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Edward F Ifkovits; Anderson, SC. IFKOVITS (Ivkovits, Ifkovitz, Ifkowitch), Kroatisch Tschantschendorf; PANNY(Pany, Pani) Tobaj, BODISH, (Bodisch, Boditsch), Neustift; GAMMER, Gerersdorf; BELTZMAN, Steingraben. All settled in the Lehigh Valley in PA (Northampton, Nazareth, Coplay, Egypt).

Edward Ifkovits; New Fairfield, CT. IFKOVITS, Kroatisch Tschantschendorf, SZERENCSITS, Tobaj.

Frank Igaly; Midlothian, IL. Grandmother, Katharina Geider, born in Moschendorf on 4th of April 1900 to Karl GEIDER, a farmer, and Johanna Geider (nee SZEIER)

Richard Immekus; Raleigh, North Carolina. TASCHLER, Deutsch Schuetzen. Settled in Pittsburgh (PA) in 1907. Religion: Roman Catholic. My grandfather, Johann, who was born a twin on Dec 26, 1871.

Mary Angela Imp. PUMMER, Kukmirn, Zahling, Neustift bei Gussing. IMP, Heugraben, Eisenhuttl. JANI (JANY), Konigsdorf, Jennersdorf. All settled in Allentown (PA) in 1923, 1921 and 1921, respectively. They all then moved to New York City in 1935. PUMMER was Lutheran, while IMP and JANI were Roman Catholic.

William Frank Imre; Milan, TN. Michael IMRE, father came to Chicago in 1923 from Willersdorf. Mother Marie ULREICH, from Willersdorf or Bad Tatzmannsdorf about the same time.

Sean Ingber; St. Petersburg, NY. DUNST, OSWALD, Gaas, SCHRANTZ, Moschendorf, settled Bronx, NY.

Linda Oboikowitsch-Inzucchi; Stratford, CT. OBOIKOWITSCH, KLEE, St. Nikolaus, settled New York, NY. Angela Killian, nee Klee, arrived in NYC, date unknown. Became US citizen and sponsored her two nephews, Gerhard Klee, to NYC late 50's-early 60's, Richard Oboikowitsch to NYC approximately 1956. All from St. Nikolaus. Klee family members currently reside in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and New York. Oboikowitsch family members are unknown.

Marcy Isenhart; Dubuque, IA. KIRNBAUER, Bernstein (Borosyyanko) settled Chicago, IL.

Bill Issel; Oak Ridge, TN. STUBENVOLL from Mariasdorf and BAUER from Goberling; Both settled in Chicago, IL about 1902.

John Issowits; Washington Twp, NJ. ISSOWITSV, Gerersdorf; JANDRISOVITS, Hasendorf. Settled in New York City

Michael Ivancsics; South Bend, IN. IVANCSICS, Sopron, Ödenburg, Hungary, settled South Bend Indiana.

Peter Ivancsits; Chicago, IL. IVANCSITS Frank, RADOSTITS Anna; Neuberg. KNOPF; Deutsch Schutzen. Settled in Chicago, IL about 1950.
Jill Jachera; Princeton, NJ. TAMWEBER; Deutsch Tschantschendorf. Religion: Roman Catholic. These are my great grandparents who immigrated to NY in 1910. On the first US census I saw, it said they were from Hungary and spoke German. The next US census I saw it said they were from Australia. Subsequent documents showed their respective birth places as noted above, which as you know became part of Austria around 1920 after they had left. I would like to find out more about where they lived so I can visit and figure out if I have any living relatives still there.

Sandy Jack; Nanaimo, BC, Canada. SIMON, Jabing, settled Berndorf.

Calvin R Jackson; Pittsburgh, PA. KNAUSZ, JUD, Muhlgraben. Karl Knausz and wife Johanna Knausz (nee Jud) emigrated to Allegheny City, Allegheny Co (now part of Pittsburgh, PA).

Deborah Jackson; Pittsburgh, PA. GERGER, Ober Radling, Felsorönök, Hungary.

Gloria Jackson; Chicago, IL. Martin WUKOVITZ and Mary KULOVITZ originally from Neuberg and settled in Chicago, IL.

Terry Jackson; Glenview, IL. SCHILLER, Wolfau, settled 1907-1923, Chicago, IL. BISCHOF, Wolfau, settled 1909, Chicago, IL. Johann Schiller and Anna Bischof in Wolfau had several children who immigrated to Chicago between 1907 and 1923: Mary (188?-1936) married John Hermann (1886-1960); John (1887-1953) married Theresia (?); Julianna (1890 - 1952) married Julius Sitzberger (1887 - 1950); Herman (1895 - 1956) married to Johanna (remained in Austria). Johann Schiller was said to have been the Burgermeister in Wolfau. Anna Bischof's twin sister, Elizabeth Bischof (1859 - 1939) married Leopold Steinbeck - Elizabeth immigrated to Chicago in 1909.

Russell Jacobsmeyer; Labadie, MO. SUCHER, Bonisdorf, SEPER, Unterwart. I am looking for information on both my Grandfather, Rudolph Sucher, born 22 March 1895 in Bonisdorf; and my Grandmother, Mary Seper, born 11 April 1904 born in Unterwart

Chris Jacobson; Oak Creek, WI. LENZ, Loipersdorf, Milwaukee, WI. Mary & Berta Lenz, from Loipersdorf, immigrated to Milwaukee. Mary in 1929, Berta in 1937. Mary is my grandmother.

Pat Jahn; Burr Ridge, IL. KORNFEIND in Hannersdorf; STEYRER (STEURER, STEIRER), Felsocsatar and Hannersdorf; and KOLLARITSCH, Goberling.

Linda Jaindl; Largo, FL. JAINDL, Gillersdorf. SEIDL, Furstenfeld. 1906 SEIDL, Mary (Maria) Barbara from Furstenfeld Austria. Parents Josef SEIDL and Viktoria (FANDL) SEIDL. Mary married Frank JAINDL from Gillersdorf #24, Styria Austria. Frank's parents were Karl JAINDL and Gisella (KRENN) JAINDL. Mary's birth date was 06 March 1906; she died 27 January 1985 in Racine, Wisconsin. Frank's birth date 22 November 1906; died 23 September 1998 in Cudahy, Wisconsin. Have a lot of info on my father-in-law, but very little on my mother-in law's family.

Frank Jakes; Tampa, FL. JAKES/JAKESZ, Zahling, settled Lyndora, PA. TOTH, Rabafuzes. ARTINGER, Sandorhegy, NIKISHER, Unter Radling, all settled McKees Rocks, PA.

Molly James; St. Paul, MN. ELLE (ILLI), WASHENBERGER (VASCHENBECHER), Tadten, Apetlon, to St. Paul prior to 1906.

Scott Jamieson; Tiverton, RI. ZOTTER, Neumarkt an der Raab. Settled in New Britain (CT) November 1901. Theresa ZOTTER (b. 13 Nov 1885, Neumarkt an der Raab; d. 27 May 1978 Kensington, CT).

Patrick Jandl; MN. JANDL, Pamhagen, settled 1893. Iowa. First settled in Kossuth county Iowa..Moved to Sibley County Minnesota around 1920?

Troy Jandrasitz; Garnet Valley, PA. JANDRASITS, Grossmurbisch, Catholic. Grandfather: Karl Jandrasitz of Grossmurbisch 136 (born: 3/10/1898; died: 12/1/45); Married Pauline Bauer. I am unclear when he emigrated to US, but obtained citizenship on 11/25/29 and worked for Bethlehem Steel. His baptism paper indicates his church was St. Nikolaus. Great-Grandfather: Karl Jandrasits of Grossmurbisch (born: 4/29/1853; died: 2/8/14 in Bethlehem, PA. Married (twice) - second wife (my great-grandmother) was Karolina Sommer (or Szommer). Great-Great Grandfather: Johann Jandrasits of Grossmurbisch (born: 2/23/1827; died: ??). Married (twice) - first wife (my great-great grandmother presumably) was Katherine Derkits Great-Great-Great Grandfather: Johannes Jandrasits of Grossmurbisch (born: 6/18/1800; died: 12/26/1869); Married Anna Klusarits I am less clear of my Grandmother's ancestry but here is what I know: Pauline Bauer was born in the US on 7/4/04. But went back to Austria at approximately 1 year old. She came back to the US in March 1925. Her parents were John Bauer and Mary Hofmeister. I believe she was raised in Austria by her grandparents (unclear if she lived in Grossmurbisch, but I'm fairly certain she was in the Gussing area).

Dolores Jandris; Whitehall, PA. KARNER, Neusiedl bei Güssing, settled in Northampton, PA. I am trying to find Franz KARNER, father of Anna KARNER JANDRIS (JANDRISEVITS) b.1897, d.1987. She came to the US in 1914.

Gary J Jandrisevits; Pinehurst, NC. KLUCSARITS, JANDRISEVITS, Kroatisch Tschantschendorf, settled Allentown, PA.

James F Jandrisevits; Matthews, NC. JANDRISEVITS, Kroatisch-Tschantschendorf; settled Northampton. TANCZOS, IFKOVITS.

William Jandovitz; Riverhead, NY (and Bonita Springs, FL). JANDRISEVITS, JANDRISCHOVITS, Kroatisch Tschantschendorf, JAUTZ, Tobaj, settled all New York, Religion: Catholic. Jaczint Jandrisevits or Jandrischovits born 1883 arrived in New York in 1906. He married Anna Jautz who was born 1887 in Tobaj. It is unknown when she arrived in New York. Sometime after arriving he changed his Christian name to Adolph and then years later the family name to Jandovitz.

Francis John Jandrowitz; Locust Grove, VA. JANDRISEVITS, JANDRISOVITS, St. Michael, Güssing, Kroatisch Tschantschendorf, Tudersdorf, Deutsch Tschantschendorf. Settled in Garfield, NJ in the early 1900s.

Linda Wagner Janicek; North Babylon, NY. WAGNER, KOVACS, Szentpeterfa.

Evelyn L Janish; N. Tonawanda, NY. JANISCH, Litzelsdorf (Lödös), settled in Buffalo, NY and Alden, NY. Ferenc Janisch, Sr. (born June 8, 1872) settled in Buffalo, NY in 1905. Wife Sabina (born 1881) came to Buffalo in 1908. Two children were born in Lödös, Ferenc and Theresa, and 3 more in Buffalo, John, Carl and Alois. Ferenc Janisch, Jr. (born 1899) emigrated to US with an uncle and lived in PA, then Buffalo, NY. He married Louise Bradley (Brautlacht). Theresa Janisch (born 1900) emigrated in 1912? and lived in Buffalo, NY with parents. She married Raymond Roll and lived in Alden, NY.

Joe Janisch; Fort Myers, FL. JANISCH, Eisenzicken; PANNY (PANNI, PANI), St. Michael. Settled in Chicago, about 1922.

Kevin Janish; Scotland, SD. JANISCH, Pamhagen (Pomogy), settled in Tripp & Parkston, SD, 1907. HEIRIGS (HEURIGS, HEYRIGSZ, HEIRIX), Donnerskirchen, settled in Iowa & Parkston, SD, 1857. PREISS, Pamhagen (Pomogy), settled in Midland, Ontario, Canada. LANG, Pamhagen (Pomogy), settled in Tripp, SD. Johann (John) Janisch from Pamhagen, son of Joseph (Josef) and Anna, emigrated in 1907 at age 15 and settled in the Tripp / Parkston area of South Dakota. Older brother Rudolph emigrated around 1905. Brother Joseph (Josef) stayed in Austria.

Werner Janisch; Poppendorf, Burgenland, Austria. Eduard LEITGEB, born in Rosenberg, between 1920 and 1930, emigrated to New York. Restaurant owner (Eddies Restaurant), deceased. Looking for children and descendants (son Eduard LEITGEB). Dena RICKETT, born in Rosenberg, born Leitgeb, between 1920 und 1930 emigrated to Sacramento, deceased.

Val Nemeth-Jans; Redcliff, Alberta, Canada. NEMETH, Puteri, Zala Megre, settled in Lestock, Saskatchewan, Canada. Vendel Nemeth Family left Zala Hungary on March 11,1905.His wife Mary (Dobri) Nemeth and their children Steve, Zigmond, Annie, Rose and Granddaughter Annie landed at Saint John, New Brunswick Canada. Then traveled by train to Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, arriving on April 28,1905 - Easter Sunday. They homesteaded in the Arpad school district on S.E.quarter of 18,T. 26R. 16W 2nd. This is the only information we have on my Great-Grandparents and my Grandfather Zigmond Nemeth. The village name of Puteri cannot be found. If anyone has heard of this village please contact me by my e-mail address.

Jo Ann Jany; New York, NY. JANY; Deutsch Tschantschendorf; settled in New York in 1927-8, later in New Jersey.

Joseph J Jarfas; (deceased), Equinunk, PA. FANER, BURUTS, NICKEL, PÉK, POMPER, PRAISNER, SOHONYAI, SOMOGYI, WITTWER; Kohfidisch, Mischendorf (Austria); Ják, Szombathely (Hungary).

