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Bunch of children, TADTEN 1951

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Melissa Earl; Tenney, MN. STEIDL, WURZER, SHERMAN, PUHR; Burgenland and/or Gerersdorf. Settled in Fingal, ND.

Susan Weishapl Easterday; Atwood, KS. KOGL, WEISHAPL, Andau; all settled Herndon, KS.

Dennis Eberhardt; Northampton, PA. EBERHARDT, SCHMALZEL. Parents Paul Eberhardt (Unterbildein) and Cecelia Schmalzel (Pernau "Pornapati" Hungary) emigrated to Northampton, PA in 1923.

Frieda (nee Mullner) Eberhardt; Northampton, PA. MULLNER, PREISLER. Daughter of Felix Mullner (Oberbildein) and Lucia Preisler (Eisenberg a/d Pinka) emigrated to Lehigh Valley, PA abt 1922.

John R Eberhardt; St. Louis, MO. EBERHARDT, Pernau, Pornoapati, Hungary. Settled St. Louis, MO, 1905.

Richard P Eberhardt [deceased]; Downers Grove, IL. EBERHARDT, BINDER, Grandparents: Franz & Julia, Woppendorf; Parents: Stefan EBERHARDT, Woppendorf, Louisa BINDER, Kohfidisch. Emigrated approx 1924 to Burgenland enclave in Chicago, IL with brother Joseph.

Mary Eckert; Evergreen Park, IL. Mathias KOVACS, b 7/28/1867, m Katharina KOVACS, b 11/24/1868, Neuberg. Settled mostly in Chicago area. Researching generations previous to mid-1800s. Also researching Mischendorf, SAGMEISTER, OSWALD.

Mike Eckert; New Orleans, LA. KOVACS, Neuberg, SAGMEISTER, OSWALD, SULYOK, RADAKOVITS, Mischendorf, SCHVARTZ, Kemeten, GIGLER, RUSZNER, Kotezicken, Religion: Catholic.

Gustav A Eckhart [deceased]; Whitehall, PA. ECKHART, TUIDER, Eberau, settled in Stiles, PA about 1907.

Robert J Eder; Delray Beach, FL. EDER, SIMITS, Pornoapati, Hungary. Settled in Allentown, PA approx. 1907.

Sue Eddens; St. Louis, MO. MULLNER, BERITZ, probably Rust, Unterbildein, Minihof, perhaps Nikitsch (Malomhaza). Mullner came to the US in 1906, Beritz prior to that time. They settled in St. Louis, MO.

Chris and Megan Edwards; Los Angeles, CA. Josef REITER, Rechnitz and Esther BOGAD, Jabing; settling in Brooklyn, NY.

Vicki Edwards; Mattituck, NY. BOGAD, Jabing; REITER, Rechnitz. Settled in Brooklyn, NY. LUTTENBERGER, Rechnitz; KIHK, Jabing. Also seeking any information on my grandparents parents - Maria LUTTENBERGER and Theresia KIHK.

Virgil Egerman; St. Cloud, MN. EGERMANN, Illmitz, settled MN 1887.

Nina Egert; Oakland, CA. EGERT, Eisenstadt, Vienna, Markunióv, Galicia (Markuniv, Ukraine), to: Belgium, Holland, New York, NY, Portland, OR, Uruguay, San Francisco, CA. WITTMAN, Eisenstadt, Vienna. Marcus & Risa Wittman Egert and three children, Victor, Aurthur, and Lilly, lived in Vienna. Victor was born in 1911 in Eisenstadt, where Risa's mother was a midwife. Risa's father, Josef Wittman, is buried in Eisenstadt. Victor emigrated to Belgium, Holland and New York and then moved to Portland, OR. He died at age 94 in 2005. Aurthur, born 1913, emigrated first to Uruguay, then San Francisco. He died at age 85. Lilly was shot while escaping on a boat down the Danube.

Judith Eggers; Manchester, NJ. FILO, Bratislava, (Pressburg), Slovakia; STEINER, Podersdorf. All settled St. Paul, MN, 1905.

Judy Eggert; Albany, MN; ANDERT, KRAM(M)ER, STEINHOFER. Pamhagen. Settled in South Bend, IN.

Jessica Egyhazi (no email); St. Paul, MN. PRIX (BRIX), Illmitz settled in St. Paul, MN. ZINIEL, Halbturn, settled St. Anthony (near Mandan), ND. BRIGL (PRIGL), Frauenkirchen to St. Anthony, EGYHAZI, Pali(?), Sopron Megye to St. Paul, MN.

Rudolph Ehritz; Allentown, PA. EHRITZ, Krobotek. Settled in Allentown, PA. Arrived in America 1929 or 1930.

Maryellen Szvetitz Eichelbaum; Easton, PA. Mary MAIKITS born Grossmürbisch; Joseph SZVETITZ born Eisenhüttl. SVETITS, SZWETICS, JACKSITS, HUSOVITZ and SCHABHÜTTL, Eisenhüttl area. KLUCSARITS, GROLLER, Grossmürbisch. MAIKISCH, Deutsch Tschantschendorf, YAKSITS and JACKSITS, Eisenhüttl. Came to the US around 1900 and settled in Allentown, PA.

Brian Eick; Chicago, IL. GLATZHOFER, Wiesfleck, settled Chicago, 1907; GAMAUF, Schreibersdorf, settled Chicago, 1901; LEHNER, GLATZHOFER, Wiesfleck; ULREICH, GLATZHOFER, Schönherrn; KIRNBAUER, Willersdorf, settled Chicago, 1910; FRÜHWIRTH, Bernstein, settled Chicago, 1907.

Kathryn Derkits Eiler; Philadelphia, PA. DERKITS, Stinatz, WUKOVITS, Stegersbach, SCHLEGEL, Fürstenfeld, all settled Philadelphia, PA. Paternal Grandfather Gustave Edward Derkits he was raised by his grandfather Michael Derkits who was college educated and taught school. He married my grandmother was Emma Wukovits, she was one of 12 children. I don't know much about her family except this: Brother, Emil - settled in New York never had any children. Brother Julius - settled in New York Sister, Mary - settled in Philadelphia had one daughter she died at age 22 of TB. 2 Sisters I don't know their names, they settled in the western US. I don't know her parents names or the names of the other siblings who stayed on the farm in Austria. I believe her family was from Stegersbach, but actually they could have lived much closer to the Hungarian border. My maternal grandfather was Johann Schlegel he was from Furstenfeld, he was one of seven children I think he had 2 sisters Theresa and Itsy (? a nickname her name may have been Anna) and 2 brothers Andreas, Josef, Anton, Ferdinand. Iwould love to know more, I want to know if I have family left in Austria? Or in other parts of the US. I stumbled onto this site by accident and I'm so happy I did. Thank you, this is really wonderful.

Lewis E Einfalt, Sr.; Avon, OH. Frank EINFALT, Edlitz; Mary HOFMANN, Pernau, Pornoapati, Hungary; KLUSARITS Alois (Louis), KLUSARITS (KEGLOVITS) Agnes. All settled Northampton, PA.

Shari Einfalt; Issaquah, WA. EINFALDT, Pernau, Pornoapati, Hungary.

May Eisenstadt; Medway, MA. EISENSTADT, Eisenstadt. Looking for any information or history on the family of Eisenstadt of Eisenstadt.

Leslie Ellingsworth; Pleasant Hill, OR. SAUTNER, HOFMANN, KRENN, Monchhof. Three sisters settled in Portland, Oregon; one, Theresia, my gmother.

Robert Elli; Orland Park, IL. ELLI George, or ILLI George, or ELO Georg, Tadten, settled in St. Paul, MN 1903.

Vanessa Ellicott; Woking, England, UK. SCHWEIGER, Nikitsch. Settled in England, 1936 (my mother). MERSICH, CSENAR, Nikitsch; KARALL, Kroatisch Minihof; ORISICH, MRAZ, KUZMICH, HORVATH, Nikitsch, Kroatisch Minihof.

Alan Elliott; Harrisonburg, VA. FRANTZ, settled in Allentown, PA about 1900.

Pat Elliott; DeKalb, IL. SAGMEISTER, LUIF. Anna Sagmeister Pannek, Pinkafeld, b. 1893. Gisella Luif, aunt of Anna. Both immigrated 1913 Chicago.

Joan Emery; Sullivan, WI. EMERY (EMRE), Zahling, last known residence Wien (Vienna) Austria, to Allentown,PA 1903. LEITGEB ? Austria to Allentown, PA 1903. SCHIMENEK Eisenberg, Koenigsdorf to Allentown, PA 1902. DEUTSCH, Kukmirn, last known residence Rudersdorf (Radafalva), to Allentown, PA 1901.

Laurence Bingenheimer-Emich; San Rafael, CA. ASTL, Zahling, Kukmirn, Neustift, Eltendorf. To St. Louis.

Diane Emry; LaGrange, IL. Joseph EMRY (EMREK) b. 1889 & Julia BOSCH (BOESKER or BOESKOR) from Oberwart; John SCHRANZ from Stuben b 1884; Maria REIGER from Hannersdorf b 1889; all settled Chicago, IL.

Ashley (Tomisser) Engel; San Diego, CA. TOMISSER, Jabing, settled Yakima, WA.

D & B Englehardt; Douglas, GA. DIETZ, Tobaj. Settled in Chicago.

Margret Englesson; Ames, IA. SCHRATT, Unterwat. Emigrated to the US around 1902-04. I recently found the name of my great-aunt Hedwig Schratt Jacobs on the Remembrance List of Burgenlanders buried in Pennsylvania. My great-grandmother, Katherina (Katie) Wagner, married Hedwig's father, John Schratt of Wassergass, PA (Northampton County, Lower Saucon Township) around 1912. We think John, his first wife Marie, and their daughters Stella and Hedwig emigrated from Austria between 1902 and 1904. Two other children, Teresa (Weaver) and John Francis (later of Inverness FL) were born in the US. After his wife's death, he married my great-grandmother and adopted her daughter, Margaret (Margot); John and Katie then had three more children together (Paul Peter, Josephine and Louise Schratt) before her death in 1920. I note that the Remembrance List does not mention John or Marie, but Hedwig's dates correspond to those of my great-aunt and I feel certain that the Hedwig Schratt Jacobs in the Remembrance List and my great-aunt are one and the same.

Dave Engstrom; Afton, MN. WOGDOLL (VAGDALT), BAUER, NEKOUITS, GANGL, HOLONICH. From Wallern (Valla). Settled in St. Paul then Stearns Co, MN in 1885-1888.


Gerhard Enzenberger. ENZENBERGER, Kohlfidisch. Settled in Baton Rouge. Religion: Roman Catholic.

David Erb; Burnsville, MN. Andrew SCHWEIGHOFER b 1855, Theresa REINER b 1859, Michael REINER b 1830, Theresa WELLIGRANT (WILLIGRANT), all from Halbturn.

Germaine Pratschner Erbele ; LaMoure, ND. SCHERMAN (SHERMAN), SCHLEGEL, PUHR, PRATSCHNER, WURZER. Pilgersdorf, Geresdorf area. Settled in Winsted, MN, homesteaded around Fingal, ND.

Amy Ernharth; Jacksonville, FL. ERNHARDT, Unterradling, Alsó-Rönök, Hungary. Siblings Stephen, John, Charles and Louis immigrated to McKees Rocks, PA at different times between 1900 and 1910. All four siblings changed spelling of surname to "Ernharth." However, Charles' descendants retained original spelling. After immigrating, John married Cecelia Hüll of Oberradling and Charles married Gizella Nikles of Heiligenkreutz. HÜLL, Oberradling, Felsö-Rönök, Hungary. Siblings Cecelia and Sigmund immigrated to McKees Rocks in 1900 and 1913 respectively. After immigrating, Cecelia married John (Ernhardt) Ernharth of Unterradling and Sigmund married Julia Stangl of Unterradling. Sibling Carl immigrated in 1885 and eventually settled in Westmoreland County. All three siblings changed spelling of surname to "Hill." Sibling Rudolf immigrated to Austria in the early 1950's.

Michelle Ernst; Boyds, WA. ERNST, WAGNER, FANDL, WEINHOFER, Limbach (Gemeinde Kukmirn).

Wayne Albert Ernst; Bridgeton, NJ. ERNST, GILLY, KOCH, MAITZ, PUMM, REICHL, TAMERLER, Kukmirn. PUMMER, Neustift. ERNST, KOCH, MAITZ, PUMMER, REICHL all settled in Allentown, PA around 1906. Religion: Lutheran. Johann (John) Ernst, Julia Ernst, Andreas (Andrew) Koch, Theresia Maitz Koch, Josef Ernst. I will be travelling to Europe this week, arriving in Graz on Saturday, April 24. We'll be going to Kukmirn a few days later, for the first time since a great uncle in the 1980's.

Ron Ernszt; Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. ERNSZT, DECKER, KROBST, Gerersdorf. STEINER, PUMM, MUIK, Kukmirn.

Janet Rehling Ervin; Stuart, FL. REHLING, Bad Tatzmannsdorf, settled Chicago, IL; TAUCHER, OCHSENHOFER, GLATS, Bad Tatzmannsdorf.

Regina Lowy Espenshade; Washington, DC. LOWY; Oberwart, Stadtschlaining, Jabing. EBENSPANGER; Stadtschlaining, Karlovac, Croatia, BRAUN, Stadtschlaining. SCHEY, Grospetersdorf, Budapest, Hungary, ERNST, Varazdin, Croatia. HEINRICH, Stadtschlaining, Grosspetersdorf.

Terry Etl; Fort Collins, CO. ETL. Paul and Sophie Etl settled in Colorado.

Janet Evans; Chicago, IL. WALTER, GRAF, HORVATH, HOLVAX, SULYOK, Mischendorf. Settled in Chicago area, 1906.

Megan Everett; New York, NY. WINDISCH, settled in Cleveland, OH.

Larry R. Everhard; Massillon, OH. EBERHARDT, BRUNNER, Moschendorf, settled North Hampton PA. Stephen John Eberhardt or Everhard...naturalization papers say Eberharth....born Dec. 23, 1874 Moschendorf; Stephen's father is Joseph Eberhardt and mother Anna Schrammel both died in Austria. Theresa Brunner Eberhardt wife of Stephen John Eberhardt,born in Moschendorf died in USA;believe they were married in Austria. Theresa' s father Joseph Brunner born in Moschendorf died in USA; Theresa' s mother Katherine Lorentz Brunner died before could join then in USA...buried Moschendorf??

Sherry Ewacha; Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. POLL/POELL, Loipersdorf. Settled in Middlebro, Manitoba, Canada. My Grandfather was Johann (John) Poll (Poell). His father is János Pöll and mother Rosália Weber; both are Roman Catholic, and ages 27 and 23, respectively. The birth was on Nov 25, but recorded Nov 29th. He immigrated to Canada when he was 17 years old (in about 1925), and located to Middlebro, Manitoba, Canada. There was only about 5 families there at that time. He was born in Loipersdorf, Burgenland, Austria on Novemeber 25, 1908. Died in 1979 just before his 71st birthday. He is buried in Middlebro, Manitoba. He was a farmer and worked in the woods. He also helped build the Canadian National Railroad.

Charlotte Ewer; Doylestown, PA. ROTENEKER, HOBEL name changed to RADNETTER about 1830? CSECSIUNITS, NOVAKOVITZ, HOLPER, villages Stegersbach (H-Szentelek), Güssing and Eisenburg (Vasvar, Hungary). Emigrated to Philadelphia, PA early 1900s.

Rocky Von Eye; Plankininton, SD. GROSS, THURY, Halbturn.
Edward J Fabsits; Chicago, IL. Father Ferdinand FABSITS; born Schandorf 1907, (Bezirk Oberwart) to US 1924. His father was Joseph FABSITS (1880-1938). Mother Ethlaka VEROSZTO Fabsits (1881-1963). Both died in Schandorf.

Kelly Fadness; South Bend, IN. STEINHOFER, ANDERT and KRAMER. Pamhagen area. Most settled in South Bend, IN although my great great grandfather settled in New Munich, MN.

