kroatisch Tschantschendorf, settled Daniellsville, PA. YAKSITZ, Eisenhüttel, settled Northampton, PA.

Ann Knolmar Pierce ; Encinitas, CA. KRAXNER, WAGNER. Unterbildein (Alsobeled), Güssing district. Anna Kraxner, born about 1881-4 in Unterbildein to John Kraxner and Rosina Wagner. Anna Kraxner came to NYC 1903.

Rudolf Pietsch ; Vienna, Austria. FROSCH changed to BATTYAN, Neustift an der Lafnitz. PhD about the "Musical folk culture of emigrants from Burgenland to Pennsylvania, USA, in special regard to instrumental music" (1981). Leader of the burgenländische Folk Music Group "Heanzen Quartett" which exist more than 30 years. Leader of the Folk Music Group "Die Tanzgeiger". Professor for Folk Music Research and Ethnomusicology at the Institute for Folk Music Research and Ethnomusicology at the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna.

Johann Piff ; Fair Oaks, CA. PIFF, Riedlingsdorf, Pinkafeld.

Rosemarie Piff ; Clearwater, FL. PIFF, TOMWEBER, Poppendorf, Mogersdorf, Pinkafeld, Riedlingsdorf, settled in Allentown, PA.

Walter F Piff, Jr. ; Clearwater, FL. PIFF, Poppendorf, settled in Allentown, PA, in 1906; TONWEBER (DONWEBER), Deutsch Minihof, settled in Allentown, PA. Has published a Piff family book.

Eveline Pilgram ; Klagenfurt, Austria. I am looking for the ancestors of Matthias HRUBY, born 1 Feb 1861 in Brennberg near Sopron. I am looking for HRUBY's from Brennberg and their spouses (also from Brennberg) named FISCHER, FOLTA and KERSCHBAUM.

Kathy Pinerski ; Walker, MN. WURGLITSCH, Grosspetersdorf or Kleinpetersdorf, Settled in Chicago, IL.

Irl Pingetzer ; Ephrata, WA. PINGETZER at Zurndorf settled at Herndon, KS about 1882.

Ewald Pingitzer ; Sigless, Austria. PINGITZER, LEBINGER, DUSKANICH. Sigless, Bezirk Mattersburg, Hungarian "Siklosd".

Linda Pipher ; Philadelphia, PA. KARALL, Grosswarasdorf; VARGA, Peresznye (Pressing, Prisika), Hungary. Have some ancestry info on KARALL, BERLAKOVICH in Grosswarasdorf and SZEDENIK, PLAUKOVICH, ROZENICH in Kleinwarasdorf.

Kathleen Pirl ; Cotati, CA. OPITZ, Tadten. Settled in Eden, SD.

Lillian Pirone ; Rochelle Park, NJ. FRISCH, BILLOVITS, Gerersdorf bei Güssing.

Martina Pirsch ; Laval, Québec, Canada. ZAPFEL, Reidlingsdorf. Settled in Montréal, Québec in 1958.

Sal Pisciotta ; College Point, NY. SOMMER, Kleinmürbisch; SEMLER, JUDT, Grossmürbisch. My G-Grandmother, Pauline KLEIN, immigrated around 1916 to NY. She lived first in PA but eventually moved to College Point, NY and had a family with Paul KLEIN.

Dan Pittman ; Springfield, IL. HANIFL, Rust, Austria, emigrated 1881 to LaCrosse, WI.


Robert H Pitzel ; Desert Hot Springs, CA. PITZL (PITZEL), Apetlon. My grandfather, Michael PITZL (PITZEL) arrived at the Port of Philadelphia, Aug 24, 1879 aboard the SS Switzerland. He was accompanied by his sister Susanna and her husband Joseph LEHNER. He married Anna Doetkott, and then settled in New Munich and Albany, MN.

Roger Pitzer ; Tilton, NH. PITZER. Settled in Mandan, ND about 1881.

John Pitzl ; Omaha, NE. PITZL, THELL, TSCHIDA, Apetlon.