Eileen (Osterbauer) Jaszewski; Minneapolis, MN. OSTERBAUER, Lebenbrunn, settled 1859- East Bristol, WI, 1875-Algona, IA, 1902, Wyoming, MN. SANFTNER, Mönchof, settled 1887-Algona, IA, 1902-Wyoming, MN. Religion: Catholic. Josephus Osterbauer was born in 1829-1831 in Lebenbrunn( Kupfalva, Vas, Hungary) to Josephus Osterbauer and Theresia Keintz. He married Theresia (Unknown), and was the father of Joseph ( 1849-1850), Mathias (1853-1854), Franz (1855-1856) and Theresia (1858-1859). The family departed Bremen and arrived in New York on August 25, 1859. Mother and daughter died in 1859 in East Bristol, WI and are buried there, Josephus' fate is still unknown after arriving in New York. Joseph, the son,lived with the parish priests family in 1860 but the other two boys living arrangments are unclear until they are found again in 1870 in and around East Bristol area. Around 1875 the young men departed for Algona, Iowa where they married and started families. Joseph's wive Catharine Walter died in childbirth with their fifth child. A year later,he married Anna Sanftner, a single mother who immigrated in 1887, from Monchof,Their family grew to 10 children and in 1902, the younger children relocated with their parents to Wyoming, MN. The Joseph and Anna farmed in Chisago County, MN until they passed away in 1932 and 1926, respectively.

Michael Jautz; San Diego, CA. Michael JAUTZ, Tobaj; Julia MAIKISCH, Deutsch Tschantschendorf. Settled in New York City.

Charles Jelenchick; Fox Point, WI. JELENCSITS, Steinfurt, settled Milwaukee, WI 1902. Istevan (Steve) born 1886, emigrated from Steinfurt, through Antwerp at age 17. Spent time in PA, possibly with older brother Georg. Settled in Milwaukee, WI, married Giselle (Stella) Horvath. Raised 5 children. Passed in 1972. Brother Johann (John) came over in later. Letters document another brother Antonio and a sister Maria born after he left home.

Steven Jelenchick; Milwaukee, WI. JELENCHICH, Kroatisch Tschantschendorf, Steingraben. Settled in Milwaukee, WI about 1903.

Marsha Jenakovich; Miami, FL. JENAKOVITS, JENAKOVICS, JENAKOVIC, family from Wolfs (Balf), Hungary emigrated to Steelton, PA (1907-1914); related to LIPP and SALLMER families in Balf and KANITS and HATVAGNER families in Lackendorf; some relatives in Raiding and Lackenbach.

Candy Jens; Tamaqua, PA. KLUCSARITS, Güssing JELENCSITS, Güssing. Settled in Allentown / Coplay / Northampton, PA and Trenton, NJ areas.

Mark Johns; Chicago, IL. ALOIS, Oberschützen; settled Chicago, IL 1906.

Denise Johnson [wrong]; Burnsville, MN. SCHERMANN; Salmannsdorf. Settled in Minnesota.

Jill Johnson; Fridley, MN. TSCHIDA, Pamhagen.

Patricia E. Johnson; Valley City, ND. KOLLER/KOHLER, YANISH/JANISCH.

Stardust Kremsner Johnson; Tucson, AZ. KREMSNER, Stegersbach & St. Michael, BLASKOVITS, OBOJKOVITS, Neuberg, settled Chicago, IL.

Stephanie Johnson; Ventura, CA. ZEGLOWITSCH, Rabafuzes, settled Allentown, PA 1899; ROESSLER, Zahling, settled Allentown PA 1900. I recently discovered that these are the surnames of my grandparents. My father was Joseph, their eldest son; he changed his name to Johnson sometime before 1930 and eventually relocated to California. I would like to learn more about this family and connect with cousins I never knew I had.

Lisa Irlacher Jones; Greenville, SC. DAX, Mogersdorf, settled Chicago, IL. Rose DAX Irlacher (1908-2003). Father Josef DAX born abt 1886 and mother Rosa DEUTSCH born abt 1888 had three girls (Rose, Annie, Emme) before Rosa died and Josef married her sister, who had two or three additional children. I think Josef's father was Franz and his mother Julianna SOMMER. I also have some info about Rosa's father being Mikhail DEUTSCH and her mother possible Anna. The DEUTSCH family may have originally come from Rosendorf.

Karen M Jones; Kirkland, WA. SCHRAMMEL, HERZOG. Gols. Settled Herndon, KS after 1874.

Regina Jones; Lindenhurst, IL. WUKITSCH, Miedlingsdorf, HOERIST (HORIST), Hannersdorf, all settled Chicago, IL 1923.

Nancy Jordan; Woodbury, Minnesota. PINGETZER, Nickelsdorf. Settled in New Canada, Ramsey, Minnesota. Theresa PINGETZER is my great-grandmother, born in either Austria or Hungary.

Joan Jost; New Tripoli, PA. JOHN (JOHANN) JOST, THERESIA SCHMIDT JOST, Rabafüzes, Raabfidisch, Hungary, settled all Allentown, PA 1952. Granddaughter of John & Thersia Jost.

Louis Jost; Milwaukee, WI. JOST, Windisch-Minihof #3, to Milwaukee, WI 1905.

Rose Marie Jost; New York, NY. JOSZT, Gerersdorf, settled New York, NY.

Evelyn Jovicic; Muskegon, MI. SEDLACSEK, HORVATH, PETRAKOVITS, TOMCIC. Dürnbach (Inced), Podler (Poljanci) and Zuberbach (Sabara), Bezirk Oberwart; settled in Chicago, IL and Muskegon, MI.

Robert Judd; Lebanon, CT. JUDT, Rábafüzes, Hungary, settled in Bethlehem, PA,1903; KROBOTH, Rábafüzes, Hungary, settled in Ohio, 1910, then Bethlehem, PA. Joseph Judd (Judt) son of John (Janos) and Theresia (nee Bauer) Judt, married Cilli Kroboth in 1917 in Bethlehem, PA. Joseph's son, Edward C Judd, married Eleanor Moser.

Joseph L Jurasits; Morris, IL. JURASITS Ludwig, VARGA Mary; Szent Peterfa. Settled in Chicago, IL. 1957.
John Kacsits; South Bend, IN. OSVALD, KACSICH, KACSITS; Grossmutschen, Langental. Settled in South Bend, IN about 1927.

Dennis Kacsur; Great Meadows, NJ. John and Anna KACSUR arrived in the US from Burgenland between 1900 and 1908 and settled in the Lehigh Valley, Allentown or Catasaqua. My father is Ralph, John's youngest child, six siblings.

Don Kaercher [wrong]; Aiken, SC. SCHMALDIENST and SIMANDL, Deutch Kaltenbrunn, they married and settled in Allentown, PA about 1899.

Jeffrey Kahr; Allentown, PA. KAHR, JUDT, Raabfidisch, Raabafüzes, Hungary, settled Bethlehem, PA. Grandfathers name Adolph Sr, Grandmother Julia , Father Adolph Jr born April 7, 1926, Uncle Frank Immigrated to the USA after WW2 between 1952 and 1954,

Joseph Kahr; Pasadena, CA. KAHR, Oberdrosen, settled Chicago, IL.

Marien Spisich Kaifesh; Mentor, OH. PALATIN, Kroatisch Minihof, Burgenland, settled Cleveland, OH.

John Kaintz; Michael KAINTZ (KEINTZ) came from Pamhagen around 1910. Elizabeth TSCHIDA (his second wife) came from Pamhagen. Settled in the Frogtown area of St. Paul, MN, St. Agnes parish.

Daniel F. Kainz; Allentown, PA. KAINZ, BRAUN, Rudersdorf, settled Allentown, PA.

Catherine Kaiser; Port Edwards, WI. STROHMAN, MARTIN, SHOESANKI, SELIBECK. Frauenkirchen, Settled in Marshfield leaving Frauenkirchen in l906.

Kurt G. Kaiser; White Bear Lake, MN. KAISER, Apetlon; LANG, Illmitz; PRIFREL, PRIVREL, Magyarovar, Hungary.


Rudolf Kalt (Inactive); Chardon, OH. My name is Rudolf KALT. I am from Jabing, Burgenland and I moved to Ohio in January 2007.

Keri Kalschultz; St. Louis, MO. KALCSICS, Zuberbach, LENAUER, Bonisdorf, settled all St Louis, MO.

Edward Kammrath; Union Mills, IN. HASPEL, FLASCH, Unterrabnitz.

Daniel C Kamper; Chicago, IL. KAMPER, MEDITSCH, MEDITS, Kleinpetersdorf, Settled in Chicago. MEDITS, Eisenzicken. Also researching history of Burgenland, Kleinpetersdorf & Grosspetersdorf.

Audrey Kappel; Pittsburgh, PA. RADASCHITZ (RADASITS), KUGLER. Each were residents of Minihof and settled in Pittsburgh, PA.

Carol Knarr Kappel; Crestwood, IL. KNARR, settled Chicago, IL. Johann KNARR, was born in Burgenland in the late 1800s, married Maria JANSICK in Budapest and moved to Vienna. My father Franz and his sister Margaret were born in Vienna. After the death of my grandmother, Johann and his children came to Chicago, IL.

Donna Kappel; Laurel, MT. Johann KAPPEL, wife Rosalia BESLANOWITCH Kappel & Michael BESLANOWITCH, Langeck, settled Billings, MT in 1910.

Frank Kappel; Summerland, BC, Canada. KAPPEL, GRIECHISH, Sopron (Oedenbug), Hungary. Settled in Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario, Canada.

Robert Kappel; Baraboo, WI. KAPPEL, Redlschlag. Settled in Chicago. Religion: Lutheran. My great-grandfather, Josef Kappel married to Karoline Kappel immigrated to USA in late 1800's. Brother Martin came to USA but moved back to Redlschlag. Met with cousins in Redlschlag in 2002- Roswitha, Margit and Elisabeth Leyrer. Their mother Elisabeth Leyer. Other relatives are Rosina (Kappel) Leyrer.

Annette Kapple; Whittier, CA. KURTA, KOPPEL, BIERBAUER, JOSZT, SCHUHR, MUIK, HAMMERL, WAGNER, WOLF, FOSZMAN, ZIMITZ. Inzenhof. Settled in Allentown, PA and Chicago.

Eva Maria Karall; Vienna, Austria. KARALL, Klingenbach, BUCZOLICH, Nikitsch, settled in Birmingham, MI.

Alice Kobalter Karleski; Dallas, TX. KOBALTER, HIRMAN, DANDL, BOANDL, FISCHL, LOEFFLER, Fürstenfeld, Weiz, Rudersdorf. Settled in McKees Rocks, PA about 1903 (DANDL); Pittsburgh, PA in 1923 (KOBALTER).

Peter Karlovics; Gurnee, IL. I am interested in providing assistance to this organization to put some of the excellent writings and histories into a form of English dialect that Americans would more easily understand. If anyone is interested in this assistance, I would be honored to help. Americans need to learn more about Burgenland, and articles written in their dialect would be easier to read and understand. Keep up the good work. I have learned a great deal from this website.

Christian Karner; Landsberg, Germany. KARNER from Jormannsdorf, lived there 1850 till 1900 also longer. JW KARNER settled 189? from Drumling. Laurie Christine REISSLER (born 1945), daughter from JW van KARNER, Wapping Falls (New York). PRATER Karl (Carl) from Rechnitz settled 1926 Pittsburg, lived also in Richmond. GAAL from Rechnitz settled to PA; worked with JW Van KARNER. FREISMUTH from Tobaj.

Elizabeth Karner; Laguna Woods, CA. KARNER, HAFNER, Deutsch Minihof, KARNER, Deutsch Minihof & Wallendorf, settled Allentown, PA, USA, 1924. Religion: Catholic. Josef Karner (born abt. 1880) married Anna Hafner. Children were: Josef Karner, Jr., Mary, Estelle, Henry, and Julius Karner. Josef Jr., Mary, Henry, and Julius all immigrated to the USA, Allentown, PA in the 1920's. Josef Karner, Sr. was an iron worker and born in Minihel, Hungary. Julius Karner, Sr. married Anna Windisch. Julius Karner, Jr. was my father, born in Wallendorf, Austria in 1924.

Frank Karner; Midwest City, OK. KARNER, FLASCH, RITTER and SCHILLER; Wolfau, Königsdorf, Rudersdorf and Fürstenfeld. Settled in Guthrie, Coyle, OK.

Joseph R Karner; Sterling Heights, MI. KARNER, WIEDERER; Wolfau.

Julie Karner; Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. KARNER, Bernstein. Settled St. Louis, MO 1920. BRANTWEINER, Pinkafeld.

Michael J Karoly; Allentown, PA. KAROLY, IFJU, Allerheiligen, Pinkmindszent, Hungary, settled Northampton, PA.

Thomas Karones; Oak Lawn, IL. BALOGH, HEINISCH, METTICH, WUKITCH, Meidlingsdorf. Settled in the Chicago area starting in early 1900s through 1920s.

Eric Kasper; New York, NY. GASPAR, Moschendorf, settled in Allentown, PA.

Fritz Kassanits; Markt Allhau & Miedlingsdorf, Burgenland, Austria. KASSANITS, WUKITS, SCHITTER, all Miedlingsdorf, Settled all Chicago, IL.

Rich Kassanits; Chicago, IL. KASSANITS (Kaszanitch), MOSER, HALVACHS, HALWAX Mischendorf. Emigrated to Chicago in early 1900s.

William A Kast; Aurora, CO. KAST, FILZ, LENTSCH, ALTENBURGER, SHAUZ; Neusiedl am See, Eisenstadt. Settled in Chicago, IL.