Jolan E Fagerberg; Fort Collins, CO. OSWALD (or OSZWALD) and HORVATH. Vasvörösvár, now Rotentrum an der Pinka. They did not emigrate, I did from Hungary in 1956.

Robert W Fahringer; Whitehall, PA. FUCHS. Settled in Coplay / Moore Twp, PA. FIEDLER. Settled in Allentown, PA. STEINER, TAPLER, FLAMISCH. All from Neustift bei Güssing

Margaret Fair; Los Altos, CA. SALZL, Wallern. Settled in Minnesota.

Rose Fairchok; North Huntingdon, PA. JOST (YOST), Raabfidisch. Settled in Pittsburgh, PA.

Steve Falke; Leawood, KS. KRENN, KREN, GOLDNAGL, GOLDNAGEL, Borbolya, Sopron, settled Kansas City, Kansas.

Carla Larissa Fallberg; Los Angeles, CA. DORNER, Wieselburg, Parndorf; NIGRINYI, Parndorf, settled all New York City, NY. My grandfather's name is Joseph DORNER, born in Parndorf, 3-3-1888. His mother's name is Barbara (Bertha) NIGRINYI. I have a DORNER family tree. The earliest entry is that of Katharina DOTZLER, Mimbach. (my 8-greats grandmother) born in 1597.

Alois Fandl; Oak Lawn, IL. FANDL, Unter Radling, Alsorönök, Hungary, settled Chicago, IL.

Jeff Fandl; Hopewell Junction, NY. FANDL; Konigsdorf. FUCHS; Fürstenfeld. Settled in Allentown (PA) in the 1920s. Rudolph FANDL (b. March 28, 1893) was my grandfather; his father’s name was Matthias. He married my grandmother Rose FUCHS, who was from Fürstenfeld. He was Catholic, and she was Protestant. Religion: Lutheran.

Otto Farbaky; Savanna, IL. FARBAKY, Schachendorf. In 1965, I moved with my wife and our 3 children to the US (Chicago). Now I live on my small farm in NW Illinois.

Thomas Farina; Bergen County, NJ. LUIPERSBECK, Harmisch. Settled in New York.

Caitlin Farinelli; Jupiter, FL. HORVATH, Szombathely, settled in Oberwart; KONRATH, Oberdorf im Burgenland, settled in Vienna.

Theresa Farrell; Muskegon, MI. RESETAR, Schandorf, settled 1800. MILISITS, OROVITS, HORVATH, Schandorf; SOMOGYI, Welgersdorf.

Jacqueline Fasching; Yakima, WA. FASCHING, Deutsch Gerisdorf, Salmansdorf.

William Fassel; Temecula, CA. FASSEL, BAUMGARTNER, Litzelsdorf; settled Buffalo, NY.

Peter Fassman; West Melbourne, FL. FASSMAN(N), Kleinmürbisch, Güssing; settled all Allentown / Northampton, PA (1898-1902).

Valeria Fast; Buenos Aires, Argentina. FAST, to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Nancy Krulac Faust ; Pittsburgh, PA. SCHMALZL, settled McKees Rocks, PA; SCHRAMMEL, BRUCKNER, both settled New York, NY; all from Pernau, Pornoapati, Hungary. Franz Schrammel, my great grandfather, born 1873 in Pernau, came to the US in the 1890's and subsequently died in 1905 in a mine cave-in in Eleanora, PA (near Punxy).

Karl Feher; Neudorf, Parndorf. Andreas HIRSCH, Winden, Breitenbrunn, settled Genua, Italy 1900? Hirsch A. visited my Grandpa (his brother) in 1960 in Breitenbrunn. Mr. Hirsch living in Seattle, his wife is from Vienna, his son named Gordon.

Barry Feiertag; Kutztown, PA. FEIERTAG from St. Stefan Steiermark; Ship manifest for Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse. Arrived in NYC on August 1, 1900. Settled in Allentown, PA. LACKNER, FISCHL. Settled in Allentown, PA. UNGER from Vienna and Holy Cross, entered US through Buffalo, NY, initially settled in Lanark, PA, then moved to Allentown, PA.

Adam Feigl; Greenville, SC. FEIGL, Grafenschachen, HALWACHS. I am researching my great grandparents Franz and Josephine FEIGL. Franz emigrated to America in 1903 from Grafenschachen.

Elisabete Felet; Santana de Paarnaíba, Estado de São Paulo, Brasil. Elisabeth MEIDLINGER, St. Johann, Janossomorja, Hungary, settled Brazil 1925. My mother was Elisabeth MEIDLINGER, her parents were Marton and Erzsebet MEIDLINGER, she was born in December 6th or 2nd 1923 but we don't know the city; she always told us it was the capital Budapest but her entry registration here says she was born in St. Johann, Austria (Burgenland); they arrived in Brazil in February 10th 1925 and the name of the ship was SS Orania from Amsterdam.

Jana Wachsler-Felder; Rochester, NY; WACHSLER; Austria, Yugoslavia, Hungary. Decendants in Boston, Israel, New York, Texas and other states.

Jan Feldinger; Revelstoke, BC, Canada. FELDINGER, FIRTL, Ödenburg, Sopron, Hungary; settled Canada. My husband, Mihaly Otto FELDINGER ws born in Budpest in 1933. His family was from Sopron. His parents were Mihaly FELDINGER and Julianna FIRTL. I have researched his FELDINGER line back to 1702 but have not been able to find out anything about Julianna.

Louise Fellman; Staples, MN; MOLLNER (MÜLLNER), DEUTSCH, KOPPI, SCHNEIDER, Wallern. Settled in Breckinridge, MN.

Mary Ann Fenz; Rochester, NY. FENZ, Litzeldorf, settled Buffalo, NY in about 1920. FASSL, Litzeldorf, settled Buffalo, NY about 1922; married Alois FENZ.

Wendy Ferranti,; Essex, Ontario, Canada. WAGNER, MURLASITS, OSWALD, REITER, PEISCHL. Grandparents, Alois Wagner and Theresia Murlasits settled in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario from Stegersbach and Ollersdorf. Some Wagner relatives settled in NY and Murlasits family in Milwaulkee.

Rosemary Ferry; Crossville, TN. WILFING / WILFINGER, Rohrbrunn. Settled New York, NY 1906. Rosa HEINRICH born abt. 1880, emigrated to NY in 1903. Her father Johann and her brother Peter and his wife lived in Mogersdorf in 1911. Peter had a daughter.

Ernst William Fiedler; Frederick, MD. Rudolph FIEDLER, Zahling, and wife Mary WIRTH, Inzenhof; Frank ERNST, Kukmirn, and wife Johanna PREININGER, Minihof-Liebau, all settled in Allentown, PA. Fiedler/Wirth came to the U.S. roughly around 1905. Ernst/Preininger came to the U.S. in 1926.

Jeff Fiedler; FIEDLER, WEILAND, Wallendorf, WOLF, GRANITS, Mogersdorf, settled all Pittsburgh, PA. Religion: Catholic.

Walter Fiedler; Tampa, FL. FIEDLER, Jormannsdorf, Unterschutzen, settled in Chicago, IL. BURGER, Jormannsdorf, settled in Chicago, IL. GSTETTNER, Wiesfleck, NIKA, KERSCHBAUM, Bad Tatzmannsdorf, HOLZGETHAN, Jormannsdorf, BUKLHOFER, HALPER.

Les W Field; Albuquerque, NM. Deszo WURMFELD, Gerersdorf bei Güssing. To New York City.

Louise Fielding; Bethlehem, PA. FEIERTAG, Neustift, Settled Allentown, PA 1910; JOST, YOST, Rabafüzes, Raabfidisch, Hungary, Settled Allentown, PA 1909.

Jo Anne Fieschel; Bohemia, NY. FISCHEL, FISHEL, FIESCHEL, Poppendorf. Settled NYC 1908. ARTINGER, Poppendorf. Settled NYC 1909. BAUMANN, Poppendorf.

Joseph A Fillip; Syracuse, NY. FULOPP Jozsef, Szokonyfalu; SKAPER Anna, Felsö Szölnök. Settled Pittsburgh, PA. They were born in 1886. My grandfather initially resided in Bethleham, PA and was picked up at Ellis Island by an uncle Emeric FULOOP.


Hedy Hutter Fink; Sloatsburg, NY. Born in Inzenhof to KURTA. Looking for relatives of father Johann HUTTER, born Ober Radling (Felso Ronok), Hungary 1923. Family moved to Austrian side after WW-II. Parents Maria JUDT and Franz HUTTER. Older brothers Franz and Rudolf born Grossmürbisch, sister Mitzi moved to PA.

Margaret Fink; Michigan City, IN. BERGHOLD, Poppendorf. DEUTSCH, Konigsdorf. Religion: Roman Catholic. I am the granddaughter of Theresia Berghold Deutsch and Frank Deutsch. Theresia was born 1893 in Poppendorf, Burgenland, Austria and Frank Deutsch, born 1889 in Konigsdorf.

Thomas Fink; Kannatavalley, Saskatchewan, Canada. FINK, Wallern, settled St.Cloud Minnesota, April 1882. My great-grandfather, Ignatius Loyola Fink was born in Wallern in 1856 and died in Vibank Saskatchewan in 1944. On November 24, 1879 Ignatz married Carolina Heil. Carolina was born in Wallern in 1858 and died in Vibank Saskathewan in 1911. Ignatz's parents were Stephan Fink (1825-1879)and Anna Mullner (1824-1912). The descendants of Stephan and Anna are well documented and it is believed that the Fink's were in Wallern for five generations. The earliest relative was Georg Fink, born in Wallern in 1727 and died there in 1777. He was married to Susanna Stromer who we have little information for and would like to learn more about.

Linda Finley; Oklahoma City, OK. MAGDITS or MAGDITZ, Punitz, settled in ?; KROPFL or KRPEPFL, Punitz, settled in ?. I am not sure of either of the spellings because I've found the names spelled both ways on important documents. I'm searching for info on my paternal side of the family.

Elizabeth Finn; Lowell, IN. GIGLER, Heiligenkreuz. Settled in Allentown, PA. WEBER, Heiligenkreuz. Settled in McKees Rocks, PA.

Viktor Fischer; Melbourne, Australia. TANCZOS, GRATZL in KÅ‘szeg/Güns (Vas, Hungary) and AlsóÅ‘r (Unterwart, Burgenland, Austria). HOEFFLER, THIEK; Jabing, HASELPACKER, (married GRATZL). FISCHER, STELLI, MARSCHALL, TISCHLER, PHILIPP, ANGYAL; Transylvania (Romanian Saxon Germans).

Greta Fisher; Denver, CO. KOLNDORFER, KATZENMACHER, LENT, KOPPI, TRUMMER, SCHAUER in Pamhagen, JAGADICS, KUCHLER in Hungary. All immigrants settled initially in South Bend, IN, area.

Mary Catherine (Kiki) Koelndorfer Fisher ; South Bend, IN. KOELNDORFER (KOLNDORFER), KOTZENMACHER, Pamhagen, migrated to South Bend 1910-1912, JAGODITS, Szent Miklos, Hungary.

Susan Fisher; Sanford, NC. YELLEN (Alexander SAGASITZ, John, Angelina, Rose) SPANITZ. Angelina's obit lists her as being born in Burgenland, Austria in 1889. Settled in Lehigh Co., PA. Northampton Co, PA.

Helmut Flacker; Bad Krozingen, Germany. FLACKER, HALBAUER, Pamhagen and Illmitz / County of Moson. Settled in Lovasbereny / County of Feher and Palanka / County of Bacs-Bodrog, Hungary.

Bob Fleck; Park City, Utah. FLECK / FLEK / FLÖCK: Neustift bei Schlaining, Bernstein, Stuben, Alt Schlaining, Rettenbach; KARNER: Mariasdorf, Oberschutzen; BAUER: Loipersbach, Goberling, Drumling; BINDER; BENDL: Litzelsdorf, Mariasdorf, Bernstein; THEK / TÜRK / TEK: Kleinbachselten, Jabing. Emigrated early 1900s and settled in Chicago. KAPPEL, SCHMIDT: Bernstein?; UNGER, BAUMGARTEN: Litzelsdorf; TSCHURTZ, KOPPHANDL: Loipersbach; KUH, POSTMANN: Drumling; KASPER, MAROSCH: Kleinbachselten.

Jim Fleck; Eugene, OR. FLECK, PIFF (Schuh, Seidl, Schranz), Riedlingsdorf. Emigrated to Chicago, IL.

John R Fleck; Grapevine, TX. FLECK, SCHUH; Riedlingsdorf.

Susan Fleck; Indianapolis, IN. FLECK, Redlschlag, settled 1892 Chicago, IL, then Francesville, IN; SCHMIDT, Redlschlag, settled Chicago, IL.

Marcey Fletcher; St. Paul, MN. Mother BRÖTH from Pamhagen, HOLLENTISH, TSCHIDA, MANN (MAHN), Illmitz; STEINHOFER, FLEISCHHACKER, Pamhagen. Frank Broth settled in St. Paul, MN. John Broth settled in Parkston, SD.

Susan Fletcher; Colorado Springs, CO. GESELLMAN, Gols, settled Finley, Decatur County, Kansas. LEUTNER, GOSCHL, FLEISCHACKER, ALLACHER, WENDELIN, TISCHLER. I am a descendant of George and Rosina Gesellman, who were born in Gols, in 1854 and 1851, respectively. They emigrated to the United States in 1879 (one of my great-aunts was born at sea). Using microfilm, we have traced back the genealogy another three generations, but the information is a little sketchy. I would love to make a connection with someone else researching this or related lines.

Lindsay Flood; Greenville, NC. FLEISHAKER, VESZELITS, Schandorf (Csém), settled in Pittsburgh, PA. PESENHOFER, KAZARITS, Schandorf (Csém).

Juliane Bauer Flora; Clayton, NY. BAUER, SPANITZ. Settled in Pennsylvania, as well Manhattan and Queens (NY). Religion: Roman Catholic.


Pam Forbes; Gloucester, NSW, Australia. HALWACHS, Grafenschachen. Settled in Sydney (Australia). Religion: Lutheran. My mother is Wanda Maria Carroll (nee HALWACHS); born April 24, 1927. Her parents were Michael and Katherine Halwachs, who also had three sons (allolder than Wanda, and, now, deceased): Hans, Fritz, and Max. Wanda immigrated to Sydney in 1958. Wanda's father Michael was born in Grafenschachen. But, my grandparents and their children moved to Pinkafeld, because they were Lutheran, and there was only a Catholic Church and school in Grafenscachen.

Jill Newhart-Fortner; Chesapeake, VA. GOLLATZ, Kirchfidisch, settled in Coplay, PA; FISCHL, Moschendorf, settled in Coplay, PA.

Jim Fortney; Lancaster, PA. OSWALD, PAUL, GROSSCHEDL, Güssing. Settled in Allentown, PA between 1890-1910.

Margaret Muszik Fortune; Redondo Beach, CA. LEHNER, JANISCH, Tadten, settled South Bend, IN 1925. My mother Anne LEHNER MUSZIK and my aunt Gaye LEHNER HAZINSKI emigrated to South Bend, IN with their mother Maria JANISCH LEHNER in 1925.

Ronna Fox; Laurel, MT. KAPPEL, BESLANOWITCH, HOFFMAN, SOMMER, Klostermarienberg (Hungarian -Borsomonostor), Langeck, (Hungarian-Hosszuszeg) settled in Park City, MT, 1910.

Laura Francis; Pittsburgh, PA. WOLFE, Inzenhoff; WEIDINGER, Kleinmürbisch. Settled in Coraopolis, PA.

Eleanor Frank; West Orange, NJ. NEMETH, FRIGY, PETO, NAGY. Settled in Newark, NJ and Irvington, NJ about 1907.

Derek Frantists; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. FRANTSITS, Unterwart, settled Hamilton, Canada.

Roman Franz; Leithaprodersdorf, Burgenland, Austria. Willing to help with local research.