Ron Pitzl ; Apetlon, Austria. PITZL, THELL. Austria to St. Paul, MN.

Robert M Plank ; Venice, FL. My father, Michael PLANK (PLANKOVICH) was born in Kophaza on 28 Sept. 1903 and went to NYC to live via PA. My mother Rozalia GEOSITS was born in Szentpeterfa on 6 May 1905 and went to NYC via PA, as a young woman.

Thomas Platzer ; St. Paul, MN. PLATZER, PRIGL (PREIGEL, BRIGL), BRUNDLMAYER (BRINDLMEIR), RAINER, from Halbturn & Frauenkirchen. Immigration started 1882. Omaha, NE seemed to be a main destination. Some moved on to Mandan (Huff area), ND then went on to St. Paul, Alberta Canada and Spokane, WA.

Bob Poandl ; OH. POANDL, Gerersdorf; ZACH, Rudersdorf; WAGNER, Gerersdorf, Rudersdorf.

Joseph M Poell ; Belleville, IL. PÖLL, LEHNER; Kitzladen, Pinkafeld, Loipersdorf.

Sonja Poeltl ; Greensburg, PA. DRAGSCHITZ, Wulkaprodersdorf, settled maybe Indiana. DRAGSCHITZ came to the USA before the 2nd world war. I came to the US with my husband from Vienna 12 years ago. I was born and grew up in Vienna, Austria 30 years of my life.

Robert F Poglitsch ; Kensington, CT. POGLITSCH, WERNER, JUD, ZIEGER; Mühlgraben and Minihof Liebau. Settled 1923 in New Britain, CT.

Keith C Pohlman ; Neenah, Winnebago County, WI. SOMMER, NEUMEYER; Donnerskirchen. Settled in Menasha, WI. Theresia Sommer(s) b 24 Jun 1816, Joseph Neumayer b 9 Oct 1820, child: Mary Sommer b 1841, Joseph Sommer b Sep 1842, Theresa Sommer b 2 Sep 1844, Catherina Neumeyer b 1849, Anna Neumyer b Oct 1850, (dwarf) Elisabeth Neumeyer b 27 Jan 1852, Hermann Frank Neumeyer b Mar 1856. Sailed to Baltimore, MD and arrived 12 Dec 1856 on the bark Fides.

Johann Pointner ; Vienna, Austria. Stefan POINTNER, Wimpassing a.d. Leitha, settled in Brasilia 1924.

Bob Polk ; Hamilton, OH. SOMMER, LANG, ERBACHER; Mörbisch am See. Johann SOMMER & Johann LANG arrived New York 30 Jun 1913. LANG lived in East Bethlehem, PA & Johann SOMMER lived in Hamilton, OH. Both returned to Mörbisch am See after WW-I. Their offspring continue the family wineries to the present time. Filomena & Marie SOMMER arrived New York 14 Jun 1914 and moved to Hamilton, OH. Johann (Hans) SOMMER arrived in New York 3 Jul 1923 came to Hamilton, OH, later moved to Dayton, OH where he raised his 4 children and lived out his life.

Michael Pollack ; Yonkers, NY. MARX, Hasendorf; HANZL St. Michael; settled Bronx, NY, Lake Carmel, NY. Alois MARX and Angela HANZL (HANSL?) were married and emigrated to the USA after my grandmother Hildegarde Marie MARX (POLLACK) was born.

James Polles ; Nazareth, PA. PFLUGLER, Strem. Settled in Nazareth, PA.

Angie Pollreisz ; Waynesville, MO. POLLREISZ, settled Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri.

Paul Polries ; Chadds Ford, PA. THURY, GROSS, Halbturn. To Parkston, SD 1893. POLRIES, St. Andrä. To Dakotas late 1800s.

Diane Polscer ; Portland, OR. POLZER, POLCZER; Kirchfidisch. Settled in Allentown, PA in 1914.