Connie Kastelnik; Boston, MA. LOIKITS, Deutsch Ehrensdorf. Settled in Emmaus, PA area.

Josef Kaufmann; Fort Lee, NJ. I was born in Strem in 1950. Son of Frank KAUFMANN and Maria DOMITROVITS.

Rose Kaufman; St. Paul, MN. SEIFERT (SZEIFERT), LUNZER, Tadten. GRIEMANN, possibly Burgenland, settled in St. Paul, MN.

Lisa Kauppinen; Kenosha, WI. BRUNNER, LORINCZ, Neuberg. BRUNNER settled in Nazareth, PA.

Kathy Kearns; Santa Fe, TX. KELEMEN. Matthias Kelemen arrived in the states in 1907 via Galveston, TX.

Kerry Kedl; Laurys Station, PA. Stephen KEDL, Moschendorf; settled Lehigh Valley, PA. around 1932.

Sondra Keefe; Kansas City, MO. WURZER, EHRENREICH, Lockenhaus (Leka). Settled in Kansas City, MO about 1873-5. He worked as a brewer for Muelbach Brewery.

Shari Keeney; Blue Springs, MO. LEITNER, SCHLÖGL, Piringsdorf; WENZEL, (WENTZEL), LOIBL (LOIBEL), Pilgersdorf; settled Kansas City, MO. GGG-parents: Leopoldus LEITNER married Maria SCHLÖGL in Piringsdorf (Banya) in 1878. The couple emigrated to KC, MO, in June 1882 with their two daughters. Josef WENZEL married Elizabeth LOIBL in Pilgersdorf in 1859. The couple emigrated to KC, MO, with their oldest child in 1866. Wondering how these two families that originated from villages relatively close together in Burgenland ended up as next door neighbors in KC, ultimately resulting in a son from Pilgersdorf marrying a daughter from Piringsdorf.

Stan Kegler; St. Paul, MN. KEGLER, POSCH, WEBER; Bubendorf (Pilgersdorf).

Seth Keiper; Union City, PA. Jacob KEIPER, Christian KEIPER, border of Austria-Hungary. Jacob Keiper was born 1908. Settled in Northwestern PA.

Barry Keippel; Ashford, WI. ARTHOFER, BRUCKNER, FLECK, GUSH, HUBER, KEIPPEL (KAIPEL), PITT, PUTSCH, RAAS, STEGER, SCHADEN, SCHUH; Riedlingsdorf (Southern Burgenland).

Jo Keippel; Laurel, MT. KEIPPEL, Riedlingsdorf, settled Illinois.

Frank Kelemen; Alvin, TX. Theresa PERUSICHS KELEMEN; Grosswarasdorf. Came to America in 1907 from Grosswarasdorf, Hungary. Settled in Hitchcock, TX.

Julie Kelemen; Rice Lake, WI. KELEMEN, SEPER, Unterwart, settled St. Louis, MO. Esp. interested in Magyar Burgenlanders who settled in St. Louis & Chicago areas.

Janis Keller; Pembroke Pines, FL. FASCHING, ILLES, Oberwart. Im looking to complete my family tree. My grandmother, Maria Fasching and her sister, Helene Fasching came to the US early 1900s. They left behind a sister, Ilona Fasching and parents, Alexius and Therese Fasching. They lived in Oberwart, Burgenland. I also have relates by the last name Illes, Helene and others.

Ty Keller; Rowlett, TX. TRAUTMAN, TRAUPMAN, TRAUPMANN, KELLER. Güssing (Glasing), settled in Bethlehem, PA.

Dave & Lois Kelley; Hampton, MN. SALZL, KNIEFFEL, Wallern; THELL, PITZL; Apetlon. Settled in St. Paul, MN.

Karen Kelley; St. Paul, MN. SALZL, Wallern, settled in Farming & Hastings, MN.

Karen Marie Kelley; Cranbury, NJ. BILLOWITZ, settled NYC, Northampton, PA 1909 & 1914; MORGL, Northampton, PA 1914; KARNER, Northampton, PA 1880s; all from Steingraben.

Kristen Kellick; Pittsburgh, PA. HORVATIS, HORVATITS, KIRISITS, KIRICSITS, BLASKOVITS, all from Stinatz, settled all Buffalo, NY. Descended from Egyed/Egidius/Edgar Horvatis (1885-1951), Mary/Maria Blaskovits (1890-?), Joseph Kiristis (1901-1987), and Mary Kirisits (1898-1970), all of whom were born in Stinatz and migrated to Buffalo, NY in the early 1900s.

Alan Kelly; Oakdale, CA. WEBER, Kogl (Kupfalva); GRASSINGER, Lebenbrunn (Létér), both settled ?? ~1885.

Jean Marie Kelly; Port Orange, FL. Julius DIRBECK (DIRNBIK), Rotenturm an der Pinka, and Rosina KORPER, Sankt Martin in der Wart, settled in Chicago, IL, in 1930 after immigrating to Saskatchewan, Canada. Also researching BUCHLER, HOLZSCHUSTER (HOLZSHUSTER), KLIC, WAGNER in any town.

Kathleen J Kelly; NY, NY. TSCHIDA, GRUBER, WEISS, KLEIN, HETZEL (WETZEL). Pamhagen, Illmitz, Apetlon. Decendants of Stephen Tschida (b 26 Dec 1864 Pamhagen) settled primarily in Tacoma, WA with some migrations elsewhere.

Mary T Kelly; Westlake, OH. GOLLINGER Frank, John & Francizka, Inzenhof; FIEDLER Theresa, Neustift. Settled in Ohio, PA.

Patricia Graf Kelly; Springfield, IL. Grandfather, Rudolph J. GRAF; Kukmirn. Married Elizabeth TEPOLT (parents Peter & Elizabeth) from Nagyesztergar, Hungary. Settled in St. Louis, MO around 1904.

Donna Dunkel Kemp; Manheim, PA. DUNKL Josef, St. Martin and Jennersdorf; FARTEK Christine, Kuzma, Slovenia. Settled in New Britain, CT 1912-4. Other relative surnames are WINDISCH, ZOTTER, MANDL, SCHERMANN (SHERMAN) and BUSET (BUSETTI). Josef traveled to Pittsburgh and Milwaukee before settling in New Britain, CT.

Brandon Kendzlic; San Tan Valley, AZ. TASCHNER, settled Steelton, PA. Anna TASCHNER b est. 1884, recorded as being from Austria. Parents are Matja TASCHNER & Victoria SINKOVITZ. First husband was Vlada NESION (Hungary) and second husband was Toma KENDJELIC (Gola, Croatia). Lived with Uncle Franz TASCHNER in Austria before moving to US.

Al Kennedy; Lombard, IL. MAIER, BARTOLOWITS; Poppendorf, Szent Gotthard; Immigrated to Wisconsin.

Egon Kennedy; Sydney Australia. FEIGELSTOCK, Deutschkreutz, ZAPPERT, Lackenbach, BRAUN, Mattersburg.

Alyson Kenny; Berlin, Germany. STABER and KOGELMANN, from Deutsch Kaltenbrunn, Staber and Kogelmann immigrated with most of their children, including Ludwig, in 1904. HOANZL and ILLIGASCH, from Kukmirn, Daughters Cecelia and Anna Hoanzl immigrated around 1905, with their niece Karolina and nephew Adolf following in the 1920s. FIEDLER and LANG from Zahling, Sisters Anna, Rosina and Cecelia Fiedler immigrated between 1901 and 1904. Rosina and Cecelia married in the US and returned. STROBL and LACKNER from Deutsch Kaltenbrunn, siblings Karl, Anna, Johann and Julia all immigrated. All settled in Allentown and all were Lutheran. These are the last names of my 3x great grandparents. Anna Fiedler and Karl Strobl married. Cecelia Hoanzl and Ludwig Staber married. Their children, Frank Staber and Erna Strobl, married. Their only child, Frank, is my grandfather.

Rebecca (Gaal) Kenyon; Marathon, NY. GAAL, NIKLES, Burgenland born. Settled in Pittsburgh PA (Allegheny Co.) on Feb 16, 1923.

Robert Keppel; Chesterfield, MO. KÖPPEL (KEPPEL) mainly, but also HAUSER, KURTA, and SCHUSTER, inhabitants of Oberradling (Felsörönök) and Inzenhof. Grandfather Frank KEPPEL, to USA 1905, settled in at 925 High Ave, Sheboygan, WI. Other siblings of Frank, Louis (Alois) and Julianna, settled in McKees Rock PA.

Jeff Kerbacher [wrong]; Poinciana, FL. KEHRBACHER, Kirchfidisch, Settled in Astoria, NY.

Charles Robert Kern; Port Huron, MI. SOMMER, Doiber, KERN, Hennedorf, Graz, settled 1909, Port Huron, MI. WERNER, MAUTNER, Sankt Martin an der Raab, settled 1905, St. Louis, MO. WOLF, PFISTER.

Denise A Talaski-Kern; Port Huron, MI. MAUTNER, Kalch, PFISTER, Hungary, WERNER, Jennersdorf, Sankt Martin an der Raab, Felsocsatár, Hungary.

Nancy Kern; Houston, TX. KERN, GMEINDL, CSASSAR, AMBRITZ, YOST; Alsolzolnok, St. Gotthard, Vas County. Franz Joseph KERN first came to America in 1902 and in 1906 Maria GMEINDL came over. They were married in 1906 and settled in McKees Rocks, PA.

Les Kery; Sydney, Australia. WEISZ, WEISS, Kimle, Lebeny, Mosonszolnok. GRUBER, MLADONITS, Kimle. KISS, GISCH, Halbturn. Settled in Kingston, NY and South Bend, IN area about 1905.

Rochelle (Flamisch) Kesack; Northampton, PA. FLAMISCH, Neustift bei Güssing, settled Allentown, PA 2/19/1923. KLOIBER, Deutsch Minihof, settled Allentown, PA. GROLLER, Neustift bei Güssing, HULL, Felsörönök, Hungary. My grandfather, John(Johann)Flamisch sailed to Ellis Island on the ship Amerika with his sister Johanna in 1923. His father was Johann Flamisch and his mother was Cecelia Grolier Flamisch. My grandfather married Mary(Marie) Kloiber. Marie was from Deutsch Minihof. Her father was Louis Kloiber and his wife was Julia Hull Kloiber.

Cathy Ketchmark; Forest Lake, MN. TSCHIDA, ANDERT, FREUDENBERGER, PIRINGER, Pamhagen. Tschida and Andert settled in St. Paul, MN.

Sandra (Sharkazy) Kich; Lima, OH. SHARKAZY, GRATZEL, Moschendorf; SIPOS, Prostrum, Szentpeterfa, Hungary; HECHT, Gaas; settled Northampton, PA.

Mary Kiecker; Coon Rapids, MN. STEFAN / STEFFAN, HIRT / HEIRT, Lockenhaus settled in Winsted, MN but remarried and used the name SCHEIBER; either from Lockenhaus originally or Deutsch Gerisdorf.

Debra Kiefer; Charlotte, NC. FANDL, TAKACS, Rudersdorf. Settled in Lehigh Valley, PA, Allentown, Bethlehem, early 1900s (?).

Sarah Kierein; San Marcos, TX. KIEREIN, GANZER, Pamhagen, settled all South Bend, IN.

Marion S Kiesig; Boise, ID. VOGEL (VOGL), HETZER, Eisenstadt; REISSNER, Klein Hoeflein; HEKENAST (HECKENAST), St. Margarethen.

Réka Kiesz; Hungary. HIRSCH, Stöttera, Rohrbach, settled Budapest, Hungary. Matthias Hirsch, born 15 September, 1871. Migrated to Hungary, when? Previously lived in Rohrbach. He died on the 30th December 1943 in Budapest, 20th district.

Theresa (Haisan) Kimak; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (family information removed pending correction and update).

Silvia (Fabiankovits) Kimbrough; Corinth, TX. FABIANKOVITS, Kopháza. WILD, Kopháza.

Cathryn King; Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia. SCHLEGER, Eisenstadt (Kismarton). Settled in Bundaberg around the late 1870s.

Chris King; London, UK. KIPPELS, KOEPPEL. Settled in London UK 1902-6.

Dianne (Pfeiler) King; Oakland, CA. PFEILER, Stadtschlaining, settled in the United States, 1866.

Julianna King; Bowdoinham, ME. JANDRASITS, Güssing, settled New York, GROLLER, Güssing, settled PA. then New York. Johann Jandrasits b. Nov. 13, 1897 d. Feb. 1981. Arrived New York 1922. Married Julianna Groller 1931. Julianna Groller b. Aug. 21, 1898 d. May 1, 1975 Daughter Margaret b. July 1, 1923 d. July 1, 2014 Moved back to Austria in the 1960's? Retained US citizenship. Both died in Austria.

Brian Kingdon; West Valley, UT. SCHOPF, Podersdorf. MILLISITS, KNOPF, Unterbildein. ANDERT, Pamhagen. SCHOPF and MILLISITS settled in Kemmerer (WY). My great-grandparents Martin Schopf (b. 9 Nov 1878 in Podersdorf) and Maria Millisits (b. 18 Mar 1878 in Unterbildein) settled in Kemmerer, Wyoming, 1905.

Donna Kipila; Macungie, PA. JOST, GIBISER, Zahling. My grandparents came to Allentown, PA, from Zahling. My grandmother Theresia JOST Gibiser in 1933 and her husband Johann GIBISER in 1923.