Sharon Freeland; Indianapolis, IN. ROSNER, LUKITSCH; Kemeten. Would like to find any groups of Burgenland Bunch in or near Indianapolis, IN.

Rich Free; Round Lake, Illinois. HIRTZ/HEIRTZ, WILFINGER, Wolfau. Roman Catholic. Both my maternal grandparents came from Wolfau (Oberwart District). My grandfather Alois Hirtz (1900-1982) was born in Wolfau and immigrated to the US in 1920. My grandmother, although born in the US, had both her parents' families from Wolfau.

Felix K Freier; San Antonio, TX. EISLER, Körmend. BARON, Körmend. Settled in Graz, Austria about 1870.

Claudia Freiler; Hornstein, Burgenland, Austria. EGGER, Pamhagen, emigrated 1909. Looking for relatives of Franziska Egger, emigrated 1909 from Pamhagen, Burgenland, Austria. Brother Michael Egger, Father Matthias Egger. Birth Date 1889 or 1892.

Gerhard Frenz Jr.; Manahawkin, NJ. BALIKO, Jabing, settled Lakehurst, NJ 1960. FRENZ, Konigsdorf, settled Lakehurst, NJ 1961. BREITFELLER, Grosspetersdorf, settled Lakehurst, NJ 1940's. Searching for information regarding the death of my grandfather's brother in a barn fire in Grosspetersdorf in 1905.

Helen Frey; MÜHL, Oberdorf.

Martin Friedrich; Graz, Austria. GRÖLLER, HÖDL, KOLLMANN, STEINER, ERNHARD, LARITZ, KERN, DRAUCH, BALLMANN, PREININGER, PILZ, PUCH, SCHNEPF, STUMMER, MAERZER and LIENDL. Heiligenkreuz, St. Martin and Jennersdorf area. Also interested in FRIEDRICH, FERSTL, FRENZ, STROBL, REISSENHOFER, PAAR, LANKOWITZ, HÖFNER, GURDET (others) from Burgau and Neudau, Styria.

Bernadette Fritz; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. SCHULZ, Rechnitz, settled New York, USA; SCHULZ, Markt Nehodis, settled Alberta, Canada. Stefan Schulz (born 1900) left Austria in 1928. Sailed to Canada on the Marloch on March 2nd, arriving in St John, New Brunswick on March 14, 1928. His older brother Josef (born 1894), left Austria a few years prior and sailed to the United States. The family is trying to obtain birth certificates for these brothers and would like assistance - do we contact the church or government.

Brigitte Franzka-Fritz; Los Angeles, CA. FRANZKA, Rudersdorf, Settled Los Angeles, CA.

Jack Fritz; St. Louis, MO. FRITZ, Neumarkt im Tauchental, Mannersdorf. Settled Chicago, IL. ZARTLER, GALLOWITSCH, Neumarkt im Tauchental. Settled Chicago, IL. LIEBENTRITT, Neumarkt im Tauchental. Settled Pittsburgh, PA. Most of these people emigrated to the US around 1905.

James Fritze; Thornton, CO. My Grandfather ASPAN, Rotenturm a.d. Pinka.

Karen Frome; St. Louis, MO. Grandparents: George SCHMIDT, b Pernau, parents: Stephan SCHMIDT and Maria SCHMALZEL; Anna SCHLAFFER, b Deutsch Schützen, parents: Joseph SCHLAFFER and Elizabeth FASCHING. All immigrated 1905 to St. Louis, MO.

John Fruhmann; Bethlehem, PA. FRUHMANN, settled New York, NY. SCHABHUTTL, GUTTMANN, all settled Passaic, NJ.

Otto Fruhmann; Unterrabnitz, Austria. FRUHMANN; KOGLER. Oberrabnitz, Bezirk Oberpullendorf.

Christopher Frye; GASPARON. Olsnitz to the USA in 1903. Grandfather: Frank Gasparon, born October 4, 1868.

Christian Fuchs; Vienna, Austria. SCHREINER, Dobersdorf. Settled in Allentown, Lehigh. Religion: Roman Catholic. Janos (Johann) Schreiner *Dec 6, 1876 Dobersdorf arrived in New York on Nov 17, 1898. Final destination Allentown to his brother. I am looking for this brother? Janos Schreiner returned to Dobersdorf and married there on Feb 25,1905 Theresia Unger.

Mike Fuerst; Hawthorne, CA. Researching FÜRST, HAIDER, FINK in Apetlon and vicinity. G-grandfather Michael and brother (?) George settled in St. Paul, MN.

Mary Fuith; St. Paul, MN. FUITH, SALY (SCHALY), ZAMBO. Oberwart, Bergwerk, Mariadorf. My husband's (Richard C Fuith) family: Karl FUITH & Maria ZAMBO Fuith and two children came to St. Paul, MN to settle.

Marilynn Fulcher; Lusby, MD. PFLÜGLER, YOST, Strem, settled Nazareth, PA. My grandparents came from Austria approximately in 1905. My cousins and I are interested in obtaining any information about their home town, Strem and any relatives we may have that remain in Austria.

Judith Fursman; Diamond Springs, CA. GRASSINGER (GROSSINGER), Monica born Lebenbrunn, Vas Megye, Austria-Hungary 6/19/1830.
Julie G.; St. Paul, MN. HALL, TSCHIDA, GERDTS, Illmitz; MICHLITSCH, all settled St. Paul, MN.

Gary Gabrich; South Bend, IN. RIBA, BALOG, Fertoszentmiklos; BUTI, BALOG, Fertoszeplak; All settled in South Bend, IN.

Tom Gabriel; Toronto, Ontario, Canada. GABRIEL, Woppendorf, settled Rainy River, Ontario, - Princeton, British Columbia; SCHMIDT, Woppendorf, settled Rainy River, Ontario. Johann Gabriel 21 Sep 1865 - 11 Nov 1951 Woppendorf. My father Richard Gabriel 19 Oct 1930 - 06 Feb 2013 emigrated with his mother Anna Schmidt (1949).

Gary Gaertner; Pittsburgh, PA. SCHAFFER, CZINTER, Deutsch Schutzen (Nemetlovo), Eberau-Monyorokerek(?). To Pittsburgh ca 1905.

Kim Gagne; Midland, MI. TSCHIDA, STRANTZ, Pamhagen. George & Julianna (Strantz) Tschida, with infant son Stephan, settled in South Bend, IN, in 1887.

Lorraine Galasek; Oak Park, IL. PLATZER, REIDER, JAIDL, SCHIWAMPL, FRITZ, WEBER, Schützen am Gebirge (district Eisenstadt). Settled in Kohler, WI.

Gerald Gall; Gilbert, AZ. GALL, NIKO, MUSSER, HALLWACHS, Markt Allhau; settled all Forest Park, IL.

Michael Gallagher; Wilmington, DE. SKACEL, SCHRANZ / SHRUNCE; Stuben. Karl SKACEL settled in Milwaukee, WI 1923, had traveled with maternal cousin Ernst or Ernest SCHRANZ.

Debbie Gallimore; San Clemente, CA. PAUSS, RADAKOVITZ (RADAGOWITSCH), WELLESZ, GRASSEL, settled in the Chicago area in the early 1900s, many attended Peace Memorial Church (Palos Park area).

Rose Marie Gallucci; Whitehall, PA. LANG, FUCHS, Deutsch Minihof. Franz LANG, wife Theresia FUCHS and son Franz (Frank) lived at Deutsch Minihof 23; they emigrated to Stiles and Allentown, PA. One of Theresia's sisters was Sr. Theodoret, a nun in Baltimore; another was Maria. My father was Frank LANG, Jr. born 5/24/1910.

Gerald Antal Gamauf; Pinkafeld, Burgenland, Austria. GAMAUF, TSCHANDL, Pinkafeld.

Walter Gamauf; Burbank, IL. GAMAUF John, Dreihütten; LEITNER Karolina, Oberschützen. Settled in Chicago, IL 1923.

Mike Gambill; Bermuda Dunes, CA. I am searching my great-grandparents Jozsef BIRITZ and Justine SINKOVITS from the village of Kophaza near Sopron.

Amy Gangl; Roseville, MN. GANGL, Illimitz.

Henry Gangl; New Hope, MN. GANGL, LEURER GRAISY, BAUER. Illmitz and Wallern. Parents settled in St. Paul, MN in 1906-1920.

John Gangl; Emerald Park, Saskatchewan, Canada. GANGL, Pamhagen, settled Davin, Saskatchewan.

Mary and Margaret Gangl; Roseville, MN. Michael GANGL, Illmitz, settled 1902. Catherine POPPEL, Apetlon, settled 1900. Michael GANGL met and married Catherine POPPEL in St. Paul, MN in 1903. Their children were Johanna, Michael (our father), Theresa, Elizabeth, John, Dorothy and Caroline.

Tom and Mary Ellen Gangl; Roseville, MN. STEFAN GANGL, FRANK GANGL, Illmitz, settled St. Paul, MN. We have Gangl's on both sides of our family. My married name is Gangl and my Dad's Mom's maiden name was Gangl. Both families came from Illmitz.

Gerhard Gansfus; Eagan, MN. Julius & Franziska Gansfus came to MN in 1955, Gerhard Gansfus came to MN in1956, all from Jabing.

Terry Gardner; San Diego, CA. STREIER, Settled in Eden, SD.

Christy Gargalis; San Diego, CA; researching WEBER and SEMETS (spelling?) from Eltendorf (Southern Burgenland). Ancestor emigrated to the US before WW-1 and then sent for his children to join him in 1922 in St. Louis, MO.

A David Garger; Alamo, CA. GARGER, KLEPEIS, Strem; settled Pittsburgh, PA in early 1900. Grandparents were Stephen GARGER and Juliana KLEPEIS; they had 8 children: Steve, Frank, Edward, Charles, Joseph, Anthony, John,and Marie GARGER; all who lived in Pittsburgh, PA.

Francis Garger; Pittsburgh, PA. GARGER, KLEPEIS, Strem. Settled in Pittsburgh, PA in the early 1900s.

Joseph Garger; Whiting, NJ. SCHMIDT, Moschendorf, settled in Bronx, NY. BARTSAL, Moschendorf. GARGER, Sumetendorf, settled in Bronx, NY. TRETTER, Güssing, settled in Bronx, NY.

Stavros Garger; Weehawken, NJ. Stefan GARGER, Juliana KLEPEIS GARGER, Strem. Settled in Pittsburgh, PA about 1900.

Manfred Johann Gartner; Bronx, NY. GARTNER Josef, GARTNER Ella, HORVATH, SCHNEIDER, GARTNER Ewald, Eberau. Settled in Pittsburgh, PA; Hackensack, NJ; Toronto, Canada.

Tammy Gary; Baltimore, MD. BALIKO, SEPER (SEBER?). Oberschützen (Felsolovo). Came to America 4/24/04.

Brian Gaschen. SCHLOEGL, Karl (Oberpullendorf district). Settled in the US in 1910.

Teri Gass; Portland, OR. UNGER, Wallern. WEIER, settled in St. Martin, MN, 1875.

Kathleen Gati; Hot Springs Village, AR. BILOVITZ, Steingraben; HANZL, Sankt Michael.

Jeffrey Gatscher; Nashville, TN. GATSCHER. Grafenschachen, to Detroit, MI metropolitan area.

James Geary; Miami, FL. GEARY (GYÖRY), Gamischdorf, Kukmirn, Lehigh, PA 1911.

Florian Geider; Whitehall, PA. GEIDER, MARTH, Moschendorf. Settled in Northampton, PA about 1913.

Steve Geider; Nazareth, PA. TEKLITS, GRABARITS, FRANITZ, GEOSITS, TEMEL; Szentpeterfa, Hungary. GEIDER, FRANITZ, SCHABHIETH; Strem; EBERHARD, Rauchwart. Settled in Lehigh Valley.

David Gelbmann; Mission Viejo, CA. GELBMANN, Wallern. Siblings Anna, Hieronymus (1902), Franz (1904), Heinrich (1909), Barbara and Julius Gelbmann emigrated to America. Brother Anton emigrated to South America.

Linda Gelinger; Las Vegas, NV. LUKITSCH, my Grandfather Frank settled in St. Louis, MO in 1908, my Grandmother Louisa HIRTENFELDER settled in St. Louis, MO in 1910. Both from Austria.

Christina R Geller; Abony, Hungary. ORTNER, Potzneusiedl, settled Györ abt 1810, USA 1906. PAULIN, Potzneusiedl, KELLNER; Religion: Catholic. Márton Ortner oo Anna Paulin, Their son is Márton Ortner b.abt.1807-d.1886 feb 3, Györ. Assumed or actual brother of Márton is Jacob Ortner b. abt 1802, he is our great-great-grandfather. Jakab Ortner's son is Kálmán Ortner our great-grandfather. Our Grandfather Edmond Ortner was born in Györ 1885, Edmond/Ödön emigrated to Connecticut, USA from Rákospalota in 1906. Kálmán Ortner married Anna Kellner, (where?) Their first child was born in Györ 1838. The earliest and only information about Potzneusiedl is Ortner Marton's marriage cert. where is stated that Ortner Marton is from Potzneusiedl (Lajtafalu). 1838 jun 13, his wife is Thoma Theresia from Magyar-Ovar. I'd like to find out where the Ortner family came from.

Katie George; Honolulu, HI. LUIPERSBECK, Kroatisch Ehrensdorf, settled New York, April 4, 1923.

Barrie Geosits; Burnaby, British Columbia, CANADA. GEOSITS, Harmisch. OSWALD, Kohfidisch, Mischendorf. POCK, Kroatisch Schützen. POLZER, Kohfidisch, Mischendorf. SCHAFFER, Kohfidisch, Mischendorf.

Stephanie J Geosits; Toronto, ON, Canada. GEOSITS, MULZET, JURASITS. I am currently enrolled in a Croatian language and culture program through Don Bosco High School and the Toronto Catholic School Board. I wish to know more about the Croatian migrants into Szent Peterfa, where my father grew up.

Steve Geosits; New York, NY. GEOSITS, FILIPOVITS, SZTUBITS, SZABARA (Harmish, Austria); JURASITS, NEMETH, SKRAPITS, HAKLITS, FILIPOVITS, MILISITS, HARANGOZO, PAUKOVITS, BARILOVITS, HABETLER, KAPITAR, GRABARITS, TEMMEL (Szentpeterfa, Hungary). I am currently correlating all Szentpeterfa house names, house numbers and their associated family genealogies. Contact me if you are interested in finding out the house / clan names of your ancestors.

Diana Gerdenits; Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, Canada. GERDENITS, Hornstein. Settled in Western Canada in 1956. CSMERICS, Seigendorf. HERGOVICS, Sopron?


Michael Gergits; Chicago, IL. GERGITS. KRUTZLER, Eisenberg an der Pinka. PREISSLER. KAINZ. MEIXNER. NAGL. Religion: Roman Catholic, and Unknown.

Mary Effenberger Gerke; St. Paul, MN. EFFENBERGER settled St. Paul, MN 1890s. HALBAUER settled MN, SD.

Giles E Gerken; Martell, CA. VOLLIGRAND at Halbturn, REGL (REGAL), KAPELLER at Mosonszolnok (Hungary).

Lisa Gerlach; Northampton, PA. SODL, Zahling, settled Coplay, PA.

Garren (Gary) Gerschoffer; El Cajon, CA. GERSCHOFFER, PINTER - Three brothers (Joseph, Matthew & Andrew GERSCHOFFER) immigrated to South Bend, IN from Heiligenstein, Hegykö, HU between 1889 & 1895. My grandfather Matthew married Eva PINTER in 1896; she immigrated to South Bend, IN in 1893 from Raab, Györ, HU.