Jeffrey Polster ; Hollywood, FL. POLSTER, Unterkohlstätten; settled St. Louis, MO in 1902. LEIT(H)NER, MELCHARDT, HAHN, PINCZER, WAGNER, SITTLER, SECHSER, Oberkohlstätten area.

Greg Pomper ; Winston-Salem, NC. POMPER, HALPER, Olbendorf and Oberdorf. Settled in McKees Rocks, PA and Chicago, IL circa 1900.

Walter E. Pomper [deceased]; Des Plaines, IL. Josef POMPER from Neuberg (Bergen), Theresia WOLF from Rohrbach a/d Teich (Bergen), immigrated in 1920 & 21 and lived in Chicago IL. From 1929 to 1939 I lived in their hometowns in Burgenland and attended the public schools there. I came back in 1939 two weeks before WW-II started.

Melanie Popovic ; Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. I am researching my grandfather's family name SCHREI. He came from Jakobshof, Burgenland and settled in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has one sister Laura Schrei in Toronto also.

Pat Porter ; Virginia. NIERER, Rauchwart, settled in Coplay and Walnutport, PA; NEUBAUER, Tschanigraben, settled in Coplay and Walnutport, PA; KEPPEL, Tschanigraben, settled in Allentown, PA; IFSITS, Tschanigraben, settled in New York City. Josef Nierer settled in Coplay, PA area around 1910. His wife Rosa Neubauer Nierer immigrated around 1912. Rosa Nierer's mother was named Keppel. Joseph's sister Magdalena Nierer Ifsits lived in NYC. His other sister was named Leopoldine. A brother Rudolf Nierer lived in Rauchwart and died around 1978.


Gerhard Posch ; Eisenberg an der Pinka, Burgenland, Austria. KRUTZLER, KAINZ, Eisenberg; POSCH, Deutsch Gerisdorf.

Richard Potetz ; West Granby, CT. POTETZ, Neumarkt a/d Raab; SUCHER, Schiefer, Styria. Settled in New Britain CT, 1935. HOLTZMANN, NEUBAUER, NEUHERTZ, PERSCHY, TAUCHER, ZOTTER, Neumarkt a/d Raab; FORIAN / FORJAN, NAGL, SOMMER, WISHENBART, Jennersdorf; PFISTER, Welten; KERN, KARNER, SUCHER, ZIEGER, Oberdrosen; HALB, Gritsch; BAUER, MÜLLNER, Beistein, Fehring, Styria. A family story claims our POTETZ name comes from a soldier named POTEZ who came to Burgenland with the French army in 1664.

Edward Pottmeyer ; Hollidaysburg, PA. John PANNER, Güssing, Kukmirn (RC) to McKees Rocks, PA. Theresa Ann NIKISCHER, Ronok, Alsoronok, Unterradling to McKees Rocks, PA. Michael NIKISCHER, Ronok, to McKees Rocks, then Crownpoint, IN. George SULZER Ronok, Eltendorf (Lutheran).

Crystal Potetz Powell ; Goliad, TX. POTETZ, Welten, settled in PA.

Susan Powers ; Bethpage, NY. Looking for CHAR, CSAR, TCHAR, TSCHAR, HOBEL and RADINOVIC; area of Stegersbach.

Bernard Pratschner ; Vista, CA. PRATSCHNER, WURZER, Gerisdorf. SCHLEGEL (SCHLÖGEL), PUHR, Bubendorf. Settled and homesteaded in the Fingal, Barnes Co, ND area.

Rosemary Preissler ; Mountain View, CA. PREISSLER, KRUTZLER, Eisenberg an der Pinka; settled Chicago.

Ray Prell ; San Diego, CA. MOTISKA / MOHIRKA & LABAHN, Pecs, Baranya, Hungary (Fünfkirchen), Bergwerk, Bezirk Oberwart, Burgenland, settled Scranton, PA.

Markus K Prenner ; Horitschon, Burgenland, Austria. Working on a dissertation, Univ. Vienna (sociological and theological studies of the Pannonian society). Teacher at the Gymnasium in Oberpullendorf.