Richard Ferdinand Kirchknopf; Toronto, ON, Canada. KIRCHKNOPF, Agfalva, Hungary. Setttled Toronto, ON.


Teresa Klaiber; Boyd Co, KY. FEILER, POLLASEKOVA, RICHTER. Resided Sopron, Rajka 1927, Hegyeshelorm, Hungary 1939?

Rudolph J Klampfer; New Britain, CT. Names being researched: KLAMPFER, Kotezicken and Litzelsdorf, Austria. Also IBITZ, Neumarkt, Austria.

Wayne Klausing; Ada, MI. SINKOVITZ, GLUDOVATZ, Kophaza/Kolnhof (Hungary). Settled in Detroit (MI) in 1907. Katherina Vilhomena "Lidvina" Gludovatz (b. ~ 1891) had a sister named Maria Gludovatz, who married well-known radiologist Gyula Vargha from Hungary. Lidvina married John Sinkovitz (b. 1888); also from Kophaza. Stories handed down say that John Sinkovitz' father or uncle may have been a mayor of Kophaza, and his mother (possibly a Fabiankovitz) was a "debutante". Looking for resources or book that provides a history of Kophaza or the area. Also looking to find the above (my great grandparents) parents and other relatives/ancestors. Thank you.

Jerry Kleber [deceased]; Bellevue, NE. BINDERS, Apetlon. Settled in Herdon, Rawlins Co, KS.

Jim Klein; Mesa, AZ. REGNER, RÖGNER, ZINNIEL, HAFNER, REICH, Mönchhof, settled Iowa, Minnesota, Other USA?, Argentina? LENTSCH, STEINER, KARNER, GISH, WABA, Podersdorf, settled Iowa, Minnesota, Other USA?, Argentina? REGNER, RÖGNER, LENTSCH, Frauenkirchen, settled Argentina?

John Alois Klein II; Mesa, AZ. HAFNER, KRENN, REGNER, ZINNIEL, FRANKL, LENTSCH, KARNER, STEINER; Mönchhof, Podersdorf am See.

Kevin Klein; Orem, UT. LENTSCH, settled USA, Argentina; STEINER, KARNER, FRANKL, all from Podersdorf Am See, all settled USA.

Sara Klein; Hudson, WI. KLEIN, Pamhagen. Settled in St. Paul, MN.

Karen Kleinberg; Farmington, MO. PERRINGER, PIRRINGER; Gols.

Amy Hahn Klembczyk; Hampstead, NC. GRANDITS, Stinatz, settled Buffalo, NY in 1922. Wanting information on relatives of John Grandits, my grandfather. He was born in Stinatz in 1900, According to his daughter, Alice Grandits Hahn (my mother), he spoke of several brothers in Stinatz, including Valentin, Pater and Andrew.

Bruce Klemens; Oak Ridge, NJ. KLEMENS (KLEMENSCHITZ, KLEMENSICH, KLEMENSIC) in Oslip, MUHR in Schandorf. KLEMENS settled in northern New Jersey (Passaic, Garfield), New York City and Long Island. MUHR settled in Passaic and Garfield, NJ and St. Louis, MO.

Frank F Klepeis; Newington, CT. KLEPEIS, UNGER, Strem, TRAUPMANN, Glasing, ASTL. Moschendorf. Settled in NYC in the 1930s.

Kevin Klepeis; Paducah, KY. KLEPEIS, Hasendorf. Settled in New York. I'm researching my family tree and will be making the trip to Burgenland in April to do some in person research of My great grandfather's Alouis (Aloius) Klepeis, born in 1864 in Hasendorf. His mother's name was Mary Klepeis; apparently born in 1840 in Hungary(?). These people are of big interest to me as they hold the key to confirming my family tree from 1600-1840. This website seems like a very valuable resource for me in addition to Ancestry.com account. I have also done some further research of your homelisting databases to find out more Klepeis' in several different villages throughout Güssing; all of which may hold ties to Mary Klepeis.

Kelly (Hanzl) Kline. HANZL, Rauchwart. Settled Lehigh Valley, PA. Religion: Roman Catholic. Rupert J Hanzl was my grandfather. He was born in Rutford Austria March 26, 1906. His parents were Jacob Hanzl and Bertha Knarr. He had three brothers Herman, Rudolph and John. He was married to Stella J Keppel. They had seven children Stella,Elsie,Eleanor,Elizabeth,Raymond-my dad, and David. He died May 6 1975.

John Kloiber; Philadelphia, PA. KLOIBER, JANGER, DECKER. Zahling, Furstenfeld, (Styria), Deutsch-Minihof.

Lawrence A Kloiber; Minneapolis, MN. Anton KLOIBER, Theresa KUMMER KLOIBER, Mönchof, settled in Parkston SD in 1890 after Kansas City, KS; Mathias SENFTNER, Mary SEILER SENFTNER, Mönchof, settled in Herried SD in 1888.

Steve Klucharich [wrong]; Vallejo, CA. Wiesbaden, Germany. BILLOWITCH, Steingraben; MUIK, Sulz; KLUCHARICH, KLUCHARIT, Grossmürbisch; KOPFER, Deutsch Ehrendorf; LEGATH, GROHOTOLSKY. Settled in Allentown, PA.

Janice A Klucsarits; Eastern Pennsylvania, PA. KLUCSARITS, Eisenberg; YANDRASITS, MARX, KLUCHARICH, Grossmürbisch; KOPFER. Settled Coplay, PA. WEINHOFER.

Paul Klucsarits; Williamstown, NJ. Researching KLUCSARITS, YANDRASITS, KLUCHARICH, MARX, PETROSOVITZ. Family from Grossmurbisch. Most of my family immigrated to Coplay, PA.

Heather Klusaritz; Philadelphia, PA. KLUCSARITZ, Grossmurbisch; settled Coplay, PA. Various spellings of the last name in my family: KLUSARITZ, KLUSCARITS, KLUCSARITZ.

Johnny Knabel; Phoenix, AZ. Josef KNABEL, Grosspetersdorf, Wilma TITZ, Jabing, settled NYC 1923. John MERKLI, Poppendorf, settled NYC 1930.

Joseph R Knabel; Whitestone, NY. Joseph KNABEL, Grosspetersdorf, Wilma TITZ KNABEL, Jabing, settled 1923.

Richard Knabel; West Tisbury, MA. Samuel KNABEL, Grosspetersdorf, settled Syracuse, NY 1923. Agathe WIENER, Jabing settled New York City, NY 1924.

Carl R Knable; Wheaton, IL. KNOBL, Pinkafeld, settled in Chicago in 1907; DAMPF, EBNER, Pinkafeld, settled in Chicago in 1912; HALPER, Oberdorf, settled in Chicago in 1913.

Anna Knapp; Dorr, MI. NOLZ, TISCHLER, Szentandreas. NOLZ settled in 1880.

Sandra Mary Knautz; Lancaster, ON, Canada. KNAUTZ, Jakobshof, Jakabhaza, Hungary; settled Canada 1927. SCHUSTER, KEPPEL, Radling, Rönök, Hungary.

Bob Knebel; New Prague, MN. KNEBEL, settled Eden, SD.

Dale Knebel; Wilmot, SD. SCHNEIDER, MICHLITS, FINK, MULLNER, HEIL, LACKNER, Wallern, SCHNEIDER, KNEBEL (KNÖBL), Apetlon. Interested in Burgenland immigrants to Minnesota and South Dakota 1880s. Many descendants in Eden, SD.

Susan Knight; Cincinnati, OH. LANG, GSTAETTNER / STAETTNER, WAGNER, MAJKISS / MAIKISS and WEBER in Deutsch Tschantschendorf, near Güssing. Theresa Lang settled in Cincinnati, OH in the early 1900s.

Eugene F Knopf; Allentown, PA. KNOPF, Kulm or Posskaic. WAGNER, Prostrum. SKRAPITS, Szent Peterfa. PAUKOVITS, Szent Peterfa. Settled in Northampton, PA in 1903 and 1905.

Joelle Knopf; Roseville, MN. RAINER, OSTERBAUER, Mönchhof; KRENN, WALTERS, KNOPF, FREY, Vienna. Rainer and Osterbauer and Krenn settled in Forest Lake, MN and Wyoming, MN respectively. Walters settled in Algona, IA. Knopf and Frey settled in St. Paul, MN. All settled around 1898 to 1902.

Joseph Knopf; Oxnard, CA. KNOPFF, PAUKOVITS, St. Peterfa. Settled in Allentown and Lehigh Valley of PA.

Frank C Knotz; New Monmouth, NJ. KNOTZ, MARTH, MAIKISH from Deutsch- Tschantschendorf to NYC and Allentown, PA, early 1900s.

Wendy Knowles; Kutztown, PA. NIKISCHER, STEINER, Neustift.

Edith Kobak; Medina, OH. BRAUMULLER, Gainfarn; SALMHOFER, LANGER, Sigless, Mattersburg; MULLENDORFER.

Mark Kobulnick; Bellmore, NY. HAFNER, Güssing, ZLOKLIKOVITS, Eisenhüttl, all settled New York City.

Laura Kochevar; Chicago, IL. BOHETICHS and WINDT, Neuberg; Settled in Chicago 1911-3.

John M. Koglman; Oberlin, Ohio. KOGLMAN, Limbach. Settled in Cleveland, Ohio. Lutheran. Samuel Koglman, my grandfather, emigrated to the US in 1909; farmer from Limbach. When Samuel immigrated he was deaf in one ear, combat against the Turks. He married Caroline Koglman (nee Schranz) of Oberschützen, Austria. They were married in Chicago (IL), where Samuel worked. They moved to Cleveland, built a house, and had three children: Milly, Alfred, and John (my father). Samuel visited Limbach in 1956, and told us how the Russians took every thing of value, when they left Austria. Good man; miss him.

Fritz Königshofer; Bethesda, MD (hometown Graz, Austria). searching names KOLLER, TIVALD (DIWALD, TIBOLD), CZENCZ (CZENTZ, ZENZ), KLEIN, BEIERNSTEINER (PRAITENSTAINER), POSCH, PAUR, mostly in Rechnitz (Rohoncz); FÜRSATZ (FÜRSZACZ), BERGER, STEINER, SCHREINER, WITMON (WITTMANN), in Rohrbach (Nadasd), Marz (Marcz), Loipersbach (Lepesfalva), Pilgersdorf (Pörgölény); SZÁK in Pinkafeld (Pinkafö)... but where did this name originate?; RATHNER (RATNER), LEPOSCH, GRUBESCHITZ, in Lockenhaus (Léka); BÉRY (BÉRI) in Zala and Somogy megye, SZABADOS in Vas megye.


Joel Koemptgen; Duluth, MN. WEINHANDL, TSCHIDA, Illmitz, to St. Paul, MN. Johann (John) Weinhandl, born 28Jan1878 in Illmitz, arrived in US in Feb 1904 and settled in St. Paul. Mary Tschida, born May 1881 in Illmitz to Mathias and Mary (Frank) Tschida, immigrated to St. Paul in 1890. John and Mary married 26Jul1910 in St. Paul.

Rose Marie Koester; Westford, MA. ROSNER (ROSSNER), Deutsch-Schutzen. St. Louis, MO.

Richard Kogl; San Mateo, CA. Researching: KOGL, HAINSCHINK (Neufeld), TSCHIDA / TSIDA / CSIDA, GARTNER, FRANK, ISIDA, RAU (Illmitz). Tschidas settled in St. Paul in the 1890s-1907, Kogls in St. Paul 1907-1909. Relatives (BAUERS) settled in Argentina.

Ben Kohler; Macungie, PA. KOLLER, Langzeil, settled Allentown, 1905.

Emmerich Koller; Winnetka, IL. KOLLER, Pernau, Pornóapáti, Hungary; settled to Chicago, December 1960. Author of "Good Dogs Do Stray", Memoir of An Immigrant from Hungary.

Franz Michael Koller; Poppendorf, Austria. KOLLER, FEILER, Poppendorf; SCHREINER, Eltendorf. Interested in any emigrants to US.

Heinz Koller; Güssing, Burgenland, Austria. KOLLER, SAMMER(L); Güssing, Rosenberg, Langzahl (Southern Burgenland).

Steve Koller; Scottsbluff, NE. KOLLER, ZINNEL, Halbturn, settled in Grand Island, NE, then Edgemont, SD, in or before 1885. ZIETRICH, Mönchhof, settled in Edgemont, SD, in or before 1915.

Gustavo Ernesto Kollmann; Buenos Aires, Argentina. My grandfathers name was Ernst KOLLMANN. Born in Antau and moved to Bad Sauerbrunn (both in district Mattersburg) untill 1930, when he came to Buenos Aires (Argentina). Ernst was the son of Maurice KOLLMANN and Emma HÖNISBERG.

Raymond Komar; Bamberg, Germany (however moving back to Meridian, MS, in August 2014) KOMAR JOHANN, Pamhagen, settled Kurten, TX. My great grandfather (Johann Komar) and his wife, Juliana (Takats) sailed from Bremen, Germany, in 1889 or 1890 on the Trave to New York, and then, most likely took a steam ship to Galveston, Texas. They settled in the farming community of Kurten, about 10 miles or so outside of Bryan/College Station, Texas. They are both buried in St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery in Bryan, Texas. Johann died 14 October 1917 and Juliana on 17 January 1919. They emigrated with 4 children: Nicolas and Anna (from a previous marriage) and Lorenz and Katherine (from present marriage). Lorenz (my grandfather) married and lived in the Bryan/Kurten area and Katherine married and lived in the Plantersville/Navasota area of Texas. Lorenz is buried in St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery (Bryan, Texas) and Katherine is buried in St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery (Plantersville, Texas).