Roger Gerstle; Traverse City, MI. GERSTL, Kobersdorf, Neunkirchen

Brett Gerwautz; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. GERBAUTZ, Hornstein, settled Raymore, Saskatchewan, Canada. My grandfather Vincent Gerbautz immigrated to Canada after his immediate family was killed in the war. Immigration Canada changed the name to Gerwautz. He ended up in Raymore, Saskatchewan then moved to Regina, Saskatchewan when my father was young. Don't know the exact date but I would say the move to Regina would have been late 1950's, early 1960's. Trying to trace the family back to Hornstein.

Bob Geshel; Hitchcock, OK. GESHEL, GOESCHL, GÖSCHL, KESCHL, Deutsch Ehrensdorf and Gaas. MAGDITS, MAGDITSCH, Punitz. settled in Northampton, PA in 1902.

Darrell Geusz; Port Saint Lucie, FL. GEUSZ, JOIS. Settled throughout Bavaria, Saxony and Prussia.

Bob Gibiser; Center Valley, PA. GIBISER, Kohfidisch. KROPF, Heiligenkreiz. WAGNER, Rudersdorf; CHERKITZ, Eltendorf. Early 1900s to Allentown, PA

Robert Gibiser; Muncie, IN. GIBISER, HEILIMAN, Heiligenkreuz, Eltendorf, Poppendorf (?). Immigrated to New York early 1900s (Rudolf Gibiser, Julia Heiliman).

Anne Thomas Giblin; New Hyde Park, NY. TOMAS, Güssing. SAYER / SEIER / SIER, Güssing. GOBER, Güssing. ZWETITS, Güssing. Settled in Coplay, PA.

Peter Gieler; UK. KOHN, Deutschkreuz; HAHN, Eisenstadt; KOHN from Mödling, Niederösterreich and SPRINZELES, Nickelsburg.

Bill & Margaret Gigler; Naperville, IL. GRÖLLER, Neustift, KEPPEL, LIEBEZEIT, Grossmürbisch, GIGLER, Heiligenkreuz. To Allentown, PA.

Danielle Gilason; Fredericksburg, VA. STANGL, Unterbildein. Settled in Bethlehem, Northampton, PA. GASPAR, Moschendorf. My 2nd-great-grandmother Anna GASPAR married Franciscus (Franz) STANGL. My great-grandmother Theresa STANGL married Joseph PRENDINGER. They immigrated to Bethlehem, PA in 1903, with Anna and Frank joining them in 1912. I believe Anna's parents are Martinus and Anna (still trying to verify).

Jean Gilbert; Lake Havasu City, AZ. KRAMMER, IBY, Parndorf, settled in St. Paul, MN. Martin KRAMMER and Agnes IBY married in Parndorf, Apr 22, 1879 and had son Franz. They emigrated 1979-1882 and settled in St. Paul, MN in 1883. Am looking for ancestors in the Parndorf area for IBY and Neusiedl am See area or Burgauberg area for KRAMMER.

Betty Gilchrist; Roseville, CA. SATTLER, REINER, THULNER, WALTER-HUTFLES, TONGISCH. Zanegg (Mosonszolnok)?, Vienna?, Mosonszentpeter (Szent Peter), Hungary. Settled in Kansas, then in Idaho about 1880.

Jeanette Gilder; Cincinnati, OH. TANCZOS, Buderpocb??; TAPLER, Tobaj, settled both Cincinnati, OH. Josefa (Tapler) 1881-1962 married to Jacob Tanczos 1879-1938.

Virginia Giles; Whyalla, South Australia, Australia. ERNSZT, Gerersdorf; STEINER, Kukmirn.

Sharon Gill; Hampshire, England, UK. WEINBERGER, Frauenkirchen. Looking for information on Max (Miksa) and Maria Weinberger, born about 1850 and their sons Gabriel (b. 1883) and Zsigmond (b. 1888).

Stephanie Gilley; Bel Air, MD. VOLLMAN, ZACH, Deutsch Kaltenbrunn.

Cheryl Gillmer; Lansdale, PA. Anna BEZENHOFER, Wallendorf(?); George JAKSITS, Eisenhüttl (?). They supposedly settled in Detroit soon after arriving in the US, but eventually settled in Catasauqua, PA for the remainder of their lives. They would have come to the US before 1910.


Peter Karl Girschek; Toronto, Ontario, Canada. KUZMICH, BUJTAS, LEOPOLD, GUGGENBERGER, GOLLUBICH, villages of Kroatisches Geresdorf, Rust am See, St. Margarethen. Settled in Montreal, Canada.

Richard Given; Orem, UT; LACKNER, HEIL (HALL in US), DEUTSCH, BAUER (SCHWARZBAUER), PITZL; Wallern (Valla).

Larraine Givens; Denver, CO. STEINER, GLIECHTHEIL, STIEGELMAR, SCHADEN, WENDELIN, BERNTHALER, ACHS, BRUCKNER, SCHREINER, and ALLACHER, Gols. Also family of friends with ancestry from Gols, Austria by the names of WURMS, GOLTL, and SCHRAMMEL (related?).

Gerald Glaeve; Mount Horeb, WI. SCHOTL, KOCH, TELLER, all Mönchof, settled all Minnesota.

Margaret Glaser; Cleveland, OH. DORWEKINGER, CSERWIK, HUFNAGEL, MARCHL, Brennberg(banya), Hungary, POLLERMANN, Sopron, Hungary, GLASER, Loipersbach. In November, 1956, our family left Brennberg(banya), Hungary. Operation Mercy brought us to the refugee camp at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey. A short time later, we reunited with my uncle who had settled in Cleveland, Ohio several years earlier. I am researching relatives from Brennberg(banya): Dorwekinger (Maria, born 1889 & Ferenz, 1858), Cserwik (Maria, 1865 & Bartholomeus, 1829), Hufnagel (Maria, 1837) and Marchl (Theresia, 1893). The other relatives I am researching are: Pollermann (Peter, 1905) Brennberg - earlier Pollermanns from Sopronnyek (now Neckenmarkt, Austria), and Glaser (Franz, 1892) from Loipersbach.

Gabrielle Glass; Chicago, IL. ZUMPF, Aschau; FRUHWIRTH, KIRNBAUER, Bernstein; PONWEISER, Shweissenbach, Bromberg; WALLNER, FREISLINGER, Rumpersdorf and Allersdorf. Maternal Great Grandparents Mathias Zumpf and his wife Theresia Ponweiser Zumpf immigrated to the US from Aschau Im Burgenland in 1906, and settled in Whitehall (MI). Siblings of Mathias Zumpf: Johann, Samuel (Maria Brandel), Michael (Justina Freislinger), Chicago (IL); Franz, Gottlieb (Lillian Hallbauer), Philadelphia (PA); and Maria (Mathias Freislinger). Maternal Great-Great-Grandfather is Johann Zumpf (married Theresia), and never emigrated to America. Maternal Grandfather Josef FRUHWIRTH (Joseph Friewirth was Americanized name) immigrated to the U.S. from Bernstein (Austria) and settled in Chicago, IL. Married to Caroline Zumpf of Whitehall (MI). Siblings of Caroline Zumpf: Frank Zumpf, married to Chloe Erickson; and John Zumpf, also of Whitehall (MI). Siblings are: Michael from Pinkafeld, married to (Adele Wallner, Schreibersdorf); Theresia from Bernstein, married to (Johann Kirnbauer of Willersdorf); Maria from Bernstein, settled in Chicago (married to John Ringhofer); Rosa from Bernstein, married to a Kirnbauer. Great grandfather and his wife: Johann Fruhwirth (from Bernstein) and Maria Wallner (from Schreibersdorf).

Thomas J Glatz (deceased; founding staff member); Chicago, IL. GLATZ, WELTLER, LEHNER, KOCH, SCHRANZ, GOGER, FASSEL (from Loipersdorf & all Evangelisch), SCHLOEGL, TISSAUER, LADOVICS, SCHEIBER, LOIBL (from Hammerteich bei Lockenhaus & all Katholisch) SCHWARZ, SCHMID (from Rattersdorf, near Lockenhaus).

Joseph Gleixner; Aurora, IL. JANDRASITS, Grossmurbish, Settled in Coplay, PA, 1926.

Christopher Glenn; Edina, MN. PINGITZER, BAUER, HOLLANITSCH, DIRINGER, THARN, EGLSAER. Illmitz. Settled in St. Paul.

Valerie Glesner; Richmond, KY. ILLIGASCH, Kukmirn, settled Allentown, PA ~1918. KNOPF, Deutsch Schützen, settled New York ~1905. Anna E Illigasch married Joseph Toth in PA in 1918, divorced in 1920, and married Franz W Knopf in PA on 12/15/1923. Family states Anna immigrated to the US via the Philadelphia port in approximately 1914 but I have not found any documents supporting this information. Anna's mother (Maria Domerler) immigrated to the US via Ellis Island on 12/3/1921. Franz W Knopf immigrated to the US via Ellis Island in 1905 with widowed mother Cecelia Knopf. Lived in New York and worked with the railroad but moved to Newmanstown PA when he married Anna Illigasch. My mother is their youngest child.

Thomas Gludovacz; Toronto, ON, Canada. GLUDOVACZ, Kleinwarasdorf, settled Toronto, Canada.

Lorette and John Gludovatz; Oliver, BC, Canada. GLUDOVATZ, PRIOR. Klingenbach (Hungarian Kelenpatak), District of Eisenstadt. Place settled: Oliver, BC, Canada.

Norman Gludovatz; GLUDOVATZ, Klingenbach, BUGNAR, Siegendorf. Family migrated to British Columbia, Canada.

Petra Gludovatz; Vienna, Austria. Searching for GLUDOVATZ, Steinbrunn and JURASOVITS, Siegendorf.

Jeanie Goff; Port Angeles, WA. Dr. Michael BAMBERGER, St. Andra, b 1 May 1819 in Wehingen, Bavaria. Married Josephine ANZEN (ANSZEN). With wife and son (married Elizabeth SHUSTER) emigated to America 1883. Daughter Josephine married Joseph HUSS (HUSZ), St. Andra.

Renee Golay; Huntsville, AL. TOTH, BALOUGH (BALOG), TZAR (CZAR). Southern Burgenland, western Hungary? Toths & Baloughs started in Nazareth PA, some are in FL or IN. Tzar came to Dayton, OH.

Harald Gold; Purbach, (Feketevaros, Porpuk), Burgenland, Austria. Willing to help with local research.

Barbara Goldberg; Herndon, VA. SCHINDLER, Pinkafeld, settled Bronx, NY. Fritzia SCHINDLER, born 1897 arrived Ellis Island 1923, father and brother named Albrecht.

Joan Goldfarb; Jacksonville, TX. KARNER, SULZER, Deutschminihof, settled in Chicago, IL.

Michael Goldschmidt; Cincinnati, OH. PFLUM, Hannersdorf.

Joyce Goldthorpe; Grand Forks, BC, Canada. ROSENKRANZ, HOPITSON (HOPONSON, HOPENSON), POTZMAN (BOTZMAN) Johann (John), ROSENKRANZ, Bocksdorf to America 1901, Tower City, ND, 1905-6 to Carmangay, Alberta, Canada.

Bob Gollinger; Prescott, Ontario, Canada. GOLLINGER (GÖLLINGER), TRINKL. Königsdorf, Königsdorf am Berg. Frank Gollinger, emigrated from Konigsdorf in 1926 and after a brief stint in Western Canada, settled in Kitchener, Ontario.

Michele Golobic; Travelers Rest, SC. TERCSAK, Dürnbach, settled Pittsburgh, PA.

Hedvigh Gombos; Toronto, Ontario, Canada. BAUER, Oberdorf, LAKINGER.

Gayle Marie McLaughlin Gorrell; La Grande, OR. FINK,Petronell. I am looking for a Marie Leopoldine Fink. She was born 15,November 1905 in Petronell, Austria to a Jacob Fink and Marie Herrl. She left Austria in 1923 from Hamburg, Germany and arrived at Ellis Island on 2,October 1923. She came over with a cousin named Karl Rommell. I believe she is Jewish, I think she may have a Catholic background. This is conflicting information. These were told to me while I was growing up. Any Help would be appreciated. Her village borders with Burgenland.

Guenther Gottfried; Frauenkirchen, Burgenland, Austria. GOTTFRIED, RUPPRECHT, Frauenkirchen, Möchhof, PERLINGER, WEISS, Frauenkirchen, St. Andrae.

Jeffrey R Gourley; Lakehurst, NJ. Grandfather and grandmother from Moschendorf. His name was LUISSER and her maiden name was GASPER. They immigrated to America in 1921.

Sharon (Windish) Goyette; Ottawa, ON, Canada. POLZER, Deutsch-Schützen. JELENSCITS, Steinfurt. POLZER, Steinfurt / Sulz; settled in Argentina. WINDISCH, KLUCSARITZ, Punitz. Settled in Northampton, PA. WINDISCH, Weingraben, Ober-Pullendorf. Settled in Bethlehem, PA.

William Grab; Stafford, VA. GILLY, Neustift, settled Northampton, PA; MIRTH, Güssing. Hermann GILLY is my grandfather. MIRTH was my grandmother's maiden name. Hermann moved from Northampton, PA to St. Louis, MO. Herman Armin Gilly, Birth 4 FEB 1887 ? Neustift bei Güssing, Burgenland, Austria. Andrew Mirth, Birth 29 SEP 1863 ? Eltendorf, Burgenland, Austria. My mother was Helen Gilly (her father was Herman Gilly (Neustift) and her mother was Giselda Mirth - born in St. Louis, MO, but her grandfather was Andrew Mirth from Eltendorf). Mom was raised as a Lutheran, so I am assuming the families were Lutheran in Burgenland. I would like to trace the families as far back as possible. You can view my genealogy research on ancestry.com (Grab Family Tree). Thank you!

John Grabner; Canada. GRABNER, Fürstenfeld. HORVATH, Szent Gotthárd (Hungary). GUBICS. My parents were married in Canada. He immigrated before 1960. The geneolagy tree for my father Johann Grabner (b October 14 1934); father Janos Horvath, mother Maria Grabner. Brothers Ferenc and Jozsef Horvath; sister Rozalia Horvath. Grandparents Janos Horvath and Rozalia Gubics. Janos Horvath and Rozalia Gubics had children Anna Horvath, Ethel Horvath, Janos Horvath, and a few more.

Elaine Grace; Hobe Sound, FL. Eleanora FISCHER, (2-8-1883), Tobaj, settled in Cincinnati, Ohio 1902 and Frank LEITNER, (10-1-1875), Deutsch Tschantschendorf, settled in Cincinnati 1903. Names in Frank's family are JANI, ROSNER and HORVATH.

Rita Grace; Jefferson City, MO. OSWALD, FEIERTAG, SCHMALCZEL, GRUNVALD, SCHLAFFER, SCHNALCZER, PINTER, CZINTER, WALTHER. Kulm (Kolom), Deutsch Schützen (Nemet Schützen), Kertes, Also Beled. OSWALD, SCHLAFFER emigrated to US around 1902, settled in St. Louis, MO around 1908. I have researched church records from Kolom and Nemet Schutz back to 1825.

Randall Gradwohl; Tulsa, OK. GRADWOHL, Raabfidisch, Rábafüzes, Hungary. Settled in Johnstown, PA.

Johannes Graf; Vienna, Austria. WURZINGER, LEHNER (LEHRNER), LUNZER (LUNTZER), REINER (RAINER), SZÁK (SZAÁK, SACK), JANISCH, PRÜGL, MOLLNAR, EÖZSI, Tadten. MICHLITSCH, SALZLIN (SALZERIN, SALZER), Wallern. Settled in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, South Bend, IN and Chicago, IL areas between 1880 and 1920.

Alison Gran (no email); Bronx, NY. LIPOWITSCH, FUCHS. Rauchwart.

Judith Grandits; Buffalo, NY. GRANDITS, Stinatz; settled Buffalo, NY. STOCSITS. Left for the US approx 1910 and joined others in Buffalo. Frank GRANDITS is now 93 and treasures many memories of the families who came from this town. If your name is GRANDITS, SIFKOVITS, RESITARITS, HORVTITS, STOCITS, KIRISITS, KULOVITS and from Buffalo, he very well may recall your people. We would appreciate the any info you have re: this village and its people. He speaks and understands the primary language of his parents and would like more info on "provatscue?"