Sally Price ; Corona, CA. Primus ISLAKER, was born in Szentgotthard 3 June 1867. He later lived in Salgo-Tarjan, Hungary, then Dortmund, Germany. He emigrated to the USA aboard the "Nordaus" from Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 1902. He lived in Athens Co, OH for many years, then in Parkersburg, WV, where he died 1 Feb 1941.

John Prikosovich ; Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. PRIKOSOVICH, Kroatisch Minihof, settled 1951.

Carole Prikosovits ; Los Angeles, CA. PRIKOSOVICH, Minihof; SINKOVITZ, Sopron Kophaza. Settled in South Bend, IN. Christine SINKOVITZ emigrated from Sopron Kophaza in 1912 to South Bend, IN. Her birthdate abt 1897. John PRIKOSOVICH emigrated from Burgenland (I think Minihof) 1910 to South Bend, IN. His birthdate abt 1891.

Kal Prost ; Lambertville, NJ. PROST, HAIDER, GIEFING, ROIDL, SCHUSTER Walbersdorf, (Borbolya), Mattersburg.

Nancy Prouty ; Canehill, AR. REIDL, SAMUEL, Agfalva, Agendorf, Hungary. Settled in Chicago, IL in 1909.

Anne Pulver ; St. Paul, MN. MEYER (MOHR), Josef GROSS, Katherine MAYER, Halbturn; settled St. Paul, MN 1906. My maiden name is MEYER, paternal grandfather George MEYER, maternal grandfather Josef GROSS or GROESS, maternal grandmother Katherine MAYER (MOHR) GROSS.

Frank Pum ; Milwaukee, WI. PUM family name from Welgersdorf. In particular Samuel, Josef, and Alois Pum.

Robert Joseph Pum ; Rochester, NY. My father Josef Pum was born in Welgersdorf, Burgenland, Austria, Nov 22, 1897 and came to America after World War I (the late 1920s or there abouts). His two brothers, Samuel and Alois Pum also came to America, and lived and worked in the Milwaukee, WI area most of their lives, where some Pum desendents still live.

Paul P Pumm ; Lenoir City, TN. Samuel PUMM, Kukmirn, settled Buffalo, NY.

Robert Pumm ; Hamburg, NY. Samuel PUMM, Kukmirn, settled Buffalo, NY.

Shannon Pumm ; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. PUMM, Kukmirn, settled Westlock, Alberta, Canada, 1926. Karl (Carl) PUMM immigrated to Canada in 1926. In 1928, his wife Gisella and two children Karl (Carl), age 7, and Pauline, age 3, left Kukmirn to join him in Canada. Carl PUMM (junior) was my grandfather. According to the Canadian Passenger Lists, Gisella lists her father-in-law as Josef PUMM from Kukmirn.

Walter Pumm ; Allentown, PA. PUMM, Kukmirn, settled Allentown, PA.

Ronald Pummer ; San Mateo, CA. PUMMER, Fürstenfeld. Settled in Allentown, PA. early 1900s; SCHREINER, Eltendorf, Settled in Allentown, PA early 1900s

Eva Purdy ; Perth, Australia. BENKO and BENKÖ; Villages: Kondorfa, Szombathely, Rabafuzes and Vas county. Settled in Perth.

Bernhard Purk ; Cleveland, GA. STUBITS, Harmisch; settled Northampton, PA.

Maria Thekla Purk ; New York, NY. Mother Maria STUBITS, Harmisch; G-Mother Maria CSCENSITS, Kroatisch Ehrensdorf; G-Father Stefan STUBITS, Harmisch. Mom still has ownership of the house (formerly the school) next to the church in Harmisch, house No. 40.

George Stefan Purker ; Dingwall, Rossshire, Scotland, UK. PURKER, ROSNER, Pernau, Pornoapati, Hungary, settled New York.

Christian Putz ; Pinkafeld and Vienna, Austria. WAGNER, Punitz, YAUTZ, Tobaj, to New York. KERTELITS.


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