Courtney Konopacky; San Jose, CA. KARNER, ZINNIEL, EDIN, NEWBERGER, Villages: Neusiedl and Monchhof. Settled in: Stevens Point, WI.

Michael R Konrath; Oak Lawn, IL. KONRATH, ASPAN, Oberdorf, SCHOENFELDINGER. Settled Chicago, IL.

Susanne Konrath; KONRATH (CONRAD), Oberdorf, to Chicago, IL.

Susan Koo; Calgary, Alberta, Canada. KOÓ, Mitterpullendorf. Relatives emigrated thru Ellis Island in 1909 from Mitterpullendorf (Kozeppulya).

Jeanne Kopeck; Boulder, CO. FRISCH, ERNSZT, Gerersdorf bei Güssing. I am searching for any information about my great-grandmother Maria Frisch. She was born Jan 29, 1885 to Gyorgy Frisch and Julianna Ernszt, and emigrated to the US (I believe with her sister, whose name I am unsure of) in April of 1902. [Some further information, thanks to help from BB/BH&R staff member Margaret Kaiser: Maria Woelber (nee Frisch), Gerersdorf bei Gussing, 1885-1957), Hillside Cemetery, Rutherford, NJ (married Herman Woelber from Germany). Siblings: (sister) Julianna (nee Frisch), Gerersdorf bei Gussing, baptized 12 October 1878 (died Mauch Chunk, PA); (brother) Georgius Frisch, bap. 13 March 1875; (brother) Georgius Frisch, bap. 14 Nov 1863 and (brother) Martinus Frisch, bap. 14 Nov 1863 (probable twins). First son Georgius may have died before second was born; thus, same name].

Robert F Kopfer; Lake Zurich, IL. KOPFER, Stadtschlaining to Chicago, IL. Marie (Horvath) Kopfer, Grossmutter emigrated about 1912, Franz Kopfer, Father 1913, Richard Kopfer Uncle 1920, John Kopfer Uncle 1920, Adelbert Kopfer Uncle 1920.

Edward A Kopinitz; Houston, TX. Family from Hornstein (Szarvko) near Eisenstadt. KOPINITZ (-S, -SCH), MILKOVITZ (-S, -SCH), OBERHOFER, AUGUSTIN, GRÜLLER, NEMETH, DRAGSCHITZ.

Jack Kornfeind; Bernardsville, NJ. KORNFEIND, WERDIWICH, Hannersdorf, settled in Chicago, IL.

John J Kornfeind; Glendale, AZ. KORNFEIND, SCHMALTZER, KLEPPITSCH, RIEGER, GOSSY, VERDERITS, Hannersdorf. Also researching VOLACEK, Markt Neuhodis / Durnbach, TERKOVITS, Kleinpetersdorf, FAUK, Badersdorf and HOCKL, Keglevichhasa, Banat. All settled in Chicago.

Kathy Krisman Kosa; Pensacola, FL. KRIZMANICH, KRISMANIKS, KRIZMANITS, NEMETH, NEMET. Five brothers and one sister settled in Chicago, IL starting 1900 to 1920s.

Karen Kosits; Bronx, NY. KOSITS, Steingraben, WOLF, Deutch Kaltenbrun and Gross Petersdorf.

Darryl Kotz; Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. BERGHOLD, Poppendorf. Settled in Lehigh Valley (PA).

Patrick Kovacs; Burgenland, Austria. KOVACS, HEINZL, Olbendorf, settled PA; SCHECK, Großpetersdorf; PUMM, Kukmirn, settled Allentown, PA. I'll gladly help members with ties to Olbendorf with their research.

Stephen Kovacs; Allentown, PA. KOVACS, TOTH, MOLNAR, PETER; Raba Gyarmat, Vas Megye, Hungary; DAVID, SZOKA, LORENZ; Ivanc, Vas Megye, Hungary; settled in Allentown, PA. UNGER, GOBER, GARGER, GRATZER, Strem, Güssing; settled in Coplay and Northampton, PA.

Don Kovasckitz; Sanford, NC. KOVASCHITZ, KOVACSICH, RADITSCH from Bezenye, Hungary (German-Pallendorf).Settled in Seneca Co, OH.

Gert Kovats; Vienna, Austria. KOVATS / KOVACS from Also-Lendva (today Lendava in Slovenia at the Slovenian / Hungarian border) settled Neusiedl am See in 1905, KOVACSITS / RADICS / RADITS from Punitz born prior to 1810, FABITS from Kroatisch Tschantschendorf born prior to 1780, VISLER from Rauchenwart born prior to 1790.

Judy Kozo; Forest Hill, MD. OBOIJOVICS, Oberwart, Neuhaus, GRAF, Olbendorf, settled Allentown, PA. KNARR, Neuhaus, settled New York, NY. KOZO, Hungary, settled Bethlehem, PA.

Maria Martin Krachler; Vienna, Austria. KRACHLER, St. Martin and Ilz in Styria.

Irene Kramer; Anaheim, CA. LENTSCH, ROIS (ROISS, ROISZ) from Podersdorf, settled in Kossuth Co, IA. STEINER, KIRCHMAYER (KIRCHMAIER), FRANKL, ALTENBURGER, KARNER, believe all from Podersdorf.

Pam Kramer; Fargo, ND. BOEHM, BEHM, Geresdorf / Pilgersdorf; BAUMGARTNER, Bubendorf. Settled in Barnes Co, ND (Fingal area). John Boehm b 1830 d 1899. Magdalena (Scherman ?) b 1833 d 1912. They had four children; John (b 1866 d 1941), Clara, Frank (Behm) and John Jr. married Mary (Maria) BAUMGARTNER b 1867 d 1928. Mary's parents were; Stephen BAUMGARTNER and Anna BUERGER, who settled in Barnes County and also Tower City, ND.

William G Kramer; Tampa, FL. KRAMMER, Antonius (b 1882), Neuberg (Ujhegy). IVANCSICS, Elizabeth (b 1887) Neuberg settled in Chicago, IL. KULOVITS, POMPER, CVITKOVICS, BLASKOVITS, HANISITS, DERGOVITS, Neuberg.

Tom Kraus; St. Louis, MO. KRAUS, WELTLER, HONIGSCHNABEL; Buchschachen. My family settled in St. Louis, MO (KRAUS); Chicago, IL (WELTLER).

Wilhelm Krause; Phoenix, AZ. KRAUSE, Lutheran from ?, TRIPAMER, Pinkafeld.

Christopher Krautsack; West Seneca (Buffalo), NY. KRAUTSACK, ERNST, Kukmirn, Kemeten. Settled in Allentown, PA & Buffalo, NY about 1900.

Edward Krautsdorfer; Denham Springs, LA. Franz KRAUTSDORFER, born 4 May 1905 Deutsch-Bieling, Sud-Burgenland, (son of Karl Krautsdorfer and Theresia FANDL), brother of Martin and nephew of Frank DOMITROVITZ), Nazareth, PA. Maria JELENCSITS, born 8 April 1908, Steinfurt, (daughter of Ignaz Jelencsits and Maria GOBER). Emigrated to Allentown, PA 1929. Lived NYC 1930-1973, and Northampton, PA 1973-1994.

Steven Kreitner; El Paso, TX. KREITNER, OSWALD, settled in Passaic, NJ. Rose Oswald married Steven J Kreitner.

Marjorie E Krell; Springfield, IL. LUISZER, Eberau. STROBL, Ollersdorf. Came to New York and Pennsylvania early 1900s.

Paulina Catharina Maria Krenn; Amsterdam, Netherland. Paula SCHUTTENGRUBER, Oberwart. Settled 19.7.1913. My mother was born in Oberwart, her mother left her when she was very small, her mother had five children and maybe she had the name LANG.

Steven Kresge; Nazareth, PA. NORDAI, WINDISCH, GERENCSER, all Strem area. Paul Nordai came to Moorestown, PA - Nazareth, PA area in 1900.

Anna Tanczos Kresh; Butler, PA. TANCZOS from Kroatisch Tschantschendorf and Rehgraben, settled Northampton and Danielsville, PA; PANI (PANY, PANNY) from Tobaj, settled Lehigh Valley, PA; KEGLOVICS (KEGLOVITS) from Tobaj and Rehgraben, settled Lehigh Valley, PA; SCHUCH from Kroatisch Ehrensdorf, Punitz, and St. Kathrein, settled Northampton, PA and NYC; WEBER from Kroatisch Ehrensdorf and Kirchfidisch, settled Lehigh Valley, PA; PETZ (PECS, PETSZ), SORGER from Güssing; NOVAK, SZAKASITS, SZALAFEJ/SZALAFEI from Punitz; GRUBER from Kirchfidisch; DERGOCSICS from Kroatisch Tschantschendorf; OBLYITS from Punitz?

Shirley Tuchner-Kresko; St. Paul, MN. ZEUG, TUCHNER, JUNG (YOUNG). They settled in St. Paul, MN around 1880-4.

U. Krick; Wassenberg, Germany. PITTNAUER, LEHNER, Ragendorf, Rajka, Hungary.

Richard A. Krieg. HUTTER, KROTTNER, Horitschon. All settled in Chicago, IL. Religion: Roman Catholic. Josef Hutter (DOB 11 January 1889), Anna Krottner (DOB 26 January 1892).

Althea Kriz; Newberg, OR. Ludwig and Rudolph STELLFLUG, born Vienna, settled in the Dakotas, mid 1880s; Mathias SENFTNER, who stayed in Mönchhof and worked on family vineyards.

Kevin Krizman; New York, NY. KRIZMANICH, Kroatisch Geresdorf, settled South Bend, IN, ca.1903. BUBICH, Großmutschen, settled South Bend, IN, ca. 1924.

Alice Kroboth; Egg Harbor, WI. Michael Franz KROBOTH family and the Mary SIMITZ family. Michael was born on 2 Sep 1875 in Klein Mürbisch. In September 1899, Michael left Vienna and traveled through southern Germany to Antwerp, Belgium, where he boarded a ship to the USA. He landed at Ellis Island on October 12th and left immediately for Allentown, PA.

Christina Ludwig Krock; Lethbridge, AB, Canada. MELCHART, SPEIGEL, Glashütten, settled all to USA 1893 - Illinois, Wisconsin, 1900 to Saskatchewan, Canada.

Sam Krug; Champaign, IL. KRUG, Bernstein, HERMANN, Bernstein. Settled in Chicago c. 1900.

Stephanie Krupa; Valrico, FL. UNGER, Eisenberg an der Pinka, settled in Coplay (Allentown), PA; GUTLEBER, HESSINGER, Heiligenkreuz, settled in Coplay (Allentown), PA. I am the daughter of Shirley (Hessinger) Sullivan, granddaughter of Edward and Mary (Gutleber) Hessinger, great granddaughter of Joseph and Thekla (Unger) Gutleber. Shirley (Hessinger) Sullivan siblings: Marianne (Hessinger) Dranow, Connie (Hessinger) Callahan, and Edward Hessinger, Jr. Mary (Gutleber) Hessinger siblings: Hilda (Gutleber) Ganci, John Gutleber, Joseph Gutleber. All were children of Joseph and Thekla (Unger) Gutleber... though from what I understand, Thekla, my great grandmother, had been married once before... though I don't know the details.

Rose Kubiatowicz; St. Paul, MN. Researching TSCHIDA, CSIDA, ANDERT, LENTS, KOPPI, KLINGER, JANDL, KAINTZ - Pamhagen (settled in St. Paul, MN); TSCHIDA, CSIDA, BAUER, FURST - Apetlon (settled in St. Paul, MN); TSCHIDA, CSIDA - Illmitz (settled Saint Paul, MN). (Hungarian names:-Apetlon-Banfalu, Pamhagen-Pomogy; both are their own parish).


Kurt Michael Kuch; Vienna & Oberwart, Burgenland. KUCH ancestors, Oberwart to Chicago; also Tobias Kuch, Unterschützen to Chicago, HATZ, Unterschützen and Weppersdorf, settled in Chicago, IL; SCHMALL, Lockenhaus, settled in New Jersey; SELTSAM and KUGEL, Rechnitz, settled in New Jersey; GRÜNZEIS, Güns (Köszeg), settled in Argentinia.

Janice Kucirek; Omaha, NE. PERLINGER, HUSS, RONGISCH. District of Neusiedl? Settled in Nebraska and Minnesota in 1890-1905.

Tom Kukitz; Palm Coast, FL. KUKITZ, (Heiligenbrunn?); settled Stiles (Whitehall), PA.

Karin Kulovics; Olbendorf, Burgenland, Austria. POMPER BERNHARDINE, POMPER KONSTANTINE, Olbendorf. KULOVITS, Neuberg, settled Chicago, IL. My fahter's side: Kulovits - they settled to Chicago => we are in contact with this part of the family My mother's side: Pomper - we only know the names Pomper Bernhardine/Pomper Konstantine - they settled to the USA - we guess before the first world war. The parents of Berhardine and Konstantine are Paul & Anna Pomper - they had 5 childrens and 2 went to USA.