Sarah Graner; Colorado Springs, CO. GRANER, TSCHIDA, PLATZER, WEISZ, NUEBERGER; Halbturn. Emigrated to Morton Co, ND in 1890-1907.

James Grassinger; Duluth, MN. GRASSINGER (GROSINGER), WEBER, RENNER, KEINTZ, SCHLÖGL or SCHLEGL in Lebenbrunn / Rothlieten / Kogl (middle Burgenland). Ancestors settled in Minnesota.

John Grassinger (Delores); Duluth, MN. GROSINGER, WEBER, RENER, HEISSENBERGER, SCHLEGEL, Kogl, Lebenbrunn, Rothleiten.

Jennifer Graves; Butler, IN. SCHUSTER, MEULLNER, KROKER; Apetlon; settled in South Bend, IN in 1880; Summit City, MI in 1883; Traverse City, MI; Grand Rapids, MI.

Denice Gray; Ramsey, MN. KRAMMER, IBY, Parndorf, settled in St. Paul, MN.

Joe and Laura Gray; Tremont, IL. Katilin (Katherina) or Kate Halbauer was born in Tadten, Austria. Franz or (Frank) Seifert was born in 1890 in Andau and raised in Tadten. Frank had one brother Josef, and Two Sisters, Marta (Kapui) Seifert, and Mari, who paseed very young. The parents of Frank Seifert were Rosa or (Rosalina) Fink of Wallern, and Josef Seifert of Tadten. Katalin Halbauer had three sisters, Magdolena (Leber) Halbauer, Theresia (Negler)Halbauer, and Anna who died at 14 years of age. She also had two brothers, Andreas and Georgy, who also both died at a very early age. Frank Seifert came to the USA around 1909 or 1910, and Katalin came in May of 1912. They were married in 1913 in St. Paul, Mn. and by 1917 they had settled in Omaha Nebraska.

Ann Leitgeb Green; Candler, NC. LEITGEB, Tobaj; WEISS, Olbendorf; FILIPPOVITZ, Kroatisch Ehrensdorf; Edlitz, Szentpeterfa, all settled in Northampton, PA; LUIPERSBECK, Szentpéterfa; MIEL, NOGORATZ, TAUSS, Jabing; KOVACS, Alsórönök, Hungary (Unterradling).

Pauline Greenlick; Mt. Lebanon, PA. WAGNER, Neuberg, settled Chicago, Illinois, 1907; FASSL, Neuberg, settled Chicago, Illinois; KOVACS, Neuberg, RADAKOVICS.

Cástulo Gregorisch; Pembroke Pines, FL. GREGORISCH; Strem, Güssing.

Thomas Grennes; Raleigh, NC. RUCK, PREM, SCHWARTZEL; Minihof-Liebau; RUCK, KNAUS; Tauka. Settled in Chicago.

Jule Ann (Prince) Grepps; Fallston, MD. MARTH, Moschendorf. GRANITZ, Reinersdorf. To Northampton, PA.

Dan Griffin; Windsor, Ontario, Canada. OCHSENHOFER, Willersdorf, Sulzriegel, Oberschützen. FÜRST, KRUTZLER, Willersdorf. NEUBAUER, Sulzriegel. Religion: Roman Catholic, Lutheran.

Erick Griffin; Cary, NC. GESCHL, KESCL, SZOMMER, GASPER, ADAM, UNGER, LAKY, Moschendorf. Johannes GESCHL settled 1903 in Northampton, PA.

Robert Grill; Dallas, TX. GRILL, Lockenhaus. Settled in Baltimore, MD about 1867.

Julie Grint; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. GOSCHL Thereza & TRINKLE Alois, Fürstenfeld, settled Allentown PA, 1911. My Father Joseph Goschl is the son of Janos Goschl who was the brother of Mrs Thereza Trinkle (aunt) and her children are his cousins.

Barb Groh; Matamoras, PA. NIKLES, BODISH, Neustift bei Güssing, DERGOSITS, JAUTZ, Tobaj, CSENCSITS, KISS, Szt. Kathrein, ERTL, POTTSMAN, STETTNER, CSAR (?). Settled in Nazareth and Northampton, PA.

Denise Schieber Groll; Phoenix, OR. HIRT, STEFAN (STEFU?). Lockenhaus and maybe Lokoshaza, Hungary.

Nadine de Groot; Victoria, Australia. SCHIKOLA, Deutschkreutz.

Jane (Peischel) Gross; Big Island, VA. PEISCHEL, PEISCHL, BEISCHL, WUKOVITS, Stegersbach, settled Philadelphia, then Haycock, PA, early 1900s; FUSSL, RADNETTER, Stegersbach.

Bill Gross; Whitestone, NY. MONSCHEIN, Strem, DOMITROVITS, R, Sumetendorf; all settled College Point, NY.

Janet Gross; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. ALTENTHALER, Moson, settled in Lobethal, South Australia in 1848; KOZIAK, Gyor, settled in Lobethal, South Australia in 1848. The Altenthaler family went to Poznan, Poland after the Napoleonic War, around 1814. A daughter, Amalia Theresa Altenthaler, was born in Poznan in 1815. She emigrated to Australia in 1848, married to Johann Gottlieb Huebner of Poland (East Prussia). The Koziak family moved to Warsaw and the Poznan region around 1814.

Jennifer Gross; Louisville, KY. GROSS, Willersdorf, settled Chicago, Illinois (1920's). JANISCH,  Oberdorf, settled Chicago, Illinois (1910; 1922). John (possibly Johann) Gross, born June 18, 1900 in Willersdorf; died April 8, 1948 in Chicago, Illinois. Samuel Gross, born September 16, 1898 in Willersdorf; died August 26, 1961 in Willersdorf; Ernst Gross, I have an address of Sulzriegel 14, Burgenland, Austria; Theresia (Gross) Karner, I have an address of Weinberg 6, Burgenland, Austria. (John and Samuel both immigrated to Chicago before 1922. I'm not sure of the dates. Samuel went back to Austria sometime after 1948. I don't believe Ernst and Theresia ever left Austria. They were all sibliings. I know their father's name was Samuel and I believe their mother's name was Rosina Pofh) As of 1960, Ernst had 2 children, a son named Johann (spelling?) and a daughter named Tronty. Rosa Janisch born August 30, 1907 in Oberdorf, came to the US October 9, 1922, died in Chicago, Illinois on February 12, 1970; She came over with her brother, Gottfried; Michael Janisch was their father. He came over with his wife Rose(a) (maiden name possibly Nalper) between 1909-1910. They possibly had other sibliings name Emily (married name Richard), Anna (married name Lorenz or Lawrence), Jacob, and Michael.

Richard G Gruber; Stillwater, MN. GRUBER, SATTLER, KLINE, HAIDER, WEINHANDL; Illmitz and Andau. Settled in St. Paul, MN.

Mary Grudle; GRUIDL, WURTZINGER; St. Johann. Emigrated about 1881-2.

Velma Gruidl; Livermore, CA. GRUIDL. Settled in Minneapolis, MN about 1890.

Sylvia Grundner; Gnadendorf, Austria. Johann KÖNIG born 16 Oct 1900 in Hornstein Nr. 8, Burgenland. His father was Lorenz König, born 8 Aug 1863 in Hornstein Nr. 8. Mother, SZINOVACZ Maria, born 4 Dec 1868 in Hornstein Nr. 53. In America, Johann KÖNIG married Theresia KAPPEL born 20.11.1906 in Goberling. Son Wilhelm König, born 15 Jun 1928, was my father. Also looking for information concerning Rudolf HEIDINGER, last address 3035 W. Wisconsin, #101 Milwaukee, WI 53208.

Andrea (Wendelin) Grutzmacher ; Wheaton, IL. WENDELIN, Gols. I am looking for information on my father's side of the family, Wendelin. I am told there were four brothers in Gols: John, Matthias, Lawrence and George. John was the oldest and immigrated to the US in 1918 due to the war.

Joyce Guenthner; Cincinnati, OH. Researching Eleanora FISCHER, Tobaj, came to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1902 and married Frank LEITNER, Deutsch Tschantschendorf, came to Cincinnati in 1903.

William Edward Gunther; Dunkirk, OH. Wilhelmine Anna SCHMALDIENST, Güssing. BOCKSDORF, Austria. Settled in Philadelphia, PA about 1927.

Joe Gutleber [deceased]; Orefield, PA. GUTLEBER, Burgenland or possibly Sudetenland. UNGER, St. Margarethen. RC, settled in Lehigh Valley area of PA.

Barbara Guttman; Chicago, IL. GUTTMANN, WACHHOLDER, VACHHALTER, MUHR, POMPER, SCHLOGEL from Burg and JALITS, JALICS, HORVATH from Kleinzicken. Settled in Chicago.

John Paul Guttman; Blacklick, OH. GUTTMANN, Burg, KENYERI, Rechnitz. Johann Frank GUTTMANN, b 21 Mar 1886; Anna Marie KENYERI, b 2 Mar 1888, both settled in Chicago, IL.

Gus Gyaki; Manchester, MO. GYAKI (GYAKY), KELEMEN, PALANK; Oberwart, Unterwart, Pinkafeld. Settled in St. Louis, MO.

Mike Gyorog [wrong]; Fond du Lac, WI. GYÖRÖG, Unterwart (Alsöör).

Stefan Györög; Aeugst am Albis, Switzerland. GYÖRÖG, Unterwart. My father emigrated 1954 to Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

Mary Haas; South Bend, IN. HAFNER, Frauenkirchen, settled South Bend, IN. STEINHOFER, Apetlon, settled Nebraska, South Bend, IN.

Patricia Haas; Wichita Falls, TX. FRÜHWIRTH, MEIDLINGER, BÖHM, RUMER, HATSCH; Zanegg. Settled Kossuth Co, IA, went to Kimball, Brule Co, SD to Lamar Co, TX.

Sylvia Haas; Vienna, Austria. HAAS, Güssing area.

George Habetler; Rexford, NY. HABETLER, Kroatisch Schützen, Horvatlövö, Hungary; TISINAI, Dürnbach; Settled all McKees Rocks, PA.

Raphael Habetler; Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada. HABETLER, Horvát Lövo (Kroatisch Schützen), Hungary, settled in Djakovo, Croatia, 1890. Ferdinand Habetler was born 1838 in Horvát Lövo. His son Benedikt was born Mar. 17, 1872, also in Horvát Lövo. Maria Habetler also emigrated to Djakovo, Croatia, 1890.

Robert Hackl; Sherman Oaks, CA. GMEINDL, Bonisdorf. Settled Pittsburgh, PA. KNAUS, Tauka. Settled Los Angeles, CA. Religion: Catholic.

Frank Michael Hadl, Jr.; Saylorsburg, PA. HADL, YAUTZ, STRANZL, Urbersdorf, (near Güssing). Frank Sr. emigrated to Nazareth, PA in 1921.

William A Hadl; Colorado Springs, CO. HADL, STRANZL, Urbersdorf, settled in Nazareth, PA about 1922. YAUTZ, Tobaj, settled in Nazareth, PA about 1915. LOHR, WUNDERLER, Zahling, settled in Coplay, PA about 1904.

László Hafner; Szentgotthárd, Hungary. Gusztav (August) HAFNER, Krobotek; Karolina NIEDERMAYER, Mogersdorf, settled Szentgotthárd, Hungary.

Amanda Haft; Cherry Valley, CA. OSTOVICH (OSTOVITZ, OSTOWITS, OSZTOVITS), Füsthegy (now Rauhriegel-Allersgraben, district Oberwart). Emigrated to Herminie, Westmoreland Co, PA prior to 1927.

Timothy Haftel; Southampton, NY. HAFTL, Rábafüzes; FEIERTAG, Neustift bei Güssing, both settled in Northampton & Lehigh Co, PA.

Caroline Ann Levonyak-Hagelgans ; CO. LEVONYAK, Oberwart. Settled in Coplay, Allentown, PA 1900-1916. KNOPF, Deutsch Schutzen. Settled in Coplay, Allentown, PA about 1911.

Richard Hagenauer; Stevensville, MI. HAGENAUER, Allhau, ZAPFEL, Riedlingsdorf, Settled in Forest Park, IL 1922-3.

Alfred Hahn; Freehold, NJ. HAHN, PECK, Andau, settled Newark, NJ. Gregor Hahn: b 11 Feb 1862, Andau, m 4 Jun 1882, Andau, d. 27 Jul 1930, Irvington, NJ, wife Theresia Peck: b 9 Nov 1864, Andau, d 21 Dec 1951, Newark, NJ, son Martin Hahn: b 23 Jun 1884, Andau, d 4 Dec 1953, NJ. The 3 immigrated 16 Apr 1888, from Rotterdam to NY on the Leerdam. Gregor & Theresia had a total of 13 children.

Alois Haider; Illmitz, Burgenland, Austria. HAIDER, TASCHNER, Illmitz; POPPEL, Apetlon.

Gary J Haider; St. Paul, MN. HAIDER, Illmitz. Settled in St. Paul, MN 1902.

Gloria Haider; Little Falls, MN. THELL, HAIDER, Apetlon. Thell arrived Ellis Island on Aug 5, 1902, settled in St. Paul, MN. Haiders settled in Mandan, ND and then moved to St. Paul, MN.

Karen Haider; Tucson, AZ. HAIDER, GANGL, MUELLNER, REINPRECHT, Illmitz. HAIDER settled in St. Paul (MN) in 1891. Religion: Roman Catholic. I am looking for Martinus Hajder born about 1829. I believe his parents are Georges Hajder and Maria Frakin. I have a death date for Martinus as 7/6/1893 but am unsure if this is correct. And if possible, information about his parents. Anna Reinprecht born about 1828 in Illmitz. I believe that her parents were Michalis Reinprecht and Evae Ganglin. Again, no information on her or her parents. Martinus Hajder and Anna Reinprecht were married on Jan 29, 1857. The other family is Martin (Marton) Hajder and Susen (zsusana) Gangl. They had children in 1846, 1850, etc. I believe I have their children but no date for the parents births, marriage or death.

Terrence Haider; HAIDER. Settled in Elrosa, MN, 1888. Religion: Catholic. Family lore suggests that Lorenz Haider was from Illmitz but my 1985 search of Illmitz baptismal records did not yield any record of a Lorenz. I am hoping to learn more.

Willibald Hajszan; Australia. HAJSZAN, Güttenbach. Religion: Roman Catholic. Markus Hajszan father; Dorothe Hajszan (nee Radakovits) mother. Siblings: Alexander, Ludwig, Frieda, Angela, David. I emigrated to Australia. I am from Guettenbach, but lived the last 4 years before migrating to Australia near Vienna, Deutsch Wagram, Meidling and Hennersdorf. I had some uncles and aunts and cousins in America.

Annelie Hakk; Browns Plains, Queensland 4118, Australia. CSAR, PELZMANN, ROTHEN, Bocksdorf & Stegersbach. KNOR, Bocksdorf. HIRSCHBECK, Rohr im Burgenland. Following a 2013 visit to Bocksdorf & Stegersbach sparked my interest. Also most grateful for the Gerry Berhold's comprehensive work and for making it available. Started with his LDS film numbers and am now ordering fairly regularly and covering the 1828-1920 years available via internet & film. Married into Csar, so above families are my main interest but am recording the whole village.

Patrice Halbach; Minneapolis, MN. GRASSI, Zanegg, settled Minnesota, 1905. Name may have been spelled differently prior to emigration.

Kelvin Halbauer; Chatham, Ontario, Canada. HALBAUER, Wallern (Valla). Settled in Eden, South Dakota. I am grandson of John Halbauer (from his second wife Justine) who was born in Eden, SD in 1885. There is some information that is incomplete about the John Halbauer (DOB 1885) families. I hope to try and gather information and fill blanks although there seems to have been some turmoil that was present in the families during their time in Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan. I traveled to Paradise Hill quite a few years ago with my father Wilfred John Halbauer and he took me to Sylvan Hill cemetery but we were unable to locate the grave site for John Halbauer. I am unsure of exact date of passing but I believe it to be in about 1953. My father rarely spoke of this as he was about 14 when it occurred. My father passed in 2017 and we will bury his ashes in Paradise Hill and in advance of that, I plan to locate the John Halbauer grave site as well as getting more family history to share with nieces, nephews and cousins. [Editor's Note: BB President Tom Steichen realized the familial connection between his and Kelvin's HALBAUER lines. It turns out that Tom is a fourth cousin to Kelvin's father, making Kelvin a fifth cousin with Tom's children].

Susan Haley; Marshfield, WI. Paul Josef PESENHOFER, Ödenburg, settled in Menasha, WI.

Carol A Hall; Indianapolis, IN. UNGER, Kohfidisch, settled 1900.

Brian C Hall; Media, PA. WINDISCH, SCHRAMMEL. Pornoapati, Hungary (Pernau), Vas Megye, just east of Höll, Burgenland. Settled Chicago, IL.

Laura Hall; Canmore, Alberta, Canada. FELLINGER, KEGLOVICH, SZAVICH, Gerersdorf, South Bend, IN.

Patricia J. Hall; Santa Rosa, CA. PAKROTZ, Sopron, Hungary, SCHMITZ, DAVIS.

Frank Michael Hallemann; Fenton, MO. HALLEMANN, Eltendorf; SUCHER, Doiber; settled all St. Louis, MO.

Rachelle Hallemann; Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. HALLEMANN, Poppendorf, settled Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. My dad immigrated from Poppendorf to Canada in the 50's.

Andrea Haller; Castle Rock, CO. THURY, MAYER, RONGITSCH, BAUM.

Marie Halstead; Bismarck, ND. PILLES, TSCHIDA, Apetlon. Settled Stearns Co, MN, 1880s. Michael PILLES came to America in the 1880s. He married Mary TSCHIDA in America. They adopted their only child, Jacob John PILLES about 1897. Jacob is my father.

Fred Halvachs; Frisco, TX. HALWACHS, Grafenschachen, settled 1903 East St. Louis, IL. Grandfather Alois HALWACHS and brother Franz (Fred) emigrated to East St. Louis, IL, in approximately 1903 from Grafenschachen. Alois was born July 2, 1885. His name was changed at Ellis Island to Halvachs from Halwachs.

Patricia Oswald Hamil; Vancouver, WA. OSWALD, KAPPEL, SCHEBITZ, TSCHEBITZ, BLASKOVITS, GRAF, all settled Chicago, IL. ERTLER, ERDLER, all from Rohrbach an der Teich. My grandparents Ignatz Oswald and Anna Schebitz came to Chicago from Rohrbach an der Teich and Mischendorf in the early 1900's. Not sure of correct spelling of her surname as it was spelled several different ways on her legal documents. A whole boat load of thier siblings and cousins also immigrated through Ellis Island and they all list 215 Root St. or 415. W. 43rd on the ship manifest as the address they were going and Ignatz Oswald as the person who lived there. The majority of these individuals are buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Chicago. I am going to visit Rohrback in September 2013. My grandparents told me wonderful stories about the "Old Country" and now I actually will see it.

Greg Hammel; Santa Barbara, CA. HAMMEL, Deutsh Ehrensdorf, Religion: Catholic. Steven Hammel emigrated to Northhampton PA about 1912 from Deutsch Ehrensdorf. He was my grandfather. His brothers, sisters and mom and dad also emigrated to Northhampton, but i'm not sure when. They lived most of their lives in Allentown, PA.

Bernhard Hammer; Vienna, Austria. DEUTSCH, Rosendorf. Settled New York. Religion: Catholic. Josefa DEUTSCH, born 1895 in Rosendorf, emigrated 1912 via Antwerpen to US, Johanna DEUTSCH, born 1900 in Rosendorf, emigrated 1923 via Hamburg to US Franz HAMMER,

Johann Hammer; Vienna, Austria. HAMMER, GNEIST, SPULLER, Neustift; GRILL, MAJERHOFER, TUCHSCHMID, Forchtenau.

George Hammerschmidt; Haliburton, Ontario, Canada. HAMMERSCHMIDT, POPOVICH, Parndorf, settled in Canada.

John Hancock; Unionville, CT. NIEDERER, Minihof Liebau, settled New Britain, CT 1908. MULLNER, Neuhaus am Klausenbach, settled New Britain, CT 1907. NIEDERER, Krottendorf, settled New Britain, CT 1906. NIEDERER, SAMPT, Neuhaus am Klausenbach.

Teri Hanf; Franklin, NJ. Theresa PAULITS & 2 known children (Leopold and Matthew), from Hungary (area unknown), settled in Paterson, NJ.

Catherine Hanisits; Denver, CO. HANISITZ, Neuberg, settled Chicago 1921; HANISITS, Güttenbach, settled Chicago 1923; HANESITS, KAPPEL, Güttenbach, settled both Chicago 1930. Stefan Hanisits arrived in Chicago in 1921 to stay with his brother Lucas. His wife, Christina Kappel Hanisits arrived in Chicago 1923. Their daughter Edith Hanisits arrived in New York with her uncle Adolph Kappel in 1930. Edith's name on the original ship manifest was Ida Hanesits. Edith joined her mother and father in Chicago. Adolph also settled in Chicago.Steve and Christine had 2 sons Frank born in 1924 and Richard born in 1929-2013.

Maryann Hanley; Bellerose, NY. BALIKO, POLCZER, Eisenberg, settled in New York, 1912; SCHAFFER, MADITEZ, Eisenberg?

Bonnie Hannah; New York, NY. WIESLER, Deutsch-Schützen, EBERHARDT, Pernau, all settled St. Louis, MO.

Peggy J. Hannel; Scottsdale, AZ. FIEDLER (Josef), Allhau. HALPER (Louise "Aloysia"), Rohrbach an der Teich. Both settled in Chicago; 1906 and 1910, respectively. Josef "Fidler" traveled first to Chicago from Allhau, stayed with his brother-in-law, Johann Holl. Eventually, when enough money was saved, his wife Louisa "Fitler" traveled with her six minor children to join her husband in Chicago. Although their children were born in Allhau, Louise's baptismal certificate from 1872 indicated her mother lived in Jobbágy-Újfalu (Rohrbach an der Teich).

Carol Hansen; Downers Grove, IL. MAYERHOFER (MAIERHOFER), Neustift a. d. L., Grafenschachen; HATZL, Grafenschachen, Unterwaldbauern; LUIF, Unterwaldbauern. Settled in Chicago, IL and East St. Louis, IL between 1907-1922.

Jody Hansen; San Diego, CA. HAFNER, Breitenbrunn, settled in Hammond, IN; HUBNER, Breitenbrunn; STAINTL/ STEINDL, Breitenbrunn, settled in Philbrook, MN; LAMPRECHT, RESCH, EHART, JANISCH, Breitenbrunn. Joseph Steindl arrived in Baltimore in 1892. Name changed to Steindel. He lived with the Hafner family (brother-in-law, Matthaus Hafner) in Hammond, IN before moving to Fawn Lake/Philbrook, Todd Co, MN.

Nancy Hansen; Minnesota. HALPER, Oberdorf, settled in Chicago; SCHAFFER, Rothenthurn, settled in Chicago.

Michael L Hanslits; Salem, OR. HANSLITS, Spitzzicken, BERZSENYI, Schandorf, settled all Muskegon, MI.

Edward E Hanzl; East Rutherford, NJ. BOISITS, MURLASITS, HANZL. St. Michael

Emily Anne Hanzl; Towaco, NJ. HANZL, St. Michael, setled in Passaic, NJ, 1907.

John & Helen (Kannapes) Hanzl [wrong]; Young Harris, GA. Franz MAIKISCH, St. Michael, and Maria JOKISCH, Deutsch Tschantschendorf migrated to Catasauqua, PA in 1903. Returned to St. Michael 1910. Theresa SAMMER, St. Michael and Stefan KANNAPES, Jabing.

Ken Hanzl; Montville, NJ. HANZL, MAROSITS. St. Michael. Settled in Passaic, NJ.

Kyle Hanzl; Towaco, NJ. HANZL, St. Michael, settled in Passaic, NJ, 1907.

Nadine Hardin; Orlando, FL. GALGOCZI, Gyor-Moson-Sopron, Koronco, Hungary. FEJES, Sopron, Megye, Hungary. HORVATH, Koronco (Hungary), Sopron area, Budapest; SCHWARZBAUER, TSCHIDA, Pamhagen; FARKAS, Daruvar (Pozsega, Hungary). Settled in Rosebush and Mount Pleasant, MI. Walter "Balint" Galgoczi is descendant of the Galgoczy-Galgoczi Families of Menfocsanak and traced to the 1650s. Locations: Koronco, Ccsanakhegy, Meno, all in Gyor County, Hungary.

Patricia Hardin; St. Louis, MO. GARGER, UNGER; Strem. Settled in PA and St. Louis.

James Harhart; Davie, FL. HARHART, FARKAS, OVSAK. All settled in Pennsylvania in the early-1900s. Looking for info on Peter Harhart b. 1876 in Burgenland.

Carol Harmon; Dublin, OH. MALITS, Rienersdorf, DERKITS, settled all Erie, PA. My grandmother, Marie Derkits was born in 1905 in Burgenland. She was married to John Malits, also of Burgenland, and they emigrated with son Edmund in 1929 (approx). I have limited information about Marie, what village she was from and why many of her family came to the US before she did. She was a wonderful Grandmother!

Edit Hari; Budapest, Hungary. EBERHARDT, Schachendorf. Settled Salköveskut, Hungary.

Lori Harlan; San Diego, CA. MULZET, POELTL, Kleinmurbisch. Both settled in Allentown (PA). Religion: unknown. My Grandmother was born Rosina Mulczet (also has listed as having last name of Mulczer) om March 5, 1889 to Joannes Mulczet and Carolina Poltl in Kleinmurbisch Austria. She had a brother Josephus ( also having last name of Mulczeth) and Paulina (also having last name of Mulczeth). She immigrated to Allentown, PA in ~1911. My Grandmother married Edmund Tust from Zdunska Wola, Poland in 1916. All their children and most of their grandchildren were born in Allentown, PA including me.

Pat Harmon; Griffin, GA. DULD, FLAMISCH, DAMHOESEL, Kukmirn. Settled in Allentown, PA.

Geri Hartmann; Arnold, MO; RUCK, SAUFNAUER, FANK, UNGER, NOMA, STEURER, PIMPERL, GRAF, Gross Petersdorf. Settled in St. Louis, MO. (Southern Burgenland)

Dennis Harren; Bloomington, MN. PRATSCHNER, SCHERMANN, LEITNER, Gerisdorf, settled in Rollingstone, MN.

Maria Harrington; Rockville, MD. JANDRASITS, MALITS, Grossmürbisch. Settled in Coplay (PA), 1926. Religion: Roman Catholic. My grandmother, Rose (Rosina) Jandrasits, came to the US in 1926 at the age of 19 (born 16 Jan 1907). According to the visa application I just recently found, it says that she was going to stay with her cousin Karl Walakovits at 7 Front Street, Coplay. I think the information about Karl (Charles) Walakovitz --- Married: Charles (Karl) Walakovits, age 21 and Katarina Buczolits on 7 Feb 1916. His parents were Joseph Walakovits and Roxalia Prisnaskits. Died: Charles S. Walakovitz, age 59, born 24 Nov 1894 in Grossmürbisch (Austria), died 29 Sept 1954 in Allentown; father Joseph Walakovitz --- is also the ‘cousin’ that I am looking for that is listed on my Grandmother’s visa application, but have not yet found the family connection. Prior to my grandmother immigrating to Coplay, PA in 1926, I was told her father, went back and forth between Grossmürbisch and PA (Coplay/Northampton) several times and that her parents (Jandrasists/Malits) were married in PA in the early 1900's before returning to Grossmürbisch. My grandmother married Michael Gleixner, and they lived in Reading. I noticed on your member list that my uncle, Joseph Gleixner, is also a member of the Burgenland Bunch and he is the one who told me that my great-grandparents, Franz Jandrasists and Maria Malits, were married in PA and then returned to Grossmürbisch just before my grandmother was born. Franz Jandrasists was born in 1880 and died in 1957 and Maria Malits was born in 1881 and died in 1962 (I am still looking for exact dates). I do know that Maria Malits parents were Mihaly (Michael) Malits (1842-1923) and Rosalia Jandrasits (1846-1920). And Mihaly Malits parents were Miklay Malits (born 1811) and Ann Turkovits (born 1813). Extended family continues to reside in Grossmürbisch. I would love any suggestions for researching that you may have, especially finding out when and where my great-grandparents got married.

Jan Harrison; Phoenix, Arizona. MAYER, Güssing. JANY, Willersdorf and Bernstein. PRATSCHER, Holzschlag. HERMANN/HERMAN, Goberling. All settled in Chicago, IL. MAYER, Güssing. Settled in Detroit, MI. KURTZ, Tobaj. SCHWEIGHOFER, Güssing. MAYER, KURTZ, SCHWEIGHOFER were Roman Catholic. I do have photocopies of some records. JANY, PRATSCHER, HERMANN/HERMAN were Lutheran. There may be a SCHRANZ from Holzschlag in the mix; working on it. I did have my DNA tested by Ancestry.com and my results are uploaded to Gedmatch.

Nancy Hartje; Otto, NC. FLECK, Riedlingsdorf. BOGAD, BOGARD, Jabing. Settled in Bronx, NY.

Michelle Hartner; Madison, WI. FEILER, Poppendorf. EBENSPANGER, IMP, Gerersdorf(?). FEILER and IMP settled in Milwaukee, WI. Religion: Catholic. I'm researching the following relatives from Burgenland: Theresa Feiler Ebenspanger Imp, born 1863 in Poppendorf, immigrated to US around 1900; Ferenc (Ferenz, Frank) Ebenspanger, whom she married around 1882 and divorce in 1898, possibly in Gerersdorf, John J. Imp, her second husband, whom she married around 1902 (I believe in the US - but I believe he was also from Gerersdorf), and Frank Ebenspanger Imp, her son, who was born in Gerersdorf in 1886 and lived in Milwaukee, WI.

Wolfgang Hasiwar; Oulu, Finland. LOID, HASIWAR; Southern Burgenland; Kemeten, Grafenschachen, Pinkafeld.

Danell Haspel; Detroit Lakes, MN. HASPEL, SCHIEFER, WINHOFER. Unterrabnitz (Alsoramoc), district of Mattersburg.

John Hatch; Erie, PA. FABSITS (FABITS, FABAITS, FABSCHITSCH), Stegersbach, settled Erie, PA in 1907, also NJ and FL.

Viktor Hatwagner; Horitschon, Burgenland, Austria. HATWAGNER (HOTWAGNER), Horitschon. Immigrated to Canada in 1927.

Mary Haupt; White Bear Lake, MN. Grandmother was Anna (THELL) JANDL born in Pamhagen and grandfather was Rudolph JANDL born in Apetlon, both came to St. Paul, MN around mid 1900s. Looking for relatives possibly in Austria still.

Marianne Hauptman; CA. HAUPTMANN Kaiserdorf, district Oberpullendorf or Grafendorf (Styria?) and settled in Kossuth and Hancock Co, IA. Also looking for Hauptmann family members who settled in Texas.

Eric Hausen; Columbus, OH. SETLER, SCHMIDT, Retfalu, all settled Pittsburgh, PA 1913. My great-grandfather Martin Setler and my great-grandmother Elizabeth Setler (nee Schmidt) came to America through Ellis Island in 1913 and settled in Pittsburgh, PA. The ship manifest for Martin lists Retfalu as his last residence, but birthplace is unreadable city in Hungary. Elizabeth's father is listed as Peter Schmidt living in Retfalu.