Sister Susanne Kullowitch (nee Mary) (deceased); Williamsport, PA. KULLOWITSCH, Kleinpetersdorf, settled Chicago, IL. My father immigrated to Chicago and took out the "s" from our last name. I am looking to see what happened to my uncle who came from Kleinpetersdorf and settled in Bethlehem about Oct. 1913. He died before my grandmother died. She died in 1918. We went to Allentown looking for his grave if he has one. One young man did research but cannot find the death certificate. My father was John and my uncle was George. Dad came around 1922 and my uncle came after.

Colleen Weber Kulp; Whitehall, PA. JACKSITS, JAKSITS, YAKSITS from Krobotek, settled in Orefield, PA; BESENHOFER, NEUHERZ, YOUCK from Wallendorf; GEIDER from Hagensdorf, settled in Coplay, PA; WEBER.

Erich Kumbusch; Vienna, Austria. Researching KLUCSARITS, KLUSARICS, KEGLEVITS, DRAGOVITS, HOLEMAR, LOVRINCICH in Kroatisch Tschantschendorf. Looking for Klusarics who emigrated to US.

Guy Kuncir; Arroyo Grande, CA. Researching KUNCIR; Immigrated to NYC, New York.

Andy Kunik; Charlotte, NC. Johan KUNIK, Deutsch Schützen; settled Benwood, WV 1902.

Barbara Ann (Krenn) Kunkle; Woodbridge, VA. KRENN, Krobotek. Settled in Allentown, PA & Hohenems, Vorarlberg, Austria. SLOKLIKOWITZ, ERENHOFLER, Güssing. Settled in Northampton, PA.

Louise Barth Kunsman; Catasauqua, PA. SOMMER, Oberradling.

Arthur Kunz [wrong]; West Lafayette, IN. KUNZ, LOSCHY, GRASSEL. Markt Allhau Burgenland #108. Would like to make contact with family remaining in Allhau such as WEHAFER (Renate), RITTER family, MUEHL family, Joe STUMPFEL related to Elmer SEYBOLD.

John Paul Kurtz; Adamsville, OH. KURTZ, Tobaj, HAFNER, Gerersdorf, settled Bronx, NY.

Matthew Kurtz; NY, NY. Born in Szentpeterfa, Hungary. Parents Frank KURTZ and Theresa NEMET (NEMETH) came to this country 1907 from Szentpeterfa Hungary. Settled in Northampton, PA.

Prudence Kurtz; Northville, MI. KURTZ, ZISSER, FIXL; Steinamager. Settled in NYC, Chicago. Wm KURTZ (KURZ) and his mother Theresia with father August came to NYC about 1927. August's brother Richard came over later and settled in Chicago.

Thomas Francis Kurtz; Macungie, PA. KURTZ, FASHING, RABUL, ZOTTER, settled in Allentown, PA. Adolf Kurtz from Rabafuzes, Hungary (Raabfidisch).

Frank Kurz Jr.; New York, NY. KURZ, Zahling, Eltendorf; MUHR, Kukmirn, Zahling; Primarily Lutheran; GIBISER, BRUNNER, SCHARNITZ, DECKER; KURCZ; DEX; BAUER.

Jeffrey Kurz; Lexington, KY. KURZ and JAKOB; Pöttelsdorf (Petofalva); Settled: Mt. Clemens, MI.

Robert Kurz; Turnersville, NJ. KURZ / KURTZ, Tobaj. KRAMER / KRAMMER, Deutsch Tschantschendorf. Settled in NYC and New Jersey.

Thomas Kurz; Pöttelsdorf, Austria. KURZ, PAUSCHENWEIN, JAKOB, LANG, Pöttelsdorf. SCHUBER, SCHANDL, FEILER, in Walbersdorf. SCHREINER, HEFTER in Rust.

James Kustelski; San Antonio, TX. WOLKERSTORFER, TSCHIDA, Pamhagen; settled in Minnesota.

Kristin Kutella; Chicago, IL. STELZER, HOFBAUER, St. Martin. My great-grandfather was Frank Stelzer and he migrated to the US with his wife Anna Stelzer (nee Hofbauer). I would like as much information about the Stelzers and Hofbauers as possible. I came across this website because I searched the internet for my great-grandfather's sister's name (Louise Sowul, nee Stelzer) and found that her name was listed in past newsletters from the 1960's. I'm considering a trip to Austria next summer (2013) and would like as much information as possible before going.

Mary Kuypers; Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia. STAINDL, Hegyeshalom, settled in Carlton, Victoria, Australia on April 29, 1914. Henry Staindl was born on May 31, 1884 in Hegyeshalom in the Moson Megye (County). His father's name was Anton Staindl.

Gregory B Kuzmits; Bloomington, IN. KUZMITS, FERENCY, Kroatisch Minihof.

Luciana Kuzolitz; São Luis, Brazil. KUSOLITS, BURANITS, Steinbrunn, settled in Brazil.  Ferenc Kusolits / Franz Kuzolitz, son of Flórián Kusolits and Ersébet Buranits, was born in Steinbrunn (called Stinkenbrunn until 1959) on May 19, 1914. Franz came to Brazil by vessel with his family when he was aprox. 8 year old (around 1921). It is believed that a sister, Maria, remained in Steinbrunn. Franz married a German/Brazilian named Agnes Kanitz and lived his entire life in Blumenau - SC, South of Brasil.
Edward A Labahn; Dana Point, CA. Peter Joseph GRUIDL (grandfather); Katharina (BIERBAUM) Gruidl (step grandmother); Maria (Gruidl) RUPP, Katharina Gruidl, Gisela (Gruidl) PERLINGER and Theresa (Gruidl) ZETH (first cousins); and Paul Gruidl (grandfather's uncle). Janossomorja (Mosonszentjanos); other villages may be involved. Places settled by immigrants: Peter Joseph and Katharina (Bierbaum) Gruidl: Woodstock, IL (1905) Others settled in Colorado (1905-10?).

Beatrix Labeck; Wiesbaden, Germany. GIBISER, Zahling, settled in Allentown, PA. BAYER, Fürstenfeld, settled in Allentown, PA.

Connye Haider LaCombe; St. Paul, MN. HAIDER, Andau. FLEISCHHACKER, Illmitz. Both settled in St. Paul (MN) in 1867. TSCHIDA. Religion: Roman Catholic. John Haider emigrated to St. Paul (MN) in 1887. I believe his wife was Elizabeth [May be "Eva," as per BB's BH&R staffer Margaret Kaiser --- editor] Fleischacker although in the census I see her name as Mary. I'm told the family was also tied into the Tschida family. I know one of John's daughters married a Tschida, but I had the impression that the relationship went beyond that. I have not been able to determine what town they came from. I suspect that John's father was Joseph, but I have nothing except the proximity of their homes and their relative ages to base that on.

Wilma Jany Lacy; Shelby, NC. JANY, Riedlingsdorf. Researching My dads family.

Josef J Laemmermayer; Vienna & Hochegg, Austria. LAEMMERMAYER (LEMMERMAYER, LAMERMAYER), BAUER, Unterfrauenhaid (Middle Burgenland).

Susan LaFollette; UT. SOMMER, MAIER, KORPITSCH, FIEDLER Deutsch Minihof (Gemeinde Mogersdorf, Southern Burgenland); was Nemetlak, Vas Megye, Hungary.

Joseph M. Lakovits; Glenview, IL. LAKOVITS, ROSINICH, Nikitsch, VERTESICH, Kr. Geresdorf, NEMETH, Grossmutschen, all settled South Bend, IN.

Cassandra Laky; Brodheadsville, PA. LAKY, Moschendorf, settled Northampton, PA.

Mary LaMantia; Toms River, NJ. Franz FURST, Johanna FANDL. Güssing. Settled in New Jersey.


Steve Lamberty; Lombard, IL. VUKITS, Schandorf, settled Chicago, WUKITCH.

Joseph Laminger; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. LAMMINGER, LAMINGER, Burgau, Burgauberg, settled Graz. Son of Maria LAMMINGER, born 1883, visited New Jersey 1906 & 1924. May have used surnames of SCHADEN or VOJKOVIC.

Walter Lamm; Pittsburgh, PA. LAMM, Neumarkt an der Raab. Settled in Pittsburgh, PA 1922 or 1923. ZOTTER, St. Martin an der Raab. Settled in Pittsburgh, PA.

Debbie Pratscher Lamoureux; Thornton, IL. PRATSCHER, Holzschlag; BALOGH, Miedlingsdorf. Settled in Chicago.

Henry Landau; Palm Desert, CA. GROLLER, Königsdorf; settled Allentown, PA 1902. MUHR, Kukmirn; settled New York, NY 1937.

Linda Landau; Astoria, NY. GROLLER, GIBISER, MUHR. Königsdorf, Jennersdorf. To Allentown and NY.

Erik Lander; Brooklyn, NY. OSWALD, TAUSZ, NICKA, BALDASTY; Jabing. Settled in New York.

Rachael M Lane; Pinson, AL. RECKER, STIMPFL, EBERHARDT, KROBOTH. Güssing. Settled in or around New York, NY.

Barbara Lang; Bellefonte, PA. HANZL, BILOWITH (BILLOVITZ, BILOVITS), St. Michael. Settled in Passaic, NJ.

Bob Lang; Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. LASSAKOVITS, RIBITS, Steinbrunn (when they emigrated). Mari Magdelena RIBITS and her husband, Johann LASSAKOVITS migrated to Canada around 1927 ending up in City of Kelowna (she) and Town of Osoyoos (he) in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.

Gerhard Lang; Vienna, Austria. STIFTER, Strebersdorf, settled Chicago, 1910. KAINRATH, Strebersdorf, settled Chicago, 1909.

Gerhard H & Martina Lang; Rust, Burgenland, Austria. BEILSCHMIDT / BEILSCHMIED / PEILSCHMIDT, entire Burgenland (tracing back to the city of Asch, Bohemia), New Jersey (and their descendants); KICKER, PAUER, PELZ, SCHREINER, STEINER, WAPP, Rust; MÜCKE, Hillersdorf (Holcovice, Monastery Silesia), Oberschützen (Felsö Lövö), Deutsch Kaltenbrunn (Némethidegkut), Roane County (TN); GROSS / GROSZ, Oberschützen (Felsö Lövö), FIEDLER, FISCH(E)L, LANG, SCHINDLER, SOMMER, STRAM(M)ER, STROMMER, WENZ(E)L, Mörbisch (Fertörákos); STRAM(M)ER, STROMMER, Agendorf (Ágfálva, HU).

Kathleen Murphy Lang; Wentzville, MO. BERGHOLD, (Poppendorf?, Rinnerberg?), settled St. Louis, MO 1903. Family names Franz (b 1867) and Marie (b 1865), children Franc (b 1890) and Josef (b 1895) Rinnerberg, Austria mentioned on WW-I US Draft card as birthplace of Josef.

Peter Lang; Marbella, Spain. LANG, SCHADL, WIRTH, SEIDENBERGER, BAUER, JOST, HAFTL, Rábafüzes. I am interested in interchange any kind about Rábafüzes/Raabfidisch. As a Rábafüzes descendant, I am working on a village chronicle to preserve the remembrance of that very special place. I can provide family tree information for almost 200 surnames, an almost complete house number list from 1858, a list of roughly 600 immigrants to the USA, etc. Please contact me.

Susanne Lang; Wellington, New Zealand. LANG, Stoob. NEMETH, MANNSBERGER, Sigless. PAYER, WURDITSCH / WURDITS / BURDITS, ZWISCHITS / ZWISCHISZ / CVISCHITZ / ZVISHITZ, Unterfrauenhaid. Adalbert Alfred Lang and Rosina Lang (nee Payer) emigrated to Wellington, New Zealand in 1955 and 1965, respectively.

Silvia Kovacs-Langan; Des Plaines, IL. HANIFL, Oggau. Settled Chicago, IL 1959.

Timothy G. Langenback; Clearwater, FL. LACKNER, Kukmirn, WOLF, Deutsch Kaltenbrunn, all settled Allentown, PA, Religion: Lutheran. I am the grandson of Theresa and Frank Wolf Sr. originally of 601 E. Walnut Street in Allentown, PA. My mother was Theresa Rose Wolf and my father was Edward Langenback. We were members of St.Peters Lutheran Church on Ridge Ave in Allentown.

Lilli Langer; Chicago, IL. FISCHHOF, HAUPT, Bad Sauerbrunn; settled Chicago, IL. Primary residences were in Vienna but they also owned homes and the Hotel Bristol in Bad Sauerbrunn.

Vicki Lantto; Annandale, MN. STIFTER, Glashütten bei Lockenhaus, settled Watkins, MN 1912. Joseph STIFTER was my Great Grandfather. He came here in 1912 and sent for his wife Maria and 3 children the following year. In Austria he was in the military.

Donna Lantz; Canada. Michael KOLLER, Dörfl. Settled Canada 1928.

Barbara Larson; Fort Lauderdale, FL. MAHR, NIKISCHER, Heiligenkreuz, all settled Corapolis, PA. My great-grandfather - John Nikischer (Nikitscher) immigrated in 1908 from Heiligenkreuz through Ellis Island. My grandparents (Joseph Mahr and Carolina Nikischer Mahr) immigrated in 1922 through Ellis Island.

Dan Larson; St. Paul, MN. OBINGER, WEISS, WEIS, WEISZ, WINDSPERGER, Zanegg, Mosonszolnok, Hungary, settled Robbinsdale, MN.

Lynne Larson; Sarasota, FL. ARTNER, MITTERMANN, Dreihutten, Wien, settled Chicago 1907. Have verified that my great grandmother, Marie Artner (April 6, 1873 - July 7, 1933 [Western Springs, Il.] - Daughter of Matthias Artner and Marie Mittermann - came from Dreihutten in 1907, with her 12 year old daughter also Marie Artner. Other closely related Artners already in Chicago by that date. No father identified for younger Marie Artner, surname probably Vett.

Mary Larson; Downers Grove, IL. KAMPER, Burgenland, settled USA.

Stacey Larson; Springfield, IL. BAUMGARTNER, REHLING, KONRATH; Altschlaining. Settled in Chicago, 1910.

Sue Larson; Lake Oswego, OR. RIESCHL (RIESCHEL), Mosonszentjanos, Sankt Johann, Hungary, settled Portage County,St. Stevens Point, Wisconsin 1875; FROHNAUER, Mosonszentjanos, Sankt Johann, Hungary, settled Portage County, St. Stevens, Wisconsin 1884. My research includes microfilm of the baptismal records from Szent-Janos and Szent-Peter Roman Catholic Churches. Both grandparents moved to Portland, Oregon where they later died after raising 8 children.

Raymond Laschober [wrong]; Laguna Woods, CA. Joseph LASCHOBER, Grodnau b. May 23, l884. Marie GABBRIEL, Gunseck b. April 19, l884, district of Oberwart.

Richard Laschober; Augusta, GA. LASCHOBER, EBNER, Grodnau. Settled in St. Louis, MO and Chicago, IL about 1915.

Ron Laschober; Overland Park, KS. LASCHOBER, EBNER, Grodnau, all settled 1915.

Joseph Lasica; San Francisco, CA. SEPER, SCHEPPER, Punitz.

Steven Laskey; Wilmington, DE. TRAUPMANN; Güssing, Langzeil. Bethlehem, PA. Cleveland, OH.

Diane Laszakovits; San Antonio, TX. LASZAKOVITS, METZGOLITS; Steinbrunn, (Stinkenbrunn).

Barbara Lattimore; St. Louis, MO. Samuel F TAMELER, Theresia HAUS(S), Kukmirn, settled St. Louis, MO. According to my great-grandfathers declaration of intention to become a US citizen he stated that he came to the US on or about the 21st of Dec 1901 into Philadelphia, PA from Antwerp, Belgium.

Matthew Laudig; Schneider, IN. ZWICKL, Tadten, settled Niles, MI. LEEB, Tadten.

Dawn Lavan; Ocala, FL. GUTTMAN, PILLER, FIXL. Burg. Settled in Chicago, IL.

John Lavendoski; Austin, TX. JURASITS, MILISITS, VESZELOVITS, HARANGOZO, VARGA, ZIMITS, BORHI, TIMAR, OSZWALD, NEMETH, FILIPOVITS, KAPITAR, HANSZ, SZTUBITS, GEOSITS, BUGNITS, MARTINCSITS, CSENCSITS, NOVOGORACS, JELOSITS and WEISHEIT; Harmisch, St. Kathrein, Edlitz, Szentpeterfa ("Prostrum", Hungary). Interested in Croatian settlement of the Burgenland.

Jacquelyn Law; Oak Lawn, IL. SCHRANZ, Stuben, settled Milwaukee, WI 1922. KERN, Grodnau, settled Chicago, IL 1922.

Jan Leary. SCHEIDL, Raiding. Settled in South Bend, Indiana.

Julia Soto Lebentritt; Troy, NY. My father Stephen LIEBENTRITT immigrated with his father Anton, and brother Joseph from Güssing in 1902 to NY. They settled in Troy, NY.

Joe Lebitsch; Thousand Oaks, CA. LEBITSCH, Heiligenbrunn.

Wayne Leblanc; Tinley Park, IL. CHERNICH, RANDICH. Settled in Chicago, IL.

Andreas Lehner; Kitzladen, Austria. LEHNER, Kitzladen, Loipersdorf, settled in St. Louis, MO.

Franz Lehner; St. Andrä, Burgenland, Austria. LEHNER, KERLINGER, HORVATH. Herkunft (origin of) des Namens Kerlinger.

John J Lehner (Judy); South Bend, IN. LEHNER (Tadten), LENDWAY, GRAF, WURZINGER, SCHREYER, PAYER. Also see Paul Lehner.

Michael Lehner; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. LEHNER, BALASKOVITS, HERITS, MOHR, HORWATH, POLAK, NEMETH, STEFELJ, from Schachendorf, Rechnitz, Dürnbach, and Schandorf (Southern Burgenland). Emigrated Winnipeg about 1957.

Paul M Lehner; Dallas, TX. LEHNER, LENDWAY, STEINHOVER. Tadten Settled: South Bend, IN; St. Paul, MN.

Tom Lehner; Alexandria, VA. Joseph LEHNER, of Apetlon. I do not know when or where he came to the United States, but I think it was 1879. His oldest son from his first wife, Jos. Jr. was born in MN and was my great grandfather. I am interested in any info on Apetlon or LEHNER.

Katrina Lehrner; Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. LEHRNER, IBY, MAYERHOFER, NADLER, LAZARUS, WESSELY, Horitschon to Canada and Germany. ROPPOSCH, ZOTTER, KAHR, ZIGLING, GODAR, BAUER, JOST, Windisch-Minihof to Canada and United States.

Al Leidel; West Lawn, PA. WALLITSCH Family from Neuseidl & Rudersdorf. Settled Allentown, PA. (south Burgenland)

Dennis Leidl [wrong]; St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. LEIDL: Johann (John) (Born 1859), Bubendorf, Settled in Fingle, ND (1887) - immigrated to Pascal, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1909. REINHOFER: Elizabeth (Born 1861) - Bubendorf - Settled in Fingle, ND (1887) - immigrated to Pascal also.

Dallas Leier; Roseville, MN. Wenzel (Wenzeslaus) LEIER b 09-25-1856 Illmitz. Great Grandmother, Adelhaid (SIGERTY or SZIGATHY) Leier, b 12-19-1858, Wallern? Austria. One daughter Amelia b 02-28-1881. To New York June 19, 1882, then to Spring Hill, Stearns Co, MN.

George Leier; St. Paul, MN. PREINER, Halbturn. SCHALLI, Illmitz. LEIER, TSCHIDA, Pamhagen.

John J Leier; St. Paul, MN. LEIER (Pamhagen), TSCHIDA (Pamhagen), PREINER (Halbturn), SCHALLI / SCHALLY (Illmitz). Primarily settled in St. Paul, MN area.

JoAnn Reiter Leigh; Green River, WY. REITER, Rechnitz, BOGAD, Jabing, settled all New York. I am researching my family history and would like to find information regarding the family history of my grandparents whose surnames are listed above.I have information about their lives in the USA but know very little about my ancestors that remained in Austria. At this time I would like to request confidentiality. Thank you for your assistance.

Richard Frank Leitgeb; Marietta, GA. LEITGEB, PETZ, HUTTER, LIENHART, GROSSCHEDL; settled in Milwaukee, WI about 1905.

Amos Leitner; Wichita, Kansas. My father, LEITNER, and grandparents were born in Kobersdorf. I visited Kobersdorf summer 2000. Am interested any history of community and possible unbeknownst relatives. Also Uncle and Aunt in Sopron (Oedenburg).

Bill Leitner; Mesa, AZ. TSCHIDA, Pamhagen, Apetlon and Zanegg, Hungary. KROISS, Apetlon. Settled in St. Paul, MN abt 1900.

Dan Leitner; Riverbank, CA. ARBEITER, KNOBL, LEIMPEK, LEIMBEK, AND ZETT in Sovenyhaza (Hungary), LAMPEK, LEITNER, RAUHWARTER in Leiden (Lebeny, Hungary), LEITNER, KUPI in Tadten.

Mary K Leitner; Atwood, KS. KOGL, HAUTZINGER, Andau. LEITNER, Lebeny, Hungary.

Andrea Lemke; Germantown, WI. PLAHNA. G-Grand Mother Cilli PLAHNA, Gratkorn (Graz, Styria), arrived in the US in 1911, age 28. G-Grand Father: Anton PLAHNA, Gratkorn; same time, age 25. Grandmother: Bertha PLAHNA, Konigsdorf to US in 1922. PLAHNA from Gratkorn (Graz). Ludwig and Gabriella PLAHNA's son is Anton Peter PLAHNA, who married CECILIA (Cili) PALKOVITS/PAULKOVITS/PALKOWITZ/PAULKOWITZ/PALKOVITZ/PALKOWITZ (many different spellings). Anton and Cili's children: Bertha Gabriella PLAHNA married Paul KRUSCHEL; Julius PLAHNA married Anna WALLERY; Eric/Erich PLAHNA married Elenore SPIES, having sons Eric James and Richard PLAHNA. All of the above either emigrated to or were born in Cudahy (WI), with the exception of Ludwig and Gabriella.

Debby Lemons; Sheridan, WY. SCHERMANN, Deutsch Gerisdorf. Settled Winsted, MN 1865. POETZ. Deutsch Gerisdorf, died in Austria, FASCHING, JANISH/YANISH, HOLLENTHONER, STIFTER, Gerisdorf. Settled all Winsted, MN. FERDINGER, Gerisdorf. Settled North Dakota. Religion: Catholic. John Schermann (b.1807), Elizabeth Scherman Fasching(b.1804), John W Schermann(b.1832) married Clara Schermann (b.1836) daughter of George (b1806) and Rosalia (b. 1806)Stifter. John W and Clara immigrated to the USA in 1866. Mary Janisch/Yanish (b. 1874) was the daughter of Paul Yanisch (b 1852). He was married to Elizabeth(b1852)could be second marriage. Paul Yanish's parents were Theresa Ferdinger and Martin.

Joan Lenahan; Richboro, PA. SCHAEFFER/SHAEFFER/SHAFER, LAKY, Moschendorf, immigrated to the US in 1922; GASPAR, Moschendorf.

Martin Lendl; Luising, Burgenland, Austria. FUERST, FÜRST settled in Florida, LUKA.

Nancy Lenig; Portland, OR. UNGER, FURST, Strem. Eventually settled in Allentown, PA. Lived in Copley, PA in 1921. Married in US in 1915.

Jim Lennon; Centennial, CO. SCHRANZ, FLECK, ULREICH, LASOBER, PUHR. Karl SCHRANZ left Stuben in 1903 for Chicago. My ggrandparents on my grandmother's side were Mathias FLECKl and Elizabeth LASOBER, on my grandfather's side were Mathias SCHRANZ and Elizabeth ULREICH. They all resided in Stuben.

Murray Leonard; Ballarat, Australia. PRATSCHER, Holzschlag, Redlschlag, Bernstein, settled Serbia Danube Swabian.(??)

Vincent Le Page; Meschers sur Gironde 17132 France. PRESCHING, PRECHING, Pinkafeld. FELBEINGER, FELBINGER, Unknown. Both settled in Verteuil (France). My ancester was named Georges Presching and came from Pinkafeld with Napoleon army around 1797/1798 as a prisoner of war. He then settled in Verteuil / Charente and became a shoe maker. My family still own his bible (XVIIIth century). He came along with another austro hungarian : Georges Felbeinger or Feilbinger who became a teacher then a tax payer, but I don't know his village in Austria. My brother went to Pinkafeld and got birth document copies of G. Presching. Any other details will be appreciated! Thank you.

Cathy (Pammer) Leschke; Yorba Linda, CA. POMPER and DUNST, Gaas. PAMMER, TANKI, Geresdorf bei Güssing.

Pat Letsinger; Altamonte Springs, FL. YOST (JOST) Inzenhof, Klein- / Gross- Mörbisch?, URBAN (URBER), Raabfidisch?, Hungary, settled McKees Rocks, PA. Stefan (Istvan) Yost, born 11/25/1881 to Janos (John) Jost and Julia Köppel of Inzenhof, married Cecilia Urban, daughter of Michael Urban and Elizabeth Dot.

Zoltan Levai (Lieber); Dunaújváros, Hungary. TAMEDLER, Zahling. Settled Szepetnek (Hungary).

Pat Rosenkranz Levins; Tenafly, NJ. ROSENKRANZ and SCHEUHER, Eisenhuttl near Kukmirn. Relatives came to NYC and Detroit around 1900.

Patricia Levinson; Winter Park, FL. SALZER, Oszlop. PETKOVITZ. Both settled in Newark, NJ. WATEROITS. KUNDEK/KUNKEK. Religions: Reformed, Roman Catholic. Salzer, Stefan Kilroy [b. 28 Oct 1876, Budapest, to Janos and Maria (Kunkek) Salzer]. Married 4 Feb 1900 in Budapest to Maria Petkovitz [daughter of Miklos (Miska) and Zsofia Waterortis Petkovitz]. He had one known sibling, Maria. Stefan immigrated through Hamburg to NYC 4 Apr 1903 with Amelia Klement and her daughter Vilma. The three were met by her husband Josef Klement at Ellis Island. Stefan's sister Maria Salzer arrived Oct 1914.

Denise Lewandowski; Coon Rapids, MN. NEUBERGER, GAREISZ, WACHTLER; St. Peter and St. John, Hungary. Neubergers settled in Minneapolis 1904-1911.

Emil Lewinger. SCHWARZ, Stadtschlaining. Religion: Jewish. Maybe the family lived in a village in the neighborhood.