Antoinette Hawk; Allentown, PA HACKER, BREITFELLER (PREITFELLNER), BETZ. My Great Grandparents are Florian Hacker and Julianna (Breitfeller) Hacker from Gerersdorf bei Güssing. They had 4 children. Herman, Julia (Betz), Mary (Garrison), Frank. Julia C. (Hacker) Betz is my Grandmother). Resided in Coplay, PA. My Grandfather is Joseph Betz. Also resided in Coplay, PA.

Joanne Schreyer Hayden; Zionsville, IN. LEHNER, SCHREYER from Tadten; moved to South Bend, IN in 1904.

Robert G Hayes; Santa Barbara, CA. SCHIMONITZ, PERLINGER, RONGISCH, HUZS (HUSS); in St. Johann and St. Peter, Janossomorja, Hungary.

Ronald Hayes; Pittsburgh, PA. KANZ, Wallendorf. WERNER, Sankt Martin an der Raab.

Robin (Gibiser) Haynes; Chesapeake, VA. GIBISER & HEILIMANN. Grandfather Rudolf GIBISER emigrated from Zahling to New York in 1922, Grandmother Julia HEILIMANN emigrated from Punitz to New York in 1922.

Howard Heck; Brooklyn Park, MN. HUSS, BAMBERGER; St. Andrä. My great great grandfathers were Joseph HUSS & Michael BAMBERGER. Joseph HUSS came to Fairfax, MN, in May, 1886. Michael BAMBERGER came to Minneapolis, MN, about 1884.

Jan Hedding; Sebastian, FL. TSCHIDA, ANDERT, Pamhagen, settled St. Paul, MN. Eliz. Andert b.1889 to Stephan and Anna Tschida. Married John M. Tschida b.1890 to Martin & Eliz. Kolndorfer. Settled in Frogtown area of St. Paul, MN. Tschida cousins owned dairy farm on Rice St.

Dianne Hedervare; Cottage Grove, MN. STETTNER, POTZMAN(N), Bocksdorf. Settled in North Dakota.

Gail Heeres; Westfield, WI. WUKITSCH, Jabing. Michael Sr. settled in Milford, NJ around 1923. Married in Vienna. Sister Herminie settled in Chicago area. Other two sisters names were Justin and Anna, do not know where they settled or if they immigrated. Herminie is my grandmother.

Christine Toth-Hegel; Sewell, NJ. ERKINGER, WILFINGER, Deutsch Kaltenbrunn. Settled Allentown, PA. Religion: Roman Catholic. Ludwig Erkinger (son of Joseph and Anna Wilfinger) settled in Allentown,Pa. 1912.

Chris Hegyi; Tipp City, OH. HEGYI, Gyömöre, Györ Co, Hungary, settled in Dayton, OH. BOKA, Rábapatona, Györ Co, Hungary. SEBO, Szemere, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén Co, Hungary. DUCHON, ZAMORY, Gyömöre, Hungary. MARTON, PRENNER, ILOSS, Györ Co, Hungary. These surnames were in Györ County, Hungary in the early to mid 1700's and may have originated in the Burgenland area; I believe the Hegyi family was from Oberwart (Felsöör).

Richard Heider; Woodbury, MN. HEIDER (HAJDER, HAIDER), TSCHIDA (TSIDA), KLEIN, RAUCHWARTER; Illmitz. Descendants in St. Paul, MN, Eden, SD, Ft. Rice, ND.

Joe and Susan Heidinger; Siler City, NC. HEIDINGER, LEYRER. Grandfather was Josef Heidinger and Grandmother was Theresa Leyrer Heidinger daughter of Johann and Susanna Heidinger. Goberling (Goborfalva), Rettendorf (Menscer) district of Oberwart. Settled in Chicago, IL in the early 1900s.

Hilda Dragositz Heigl; Hudson, FL. HEIGL, Kirchfidisch, settled Northampton, PA. PANNY, Tobaj, settled Northampton. DRAGOSITZ, Sulz, settled West Coplay (Stiles), PA.

Randolph Alfred Heine; Tampa Bay, FL. Son of Alfred R. Heine, Angela DEUTSCH, Grieselstein, Frank HALB, Jennersdorf and Rudolf HEINE, all settled in New Britain, CT(1908). Alfred R. Heine, son of Rudolf, settled in Tampa Bay, FL (1969).

Barbara Heinrich; Buffalo Grove, IL. Researching HEINRICH & KOPFSTEIN in Grosspetersdof, Oberwart and Schlaining.

Kurt FJ Heinrich; Rockville MD. HEINRICH, MARTIN, MARTON, DEUTSCH, Klepeis. Grosspetersdorf, Schlaining, Oberwart.

Janet Heintzel; Erie, PA. HEINZL, GRAF, PALISCH, Olbendorf (Ober). Settled in Allentown, PA in 1905; then Erie, PA in 1907.

John Heintzel; Erie, PA. HEINZL, GRAF, Olbendorf; settled in Allentown then Erie, PA. My grandfather, Michael HEINZL, left Olbendorf in Burgenland about 1904 and settled in Allentown, PA. At Ellis Island his name was changed to HEINTZL. About 1905 his wife, Justina GRAF came to the US and also settled in Allentown. Later they moved to Erie, PA where I now live.

Karen Heiser; Weed, CA. HOFER, Martin and Barbara, emigrated to USA early 1900s. Both Croatian, settled in Ohio, first Portsmouth, then Canton. He died in Spanish Flu epidemic after WW-I.

Oswald Held; Graz, Austria. SCHNEDL, St. Georgen, HÖLD, Eisenstadt. Anna Maria PODENSTEININ, St. Georgen, born ca.1750

James Heller; Pine Grove, PA. ARTINGER, KOLLER, Langzeil, Tschanigraben, St. Gotthard, Szentgotthárd, Hungary, settled Coplay, Allentown, Zionsville, PA. KUSCHALA, Schriedling, Creitnik, Slovenia. LIEBENTRITT, Langzeil, Ödenburg, Sopron, Hungary, settled Troy, NY. DUKOVICS, TUKOVICS, Langzeil, settled Coplay, PA. SORGER, JELENSICS, WAGNER, KEPPL, Langzeil. BURKHARD, settled Coplay, PA.


Greg Helm; La Quinta, CA. EHRENREICH, Lockenhaus, settled in Kansas City, MO. Specifically looking for Theresia Ehrenreich ancestry.

Jack & Margaret (Simon) Helms; Sun City West, AZ. SIMON, PORTSCHY, NEUBAUER, Unterschützen. FELDBACKER, Austria Settled, Chicago, IL, Lawrence, MI.

Rhonda Kaintz Hendrickson; Plainfield, IL. KAINTZ, settled in Pittsburgh, PA, McKees Rocks, Crafton, Mercer, PA.

Rebecca Derkovits Henkel; Muskego, WI. DERKOVITS, Neuberg, Bad Tatzmannsdorf, settled all Chicago, Religion: Catholic. My grandparents Ludmilla and Gerhart Derkovits migrated to the United States (Chicago). My father Gerhart Derkvoits, Jr. was born in Chicago.

Raymond Hennebry; Inver Grove Heights, MN. SAGMEISTER (grandfather), OSWALD (grandmother). Both came from Mischendorf and arrived on 6 aug 1905, they sent for my mother Rosa and her sister Johana who arrived in America 31 mar 1909. All settled in the south side of Chicago along with their brothers Frank and John.

Linda Hope Hennes; El Cajon, CA. WAGNER, Neuhaus am Klausenbach, settled Chicago, IL. Rudolph Wagner was my grandfather (b. 25 Oct 1890, d. 1 Mar 1971).

John Hepler; Sugar Land, TX. KELEMEN, Mathias & Theresa PERUSICK Kelemen, Großwarasdorf. Arrived Galveston, Texas May 20, 1907 settled in Hitchcock, Texas. Sedonia PERUSICK PRETS, Großwarasdorf. Arrived Galveston, Texas June 23, 1910 settled in La Marque, Texas The name PERUSICK has been spelled as PERUSICH, PERUSITS, and even PARISH by those members who settled in the Chicago area.

Joseph Herbold; Bella Vista, AR. WUKITSCH; Josefine; Agnes. Miedlingsdorf and Rabafuzes, Hungary. Settled in Chicago, IL about 1902.

Edward Herbst; Philadelphia, PA. Julius HERBST Sr, Mogersdorf, Anna MONDSCHEIN, Poppendorf; married and settled both in Philadelphia, PA. Anna is sister to Stella MONDSCHEIN, see member Irene Musser Quirus. Know Julius Sr had brother in USA for a while but believe he moved back.

Joe Herbst; Union, MO. STRINI, PAUKOVITSCH, KNOPF; Deutsch Schützen.

Eva Hergovich (nee Bintinger) ; Mississauga, ON, Canada. Born in Kittsee, grew up in Klingenbach, interested in Burgenland culture and history, fluent in Croatian and German.

Shane Hermann; Trimble, TN. RABELHOFER,  Wiesfleck, settled in Chicago, IL. Charles (Karl) Rabelhofer and wife Theresa (Theresia) and his brother John (Johann) and his wife Mary (Maria) arrived in US in 1907.

Timothy Hermesdorf; Aurora, Illinois. BANNY (PÁNI), Tudersdorf (Taródcsencs), Deutsch Tschantschendorf (Németcsencs). PRISCHING (PRIESCHING), Allersdorf (Kulcsárfalu). Both settled in Chicago (IL). JANDRISOVITS, Gamischdorf (Ganócs). SCHEDL, Allersdorf (Kulcsárfalu). Religion: Roman Catholic. Frank (Franz/Ferencz) Banny, born August 2 1895, son of Janós (John) PÁNI and Maria JANDRISOVITS, married 1915 in Chicago to Christina PRISCHING, born December 29 1894, daughter of Ferencz PRIESCHING and Karolina SCHEDL. My grandparents died when I was young, so, I never got a chance to talk to them about Austria. Luckily, my mother, Marcella Hermesdorf (nee Banny) left notes before she died. That information, plus what have found on my own, follows. Note: I now know the name was Pani but I will continue to use Banny since that is the name on the USA records. We know that Frank, Franz, Banny was the oldest of seventeen. His father was John (Johann I presume) and his mother was Mary (Maria?). He sponsored two of his siblings to come to the US arriving September 28 1922. They were Rudolf B September 28 1899 And Paulene B April 22 1905. Rudolf was nationalized March 18 1947. He died in 1955. Pauline married and took the name Haliwax. She died 2002. On Christina Prisching's side, my mother wrote that she was the oldest of four. Her father was Franz; mother Karoline. Her father died before she left for the US, and her mother remarried a man named Karlovity(?). Siblings were Irma, John (Johann), William. Step brother was Stephan K. Family tradition holds that either her brother or stepbrother flew for the Luftwaffe, and was KIA in WW II. We do know that, at some point, William committed suicide.

Theresa Szondy Heroff; St. Paul, MN. SZONDI, SZONDY, Apetlon, Sopron. Settled in St. Paul, MN about 1924.

John Herold; Elon, NC. HEROLD, FINK, Markt Allhau all settled Chicago 1913, Religion: Lutheran.

Leslie Ann Herrick; Fillmore, IN. VESELITS, PEZENHOFER, settled Muskegeon MI; WEZELTS, settled Chicago, IL. All from Schandorf.

Veronica Hertzog; Bath, PA. MIRAKOVITS, Moschendorf, settled in Northampton, PA; EBERHARDT, Güssing, settled in Northampton, PA.

Ralph Hess (deceased); Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. HESS, Eisenstadt [Kismarton]; FLASCHNER, Eisenstadt. New York & LA, London, UK, Melbourne & Toowoomba, Australia.

Frank Hessinger; Nazareth, PA. HESSINGER, Raabfidisch, Rábafüzes, Hungary, settled Coplay, PA. HESSINGER, Heiligenkreuz, SOMER, Radling, Also(Felsö)rönök, Hungary, Inzenhof.

Glen Hessinger; Baltimore, MD. HESSINGER, Heiligenkreuz. Settled in Coplay, PA.

Cheryl Hettlinger; Indianapolis, IN. HETTLINGER, HOLLER, Königsdorf, settled in Allentown, PA.

Kathleen Higgins. SINKOVITZ/SINKOVITS, FABIANKOVITS, KNOLL, Kohlnhof. All settled in Chicago, IL. Religion: Roman Catholic.

Laurel Hiber; St. Paul, MN. RAINER, Mönchhof. OSTERBAUER.

Pamela Timm Hilbun; St. Paul, MN. LEIER, MUELLNER, Pamhagan, Neusiedi Am See. WEINZETL. All settled in St. Paul, MN. I have not been able to trace my Great Grandfather Stephen Leier. We believe his father's name is Andreas or Andrew Timm. Stephen immigrated around 1881, was a carpenter, and passed away 1891.

Colette Hinds; Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada. KANZ, Kulm. Settled Edmonton, Alberta.

Kathy Hintz; Minot, ND. GLATZ, Hackerberg. Settled in Milwaukee, WI. Religion: Roman Catholic. I know that John Glatz left Hackerberg in 1901 or 1902 and eventually settled in Milwaukee, WI and opened Glatz's German Kitchen. He was born on October 17, 1879 according to his WWII draft card.

Josef Günter Hirtenfelder; Königsdorf, Austria. I search for Helene PAMMER settled in Allentown, PA. She visited my father before I was born. My fathers name is Josef HIRTENFELDER. When somebody needs information from people from Königsdorf, just let me know!

Mary Hirtzer; Port Charlotte, FL. My father-in-law, Samuel HIRTZER, came to the United States from Allhau, on the ship Niagara, landing in New York in 1912. Samuel's brothers, Joseph and John, had come to America earlier. Samuel married Theresa Rose WEINER (also from Austria) in Chicago, IL, in 1915, and they later moved to a farm in Valparaiso, IN.

Stephen R von Hitritz; Quinton, VA. HITREC, PANTNER, PFAFFELMAYER (or variants); Eisenstadt and Oslip. Moved from Eisenstadt to Aflenz, 1899. Emigrated to America in 1902 and 1903.

Jeffrey Hittinger; Livermore, CA. GESCHEL, Deutsch Ehrensdorf; MAGDITS, Punitz; settled White Haven, PA. FÜRST, Güssing; MÜHL, Kleinmürbisch; settled Oresfield, PA.


Sandra Hoard; Lapeer, MI. TALLIAN or TALLION, Dürnbach (Hungarian Inced), Spitzzicken. Name also appears in Hungarian villages near the border. Settled in Monessen, PA.

Alfred Hobaus; Ebreichsdorf, Lower Austria. HOBAUS, Pinkafeld. To Bratislava, Slovakia and Southern Tyrol. Interested in Slovakian descendants.

Jennifer Hobbs; Edina, MN. Searching for relatives of Francis TSCHIDA (b. 1827) and Joannes TSCHIDA or CSIDA (b. 1843). Both of Pamhagen. Stefan TSCHIDA (b. 1855) and wife Katherina TSCHIDA (b. 1854) immigrated to St. Paul, MN, sometime after about 1880 (would like to find exact date). I believe their son, Frank TSCHIDA (b. 1888) and his wife, Anna (b. 1893) are my great-grandparents, but would like to confirm this for certain.

Carlos Salinas Hochwarter; Somerville, NJ. HOCHWARTER, Burgenland.

Karen Hoel; La Crosse, WI. HANIFL, SHAW, GRUBER, SCHAUB, LEEB. Oggau (bezirk Eisenstadt). Settled in Wisconsin.

Hans-Joachim Hof; Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. HOF, Donnerskirchen. Especially interested in descendants of Simon Friederich HOF, which died 1817 in Donnerskirchen. He was born 28.10.1784 in Oberensingen, Wuerttemberg.

David Hofer; Alvarado, TX. HOFER, Grafenschachen, settled in Chicago, IL. KOGLER, LUIF, SCHUTZENHOFER, Grafenschachen. Researching the villages of Grafenschachen, Kroisegg, Neustift an der Lafnitz and the surrounding farmers. Also focused on HOFER in the Oberwart and Gussing districts.