Dale & Joan (Schlener) Lewis [wrong]; SCHLENER (SCHLEMMER), Poppendorf, Heiligenkreuz, KORNHEISEL, Raabfidisch, Langasch, Vienna?, OBERECKER, Heiligenkreuz, HERZL, Poppendorf.

Ingrid Lichtenberger; Breitenbrunn, Burgenland, Austria. Janos MOLLNER (born 30 Aug 1875) and his wife Elisabeth nee KUMMER (born 7 Mar 1877) and their children Elisabeth (13 Nov 1899) and Julianna (12 May 1905). They came from Sankt Johann (Szent Janos) in Moson County. The couple married on 31 Jan 1899.

Joseph Lichtenberger; St. Charles, IL. LICHTENBERGER, Punitz; LEITNER, Deutsch Tschantschendorf. Married and settled in New Jersey

Joe Liebezeit; Portland, OR. LIEBEZEIT, MALITS, TASCHNER, JANDRESITS, TURKOVITS, Grossmurbisch, Reinersdorf, HOFFMANN, GESCHEL, MAHR, Pornoapati, Gaas, Settled: Pittsburg, PA (early 1920s).

Mary Light; Sterling Heights, MI. FREIGRUBER, Punitz, ERNST, Rohr (district of Güssing). Both settled in Michigan.

Hans Limbeck; Salem, OR. LIMBECK, Gols, Stefan and Elizabeth Limbeck from Gols and two of their sons, Andreas and Paul, emigrated to the US ~1880; later went to Oregon. Brothers Georg and Matthias stayed in Gols.

Otto Limbeck; Himberg, Austria. LIMBECK, LIMPEK, Parndorf, Gattendorf (Lajtakata). Karl (Carolus), Josef (Josefus) Ferdinand, born in Gattendorf in the mid 1800s emigrated to America. Three other brothers died in Burgenland. Parents of the six brothers were Georg LIMPECK und Maria KERNINGER. Looking for descendants of the three immigrants.

Richard Limbeck; Scio, OR. LIMBECK, Gols. Settled Lincoln, NE late 1800s, then Oregon near Salem, Silverton and Scio.

Carole Lindeman; San Gabriel, CA. UNGER, Deutsch Schützen.

Stacy Lindsley; Des Moines, IA. EICHBERGER, WURGLITSCH, Grodnau. Settled in Oskaloosa, IA.

Paula Linstrot; Crown Point, IN. SCHWAB, Deutsch-Schützen, settled Chicago area; KRUTZLER.

Mag. Andreas Linzer; Stegersbach, Burgenland (Austria). LINZER, Großwarasdorf. SCHREIBER, Kleinwarasdorf. Religion: Roman Catholic.

Paul Linzer; Park ridge, IL. LINZER, Grosswarasdorf, settled Neuberg. LINZER, LUDWIG, Neuberg.

Donna Hanzl Livermon; Walnutport, PA. HANZL, EBERHARD, St. Michael, settled Passaic, NJ. GALLER.

Suzanne Loch [wrong]; Minneapolis, MN. ANDERT, Apetlon settled in St. Paul, MN; EGGER, KLEIN and THELL, Pamhagen settled in St. Paul, MN; JANISCH, Steinberg settled in St. Paul, MN.

Dr. Yvonne Lockwood; East Lansing, MI. interested in oral / folk history of Croatians of central Burgenland, ie Grosswarasdorf-Szbadbarand (H), old Nagybarom-Veliki Boristof (C); Unterpullendorf-Alsopulya (H)-Dolnja Pulja (C); Kleinwarasdorf-Borisfalva (H), old Kisbarom-Mali Boristof (C); Kroatisch Geresdorf-Gyirot (H)-Geristof (C); Nikitsch-Fules (H)-Filez (C); Kroatisch Minihof-Malomhaza (H)-Mjenovo(C); Nebersdorf-Ligvand (H)-Susevo (C); Forchtenau (Forchtenstein)-Frakno (H) -Frakanova -Fortnavski Grad (C).

Bob Loeffler; Oroville, CA. LOEFFLER, DULD, REICHL, YOST, PUMMER; Kukmirn, Zahling (Southern Burgenland). Settled in Allentown.

Norma Loeffler; Dover, TN. LOEFFLER (LÖFFLER, LOFFLER), FIEDLER, Zahling, settled in St. Louis, MO. Frank Loeffler, born in Burgenland (not certain of village), married Cecelia (Celia) Fielder of Zahling and moved to the US about 1900, first settling in Los Angeles then in St. Louis, MO. He had a brother, John. Some of their children were Stella, John, and Rudolph.

Yohanan Loeffler; Brigjton East, Victoria, Australia. LEDERER, Lackenbach, Groß Warasdorf; settled USA, Israel, England. SCHNEIDER, Lackenbach.

Robert Loerzel; Palatine, IL. WALTER, KASSANITS, POLZER, KNARR, SULYOK (Schulok), RESCHENTANITS, WILLESITS, SCHUH; Mischendorf (Pinkamiske).

Jörg Löschnauer; Vienna, Austria. LESCHNAUER (LÖSCHNAUER), Raiding, settled Spokane, Washington, Oct. 7th 1909.

Frank Löschnauer; Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. LÖSCHNAUER, Raiding. Settled in Australia in 1955. Franz Ferdinand Löschnauer: born 23 December 1932, died 21 June 2014.

Tara Loftus; Minneapolis, MN. SCHWARZBAUER, JANDL, GANGL, GRAF, and OPITZ of Illmitz, Apetlon, and Frauenkirchen. Settled in St. Paul and Sauk Centre, MN in 1890s.

Jim Logsdon; Wichita, KS. LEIER, MUELLNER, Pamhagen. Settled in St. Paul, MN 1880.

Susan Loikith; Whiting, NJ. LOIKITH, Gaas, Moschendorf; LAKY, Moschendorf; settled Northampton, PA. TOTH, SCHRAMMEL, Gaas; settled Passaic, NJ.

Tom Lombaer; San Jose, CA. KULOVITS, KOVACS, KNOR, GERGITS, all Neuberg. I am trying to find relatives from Neuberg which is near St Michael. I visited the village a long time ago but wasn't into genealogy at the time. So if anybody can take better pictures of a few of the graves (I'll send my pictures) let me know. Some of the names have variations.

Helen Long; Norton, MA. KOLLAR, Oberwart.

Pat Long; Huntsville, AL. MARKL, PAAR, SCHLIEPELBARGER, FRÖLICH, STÖGER, Edelstal, (Nemesvolgy, Moson, Hungary). Settled: St. Louis, MO turn of the century.

Patrick Loos; Martinez, CA. LOOS, THURY, THURINGER. Came from St. Andrä and Halbturn. Settled in Douglas and Hutchison Co, SD about 1881.

Kathy Lorber; PILLES, OPITZ, MULLNER, Banfalu/Apleton. Settled in Waukegan (IL). Religion: Roman Catholic. My grandmother was Ludmilla Mullner (b 18 JUN 1900 in Apetlon; d 10 JUN 1967 in Waukegan, IL), daughter of John Mullner (b 28 DEC 1875 in Apetlon; d 6 NOV 1934 in Waukegan) and Eva Opitz (b 27 AUG 1876 in Apetlon; d 20 AUG 1955).

Robert Lord; Munhall, PA. PRATSCHNER, Gerasdorf, settled Minnesota. I am the maternal grand-son of Agnes (Pratschner) Judge, whose grandmother was Anna (Hofmann) Pratschner (1892-1972)

Curtis B. Loschy; St. Paul, MN. LOSCHY, HAGENAUER, Markt Alhau. Settled in St. Paul (MN) and Chinook (MT). Maria (nee Hagenauer) Loschy 1864 - 1925 (died in Montana, 1925), Joseph Loschy Sr (died Montana, 1925) and Jr (died St. Paul, 1950). All three immigrated in 1902 and are buried in Elmhurst Cemetery in St. Paul. I have records of Maria and Joseph Jr arriving on November 1902, but nothing on Joseph Sr.'s arrival. Family story is that Joseph Sr. and Maria worked for the railroad in Montana. After they died Joseph Jr. had them move to Elmhurst in 1926. There are some big holes in the history, I've just started researching.

John Lostys; Elmhurst, NY. GIBISER, PINTER, Heiligenkreuz.

Lane Loyko; Carmel, CA. LEHNER, Bernstein. My GGF Karl LEHNER, dob ~1850 comes from Burgenland. He emigrated to Wiener Neustadt. His son, my grandfather, emigrated to the US, NYC then Denver then San Francisco for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition.

John S Lubenesky; New York, NY. KULOVITS, BESLANOVITS, SATTLER. Settled in Coplay and Northampton, PA about 1910.

Glenn Ludwig; Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Canada. MELCHART (MELCHKART), Glashutten bei Schlaining. Religion: Roman Catholic. Franz Melchkart (a.k.a. Franz, Frank, Ferencz) was born in Glashutten bei Schlaining about 1853, married Francisca Speigel (Speichel) in 1880, perhaps by a Father Heitz. Franc Melchkart had 3 daughters and one son: Mary (Melchkart)- 3 children were born in Austria, and 2 died there (Shows the baptisms of; Maria Melchart on 24 Feb 1882); Joseph Melchkart, b. 1886; Anna (Melchkart), b. 1888; Theresa (Melchkart), b. 1892. Franc died in Humboldt, Saskatchewan in 1937. In the 1857 census, the record shows "Franz Melchart - house 28." The Melchkarts emigrated to U.S.A. in 1893, landing in New York. Later in 1906, they obtained a homestead in Saskatchewan (BC, Canada).

John C Luf; Cleveland, OH. LUF, Neudörfl. Emigrated and settled in Cleveland, OH, circa 1927-1932.

Charles I Lugosi; Dexter, MI. LUKABAUER, PFAFF, EDER, THAYLER, TAYLER, RACZ, Kemeten. Settled in Zalalövö & Hegyhatszentjakab, Hungary; then to Brantford, Ontario, Canada. My grandfather was LUKABAUER Karoly; he changed the family name in 1934 to Lugosi. I hope to establish contact with my relatives.

Doris Luhman; Dassel, MN. KLENNER, Goberling. Settled in Chicago.

Frank T Luizer; Bangor, PA. My father (Joseph LUIZER) and siblings were born in Northampton and Coplay, PA. LUIZER, LUISZER, LUISER, LUISSER, LOUISER. From Ellis Island records, villages of origin include: Oberbildein (Felsobeled), Moschendorf (Nagysaroslak) and Edlitz (Abdalocz). Grandfather Franz immigrated to Northampton in 1903.

James Lukens; EHRITZ, ANDRECS, Jennersdorf, Neuhaus, settled New Britain, CT, 1930.

Mark Lukitsch; Londonderry, NH. LUKITSCH, HIRTENFELDER, PIELECKI, KALWA. Jennersdorf, Wolfau, Riedlingsdorf, Oberwart, Grosspetersdorf and Wien (Vienna). Grandparents emigrated to St. Louis, MO around 1920.

Jennifer Lum; San Francisco, CA. SCHMEILZL, RATHMANNER, Klostermarienberg. Interested in everything related to my maternal grandmother's home village of Klostermarienberg.

Bev Lunzer; Centralia, WA. LUNTZER, SEILER, BACHER, TISCHLER, THURINGER; Sankt Andrä. Michael LUNZER came to the USA in 1905, and settled in Parkston and Herreid, SD.

Michael Lunzer; Eden Prairie, Minnesota. LUNCZER/LUNZER, WEISS, Zanegg. BAYER, POELZER, St. Johann. Religion: Roman Catholic. My Grandmother was Mary/Maria BAYER LUNZER, born in 1891 in St. Johann, Hungary, immigrated to Minneapolis (USA) in 1913, and died in 1983 in Hennepin County (MN). Maria’s mother's name was Eva POELZER. My Grandfather was Matthias LUNZER, born in Zanegg, Hungary in 1889, immigrated to Minneapolis in 1910, and died in Hennepin County (MN) in 1975. Matthias LUNZER's parents were Mathias LUNCZER and Katherina WEISS LUNCZER. My wife and I recently returned from visiting Zanegg and St. Johann, and have many pictures of the churches and cemeteries in both of those towns.

Brigitte Lutz; Groß-Enzersdorf, Austria. WEISS, PELZMANN, Bocksdorf.

Patti Lydon; Delray Beach, FL. FISCHEL (FISCHL), Königsdorf, settled in Allentown, PA. Joseph Fischel, brother of Maria Fischel Hobe (buried in Stadtschlaining), emigrated to Allentown, PA, in 1903. Maria's grandson, Eric Hobe (son of Eugene), still lives in Stadtschaining. Joseph's daughter is Helene Marie Fischel.

Lisa Lyle; Lake Ridge, VA. My great grandmother emigrated from Stegersbach in 1910. SAUERZOPF, MURLASITS (MURLASICHS, MURLASICS), TSCAHR, RAIDL (RIEDL), NOVAKOVICH.

Elizabeth Lynch; Montclair, NJ. OPITZ, UNGER, Tadten, settled St. Martin, MN and Day & Marshall Co's, SD; SAMSON, Halbturn, settled Nutley Twp, SD; SCHNEIDER, Halbturn, settled Old Eden, SD.

Richard Lynch; Ridgewood, NJ. LISSETZ, Fürstenfeld. Settled in New York, PA 1903 to 1905.

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