Linda Hofer; Tinley Park, IL. ZUMAN, Rotenturm an der Pinka. Settled in Chicago, IL approx 1926. KORPER, Deutsch Schützen. Settled in Chicago, IL late 1920s.

Reinhard Hofer; Niedertaufkirchen, Germany. JOHANN, HOFER, Holling, Oedenburg. Settled in Mühldorf / Inn, Germany.

Holly Hoff; Westminster, CO. SEPSEY, SEPSY, Sankt Martin in der Wart, settled Chicago, IL, Croswell, MI.

Florence Hoffman; Arden, NC. HOFFMANN, Mariasdorf; Settled Chicago 1902-8.

Garry Hoffman; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. HOFFMAN, WEBER, Pilgersdorf, settled Minnesota 1885? My grandfather immigrated to Minnesota around 1885 as he first appears in the MN census of 1885. His parents are believed to be Stephan Hoffman and Maria Weber of Pilgersdorf. John was living with Sebashan and Mary Kornfled in Hennepin county. John was twice married and lived in St Bonifacius and Plummer MN before moving to Sheho, Saskatchewan Canada about 1925. There were 18 children.

Michael Charles Hoffman; Lakewood, CA. HOFFMANN, Grossmutschen. Settled 1912. My Grandfather Karl HOFFMANN and Grandmother Mary emigrated From Grossmutschen, in 1912 to South Bend, IN. I believe extra-"n" was dropped for Americanization at Ellis Island.

Walter Fred Hoffman; Arden, NC. HOFFMANN, Mariasdorf; settled Chicago 1902-8. Josef, Adolf, Ferdinand, Albert, Albin, Alois (Louis). Brothers and one sister came to the USA at different times. Looking for cousin William HOFFMAN who was Chicago, IL in 1916.

Joel Hoffner; Bethlehem, PA. WEINHOFER, OBERECKER, Heiligenkreuz, settled Allentown, PA, 1903. POELTL, Güssing, settled Allentown, PA 1904.

LEE HOGLIND; La Grange Park, IL. HEINZ, Neumarkt im Tauchental, settled Chicago, IL. My grandmother Theresia Heinz was born in Neumarkt on 27 Sep 1894. I believe she arrived at Ellis Island in Apr 1911.

Eileen Hoheisel; Pierz, MN. MASCHLER, Unterrabnitz, Piringsdorf.

Rebecca S Holdaas; Port Orchard, WA. ROKOP from Sopron Megye; settled in South Bend, IN.

Lawrence Holish; South Elgin, IL. KAHR, Oberdrosen; REDL, Doiber, settled Chicago, IL.

Sandra Holmstrom; Chicago, IL. HOLLENDONNER, Goberling; KORNFEIND, Hannersdorf; both to Chicago, IL. Rosina Hollendoner, born in Chicago April 19, 1903, to Josef of Goberling, returned to Hungary at age 5 then went back to Chicago at age 18, arriving in US on April 25, 1922.

John Holler; Jacksonville, FL. HOLLER, KEMP, Gerersdorf, settled in New York City, NY in 1909; RICHTER, Gerersdorf, settled in New York City, NY in 1903; STAAR, Gerersdorf, settled in New York City, NY in 1922.

Alice Holt; Salem, OR. Johann DEMMER, wife Elisabeth PORTSCHY, Gols. Came to America in 1874 with Sons Paul DEMMER, 19 and Lorenz DEMMER, 37 wife Susanne STEIGLMAHR and children Johann 6 and Theresia 3. Lived in McCook, NE then Herndon, KS. Another son, Matthias DEMMER was in Kansas by 1880 census. Later moved to Jackson County, OR.

Tom Holt (Frank Joseph Tschida); Holly Springs, NC. Andrew L TSCHIDA, Illmitz and Elizabeth FLEISHAKER, Apleton. Settled in St. Paul. Became citizen 1938.

Fabio Oscar Holzinger; Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires. Republica Argentina. HOLZINGER, Rohrbach bei Mattersburg, settled Choele Choel, Rio Negro, Argentina. Religion: Catholic.

Werner Holzmann; Iggingen, Germany. HOLZMANN, BRAND, ZIEGLER, NACHTIGALL, Bánfalva, Hungary (Wandorf).

Mary Honsel; Mount Clemens, MI.  HOANZL, Kukmirn, Settled in Coplay, PA.

Frederick Hooker; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. FLOMMER, Sigless, settled Ross on Wye, UK. STALANICH (SZTALANICH), Trausdorf. Vida FLOMMER married Anna S(Z)TALANICH.

Debbie Hooper; Millsboro, DE. POGLITSCH, DOMINEK, Sankt Martin an der Raab, all settled Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.

Christine Hoover; McKees Rocks, PA. (Pittsburgh area), MEYER, HORVATH, Eberau, BORONYAK, Neuhaus am Klausenbach. All to McKees Rocks, PA.

Paul Horn; St. Louis, MO. GIBISER, Zahling, STRINNI, Deutsch-Schützen (Nemetlövö), settled in St. Louis about 1910.

Cynthia Raba Horning; Rapid City, SD. RABA, BERTHA, ZARKA, Oberwart. Settled in Selby/Java (SD) in 1890, 1884, AND 1890, respectively. GAAL, KOLLER, SEPER, ZAMBO, FARKAS, Oberwart. Religion: Roman Catholic. Ladislaus Bertha and Theresa Zarka Bertha are my father's maternal grandparents. Anton and Stephen and Ladislaus Jr are their sons, and are also listed in Burgenlanders Honored and Remembered (BH&R). Stephen Raba, who is listed in the Canada section in Wakaw (Saskachewan), is my father's paternal grandfather, and the father of Andrew (my grandfather), John, Michael, and Rosa. They also had a sister Agnes who came with them, and died as a child, but the records burned, so we don't know when. Also, a sister Julia Raba Kaiser, who is listed under K. Stephen's wife (Theresa Gall), died in Oberwart before he came to the US. Imre Zarka was the father of Theresa Zarka Bertha, so he is my great-great-grandfather. His wife (Juliana Gall) died in Oberwart before he came to the US. I am planning a trip to Austria the last week of April and the first week and a half of May, and hope to get to Oberwart. I was there in 1990, but didn't know as much as I do now. So, I might be able to learn more this time.

Betty Jean (Theresia) Goetz Horrum; Omaha, NE. Researching THEILER, DOBER, WIEGER, NEUBERGER, RONGISCH, HAUTZINGER, KUMMER, EGELSEER, HUSS, FEILER, HEENSCHITZ in St. John (Mosonszentjanos), St. Peter (Mosonszentpeter) or Janossomorja, Hungary. Ancestors settled in Nebraska, Kansas and Minnesota in 1880s.

Tibor Horvat; Bern, Switzerland. HORVATH, settled Steelton, PA around 1909; DONCSECZ, settled Bethlehem, PA around 1905; GALL, GAL, settled Illinois area around 1906; PINTER, settled Bethlehem, PA around 1906; all from Stefansdorf, Apátistvánfalva, Hungary. Ferencs DONCSECZ, Windischdorf, Rábatótfalu, Hungary, settled PA around 1908.

Jane Horvath; Bethlehem, PA. HORVATH, PAAR, Krottendorf/Kondorfa. Both settled in Bethlehem (PA). My great-grandparents Maria Paar (1895-1963) and Josef Alex Horvath (1892-1957), emigrated from Kondorfa in 1911 on separate voyages. Per passenger list notations, Maria's destination was her sister's home in Coplay, PA and Josef was to be staying with his brother in Bethlehem, PA. By 1920, census records show the couple as married, with three children and sharing a home with Josef's brother Gyorgy, his wife, and their own three children. The brothers worked as laborers for Bethlehem Steel.

Janet Horvath; McDonald, PA. HORVATH, Eberau, settled in McKees Rocks, PA.

Jim Horvath; Nederland, CO. HORVATH, HERICH, Dürnbach; KNOR, RADACOVITZ, Güttenbach. Settled in Chicago, IL.

Max Horvath; Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia. HORVATH, Welgersdorf, settled Australia. PUM, Welgersdorf, settled USA.

Steve Horvath; Algonquin, IL. HORVATH, Japla, Vas, Hungary. Settled in Chicago, IL 1910. Married BALASKOVITS from Michigan, decendent of STEFELY.

Steve Horvath; San Diego, CA. HORVATH, Sopron; LENTSCH, Frauenkirchen.

Timea Horváth; London, UK. Emil MANDL, Anna HORVATH, Vas Megye, Posfa, Kisölbõ. Settled in Milwaukee, WI around 1912-3.

Donna Horvatis; Pompano Beach, FL. HORVATIS, Stinatz. My Father Emerick Horvatis ( Horvatits) born 10/16/07 in Stinatz, Son of John and Irene Horvatis, lived with Aunt Maria Blaskovits, Waldgrasse 7552 Stinatz, Burgenland. Emigrated to Buffalo N.Y. 1929? Joined St Ann's RC Church. The group from Stinatz were Kirisits, Blaskovits, Sifkovits, Grandits. Died 3/30/88, Mount Calvary Cemetery.

Joseph Horwath; Maplewood, MN. HORWATH, Apetlon, settled in St. Paul, MN, in the 1900s; TSCHIDA, Apetlon; JANDL, GARDNER, Illmitz, settled in South Dakota.

Karl Horwath; Elmwood, WI. HORWATH, Apetlon, JANDL, Illmitz, settled St. Paul, MN; TSCHIDA, Apetlon.

Kay Horwath; Omaha, NE. RAUSCHER, Mönchhof, HORWATH, Zurndorf, settled Omaha, NE.

William R Hosh; Frankfort, IL. HOSCH, Bad Tatzmannsdorf; WAGNER (Lutheran), Neuhaus am Klausenbach; Richard 1924, Margarethe 1923, Carl, all to Chicago IL area. Rudolph WAGNER Medford, WI. Looking for info on family in Neuhaus area.

Sue Judt Hourigan; Reno, NV. JUDT, Raabfidisch, Rábafüzes, Hungary; BAUER, possibly Rábafüzes, settled Lehigh Valley, PA. ARTINGER.

Charley House; Vero Beach, FL. NIEDERMAYER, Wallendorf. Settled in New Britain (CT). Joseph F Niedermayer (father); Mary Lang Niedermayer (mother).

Karen House; Bowie, MD. FISCHER, Deutsch Jahrndorf. Settled in Chicago, IL. Religion: Roman Catholic. I believe they were Catholic, but not entirely sure. They might have been Lutheran.

Barbara Howard; Norwalk, CT. GIBISER, YOST, Zahling, settled in Allentown, PA.

Margaret (Peggy) Howland; Richbor, PA. SCHMALZEL, St. Kathrein, Oberwart, SCHRAMMEL, settled in Bethlehem, PA.

Karen C. Hubbard; Westfield, MA. JUK/YAUCK, GABER, Sereghaza/Rothenberg/Serdicia. Settled in New Britain (CT) May 13, 2013. JUK/YAUCK settled in Southington (CT) around 1914. WEBER, ZENZ, Jennersdorf. WEBER settled in New Britain (CT) circa 1911-1913, and ZENZ in 1922. Religion: Roman Catholic. (1) Heinrich Juk (indexed as Jeck, listed as Juk in the manifest, but known as Yauck in the USA) came with cousin Frank Gaber on the ship Zeeland from Austro-Hungarian town which has many names: Sereghaza/Rothenberg/Serdicia; (2) Gisela Weber arrived in New Britain from Jennersdorf in 1911, bringing her sister Aloisa's daughter Wilma Weber over a few years later; (3) Aloyisia (known as Louisa in the USA) arrived in New Britain from Jennersdorf in 1922.

Herb Huber; Olney, MD. HUBER, HUEBER, SIMON, KRAUTSACK, WEBER, STAMPFEL. Unterschützen (Alsoloe - Voe), district of Oberwart. Maternal GRAF, NAGY, NICHA. Relatives by marriage- BRUNNER, ARTHOFR, KURZ, KURTZ, URBAUER. Father and several siblings emigrated to Baltimore, MD at various times during 1919-1930 period. During same period, other siblings emigrated to Canada, eventually coming to Baltimore. "Others" emigrated to New York, Chicago, Texas and Canada.

Jim Huber; St. Francis, MN. HUBER, ZINNIEL, GALPIE, Halbturn. TSCHIDA, NOLZ in Austria, Hungary. Settled in St. Paul, MN.

Mike Huber; Macungie, PA. HUBER, SIMON, PORTSCHY, KRAUTSACK, Unterschuetzen and Riedlingsdorf; HAIDER, TSCHIDA, PRIX, Illmitz and Apetlon. Hubers settled in Baltimore, MD from 1914 to about 1930. Prix family settled in Minnesota after 1900.

Steve Huber; Schnecksville, PA. TAKER, Reinersdorf; HUBER, Deutsch Beiling, Heiligenbrunn. Settled in Lehigh Valley of PA.

Danielle Huboly; Gig Harbor, WA. ARTINGER, KEPPEL, Tschanigraben, UNGER, Heiligenkreuz, settled Allentown, PA. My maternal GG-Grandfather was Peter ARTINGER. His daughter Juliana, born in Tschanigraben, married, emigrated & settled in the Allentown, PA area. My fraternal G-Grandfather, Franz UNGER was born in 1865 in Heiligenkreuz & also settled in the Allentown area.

Pamela Hudson; Johnsburg, IL. (originally from Chicago).  IGALY, settled in Chicago, SCHUH, FRICS (FRITZ), EBERHARDT, TRENKER, CZASTLER, FARKAS, and MUTH from Neumarkt im Tauchental.

Jim Huebner; St. Louis, MO. GRAF, RUDOLPH, Kukmirn. Settled in St. Louis, MO about 1900.

Laura Huebner; Fishers, IN. WERDERITCH, Hannersdorf, settled Chicago.

Diane Hughes; Troy, MO. FASEL, SCHUCH.

Bobbi Huiting; Kimberly, WI. RESCH, GUTMAN, HOLTZAPFL and JOBST. They originated in Breitenbrunn. Joseph and Theresia RESCH came to the US in 1855 and settled in Wisconsin.

Rose M Hume; Sun City West, AZ. UNGER, Strem; GARMAN, Hosendorf, Germany; settled Nazerath, PA In 1900s.

Carole Hafner-Hunt; Sevierville, TN. HAFNER. Settled first in Wyoming, then moved to Boon, MI.

Debora Brobeck Hunter; IN. BRANDSTETTER, SINGRABER, WIEDERER, PIMPERL, PFEIFFER in Oberwart, Pinkafeld. Wiesfleck, Wolfau, and Markt Allhau (Southern Burgenland).

Arlene Huss; Lancaster, PA. HUSS, FUCHS, WINKLER, SCHEIER (SCHEUER), KELLER, St. Johann, St. Peter. Settled in Londonderry Township, Dauphin Co, PA about 1888.

Mark Huston; Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. Martin SCHUK (SCHUH), (Moson)Szentpeter (Janossomorja) in northwestern Hungary. Martin SCHUK travelled from Antwerp to Quebec around May 1906, on board the SS Montrose. He settled in Saskatchewan (Canada) and raised a family before moving to British Columbia (Canada). Ancestral names include: SCHUH, WOLKERSDORFER, KNOTZ, WENNES, OSWALD and RIEDELBERGER.

Beate Hütter; New York, NY. KURTA, Inzenhof.

David Huwiler; Burlington, VT. LIMBECK, GESELLMAN, Gols, settled Lincoln, Nebraska. John Limbeck and Elisabeth Gesellman emigrated together from Gols in 1881. They spent most of their lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, although they lived in Kansas for a year. John worked for the railroad. John's father's name is Michael Limbeck. Elisabeth's father was George Gesellman. Any information about their families or lives in Gols would be welcome.

Kathy Huxley; Bainbridge Island, WA. Anna ZETTEL, Pilgersdorf; Stefan KAPPEL, Salmannsdorf. Settled in Oriska, ND.

Bill Hylen; Phoenix, AZ. KROPF, WEBER, Jennersdorf area, settled in New Britain, CT.

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